Islam: Such a beautiful, peaceful religion!

Investors in Indonesia may balk because of recent moves to increase Islamic fundamentalism there. Remember, stoning “adulterers” to death constitutes part of Islamic fundamentalism, which is deemed by true believers to be the only acceptable form of Islam.

And who decides who is an “adulterer” anyway? The same savages who are drooling over being able to throw stones at helpless people who are buried up to their necks. What a lovely spectacle from a beautiful, peaceful religion!

Within sharia law, an “adulterer” could be a woman who has been raped. What right does another human being have to legislate what is “adultery” and then murder someone over it? Disgusting.

Yes, please, do boycott this country until the barbarians back down.

Indonesia’s sharia push may scare investors, moderates

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  1. There is no doubt about it, Islam is even nuttier and more savage than Christianity. In many countries, people have no choice but to follow this legalized barbarism, but in countries where people have a choice of religions and yet still pick Islam, I have to conclude that they are insane.

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