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Insulting nonbelievers is part of Islamic jihad. Hence, Muslim scholars get a pass on spewing insults at others on Twitter and elsewhere, while the rest of us are held to higher standards. I’m sure I will be insulted just for passing this information along:

The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs [infidels]. One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims… The real purpose of levying jiziya [infidel tax] on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam.

Sufi saint Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624), letter No. 163

We also read about various hadiths, non-Quranic Islamic writings that are often viewed as sahih or “authorized” as part of the sunnah or Mohammed’s behaviors to be followed by devout Muslims.

Ubayy b. Ka’b told that he heard God’s messenger say, “If anyone proudly asserts his descent in the manner of the pre-Islamic people, tell him to bite his father’s penis, and do not use a euphemism.” It is transmitted in Sarah [sic] as-sunna.

Mishkat Al-Masabih, 2.1021

Then Urwah said: “Muhammad, tell me: if you extirpate [i.e. exterminate] your tribesmen, have you ever heard of any of the Arabs who destroyed his own race before you? And if the contrary comes to pass, by God I see both prominent people and rabble who are likely to flee and leave you.” Abu Bakr said, “Go suck the clitoris of al-Lat! [فقال له أبو بكر رضي الله عنه امصص ببظر اللات] Would we flee and leave him?”

The History of al-Tabari: The Victory of Islam, tr. Michael Fishbein; vol. 8, p. 76

And in the words of Abu Bakr As-Sideeq to ‘Urwah: “Suck Al-Lat’s clitoris!” – there is a permissibility of speaking plainly the name of the private parts if there is some benefit to be gained thereby, just as he [Muhammad] permitted a plain response to the one who made the claims of the Jahiliyyah (i.e. claims of tribal superiority), by saying: “Bite your father’s penis!” And for every situation there is a (fitting) saying.

Provisions for the Hereafter (Mukhtasar Zad Al-Ma’ad) by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, summarized by Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab At-Tamimi, p. 383.

Note that al-Lat or Al-lāt was a pre-Islamic Semitic goddess revered since at least the second millennium BCE. She is mentioned in the Quran and traditionally is one of Allah’s “daughters,” reflecting her pre-Islamic status as a goddess. This derogation of “sucking her clit” is an attack on her followers, obviously, as the male-dominant cult of Islam destroyed and suppressed all things female.

Real scholars?

One of the Muslim scholars who engages in this vulgar abuse is Reza Aslan, author of Zealot, a book about Jesus causing a firestorm of controversy, especially following a FOX interview in which the Christian interviewer lost her cool, thus making Aslan an overnight sensation.

When people asked me about Aslan and Zealot, I responded that I had not read the book but that Aslan is a Muslim apologist and a member of an organization accused of lobbying for the Islamic Republic of Iran, NIAC. He has been accused by Iranian freedom activists as stumping for the Islamic Republic and for pushing Islamic propaganda and sharia law. I merely advised to consider the source and suggested that his book would present a standard Islamic view of Christ – the Muslim Jesus, demoted from son of God and God himself to a prophet of Islam.

From what I have read about the book, that’s exactly what it does. While claiming to have been emulating Christ for the past 20 years and to revere him as a role model, Aslan emphasizes Jesus’s violent nature, which fits in with Islamic jihad:

1. Jesus was a violent revolutionary

 Many scholars have argued that Jesus was a political figure. After all, he was crucified by Rome, and crucifixion was at the time a punishment for political offenses. But these scholars often claim, as John Dominic Crossan did in “Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography,” that Jesus was a nonviolent revolutionary.

 Aslan portrays Jesus as a man of war who worshiped the “blood-spattered God of Abraham, and Moses, and Jacob, and Joshua” and who knew full well that “God’s sovereignty could not be established except through force.”…

 At least as Aslan sees it, Jesus probably didn’t tell his followers to turn the other cheek. He probably did say, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but the sword” (Matthew 10:34).

“Should I act violently in defense of my religion, absolutely.”

Reza Aslan rezaaslanviolence

For my assessment of Aslan’s Muslim take on Jesus, I was attacked rather viciously with all manner of insults, as well as what amounts to cyberstalking, with people assailing me on my book pages and attempting to post online what they believed was personal information. Yet, another commentator, Rob Asghar, had the same questions and observations:

A salient issue arises:  Does Aslan represent his own particular religious and political agenda clearly?  In his Zealot book, he opens by noting that he was born and raised culturally and nominally Muslim, later found Jesus, then left evangelicalism and began, vaguely, “to rethink the faith and culture of my fathers,” while still obsessing on Jesus.

 Such fudging suggests he is trying to minimize his Islamic credentials (the only time he’s sought to minimize any of his credentials, mind you), while hyping his role as a “follower of Jesus” who intends to proclaim the message of his real (and really angry) Jesus with newfound passion.

 But when confronted (clumsily) by Fox News, he cleverly shape-shifted from label-less spiritual omnivore to persecuted Muslim.

When I wrote my analysis, I was aware that Aslan has a habit of spewing rather nasty insults and vulgar curses at people who disagree with him. When some of his many hateful tweets were exposed in an article on BuzzFeed, he gleefully defended his behavior, which his “leftist” followers thought was hilarious and well deserved, heaping on their own pile of insults.

Reza Aslan's sexist insultsAbove is an attack by Aslan on another Muslim, both individuals using the sexist term “twat” to insult each other. There are many other tweets by Aslan tossing around the words “shit,” “fuck,” “dumbass” and “idiot.”

I highly doubt that any other scholars would receive the same kid-gloves treatment – would a Christian or Jewish scholar get a pass for such vulgarity and antisocial behavior? One may ask why Muslim scholars would not be held to the same academic standards as are the rest of us, standards established centuries to millennia ago?

When analyzing such a situation, it is important to understand that slinging insults at nonbelievers has a long tradition within Islam as part of jihad, and it appears that it will now be acceptable within academia as well.

Does any of this sound “moderate?” How about this?

“American Muslims can build whatever they want wherever they want in this country. Period.”

Reza Aslan

Or this?

Reza Aslan on ISIS, ISIL, Islamic StateAslan also has participated in defamation of Sam Harris by retweeting an out-of-context quote to make him appear to be a “genocidal fascist maniac.”

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  1. “Should I act violently in defense of my religion, ABSOLUTELY”
    – Reza Aslan, the so-called “moderate” Muslim

    “Nothing can stop the spread of Islam”
    – Islamic supremacist, Reza Aslan

    I’m reminded of these quotes from other Muslims:

    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
    – Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) July 4th, 1998

    “I want to see the U.S. become an Islamic nation.”
    – Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR Spokesperson

    “We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians…Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value.”
    – British career welfare recipient Sheikh Omar Bakri

    “We must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands…”
    – Imam Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Islamic Society of North America

    “Ultimately, we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country…because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country”
    – Ihsan Bagby, CAIR

    “The 9/11 hijackers should be honored as martyrs.”
    – Warith Deen Umar, Former Muslim Chaplain, New York Prisons

    “Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the secular system in the United States, for it is against the orders and ordainments of Allah …”
    – Imam Zaid Shakir, Former Muslim Chaplain at Yale University

    “It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing positively the United States of America.”
    – Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University

    “I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.”
    – Samir Khan

    “Greater integration between Islam and the West depends on incorporation of Sharia law into the legal systems of Europe and the U.S.”
    – Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf

    “No we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy” “We love you, America – and we want your children for Islam”
    – Islam on Capitol

    Islam Reality

    Dhimwit: “A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.”

    Why did they hate us in 1783?

    Three Things About Islam

    1. After 1981, members of groups such as the Army of God began attacking abortion clinics and doctors across the United States.[97][98][99] A number of terrorist attacks were attributed by Bruce Hoffman to individuals and groups with ties to the Christian Identity and Christian Patriot movements, including the Lambs of Christ.[100] A group called Concerned Christians was deported from Israel on suspicion of planning to attack holy sites in Jerusalem at the end of 1999; they believed that their deaths would “lead them to heaven

  2. What in the world is going on?

    Acharya tells the truth about Reza Aslan, so, in return this woman (apparently using her husband Dave’s Amazon acc.) posted a malevolent review of her book 13 years after she bought it?

    “this woman is currently on FB ranting and raving about Muslims, specifically Reza Aslan…”

    Christ Conspiracy Review (

    It’s obvious that Sally only wrote that malevolent review as some sort of vengeance in defense of Reza Aslan, in true dhimwit form (see definition above). Be sure to read the comments of the review as well.

    I can’t post at Amazon but, I trust others will point out the obvious to amazon and request that stupid 1 star review be removed.

  3. Islamic scholars …
    They can point to words, move their fingers back and forth and mumble. If they wear a funny hat, well, that’s even more academic.

    Reza Aslan, nothing but another whiny Islamist. Yeah, he was a big hit over the past week and all the liberals got a round of genital tingling out of it, but he’s still nothing but another duplicitous Muslim liar.

    I find it amusing that he has a PhD in whatever and gets the entire liberal establishment up in arms defending his right to speak and write about Christianity while Robert Spencer has at least equal academic credentials and is reviled by the same bunch of whine mongers for speaking and writing about Islam.

    Then, there’s Acharya who catches Hell from both sides for speaking and writing truth.

  4. Update …
    2013 Ramadan Bomb-A-Thon scorecard update: 264 terror attacks, 27 homicide bombings, 1,398 dead bodies, 2,639 wounded, all by Muslims. That’s 2.16 deaths per hour so it looks like our little Islamic buddies are maintaining their averages well.

    Same by all other religions: Zero.

    Source: The Religion of Peace

    Islam is poison and death.

    1. Comon man, how many millions has the United Christian States of America killed and continue to kill, if not by full-scale war, then by covert spec-ops and drone wars ([url][/url])? Religion does indeed breed division and violence, that’s my major problem with religion itself, but it’s not only Muslims.

      1. Thank you …
        For your typical, worn out, pointless, liberal dhimmi equivocation I’ve/we’ve seen thousands of times. My day wouldn’t have been complete without it.

      2. And, oh, yes, please note the “zero” after all other religions. That’s not an accident or a result of bias. Also, equivocation and conflation do not somehow magically reduce the evil of Islam.

      3. Spot on j03 The yanks are about as bad in fact.

  5. That Reza Aslan seems really immature. Yet another example of how even people with PhDs can still resort to childish name calling, excessive vulgarity and all manner of uncivil conduct, instead of just trying to have actual debates.

  6. Appreciate the Critique
    Hey Acharya, I was glad to see that you gave a critique of Aslan. I guess you could say I’m a “leftist” and one of my favorite online publications, Truthdig, did an interview with Aslan. I get a little uncomfortable when religion and science get mixed together, and especially when given a platform by a decent publication, so I was hoping you had an analysis that could set things straight 🙂 Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and continue to do. For me, you’re the highest authority when it comes to the historical record of religion.

  7. Reza the Insultinator
    I have one of these handy machines. I’m thinking perhaps Aslan could use one. Then he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

    Reza Aslan's insultinator

  8. Final score …
    2013 Ramadan Bomb-A-Thon scorecard final: 310 terror attacks, 28 homicide bombings, 1,651 dead bodies (approximately 2.3 per hour), 3,048 wounded (typically critically), all by Muslims.

    Same by all other religions: Zero.

    Source: The Religion of Peace

    Islam is poison and death, except, of course, to the delusional.

    1. Thank you. You will now be subjected to a slew of insults blaming you for the terrorism, simply for your posting of this information.

      You see, you have insulted Islam and now deserve to be attacked in return. Just blowback, baby!

      Oh, and by the way, you are a racist, Islamophobe. And that’s just the insults for starters.

      1. Thank you, I’m honored.

  9. Here is extra-information you should know,it is this:

    The Jesus of Aslan is more like the Koranic Jesus.Part of the message of the Koranic Jesus was that he said that if you kill and are killed for Allah then you will go to paradise.

    It is in chapter 9:111 of the Koran.Here it says Gospel,and in Islam the word Injil/gospel means nothing less than the message of Jesus.

    “God has bought from the believers:

    1.Their selves and their possessions against the gift of Paradise

    2.They fight in the way of God; they kill, and are killed

    3.That is a promise binding upon God

    4.In the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Koran;

    and who fullfils his covenant truer than God? So rejoice in the bargain you have made with Him; that is the mighty triumph.”

    Also,nowhere in the Torah:

    1.Is there a mention of heaven or a hell.

    2.So there is no promise of heaven for killing and dying for God in the Torah.

    As a Muslim Reza Aslan also has to accept that Christians are cursed by Allah,who in the Koran curses Christians “till the Day of Resurrection”(Christianophobia)

    Chapter 5:14:

    “And with those who say:

    1.“We are Christians” We took compact; and they have forgotten a portion of that they were reminded of.

    2.So We(Note:Allah) have stirred up among them enmity and hatred, till the Day of Resurrection; and God will assuredly tell them of the things they wrought.”

  10. Possibly the God of Islam insults its subjects for followers exhibit characters of their leaders.

  11. Are we going to be this delusional? Why does it make you feel good to point your finger at people on the other side of the world for all your problems? The reality is Christianity is the most violent religion thats ever cursed this earth. Genocide, slave trade, ww1, ww2, the holocaust, The erasure and genocide of North, central and south american indigenous people. But let me speak in the way the modern day christians do. How every criminal or insane person who is muslim is a terrorist: A violent murder is committed every 30 minutes in the USA by a christian/catholic.

    1. Seriously? You’re going to use the deflection fallacy to ignore the horrendous problems that Islam is causing in numerous places, including “the West?” How is the American Reza Aslan “on the other side of the world?” Since when is ignorance of fascistic and hateful religious doctrines affecting everyone in some way everywhere an ethical and enlightened perspective? And who says we’re pointing elsewhere “for all our problems?” That’s a strawman fallacy. This article is about educating people as to Islam’s doctrines, not blaming anyone anywhere else “for all our problems.” That’s sheer nonsense.

      Obviously, you do not know whose blog you are posting on, since I’m well known as a fierce critic of Christianity, which doesn’t mean I’ll be letting the world’s most violent and misogynistic ideology off the hook. Since when do two wrongs make a right? So Christianity’s doctrines and history are bad – we should just ignore Islam then? As if we haven’t heard these “leftist Affleckian” deflections before!

      But, your contention is erroneous in any event, since Islam is the most violent religion ever, which anyone not insensate would know. Islam’s body count in a shorter period of time is actually higher than that of Christianity, while Islam continues to be violent, and Christianity has been tamed significantly. Christianity’s doctrines are not as violent as those of Islam, and it does not have a “law” specifically adhered to – most Christians today do not follow the brutal biblical Mosaic law – that calls for beheadings, rape, genocide and all the rest of the horror that is Islamic law/sharia, followed by entire nations to one degree or another.

      Islam’s violent and bigoted doctrines affect EVERYONE in the world at this point in history. The menace from Muslim terrorists is GLOBAL. Religious terrorists bent on global domination do not respect borders. Are you really that oblivious to the news where Islamic terrorists are constantly threatening to destroy our cities, blow up our schools, kidnap and kill our citizens?

      Islam will dominate the world

      Talk about delusional – wow! Just ignore the fact that thousands of people are being kidnapped, raped and slaughtered by Islamists in numerous places, including the infamous “Islamic State.”

      ISIL is Islamic

      And no one has said “every criminal or insane person who is muslim is a terrorist” – that’s just a truly egregious strawman used to deflect off the horrendous doctrines of Islam. Why on earth would a nonbeliever defend right-wing conservative religious fanaticism, wherever it may be? That is, assuming you are a nonbeliever, because you sound like a Muslim, and Muslim apologists have been known to masquerade as non-Muslims.

      If you are a nonbeliever, an ex-Muslim British-Iranian woman has written the following for you:

      Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left

      Moreover, while you’re in here defending a misogynistic and violent male-dominant cult, millions of its victims worldwide yearn to be escape Islam. We’re supposed to adhere to borders and ignore their suffering and desire to be free? I know many ex-Muslims, from Iran for example, who have been trying to help their fellow human beings get rid of this religious oppression in their homeland. Islam is not native to Iran, and millions of Iranians, I’m told, consider it an invader cult that has destroyed them and their culture. Would you dare to defend Christianity to a Native American? No? Then don’t defend Islam to an Iranian or millions of other “Muslims” who feel the same way about it.

      For the enlightened perspective of an ex-Muslim Iranian, see the writings of my friend Dr. Amil Imani.

      You have tossed out the first three stages of Muslim apologetics – will you insult us further (we’re “delusional”) and the move onto the fourth and fifth stages?

      1. Denial
      2. Deflection
      3. Insults
      4. Threats
      5. Violence

    2. Does equivocation make liberals feel smart?

  12. I might have to commend you for dedicating an entire website to deliberate the religion of Islam to be one of ‘evil’. I see such horrid acts committed in its name and as a Muslim* myself, I find your disdain intriguing and in some aspects, truthful and justified more than anything. *(When I say Muslim, I mean in the sense of accepting a plain shahadah not a radical/fundamentalist who believes the aforementioned ‘hadiths’ you have quoted or in this concept of hatred towards others on the basis that they are not a Muslim). I honestly don’t want to engage in a debate in which we advocate each others beliefs but I fear it may be inevitable at this point. I should rather put that suggestion that there is amazing things we can do to save people around the world from, the religion of Islam is a cause you obviously deem worthy of saving people from. In all honesty, growing up in Britain and seeing all walks of life is an encouragement to be open minded about all things I have been TAUGHT to believe through Islam or culture and the even the internet, where I stumble upon sites like these (dedicated to pointing out the rather ugly truths that are coexist with the ‘institution of religion). Whilst, I acknowledge, there is much ugly that is associated with all religions, Islam included. I would just like to point out that there is also many such as myself, who like yourself can see the issues with political correctness when discussing religion to be one of a nuisance for its evasive tendencies on obvious truths, but none the less, I believe in God, a very distinct statement yet I continue to learn and educate myself, I will never say I am content and claim absolute truths/opinions on matters that people dedicate their entire lives to researching in order to understand and fully comprehend and I certainly try not to limit myself to show complete disdain for these matters of religion and most definitely not with politics. More so, there is not one excerpt stated on this page that may contradict such hadiths or extracts from the Qur’an that you have specifically mentioned, and yet they exist, in abundance. Like any theological subject you study academically, there is an obvious way to criticise the interpretation of a statement, to take into accounts the many different perspectives there is to viewing its final connotation, something this page lacks severely. It’s rather unfair to assume a position in which you obviously have a open bias on Islam as one that is offensive and consider it a very critical and in depth observation on your part, although you do not state as such, you give that impression. I do believe in so many things that many users on this page advocate, Free Speech, Womens Rights etc yet the information here sort of tarnishes me as the same Muslim described above. Again, I reinforce my early point, free speech and all is something we should advocate, henceforth this rather large comment, that will most certainly be viewed as self indulgent twaddle. Even so, I kindly ask of you to try and search other viewpoints on the subject matters, since there is an estimated 70+ sects in Islam. Take that into consideration and you may see that a generalised evil islam cannot be entirely truthful due to its numerous interpretations. I may also like to inform yourself, if you weren’t aware already, that this notion of infidels is namely advocated by a few particular sects in present day such as Wahabi/Najdi and even Salafi sects. Of course these sects may fuel your detests of Islam further. OR you could examine the positive traits, present in both acient and modern day Islam, that is advocated by certain sects such as Sufism, it really is beautiful, have a look at the poetry of Rumi or the art displayed in laleh Bakhtiar’s ‘sufi’. I also apologise, I tried not to make this a deliberation and here I rant about your lack of understanding of the topic in itself. Although, I do not reject all your claims, I even dare say that some have some element of truth in them that is widely prevalent today. Yet I implore you to perhaps seek further depth from rather seeking opinionated discourses from self proclaimed ‘scholars’ and perhaps the translation and interpretations that indicates that there are many muslims such as myself who do not detest someones existence on the basis of their religious beliefs or for any other reasons other than for that they may carry a sh*tty persona about themselves. Any way, Salaam, I bid you peace and contentment in whatever conclusions you arrive to!

  13. Get your facts right, you insinuate that ” latt is one of ALLAH’s “daughters” mentioned in the Quran yet you contradict yourself saying “Abubakar(“Islam”) insulted a goddess who was worshipped for thousands of years.Go back to the history of Arabia, don’t you know Al latt was the GODDESS OF SEX & FERTILITY and the worshippers were performing sexual acts with her?? Furthermore Al latt was a living woman who was represented by a chocolate skinned lady..she was slaughtered by Khaled ibn Wald(ra) when the Prophet (pbuh) conquered Makaa and sent Khalid (ra) to the city of Taif and execute ,YES TO EXECUTE AL- LATT..SO WHAT IM TRYING TO TELL YOU IS WE DINT ONLY INSULT OR SLUR THE GODDESS BUT WE ACTUALLY KILLED HER & WE ARE PROUD OF IT TO DATE..FIND OUT WHY THAT ACTION WAS TAKEN BEFORE ACCUSING & HEAPING BLAME ON OTHERS,PROPHET MUHAMMAD ACTUALLY SANCTIONED THAT ORDER BASED ON COMMANDS IN THE HOLY BIBLE… ,

    Moving on my friend, if Abubakar followed ALLAH and the Quran yet as you claimed that ” the goddess bitch is the “daughter of God” if Abubakar (ra) as per your fake quote from the Quran, isn’t he blaspheming against his God,ALLAH,His faith and holy book?? It’s either Abubakar insulted a pagan goddess who has nothing to do with Islam OR Abubakar blasphemed against his faith and refused to recognize latt as his goddess OR Abubakar denounced Al latt to the disbelievers clearly telling them she was A BITCH GODDESS ….Be candid and clear and say it as its supposed before we also give candid & crystal clear answers..Peace..

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