Is Syria all about natural gas?

I’ve been discussing Syria for some time on Facebook. Here is a recent exchange.

Hector V. said: “I want to know your opinion of syria. DO you believe all this is a zionist conspiracy as they say? what do you think is the goal of the United states? what do you think will happen? thank you for your work.”

My response: It is clear that there have been multinational cabals of elitists who have been playing chess, so to speak, with the common people-pawns since time immemorial. I believe we always need to keep that fact in mind.

My previous posts on Facebook have demonstrated that I am mightily against U.S. military involvement in this morass. Iran backs Assad because Syria has many Shiites, while the Saudis are interested in Sunni hegemony. It’s the same cultic internecine warfare since Islam was created.

But even before that, Syria was an embattled land soaked with blood, dating back thousands of years. Long ago, during the third millennium BCE, the Amurru kingdom full of tribes of violent brigands (Amorites) inhabited a significant portion of the region. These violent marauders went on to destroy the Sumerian culture, while taking its gods and religious ideas. In the Mesopotamian region, these Amorites became the Babylonians.

From there, over time they migrated around the Levant, eventually ending up in the Samaritan and Judean hills, where they emerged as “Israelites” during the Iron Age, beginning around 1200 BCE.

In any event, the warfare in the Levant/Near East continued for centuries – in fact, it’s never ended. We are simply in yet another phase. The reason there are so many “strong men” tyrants in the region is because it is constantly engaged in warfare. Of course, that’s a chicken-and-egg proposition.

In any event, constant warfare for at least the past 5,000 years hardly bodes well for any engagement in the region.

There is no way in hell, however, that anyone interested in freedom, democracy and equality should be backing the rebels in this fight, especially now that they’ve been thoroughly comprised by the multiethnic terrorist riff-raff of al Qaeda.

Oh, and as concerns the goal of the Obama Admin – I prefer to phrase it that way, since I am part of the “U.S.” but am certainly NOT involved in this warmongering – I think the massive natural gas deposit supposedly discovered not long ago is a major reason for ALL the sharks circling the region.

HUGE Natural Gas field found in or near Syria right BEFORE all this nonsense started

Note that someone claiming to be a petro geologist in the above forum asserts that the gas was not just found but has been known about for several years.

What do I think will happen? At this point, I really don’t know. I do know that many Christians will be motivated to fight because of the biblical “Gog-Magog” nonsense. Although that scenario is clearly biblical and hence “Zionist” in a sense, one should not focus solely on the desires of purported Zionists in this instance. What about the Iranian conspiracy? The Saudi conspiracy? The Russian conspiracy? The Syrian conspiracy with Russia and Iran?

There’s not just one player in this deadly game!


  1. If …
    the disingenuous politicians and corporate types would simply say “Yep, thar’s natchel gaas over yonder an’ weere gonna git it” I could have a nanocule of respect for them. But, all the other bs is simply too much. Fourteen hundred years Islam has been a slaughterhouse and [i]now[/i] our politicains get all goopy self-righteous and want to save Muslims from poisonous gas? Give me a fffing break? Muslims have been slaughtering other Muslims, Jews and Christians [b]every[/b] frigging day during Obama’s administration. But, suddenly, it’s important to teach Assad a lesson. I call b*llsh*t.

    Just my uncertainty, but why would they want to support US unfriendly Islamic terrorists, oops, I mean “rebels”? It seems as if acquiring that gas might be more difficult when dealing with armed Islamic maniacs rather than a US friendly “dictator”. However, I certainly don’t know all the facts. Maybe I’ll run for president.

  2. Obama stands alone
    British PM Cameron would love to have jumped on board this one but it looks like President Obama is on his own this time. It’s encouraging to know that the American people are not being suckered into another war for energy resources.
    All the trillions of US taxpayers dollars spent on weapons and wars during the last few years could have been put to better use if it had been invested in clean renewable energies. Burning fossil fuels will soon become redundant. The mind boggles as to how some nations will be able to generate an income when their oil/gas is no longer required….and therefore of absolutely no value on the world market.
    Unless there is a sudden and overwhelming demand for sand, I guess the Saudis will have to do most of their trading on the camel market.
    Incidentally, can anyone explain to me why dropping bombs on people is considered more civilised and humane than dropping chemical weapons on them?

    1. Thanks for your input.

      I’ve seen polls as high as 97% of Americans against attacking Syria, and these numbers cut across the board, representing all groups. The U.S. has probably never been so united on a major international action before. Even American soldiers are risking court martial by defying this military action.

  3. Excuse me for being late to the party.

    I haven’t heard about natural gas in Syria, but even if there isn’t, that won’t stop interventionists who want another war of occupation.

    Iraq’s largest oil field is in the west, near Iraq’s joint border with Syria and Jordan. From there to Israel by land is less than 400 kilometres. The US would be able to supply its client state (read: favoured rogue nation) plus it would circumvent transporting oil near the Persian Gulf, Iran, Somalia and Egypt. There already is a pipeline from Iraq to Syria and Lebanon, so redirecting (read: stealing) that oil wouldn’t require large amounts of infrastructure.

    A trans-Syrian pipeline is not farfetched considering the thousand kilometre long trans-Afghan pipeline being built by the US to get oil from Kazakhstan (and other countries) to the Indian Ocean.

    1. “Even [i]if [/i]there was?” This article is about [i]how [/i]there is. Please read it before commenting. Thanks.

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