Islam – a really misunderstood religion

Islam–the name itself means “salute.” But the salute is directed at only those that adhere to Koran.

Islam is a religion of brotherhood and it transcends national boundaries. In fact, the God (Allah) had bequeathed the earth to Muslims. It is recorded in Koran, which is dictated by none other than the God himself.

Islam classifies people into two categories. It goes beyond the normal “us and them” classification. The classes are Muslims and kaafirs. Kaafir is one who commits “kufr” (that is sin). By this definition, if a person commits sin, he must be a kaafir even if he professes Islam. But the practical interpretation is that any one who is not a Muslim is a kaafir. That is, all Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, Jains, Sikhs, and Hindus are all kaafirs. Even some sects of Islam like the Ahmadiyas are kaafirs. Make no mistake, if you are not a Muslim, you are a kaafir.

So what, you may say, is the difference?

There is. It is in the matter of rights allowed to the kaafirs. Islam is generous in this matter. Islam grants the right to convert to Islam to all kaafirs. Other than that, none else, no other right is available to kaafirs. Not even the right to life.

Islam goes one step further. It mandates that Muslims have the sacred duty to release the souls of those kaafirs that are recalcitrant enough not to see the light of the day and convert to Islam, so that they can be re-born as Muslims. Islam doesn’t believe in rebirth but yes, the souls of kaafirs can be reborn as Muslims. This is the only exception. This duty goes something like this. When a Muslim meets a kaafir, he has to give three warnings ordering the kaafir to convert to Islam. If the kaafir doesn’t relent, the Muslim has no alternative except to release the soul through the act of Jaba (slitting the throat half way and leaving the person to release the sinful blood and suffer for all his sins and then die) to release his soul to be born again as a righteous Muslim.

Supposing, a Muslim meets a kaafir woman, what are his duties? As the kaafir marriage is not valid, the Muslim is free to possess her as his wife or offer her as a wife to any other Muslim who may desire her. She need not be killed. And who, you may ask, is a woman? Any female above the age of 8 years of age is termed as a woman.

You may get another doubt. What if the kaafir is stronger than the Muslim? Well there are two alternatives. One is to wait till the kaafir is vulnerable either thru illness or sleeping or injured or is somehow weak, he can be killed without a fair warning and from behind the back.

Some more information about the peaceful religion of Islam in the future.

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  1. We can’t ignore the pesky neighbors.
    I just spent the last 18 months reading everything about Christianity that I could get my hands on. Even though there are still some battles to fight on that front, it seems that it pales in comparison to the crimes against humanity coming from the Islamic nations. I knew what everyone learns from watching the news but I had hoped these were just a few extremists and that the threat was exaggerated. But if the fundamental tenets of the religion are still this violent then perhaps we (The 1st world) should stop pretending that they are just pesky little neighbors that will go away if we ignore them.

  2. Christianity has largely been tamed. Islam will continue to fester in significant part because of demented people who are trying to shut down critics by hurling insults at them. In order to allow all this hatred, blood and gore to continue, these deranged and sadistic sociopaths go around stalking the courageous few who are standing up against this tyranny, and call them “Islamophobes,” “racists” and “Zionists.” These people are so mentally ill that they think this sick behavior is actually going to stop others from doing the right thing and standing up for the innocents who are suffering globally.

  3. Here’s a close-up look at the beautiful, peaceful religion that the sadists are so busy defending.

    The True Face of Islam ([url][/url])

  4. ok
    By reading this would have thought this was true in a way but yopu also have to look deeper than just those words if all of that is true think on why those words are being said dont just read it read between the lines. i dont agree on everything but i can see how that can be true. Im an believing woman and always open to learn.

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