“Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223

“Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other… Good women are obedient. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them, forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34


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  1. Misogyny
    Amazing how ignorance can thrive if it’s given an early footing and/or religious couch. We will never fully evolve until we question handed down beliefs.

  2. Is that what I think I see? A woman about to be executed. What a disgusting scene – like the days of the Holy Inquisition of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church.

  3. Islamomisogyny
    I do not understand how so-called civilized people could do such. Treating a woman worse than most people treat animals is totally against humanity. A sane human being cannot agree with, or stand such treatment of a fellow human. They call this religion..I call it heathen Bull****!

  4. True Islam
    Well every orthodox Muslim that i question regarding these verses and practices of Islam gives me the same repeated answer “This is not the true Islam ! This is not what the Quran means !”…
    Then where the hell is the true Islam hidden ?? N where then do these verses and practices arise from ??

  5. We really need to learn to see the silver lining in things like this. I, for one, am really grateful that this latest fascist menace is so forthright & plain in it’s expressions. At least they don’t stoop to the sugar-coated sophistries most ideologies tend to use to sell themselves.

    “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other”

    Wonderfully succinct. God made men bigger & stronger than women so they can beat them up if they don’t obey. Almost Hitlerian logic. Even the dumbest of sheep in the West wouldn’t miss the message. How often is evil so honest?

    This stuff is simply too straightfoward & crude to sell itself in this part of the world. Islam can’t help but to wear it’s most disgusting elements on it’s sleeve.

  6. Geography and Fear of Disease
    I watched some of the videos contained within this author’s Islamomisogyny.

    Evolutionists, that is, the Darwinian crowd, describe humans as a more highly evolved form of animal.

    Creationists, that is, the Biblical crowd, describe humans as instantaneous divine creations of God.

    The videos that I watched made me decide that no matter what crowd you’re a member of, Evolutionist or Creationist, the animals of lesser stature than humans are more humane than humans.

    The sight of those Islamic men in those videos doing what they did to those women caused me to think and search for an answer to one particular question: What could be the (underlying) root (cause) that instigates Islamic men into reacting so maniacally to what they – the men – consider to be wrongdoings by those women?

    I believe that the (root) cause that instigates Islamic men to treat women so sadistically is…..I’m thinking……their (fear) of venereal disease.

    Men fear the excruciating burning pain, as described in Wikipedia, that comes with getting infected with venereal disease. Venereal disease is the international roadblock that prevents what was called “free sex” in the 1960’s. Venereal disease is the international roadblock that, thousands of years ago, brought about the monogamous marriage.

    Wikipedia on Gonorrhea: One of the first reliable notations occur in the Acts of the (English) Parliament. In 1161 this body passed a law to reduce the spread of “…the perilous infirmity of burning.”[21] The symptoms described are consistent with, but not diagnostic of, gonorrhea. A similar decree was passed by Louis IX in France in 1256, replacing regulation with banishment.[22] Similar symptoms were noted at the siege of Acre[disambiguation needed] by Crusaders. Coincidental to, or dependent on, the appearance of a gonorrhea epidemic, several changes occurred in European medieval society.

    The important part of the (above) paragraph is: (“…passed a law to reduce the spread of ‘…the perilous infirmity of burning.'”)

    A man may have had a good night out with a woman. But a few days later, if his night out gave him gonorrhea, his whatchamacallit would be burning and stinging in pain every time he’d urinate.

    Referring again to the (above) quotes from Wikipedia: Notice that it was as far back as 1161 AD that the English government was attempting to control the spread of gonorrhea. England and probably all of Europe at that time were attempting to formulate medicinal practices and cures in a scholarly fashion. Think 1161 AD in England.

    Now think 1161 AD in Afghanistan. I don’t know what the people in the Afghan geography of today were called in 1161 AD, therefore, now, I’ll refer to them as the Afghan people. It would be interesting to find out if there was a gonorrhea problem in Afghanistan in 1161 AD. If not, when did gonorrhea (first) appear in the area that today is known as Afghanistan? When gonhorrhea did appear in Afghanistan, what did the people in that country do to control it? My guess is that Afghanistan in 1161 AD was a land of nomadic tribes and families with no central government and no central body of learning and no central body of medicine. Was Islam practiced in Afghanistan in 1161 AD? Did Islam include the development of medicinal cures?

    My important question concerning the people of Afghanistan in 1161 AD is this: If a person at that time were stricken with an ailment or broken leg or GONORRHEA, what did that person do? Were broken legs repaired by an official doctor working in a particular area? Or, did the tribe just do the best they could to mend the broken leg? In the case of gonorrhea, which even the nomadic tribes sooner or later realized was the result of sex, how was it treated?

    Islam was established before 1161 AD.

    If the people of Afghanistan in 1161 AD knew that the cause of gonorrhea was off-beat sexual activity, and if those people had no medicinal cure for it, and, if they were extremely fearful of that disease, they may have allowed a clause to evolve within Islamic law enabling them to (prevent) venereal disease and also to get rid of it after it would appear. If those people had no medicinal cure for gonorrhea, they may have demanded the banishment of the infected person from the clan; sort of like what was done with people who had leprosy.

    I’ve read that long ago some people were lenient, kind and merciful to lepers because they had no way of knowing how the victim acquired the leprosy. But because people knew, by putting 2 and 2 together, that gonorrhea was the result of sex; and because they knew that gonorrhea could be avoided by avoiding extramarital sex; and because they had no medicinal cure for gonorrhea, the nomadic clans became very intolerant of anyone who did what it was that caused gonorrhea. Their intolerance for people who brought on gonorrhea or any other venereal disease evolved from sympathy for the victim to beating the idiot for engaging in the extramarital sex that created a major dangerous problem for the clan.

    This extreme fear of venereal disease spreading to “my wife” evolved into a set of rules that would prevent that from happening. That set of rules that was originally created to prevent each wife from getting “it,” developed into extremes like the complete covering of the woman’s body and face when in public. An Afghan man in 1161 AD, or, 1861 AD, or, 2011 AD may have been, and, may still be, thinking the same thing – “If I have to cover my wife to prevent my neighbor from looking at her, let alone having sex with her, I’ll do it. And that’s because my Uncle told me that getting “it” causes your whatchamacallit to sting and burn. Because of what Uncle told me, I would beat my wife 100 lashes if she would ever do anything that would result in me getting that disease from her.

    Because the nomadic tribes of the Middle East didn’t have medicinal cures for their diseases, they had to resort to forcing their people to maintain a safe disease-prevention lifestyle. That is where I believe the vicious beatings of today’s Middle Eastern women came from.

    Now you may be wondering why the English and Europe were inventing medicinal cures for diseases in 1161 AD but the Afghans (Middle Easterners) weren’t doing so then, nor are they doing so now. My answer to that is: Nutritious geography.

    Nutritious geography, combined with intelligence, is the key to innovation, evolution and survival.

    Intelligence, without nutritious geography, makes one pray for rain; and the sun.

    Soil, and the nutrients in it, and the rocks and minerals under it, and the plants and trees that grow out of it, result in steel, cotton, wood and MEDICINE and precision medicinal instruments and on and on. That’s the soil that the Europeans reside on. That nutritious soil enables Europeans to (cure) venereal disease with (medicine) instead of (preventing) it with sadistic (savagery).

    I’m not condoning extramarital affairs and prostitution. I’m just saying that extramarital affairs, prostitution and venereal disease have always existed and I’m discussing methods that, I believe, have been used to control it.

    The land of non-nutritious (sand), called the Middle East, has prevented the Middle Eastern people from evolving scientifically.

    The Islamic man’s fear of venereal disease, and, the non-nutritious geography on which he resides, causes Islamomisogyny.

    Read Guns Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond.

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