Islam enslaves women, period.

My latest article at Faith Freedom.  A must-read for all women and all those who love women!

Islam enslaves women, period.

It is a common fallacy spread by Muslim apologists and dhimmi mouthpieces that “Islam is a great for women.” One time, I was almost physically attacked by a “cool” New Ager type who told me he was reading the Koran/Quran, followed quickly by the off-the-cuff-remark, “Islam is great for women.”

The comment was so out of left field that it smacked of, “Me thinks thou doth protest too much.” Why would he need to make such a declaration, unless he knew that there was a debate as to whether or not Islam was “great for women?” He obviously knew many had claimed the opposite, that is Islam is bad for women. At that moment – being a woman – I asserted the opposite as well, at which point he became quite angry, completely losing his holier-than-thou enlightenment. Apparently, my womanly opinion was not appreciated….


  1. Like Pat Condell wondered aloud, where are those feminists? I remember them dependably giving me attitude for holding a door for them & being hostile toward me at a concert for “riot grrl” bands. It seems like their perpetual outrage only extends to the tamer western forms of sexism.

    In the loony doublethink world of PC identity politics Islam is giving the left a real dark night of the soul. On one hand it oppresses women, gays, free speech, & pretty much all non-muslim males. On the other hand, it poses variously as a race, religion, or a culture as the situation warrants, pushing all the sympathy buttons of the PC victocrats.

    So now that the feminists are discrediting themselves by their conspicuous silence in the face of a woman-hating ideology, who does it fall to to stand up & speak out on this particular issue? The few un-emasculated males who haven’t been socially engeneered by the PC agenda (all ten of us)? The Christian world (who are more worried about religious respect than wonan’s rights)?

    It seems like it’ll have to get much worse before the lemmings are jarred out of their ideological stupors. They seem incapable of taking the words of the Islamists seriously & don’t notice them in action when they watch the news. Mabe a few local “honor” killings or genital mutilations gone bad showing up at the local emergency room will do it. Mabe.

  2. …..
    @ Jeff There was a need for feminism in the past. Women were subjugated thought less of and this is in the not so distant past and still exists to a certain extent today. because of feminism women enjoy more freedoms today including serving on the front lines of the US military. Feminists are largely silent these days not because they were wrong but because they were right to a certain extent and got what they fought for. The author of this article however is not silent and she has spoken up against Islamic oppression of women. Secondly Christians wont speak up against this because they have their own mysoginistic teachings to worry about. It is up to free thinking atheist men and women to combat religious intolerance in any form. Its not a political parties problem its not a mens problem its not a womens problem it is humanities problem and you sir are just another road block into solving our issues with your own women hating ways.

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