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New Orleans. We saw five of these buses heading down Esplanade in a row. Truck with announcement of the of

Is Jesus coming soon? Is the end near?

New Orleans. We saw five of these buses heading down Esplanade in a row.  Truck with announcement of the of

UPDATE 2013: As we know, this event came and went without incident, except that several thousand people apparently sold or gave away all their belongings but were not raptured off the planet. Harold Camping, however, has gone since then to meet his Maker. RIP.

UPDATE: Be sure to join us for the live stream “May 21, 2011 Judgment Day Party.”

The much-publicized “return of the Lord to rapture all righteous believers” predicted by an elderly man named Harold Camping is creating quite a ruckus in the United States. As some may recall, Camping, who runs an organization called “Family Radio,” has made this prophecy before, most notoriously in 1994, which came and went uneventfully. Camping’s recent prediction is that some 200 million people will be “raptured” on May 21, 2011, which means they will be taken up into the sky to meet with Jesus Christ, while the rest will be annihilated on October 21, 2011. Evidently this notion of mass global genocide appeals to many, as they prepare for the “Lord’s return” or “Second Coming.”

No First Coming

Firstly, there is little evidence that Jesus Christ was ever on Earth during a “First Coming,” so a Second Coming is highly unlikely. (For those who wish for more information about that subject, please see my books and articles.) Secondly, although various of the many views of the “Rapture,” “Tribulation” and “Second Coming” use different biblical verses, let us look more closely at some scripture used to create the Christian eschatology or end-of-the-world scenario.

One of the most common scriptures used for “proof” of “the Tribulation,” which will supposedly accompany Jesus’s return, is Matthew 24 (3, 29-34), the relevant parts of which are translated in the King James Bible, favored by evangelicals, as follows:

And as [Jesus] sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what [shall be] the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?… Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer [is] nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, [even] at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

Exciting stuff, particularly for those who lead dull or traumatic lives and who may not wish to live any longer. However, let us look more closely at the most germane language here.

Coming or presence?

At  Matthew 24:3, we read about the “coming” and “end of the world.” But is that really what is meant by the writer(s) of these passages? The Greek word translated here as “coming,” as in Jesus’s “Second Coming,” is παρουσία or parousia, which also denotes “presence.” According to The Oxford Classical Greek Dictionary, ousia means: “being, essence, substance; property,” while para means: “near; beside, along;…towards; during; beyond, except; contrary to, against, in comparison with;…from alongside of, from;…beside, near, in the presence of; according to.”

As we can see, there is not necessarily a sense of future coming in this combined word, which could mean, among others, “in the presence of a being.”

In reality, it may be that the original biblical writers meant parousia as a current and everlasting divine presence, not the purported future coming of a physical man.

Another question we may then ask is why Christians need Jesus in the physical form, in any event? The parousia is now, as believers demonstrate every time they speak of Jesus in the present tense and pray to him.

End of the world or completion of an age?

Furthermore, the Greek words for “end of the world,” συντέλεια τοῦ αἰῶνος, could also be translated as “completion of the age.” Hence, the phrase would refer to a period of time, rather than a physical destruction of the earth itself, although, of course, the passages that follow do depict a dramatic destruction. However, this sort of “apocalyptic” thought represents a genre fairly popular at the time this passage was written, as well as beforehand, as in the Old Testament book of Daniel, which contains similar thought, as do various Jewish intertestamental and apocryphal texts. Indeed, several other religions have their end-times scenarios also, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastrianism. Many of these concepts are pre-Christian and can be found in Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology as well. Obviously, not all or even any of these notions may be true. Over the centuries and even in pre-Christian times, therefore, there have been countless “endtimes predictions,” which have been as successful as palm reading.

There are many other such scriptures used by the biblically obsessed to determine the future, including some in the books of Isaiah and Daniel, at Matthew 25 and in the purportedly prophetic book of Revelation, as well as in the epistles to the Thessalonians, Timothy and Titus. Moreover, for hundreds of years people have been interpreting these “predictions” as referring to their own times. Indeed, some of the biblical verses (Mt 16:27-28; 1 Th 4:15-17) appear to be referring to Jesus’s audience of the time, as if it he would appear “soon,” within the time of their own “generation.” Yet, he did not return, and “soon really seems to be a long time.”

Prophecy or blueprint for disaster?

Exegesis of texts aside, it is unwise to base one’s worldview on ancient scriptures that have been claimed to be predicting the events of the day in practically every generation since Jesus’s alleged advent. It is likewise perilous to contribute to such unwarranted catastrophic thinking that may indeed exacerbate a situation that truly is degenerating, i.e., the general state of the planet. Then there is the enormous personal toll this sort of thinking has taken on thousands if not millions of people over the past couple of millennia.

If past experience is any indication, all those folks who have sold their belongings and are joining Camping for the Rapture will find themselves still on planet Earth with egg on their faces. Now for my prediction: Camping will then issue a statement that the Second Coming was “postponed” because of this or that, as if he is in communication with Jesus and God, who let him in on his/their plans. Let us not be too hard on them, as, it seems many already having a rough time, which is why they’re gung-ho to get off the planet in the first place. Regardless of what happens, Harold Camping’s business abilities and capacity to garner global attention are certainly impressive.

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63 thoughts on “Is Jesus coming soon? Is the end near?

  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting this blog, Acharya.

    Of course, this whole idea of Jesus’ 2nd coming/rapture (12th Imam for Islam), tribulation etc. are precisely what keeps the Abrahamic religions alive to this very day. That was my own personal experience with Christianity.

    What really bugs me about it is that they have the entire world cornered. There is no other choice except worldwide mass destruction – talk about a WMD! They claim that 2/3rds of the human population will be destroyed – always the non-believers, of course. It’s sooo bad that even the one guy who successfully achieves worldwide peace is called the [b]ANTI-CHRIST[/b]. They claim that that peace is just temporary but, my point here is that even if we achieved worldwide peace it’s doomed to failure thanks to the “tolerant and peaceful” Abrahamic religions.

    Also, if someone in gov’t launched nukes just so they can claim the bible is true then, it’s still not prophecy. That’s just using the bible as a blueprint.

    The world will never have peace so long as the Abrahamic religions are considered “great religions.” The greatest thing about them is the massive numbers of people that’ve been killed in their name yet, those religions still have devotees – that’s what I am most fascinated by. I can’t understand why anyone would want anything to do with them in the 21st century. What else do we still cling to from the bronze age?

    1. tomorrow
      so, sometime tomorrow morning, around what, 3 or 4 eastern time? in the pacific/west pacific time zone, we can start watching mass destruction on cnn and then witness it in 3-d around 6 pm?!
      sounds amazing!!!
      anyways, i really think we [i]could[/i] see the tptb try to pull off some amazingly substantial world destruction by using a combination of HAARP and other devices used to make project Blue Bleam “go live”

      i think we’re going to wake up in the morning suddenly believing in god and end the day totally believing in aliens

    2. Obama Nation [or is it Abomination ?]
      Actually one should not underestimate the impact of the Abrahamic

      After Netanyahu [or is it ‘Net In Yahoo’] told our President where he
      could go, the world got a little less safe or should I say a whole lot

      Here’s a part of the story [His Story…History…in the tradition of
      Abraham], the NEWS didn’t get to report.

      Little Satan [Israel] told Big Satan [USA] that if he’s going to ask him to voluntarily sacrifice his Test-acles [the defensible positions around
      Israel] in the name of the Test-atments and/or for the love of Allah, he’s going to send the prospective ‘Caliphate’ to Paradise [long before
      its well appointed time].

      Allah Akbar [God is Great]…

      Remember that when Making the Sign of the Cross,
      Always look both ways for a Sign where to Cross…

      the TEMPLAR

  2. Great blog Archarya! These believers are gonna be disappointing when May the 21st comes and goes and no Jebuz is to be found in the sky ready to rapture his faithful away. lol With that said – aren’t false prophets supposed to be dragged out into the streets and stoned by the elders or something of the sort? 😆

  3. the rapture
    What you don’t seem to understand is that the rapture takes place in the four corners of the heavens, the satanic system on earth has used the limit of death to scare, maim and murder, and then blame the religious, this is the age old lie. And death is a lie. The return then is all of those poor souls who have all died and were hung on the roads to Rome, millions not worthy to live in this satanic system for one reason or another. They were all sent to that limit we call death. And endured in that dark place, and now the light has pierced that dark, death is no longer a black out but a brown out, and all that light of the souls of the damned will release their light,

    The black hole takes in all available light, greedily calling that light, it’s own, until one moment when that light will all be released of it’s own volition.

    Then you will see a super nova, a cme like no other as the light of millions of ‘damned’ souls are poured forth upon the earth, and all the damned take what has been rightfully theirs.

    We shall see him as he is because we shall be like him. He existed because he exists. I have borne witness to him. And no one can take that away from me.

    1. Rapture
      Listen hipriestess4u I wouldn’t be too worried here these people are fulfilling scripture. In the last days they will scoff! Yes this minister has made a terrible mistake setting dates but none the less God will & has used this for people to ask of those who they know that are Christians.

      They neither add or take away from me by their scoffing, the first fact is there will be a rapture ……when -“no man knows the hour, not even the angels in heaven”.

      The 2nd one is that no-one dies an atheist, let them sit and argue silly things like did Adam have a belly button for dead will party then bury the dead.

      They must choose to party on or stop & ponder, most will simply gaze at their own belly button never asking of others who know.

      The biggest sign is the peace treaty (7 years) in Israel after that all hell breaks out

      1. Oh, my Nick. Do you still have your security blanket? Just can’t give up on the silly fraud or your religion, can you. It’s time to take the blinders off & become a man who seeks the Truth. Until then, you’re just another arrested adolescent.

      1. First of all, there’s an apostrophe in “your” (as in “you’re”) and there isn’t a chance in hell that I’ll be “dwelling in the house” of anybody who has never existed. That’s a physical (or even metaphysical) impossibility that should be pretty obvious – even to you.

        Secondly, why would I want to dwell in the house of such a despicably unpleasant fellow? No thanks. I’ll stay amongst the thinkers, the dreamers and the lovers.

    2. Nor, apparently, can anyone take your self-delusion away from you either.

    3. Hullo
      Hi there hip4u
      If the heavens have 4 corners, by my calculation that would make it square or rectangular which is odd if you think about it since a solid ought to have 8 corners. Does that mean if the Universe itself is square/rectangular it’s therefore flat? I think you may be mistaking this notion for the four sacred directions, but even that is rather inadequate really, since humans also have an up and a down that will make six ways to orientate yourself. It is no coincidence that a sixfold (“calvary” style) cross can be folded into a cube. Try it out in your mind and think about this. As the Guinness admen put it, not everything in black and white makes sense, so as for Satan: has it ever occurred to you that the Prince of Lies might find it quite efficacious to masquerade as a “truth telling” religionist? I mean, if you were the Prince of Lies, wouldn’t you want to hole up in the Vatican or somewhere equally impressively “holy”? Maybe an enormous palace or the like, possibly a cathedral? I wouldn’t believe everything you hear my dear and trust more in your own innate wisdom…what you witness may be what you want to believe. I’m sure you’ll survive this miraculous event and have the sense and the native wit to figure things out for yourself, cleanse your consciousness and call a rose a rose. Good luck in your quest…

  4. Ah yes, Harold Camping. I wonder what date he’ll give next, when the world is still here on May 21. 😀

    Camping is of course only one of countless Christians who’s predicted the end of the world, on so many different dates by now that one begins to lose track. XD
    Why people fall for this same sort of nonsense over and over and over again is beyond me. When will people learn that the world will NOT end on ANY of the dates anyone, Christians and non-Christians alike claim?

    Also, just randomly, the 2012 Mayan prophecy still has way more followers than Campbell could hope for. 👿

  5. Acharya,

    Read some of your stuff, but not all, so I may not be familiar with everything you’ve covered.

    Given any thought to what plasma cosmology may say about these things? [i.e. thunderbolts.info] Not saying it’s fact, but it could very well explain humankind’s fear of catastrophes or any future doomsday.

    Anyway, thanks for your blog. Cheers.

  6. Many people have been tortured and murdered in the name of various religions. But then hey! The same has been done in the name of atheists: can anyone say Pol Pot? How about Lenin? And who knows how many more.

    Fact is, people are a mix; some are wonderful, some are horrible.

    God does exist; that doesn’t mean religious leaders have any special connection to Him, or that He is responsible for mass murders.

    I have no idea if the world is going to end October 21, but in any case I don’t believe Mr. Camping has any special way of knowing more than anyone else. I’m old; during my life the world has supposed to end more times than I can remember.

    Eventually I suppose the world will end. Then whoever happens to be predicting it at that time will be right, but there will be no one left to know it!

    For me, the “world” wil probably end sooner than for most, because I am old and will probably die before most of the rest of the world.

    Death is death; we die individually, not as a group. I suppose it would be more scary to see the world around us in a huge disaster, just before we die. But hey, if you die, you die.

    I hope the world continues and gets better, not worse. But don’t kid yourself the Christians have anything over any other group of people, because probably all groups have individuals in their past or present who murder and create other mayhem for innocent human beings.

    In the meantime, enjoy life as you can, and be kind to innocent people.

    Instead of worrying about the world ending, make it a better place for someone today!

  7. Boy-clowns got ya covered – head to toe!


  8. These Christian apologies have all been thoroughly addressed in numerous writings, including my books ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com[/url]) and articles ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/christconspiracy.html[/url]) that I linked to in that brief comment. The contention that my remark is “off the wall” can only be made when the subject has not been studied at all, as there have been hundreds of people who have made the mythicist case ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/mythicism.html[/url]) over the past several centuries.

    In the first place, the amount of books is irrelevant – there are hundreds of books about Superman as well, but he was never a real person. When the subject is inspected through a microscope, so to speak, there simply is no credible, scientific evidence that the gospel story is anything but a fictional tale with some historical personages and places, much like [i]Gulliver’s Travels[/i].

    The BC/AD timeline was established in the 6th century by the Christian monk Dionysius based on the traditions passed down since the second century. This timeline does not serve as not scientific evidence of Christ’s existence.

    There are many archaeological discoveries ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/christinegypt.html[/url]) that verify the character “Jesus Christ” a fictional/mythical figure. Christ’s [i]followers [/i]have changed history – and often not for the better, as the fanatics among them led to centuries-long slaughter of tens if not hundreds of millions of people ([url]http://www.truthbeknown.com/victims.htm[/url]).

    It is completely false that the U.S. Constitution is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Constitution combines many ideologies and texts, and its framers were not particularly Christian. In fact, Thomas Jefferson entertained the ideas of Jesus nythicism ([url]http://www.truthbeknown.com/washington-jefferson-mythicists.html[/url]).

    The opinion that what the apostles wrote is “accurate” is just that – an opinion, but it is not grounded in fact. For more on that subject, please see my book Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/whowasjesus.html[/url]).

    Communists did not necessarily “hate” Jesus Christ as much as they too studied the case for Jesus mythicism ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/mythicist.html[/url]) and determined he was a myth.

    I agree that the Jesus myth has had much influence – far too much, in fact, which has led to a gross ignorance of pre-Christian religion and mythology.

    If you know that “so many say he never existed,” why do you also say that my contention is “off the wall,” as if you’ve never heard it before?

    The rest of your claims are, again, opinions, not facts, and the believers in other religions over the past several thousand years could substitute their chosen god in place of yours to make the same claims:

    “There is a reason why so many say that Osiris never existed. IT was written that there would come a time when many would be deceived.”

    “There are very evil people who wish that Buddha never did exist.”

    “They hate him so much that they want to drag others into their world of hate by trying to kill the faith that so many have in Hercules.”

    “The day will come when all will see the power and glory. Then there will be no one who questions the existence of the Lord Krishna.”

    1. WHAAAT SAY?????


      Now, we really are all doomed!!!

  9. hello . . . do you hear what you’re saying?
    OK dear, it’s time to buy the brain washing remedial shampoo.

  10. hope you didn’t give away your stuff
    The only people worthy would be those who chose to stay and help. So sorry. Either we all get in together, or no one goes.
    So it looks like you’ll all have to get off your lazy asses and earn it.
    Start walking the talk. What would Jesus do?
    Well, obviously, you believe he would return to save us. Doesn’t he ask you to be as he was? Is this not the path?
    Yet you are ready to jet off on a cloud, leave us all to perish forever. Could there not be valuable time to help others now?
    Even the idea of stocking food and arming yourself is wrong thinking.
    We’re deluded by centuries of social programing, and an egotistic self as apart from, not connected to, everything.
    The answer is simple. Live to help.

  11. Little evidence?
    I have never agreed with Harold Camping on much of anything. Just another zany nutbag. His prediction of the end of the world goes directly against the teaching in the Bible.

    The comment in the article about there being very little evidence of the first coming is so off the wall.

    Jesus Christ is the most written about person ever to live. His life is described in the best selling book of all time, the Bible.

    Our calendar is based on the year of his being born as the marking of the years. There are no archeological findings to disprove the existence of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the one person that changed the whole world. He changed governments. He changed history. His teachings are the basis for the US Constitution. His teachings are part of our original legal system. (not any more of course)

    The writings of the Apostles are accurate and describe the cities and towns that Jesus taught and lived in. The most hated person by the communists of the world is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has come under attack and why? Why would someone who never existed be under such an attack? If he never lived, why is it that the evil ones want him removed from any influence in our society?

    Jesus Christ, even today, has more influence in the world than any other person living or dead.

    There is a reason why so many say that he never existed. IT was written that there would come a time when many would be deceived. There are very evil people who wish that Jesus never did exist. They hate him so much that they want to drag others into their world of hate by trying to kill the faith that so many have in Jesus Christ.

    The day will come when all will see the power and glory. Then there will be no one who questions the existence of Jesus Christ.

    1. Jeez
      Might be influential but in a negative way…
      There was no jezus but the myth continues to prove people will believe any big lie

  12. Let’s get real.
    Whatever the devine prescence is out there in the cosmos that brought all this into being we don’t know.

    People are given the gift of life, get to be a part of the universe and all they can do is look to some snake oil salesman to try to make it all better while they make money off of you. Try looking in the mirror if you want to improve your quality of life.

    People wanting the end of the world. Unreal. Saying this is god’s plan. Death and destruction? Wow, what a nice god! Well god you created it all right? And if you wanna now destroy it all that’s totally up to you right?

    I look at it like this. If there is some human being that is trying to come up with all of this stuff you know it’s straight BS. How do people just blindly believe some other human coming up with there own little theories I’ll never get it.

  13. Satan?
    Always see lots of people bitching about this Satan well looking at the admission of the big daddy of them all the Catholic Church:

    This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:
    In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons.
    Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

    Then what or who is Satan?

    As many of you are aware, “Satan” translates as TRUTH in Sanskrit, the original anguage of humanity.

    The Sanskrit root word “Sat”, also sometimes “Satya” means Truth. “An” is also a shortening of “Ananta” which means Eternal/Infinite/Never ending, etc. The name
    “Satan” as a whole can also therefore be translated as “Truth Eternal” or “The Infinite and Never Ending Truth”. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JoSNewsletter/message/157


  14. Jabba the Hut.
    Wouldn’t surprize me to find the whole lot partying on my patio in the morning.
    All the saints and bottisatvas. Jabba the Hut. I hope those little cigarette peddlers from Men in Black show up.
    I read yesterday there was no meltdown. Now I’m just saying, I dont know. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
    Earthquakes and flooding and food shortages, and solar flares, chem trails, now some kind of wierd new stuff coming out of the center of the sun, messing with all matter, and time ! Really!?!
    Well, now it’s all going to get a warm cozy glow over the whole mess. Great. Oh, and wars, revolutions, riots, the gulf fiasco, economic collapse, pole shift, harp weapons, blue beams, vortexes, comets, whathehell they’re doing with the Halidron collider, shifting dimentions, evolving consciousness, and the end of the world, tomorrow. Well, I’m supposed to be to work at 2:00, so I hope we have some kind of clue by like, 1:00. because I’m not going in if it’s true.

  15. Great Flood
    Well, if we have been waiting for Jesus’ 2nd coming, he has got to have huge blue balls. If I am anywhere within 200 miles of where the “Rupture” happens, I am quickly building an Ark.

  16. A HAARP-Induced Mini-Rapture?
    The Catholic priest sex scandals have caused the Vatican to suffer financially. It has also caused a decrease in the Church’s membership. Throughout Europe and North America, Protestant and Catholic Christian involvement has declined simply because as people’s educational levels increase, their increased sense of logic makes it less likely that they can accept the preposterousness of the fictional story of Jesus Christ.

    The Vatican and some Protestant churches feed off the uneducated. If a lack of education is not enough to keep the people reigned in to the Christian belief system, then a good dose of terrorism has, during much of Christian history, caused the doubters to return quickly to the pope or minister. Whatever technique is used, whether it’s burning at the stake, tearing out fingernails, lashing, waterboarding, or HAARP-induced earthquakes, catastrophic violence can alter individual and public opinion.

    What the Vatican and some Protestant churches may be hoping will happen on May 21, 2011 is for either a natural or science-induced earthquake to occur. A science-induced earthquake, I’ve read, could be instigated using HAARP and other techniques.

    Some element within the Vatican and some Protestant churches wouldn’t want something (totally) destructive to destroy (all) of civilization because then the church leaders would also be gone.

    But if a major quake, or some cataclysmic violent event would create a few months of temporary havoc, the churches could definitely increase their fold and their finances. Some money-hungry and power-hungry elements within some churches could be hoping for almost the worst. A mini-Rapture would help boost Christian membership and revenue.

    Personally, what will I do for the next forty-eight hours? I own a small blimp. I’m getting into my blimp right now. I’ll let it rise to an elevation of one thousand feet because I doubt if even the most major earthquake could create tsunami waves taller than five hundred feet.

    See the movie – “Moonraker.” Movie makers and writers think like me – creatively.

  17. Hold Your Horsemen
    I must admit, though I am seeing Pestilence currently riding about the world, I do not believe we are doomed. From a point of simple logic, we still have Free Will and until convinced otherwise, (by those that like to do such things) I contend that Free Will, by its very implication, flies in the face of most religious dogma. Free Will allows for the co-creation of our existence by our very presence within it.

    The Anthropic Principle in Quantum Mechanics and String Theory states the Megaverse exists so we can see, or experience, it. That is very cool as it does not refute the idea of The Good Creator, but enhances it by allowing for him to exist.

    People wanting the judgement, while attempting to conceal their own private Idaho, may well leave us, but not quite as they expected.

    Thank you, Acharya, for your continued insights and thought provoking observations.

  18. What a fuss over nothing
    Why give the crank the publicity…..

    Nothing has happened nothing will, we will all wake up tomorrow morning and life will carry on as usual….and the joker will come up with a string of excuses and another date

    The world will end is about 4 to 6 billion years….not sure of the precise date though…..

    Those that waste their time trying to dis-prove religion are as fanatical as the bible punching bigots…. and you really have more than your fair share of those across the pond…… :s

  19. Camping is wrong to….
    Camping is wrong to use “numerology”. That is like consulting voodoo or witchcraft. There is no power in these false idols.
    Acharya S is also equally wrong and misguided. There is enormous evidence for Jesus. Just ask any serious historian. You have got far far more chance that Plato or Archimedes or Socrates or any one of hundreds of other important historical figures pre 1000AD being false. Go and find out about the supporting evidence before you fall for the uneducated claptrap of authors of popular trash.

  20. Party Songs For Tonight 21 May 2011 Apocalypse
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcCTKtyzaXc Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5_0iZQ-TuA Pink Floyd Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9TGj2jrJk8 Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHrK6L91BgA Bob Dylan Hard Rain

  21. JEsus is real / nobody ever questioned his existen
    Jesus existence has never been questioned until Archarya wrote her book. All through the centuries no one questioned Jesus existing only his divinity. THe majority of historians never came to the conclusion that he did not exist; there are many other sources who speaks about him including the Talmud, Bible and writings of different historians during his time and after. So the argument needs to change to his divinity because the argument saying he never existed is not well researched. So I think its back to the drawing board with proving his divinity not existence. The religions were corrupted by Summerias who claimed that she was the mother of the future king which was prophecized. This is why alot of other religions took the information and used it first to corrupt Jesus future appearence. This is why there is so many similarities of these Gods and Jesus.
    Semiramis was the instigator in forming the false religion aimed at supporting their rule, and of course her suggestion fell upon open ears. The religion she invented was based primarily upon a corruption of the primeval astronomy formulated by Noah’s righteous ancestors before the flood. In the original this system depicted by means of constellations the story of Satan’s rebellion and the war in the heavens, his subversion of mankind, the fall of Adam and Eve, the promise of One to come who would suffer and die to relieve man from the curse of sin then be installed as Lord of Creation, and the final re-subjugation of the cosmos to God through Him.

    These eternal truths were corrupted by her (rather, quite obviously, by the evil one controlling her) into a mythic cycle wherein the great dragon is depicted as the rightful lord of the universe whose throne has been temporarily usurped by One whom we can recognize as the God of the Bible. The serpent creates man in his present miserable state, but promises that a child would one day born of a divine mother—which child would supplant God, become a god himself, and return rulership of the Earth to the serpent. These fables were based upon the then widely-known story of the constellations, and were introduced under the guise of revealing the hidden esoteric knowledge concealed in them (regardless of the fact that the original was quite straightforward).

    Although this esotericism was the second element in Semiramis’ cult, it only masked the actual goal which was the worship of the “heavenly host,” which the Bible equates with Satan’s army of fallen angels. Satan was quite willing to receive worship “by proxy”, hence the third major element of the mystery religion was emperor-worship. This religion was propagated by a hierarchy of priests and priestesses, to whom were assigned the task of initiating the populace at large into it’s ascending degrees of revelation, culminating at the highest level in both direct worship of Satan and demon-possession.

    Although Nimrod was a brilliant strategist, he made a fatal blunder when he allowed Semiramis to retain full control over this religious hierarchy, and through it the minds and hearts of the people; for when a schism occurred between them she was able to turn it from a tool of support into a deadly weapon. The rift between husband and wife occurred when the queen bore an illegitimate son, and the king threatened her with both dethronement and exposure of her true origin. Semiramis, of course would not allow this to take place, and devised a plot to overthrow Nimrod.

    During the course of the New Year’s festivities at which the advent of Nimrod’s rule was celebrated, there was a certain feast exclusively for the royal family and the upper echelons of the priesthood. During this feast, which included “courses” of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs, a year-old ram was traditionally sacrificed by being torn limb-from-limb while still alive, and it’s flesh eaten raw. This ram symbolized the old year passing into the heavens to allow room for the new year. A new-born lamb was then presented which, symbolizing the new year, would be kept and fattened for the next year’s ceremonies. This year Semiramis directed the ritual according to the formula, with the exception that when the time came for the ram to be slaughtered, it was the king who was torn to pieces at the hands of the drug-crazed priesthood and Semiramis’ bastard son was installed as king. Thus Nimrod, the mighty hunter, died a horrible death as a trapped beast himself.

    Semiramis named her son Damu (from the Sumerian “dam,” or blood), which in the later Babylonian language became Dammuzi, in Hebrew Tammuz, and in Greek Adonis. Of course, Semiramis assumed the regency for her infant son, and ruled as absolute monarch for 42 more years. In order to avoid having to kill her son on the next New Year’s Day, she instituted an annual nation-wide sports competition, the winner of which would have the “honor” of taking Damu’s place and ascending into heaven to become a god.

    Semiramis was not unopposed in her arrogation of the regency, however, or her rule as a woman. The military arm of the government was divided into two camps for and against her, and a short war ensued which ended when the populace (roused by the priesthood) not only refused to support the “rebels” but actively opposed them. In the course of this war, though, things became so close that Semiramis was forced to build a system of walls, towers, and gates around Babylon to defend herself. She was thus the first to build fortifications and her crown afterwards was in the form of the turreted walls of Babylon. To oppose the accusations of “mere” womanhood laid against her, she had herself deified as the mother of the god Damu (since only a god can beget a god) , and installed as “The Queen of Heaven” pictured in the constellation Cassiopeia, which the ancients had intended as a corporate representation of those people faithful to God who will be enthroned by Him after the end of the age.

    In spite of her cleverness, though, she also sowed the seeds of her own destruction. As she raised her son, she imbued him with divinity in the eyes of the priests and people as the means of retaining control as the divine mother without seeming to aggrandize herself. As Damu grew he became used to having every whim instantly gratified by a subservient, indeed groveling, populace. For safety’s sake he had a personal bodyguard/companion group which he was never without, and which formed an elite corps of soldiery loyal and accountable to him alone. Upon coming to maturity and demanding of his mother to be installed as king, she not only refused him this–but, seeing him now as a challenge to her rule, slated him for the same death she had meted to his father. Damu caught on to her scheme, and pre-empted his “assumption” by slaying his mother with his own sword, and putting down any priestly protests by purging the hierarchy of all who would not vow allegiance to him. Thus Semiramis died after reigning as queen over Babylon for 102 years.

    These events laid the groundwork for all of the pagan religious systems of antiquity, as well as many alive today. Semiramis, in particular was the model and original of every goddess and female cult figure in the ancient and modern worlds (either directly or by derivation); and thus it essential to know her story in order to discern what is factual legend and what

    1. “Jesus existence has never been questioned until Archarya wrote her book.”

      Since your first remark is completely false, disproved even by my book itself, with its copious quotes from numerous others likewise questioning the historicity of Jesus Christ, I am disinclined to read the rest of your lengthy screed. Fortunately, the thousands of people who have actually read my book know that what you have claimed is erroneous. Even the Bible itself disproves your claim, while vilifying and demonizing the non-gullible people who did not mindlessly believe Christian claims without any proof – such are the terror tactics used to bludgeon others into fallacious contentions:

      [quote]”and every spirit that [b]does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh[/b] is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” 1 John 4:3

      “For [b]many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh[/b]. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” 2 John 1:7[/quote]
      These passages refer to the Gnostic Docetists who thrived in the second century, essentially proving that these verses were not written until then. “Docetism” is a fancy term for those who claimed this story never happened on planet Earth, in the third dimension but, instead, reflected a “phantasmagoria.” The result is the same: The gospel tale is “unreal,” allegorical and mythical.

      For those interested in the [i]facts[/i], rather than falsehoods and fairytales, here are some articles with the names of Jesus mythicists over the centuries, as well as a brief history of mythicism.

      What is a Mythicist? ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/mythicist.html[/url])
      History of Mythicism ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/mythicism.html[/url])

      As you can see, this field has been around for many centuries and includes numerous scholars and others who most assuredly [i]did [/i]question Christ’s earthly existence.

  22. You took the words right out of my mouth !
    :cheer: Yes, Sophia, if only more level headed, no longer brainwashed people could see your point of view, it would be a much better world.

  23. Gulliver’s Travels should be re-written ‘Gullable Travelers.’ And–we put people in asylum’s who they determine are insane! At least on the Inside they are protected from the Insanity on the Outside.

    I have a different point of view. I enjoy people like Mr. H. Camping exposing himself in this way–and his bizarre followers. Why? Because it will eventually ‘destroy’ Preistcraft and Churchianity. And when that eventually happens–maybe the ‘Whole World’ can then become One Universal Brotherhood.

    Keep up the Good Work Mr. H. Camping et al

  24. Man-Made Ending
    I wouldn’t be surprised if something horrible did happen today, under the direction of the CIA and Mossad. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Camping was on their payroll, as was Jim Jones.

    If any more tragedies occur, whether real or part of a misinformation campaign to deceive the masses, they will be man-made — just like 9/11 and all the HAARP-induced earthquakes. It’s a power grab by those who already have a grip on humanity’s throat.

    The world is not coming to an end, but the age of human civilization may be — and in no small part due to the willful, cowardly ignorance of those who allow others to tell them what to think.

    Yet, even going beyond the need for humans to fully utilize their superior cerebral abilities, we need to awaken to our spiritual essence within — or the “Christ” of many ancient belief systems.

    I believe [u]all[/u] end-times prophecies (and sacred texts) were meant to be interpreted [b]metaphysically[/b]. After all, their stories emerged from our curiousity about the heavens (as Acharya as clearly explained) and our desire to rise above this mundane, sorrowful physical existence.

  25. Ruptured
    The sickening feeling one gets when they realize their belief system is completely false.

    This will be what the followers of Harold Camping will experience Sunday morning the 22nd.

  26. There is much we do not know. Read writings of Illig, Kammeier, von List, and even Hitler. Think you know all? You don’t. Karl der Grosse never existed – 297 years are missing from the calendar. The Vatican created this, why? Defending the race against the hordes of Islam. Hitler carried out the plan. Read Mein Kampf with OBJECTIVE eyes… Yes, the plan. List called this the heimliche Acht. Narrow minded fools never know. Read Hesse, open the mind, free the heart. Read the Gita, piece together the cosmic puzzle, then read the allegory of Christ. Makes more sense. Don’t care? Swallow lies from both sides as dogma. And goodnight to you all. Sheep to be eaten by wolves. The truth lives somewhere therein. There IS a God. Wotan/Yahweh. KRIST exists, cosmic KRIST, a concept to save an otherwise weak folk from degenerate hordes. The unification of great Souls in KRIST (cosmic) will save this planet from destruction, for the same reason that Karl der Grosse was MADE UP. To hide true Germanic heathenism within a church and unify Europe. Reuniufication of Mankinds TRIBES. National Socialist Germany tried, failed. This was also part of plan because it gave world Israel, setting stage for todays events. Benedict forgave Jews for killing Christ – coincidence? NO. Plan? Yes. Wait and see. Tribes WILL be united someday…

  27. Not Eating The Pudding
    I, myself, have been having a great time with friends over this. Makes for a good comedy show, dontcha think?

    I am thinking Mr. Camping put a whole bunch of dates in a hat and drew out May 21st.

    Now the news media is giving an actual time. Um? This is going to be 2:00 PM everywhere? Going to move like the sunset across the earth?

    Or was it supposed to be all at once and at 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time?

    Sorry. Going to have to pass on this massive global event.

    I have to wash my hair and do my laundry.

  28. What the hell?

    Quit taking a mix of Ecstasy, LSD, Mushrooms, and Cocaine at the same time unless this is supposed to be ‘inspired poetic prose’.

  29. “The stars must fall”
    “The stars falling from heaven” indicates a pole shift at night. This can only occur about 2 weeks after a collapse of the magnetosphere, which can only occur after the collapse of the electrical grid, after several large solar flares.

    So there will be no rapture today. Acharya is right in saying the second coming is “a presence”, in prophesy, it is a higher level of consciousness brought about by energies, aka sacred rays, coming from several areas of space, including the photon belt. These rays affect the magnetosphere and the sun and bring about the ending to this old age and the bringing in of the new. Aliens and loud noises may also be involved, but the end is clearly not yet.

    I think these false prophets are created by the dark forces to discredit the real prophets who are predicting serious changes in weather, geology and consciousness and who have been correct so far, for example Edgar Cayce and the Hathors have a good track record so far.

    Finally, the rapture is an ascention where the physical body is sped up until it dematerializes. I really don’t know any main stream Christians who could remotely tolerate this kind of energy. As Jesus said: New wine in old wine skins will wreck the wine skins. Chistians these days have lost the old teaching and are chasing after fools who will lead them into the ditch.

  30. Yes, the Last Judgement is upon us.
    And it is the collective US, that will be both judge and jury.


  31. “People who are obsessed with end times have never learned from history. They’ve been 100 percent wrong, 100 percent of the time.”

    – Hank Hanegraaff

  32. I have “faith” that this event will bring out even more non-believers. 😛
    Christianity= ancient game of telephone.

  33. Thy Kingdom come?
    I think I’m still here on earth. Did I miss the celestial boat? Was I left behind as part of the wretched refuse? Or did the Coming never come? Oy veh.

  34. Christianity is not the problem
    The Jewish owned media has done a very good job of misinforming. Time and again I have watched documentaries on Catholicism and without exception, Catholicism is depicted as Christianity. They are not the same thing. All of the murders, heresy trials, war, child molestation and all manner of sin under the Sun done by the Catholic church is being used to subvert the message of Christ. What better way to destroy God’s gift of a Savior than through a false Christianity perpetuated by what is basically a pagan religion. For hundreds of years the Catholic church has been the rival of Christianity. Martin Luther was aware of this and so began the Protestant Reformation. The Roman Catholic church was in bed with Hitler throughout his rise and fall. That should tell even the most die hard Catholic that Catholicism is not Christianity.

  35. sh*t!
    This all-Amurrcan loony tune has all the appeal of a theophantic (with a “t”) bowel movement, just can’t wait

  36. second coming?
    The Camping, Rael and others like them, are preying on stupidity. Thousands of people fall for their false message. How can people be so stupid?. I understand, those who can not read, relay on information give to them by others, but those who can read are being sucked into preachers perversion?. How can they believe of someone coming to their rescue, when that someone never existed in the first place.
    It start with parents, brain washing the children’s and then schools.

  37. Intelectual reading.
    Try this
    Read the Bible as a Best seller from the point of view of a good novel.

    Then many questions, will arise.

    The god spells are the historical doings of a Christ?
    Very strange that this person, so powerful , so famous, so divine.

    The new testament tells about , hundreds , thousands, of people talked about him, all the region was with admiration.

    Christ walked with many people around him.

    But no one made a single drawing from him.?
    Not a piece of carved wood of his face?
    Some piece of metal with his figure?

    What about his personal life, no, not the divine.
    It seems that he also had a working schedule with his apostles. 9 to 5

    In the New Testament there is no record about.
    He used to sleep alone or with the others?
    He was the first to wake up? Or the last?
    How made the breakfast, him or the holly spirit?
    He washed his clothes or Mary of Magdala did it for him?

    Why did only talked against the religious political power of the Pharisees? When the army of Rome was the real oppressor .

    Did he ever told a joke?
    What about the long travels in the desert?
    They joined a Caravan?

    They went flying in one day? (God airlines)
    He ever visited a market?

    This Christ only talks as a parrot .
    The new testament is a collection of Hebrew popular wisdom in that time, that is why we do not find the personal life of the Christ.

    I also do not find any clue for the scientific world.

    In that part of the world , at that time, they used to sit at night , in the open and set some fire, Then tell stories ,popular poems, and songs.

    In 3 years that the apostles were with him , about 1000 nights, someone had to have asked about those shinny points in the sky.

    Master , what are those brilliant dots?
    And Jesus ( remember he is the son of the creator) answered,
    “The sun you see at day, those are suns away from this body we live on”
    Peter asked “ What other bodies?”
    Jesus : “ Mighty brilliant bodies, traveling bodies, black devouring bodies, knowledge that is not for this time”


    Only an impersonal collection of Hebrew popular wisdom.

    Why the word of this shepherd is so absurd.
    Have you noticed?

    The word of God is Universal and perfect.
    Well it should be.

    It is not

    This needs interpretation.

    What the hell is he talking about?

    So the word of God divides his children.

    One side thinks one way.

    The other side thinks otherwise.

    Then violence appears

    And The true shepherd (Jesus Christ) sees how his own herd starts killing themselves.

    Blessed is the word of Christ¡¡¡

    I do not believe in the New Testament as a word of a Christ
    1. There is no personal narrative of a real human being.
    2. No one did a single drawing of the Jesus in his time. (Because he is an invention of Constatine)
    3. His word is a collection of popular wisdom and songs in the Jewish culture. (see psalm 22 v19)
    4. Not a single accurate scientific data to prove he is the son of the creator.
    5. His word is so imperfect that divides human kind.

    I was a Catholic ( protector of the lies)
    Now I am true seeker

  38. Christ already returned in 2008
    What matters is the spiritual doctrine, that can be traced historically in contemporary historiographies. Take Paul applying allegorical hearing of the birth stories of Isaac and Ishmael as birth stories (Galatians 4.21>), much like Philo Judaeus of Alexandria displayed in his works, holding biblical figures as “thought models”.

    The very same doctrine, then possible from the works of Plato for Philo Judeaus, can nowadays be applied even much better, due mainly by the “Linguistic /Hermeneutic Turn” led by the likes of C.S. Peirce, F. DeSaussure, G.Herbert Mead, L. Wittgenstein and their application in crib patterns testing by devices developed by Alan Turing during WW-II, to decode German radio messages.

    So the same sort of revived in a scientifically more advanced way, that could and should be applied in all academic education programs in Theology and bible research. To some extent Acharya_S has made use of the same figs of knowledge, yet not for their ripened potential to let the gospels speak for themselves through their allegories, but rather to bash litteral interpretation of the birth of Jesus as a myth (already anticipated for in the hermeneutic turn approach of sociolinguistics and ethnomethodology).

    From the allegory of the Fig Tree as a folow up to Adams eating of unripe fruit, it would follow then, the new Fig Tree, involves new knowledge having become available: the new hermeneutic turn after the previous linguistic turn through the works of Plato for sense-data one-on-one meaning per sign to express knowledge – with its reverse implication for double meanings of more original types of expression of earlier cultures.

    Gospels intended clearly to borrow further on the same type of structural linguistic narrative styles as in the Torah, as a way of modifying bricolage for interpretation methodological purposes – yet until the last hermeneutic turn, never properly appreciated as such and even after than, continuing poorly due to the principles outlined by Thomas Kuhn, how existing paradigm acts like the block in the eye to ridicule the tiny needle in the eye of others. Acharya_S has fallen into the very same trap.
    The issue is not for the return of Christ, if Christ existed as a biological person or the birth happened litterly in the flesh. Sufficient is a spiritual doctrine, that can be traced back historically (Essenes, Dead Sea scrolls, Philo Judaeus allegorical interpretations), as brain food, the flesh being purely mental deliberations of the inner circle of groups of Essenes, one of which was to develop into a group regarded by the others in Essenism as “Nasoreans” or arrogants for their blatant claim of knowing it all better.

    Acharya_S never showed any crucial proof of such debating events impossibly ever might have occured, historically. From Josephus we learn how curious he was to investigate Essenism, but was not able to become member and therefore attended some form of expelled spiritual teacher with the name Banus.

    Also when Simon-Peter/Cephas is accused of heathen or too liberal law doctrine by the high priest before the Sanhedrin (Acts 4 & 5), legal adviser Gamaliel is being listened to by the Sanhedrin, to leave the judgement over to YHWH, as before is suggested happened to other prophets, who perished soon after their success. Deuteronomy comes to mind, when dealing with hanging as a practice of heathens / gentiles, and forbidden for judaism, and should a jew happen to be hung, the obligation follows for every jew, to prevent a new day to begin with the blemish of a hung body. So: what better allegory than to put the prohibition of preaching against Simon-Cephas’s gentile doctrine of too liberal Torah interpretation as the doctrine of hanging of Christ by Paul. So the birth then of the Christ, happened not before about the year 37 after the conversion of Paul.

    The same has actually repeated in our recent days.
    Since 2007 at http://twitter.com besides other places and events, I have been publicly expressing in detail how and why based on the same interpretation methodology, but more advanced nowadays, as applied in the allegorical narratives of the gospels, to bricolage the Torah narratives for the previous linguistic turn, the very same Christ did return. This Christ however is not the Christ of any christian today, like before the Messiah of Paul, was not the Messiah image of almost any jew in his times.

    The media and the likes of populist critical bible researchers like Acharya_S, write a lot about what is not and never was the Christ of the evangelist, from the point of view of Galatians 4.21> / Philo Judaeus on how the Torah is required to be spiritually accessed and assessed. The Book of Revelations deals not with that poor Santa Claus image of Christ for infants.
    The Book of Revelation extrapolates the end of Jerusalem, from what caused it spiritually, to future ends of centers (Temples) of Fig Tree abuses, but no longer for the classic judaism, but what was made or refabricated of what was planted instead by Paul, Peter & Mark and James as elaborated allegorically through the gospels.

    And we have been right on the spot: wikileaks, bank rescues due to misunderstanding of the impact of unripe figs like morgage repackaging and credit default swaps, to fool people again. Japan melt downs, that were believed impossible in the case of earthquakes or tsunamis, Arab jasmin revolutions, bad accidents almost on a daily basis at industrial plants. Euro-crisis. One has to be blind, not to recognize Revelations 16-18 is advancing steadily.

    Revelations 16-18 has the same teneur as the cruelties that overcame the established jewish elites between 66 and 70 AD, as they had rather elected to support the fundamentalist approach than the spiritual liberal appreciation of Torah. Zelotism found the door open to create chaos. Sciences left themselves the very same vulnerablility, even including negligences with regard to the field of Theological Studies. Opportunism / Ishmael / zelotism, is all over the news headlines every day, and increasing steadily. They become headlines only though, when exposed.

    But there is a reverse aspect concerning the time table of the collapsing of what appears the temples of pragmatic rational judgement, or social democracy.

    If there is already a Christ neglected in the past, it is not a matter of identification, but re-recognition. It takes time to recognize. Not something new has to be developed, like it was before. It is already there, through the gospels.

    Now this re-recognition, if not done, will convert in confrontation with the mishaps of mis-recognition of what was spiritually already explained as spiritual framework of thought and behavior / ethics.

    Therefore it must be noted that between -4 and 33 AD was 37 years, between 33 AD and 70 AD was 37 years.
    Like Kondrajiev cycle or Fibonacci numbers in nature, as a wave like pattern, the confrontation as the new re-recognition phase then would also take something like 37 years or some equivalent for how waves of generation would have changed from 1st century to our days, somehow.

    In this read of Christ and YHWH, all is pure nature and Laws of Nature, very much in the sense of Paul Davies or Gary Zukav. There is no direct personal involvement or the possibility for mankind to change the course of any things, other than as woven into the very fabrique of the Laws of Nature to be as they were and are.
    It does not matter, if all the world would convert to the perfect image of Christ. Still the same events would occur, as the Laws of Nature have all things the way they are – very much as follows from the epistemological principles outlined by George Berkeley and incompleteness theorem by Kurt Gödel.

    And probably even the next finale to Revelations 16-18 – in then 37+2008 – and this time “the rising of the dead” whatever this could mean allegorically (awaking of spiritual understanding; proper understanding of science and its meaning for applications), would probably something nobody who is not involved personally, will experience as having happened to anyone.
    Maybe the previous time, the rising of the dead, was the writing of the gospels – but sofar none bothered to call it that.

    Whenever there is exposure of global and national degree of abuse of congitive (dis)advantage, to mislead the public, in what really should have been decided from what was decided, there one looks the returned Messiah in the face, acting in Melchizedekian fashion.

    It can be as little as recently in The Netherlands, one vote by a representative using a blue inkt ball pen, instead of red pencil, caused another party to gain one seat in the First Chamber. And indirectly then causing a crisis of the Dutch government prior to competion of its term. Kind of Murphy’s Law, of people considered as professionals, not even able to pick the right pencil to fill a space on a paper.

    Why it started in 2008?
    That has to do with the completion of the knowledge of “the Fig Tree”, to be regarded as left empty again. TRhis requires somebody to come forward as being able to explain.

    This happened, this is a historical fact. The records can be shown.

    Now what about that Acharya_S?
    Where does this spiritual return of POSSIBLY science based the very same spiritual Messiah fit in there was no return of Messiah?

    Curious with what you will come up. This possibly returned Messiah is way more Zeitgeist than sofar any Zeitgeistist has been able to present. No less should also be expected. Something that beats the best, with the same weapons, used to bash what it less.

    Let there be no mistake. I very much respect the work of Acharya_S and also worth mentioning: Ralph Ellis.

    Only through unbiassed investigation and open debating mankind can overcome itself, instead of becoming more and more its own worst enemy.

  39. At 85, I’m ready for oblivion whenever it’s ready for me. Not bad – a nice long endless, dreamless sleep. And that’s what EVERYONE gets – regardless of whatever religious beliefs have been foisted on us.

    1. Eternal Sleep
      I’m with you, godfree. B) Religious beliefs have caused all the troubles on earth, each group believing its is the one true version. That eternal sleep to come will be as uneventful as the eternity before our births. At a certain point in time we were born into this existence; then, as uneventful as that was, at “death” we will pass back into the silence from which we sprang. 🙂

  40. Jesus was here.
    Sorry Acharya , but there’s more evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ than there is for Julius Caesar.

    Here’s a few sources: Cornelius Tacitus; Lucian of Samosata; Flavius Josephus (a non-Christian Jew); Seutonius; Plinius Secundus; Tertullian; Phlegon; Letter of Mara Bar-Serapion; Justin Martyr; The Jewish Talmuds (cf. “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell) and a fragment of the gospel of Matthew, dated to the middle of the first century (cf. “The Jesus Papyrus” by Carsten Peter Thiede & Matthew D’Ancona).

    The Jewish religious leaders, who hated Christianity and wanted to abolish it, acknowledged the existence of Jesus Christ. Why would they do so if Jesus never existed? They even admitted that he performed miracles (although they attributed them to the Devil)!

    I also recommend “The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?” by F.F. Bruce.

    1. Sorry, but the standard Christian apologist you are repeated is false. I have addressed these contentions numerous times in my books and articles, which can be searched on this blog for the pertinent search terms such as:

      [quote]Cornelius Tacitus ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/pliny.htm[/url]); Lucian of Samosata; Flavius Josephus ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/josephus.htm[/url]) (a non-Christian Jew); Seutonius ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/pliny.htm[/url]) [sic]; Plinius Secundus ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/pliny.htm[/url]); Tertullian; Phlegon; Letter of Mara Bar-Serapion; Justin Martyr; The Jewish Talmuds…and a fragment of the gospel of Matthew, dated to the middle of the first century…[/quote]
      None of these represents credible, scientific evidence at all – they are forged, late or irrelevant. The supposed “fragment of the gospel of Matthew” is no such thing–that’s a pet theory discounted by practically every one except for its authors.

      Evidently not all Jewish leaders were certain of Christ’s existence, such as is reflected in Martyr’s “Dialogue with Trypho” and other indications, including the Gnostic Docetist movement, which included Jews and Gentiles. The Talmud, which you are summarizing, represents nothing more than hearsay based on Christian tradition and written centuries after the supposed events.

      I have read Bruce’s pertinent article and book, which I included in the bibliography of my book Who Was Jesus? ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/whowasjesus.html[/url]), published in 2007.

      As I demonstrate repeatedly throughout my books ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com[/url]) and many of my articles ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/christconspiracy.html[/url]), when the mythological layers of the gospel story are peeled, there remains no “historical” core to the onion, and a composite of 20 “people” is no one.

  41. Who ?
    “and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” 1 John 4:3
    “For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” 2 John 1:7″

    Acharya S ” These passages refer to the Gnostic Docetists who thrived in the second century, essentially proving that these verses were not written until then. “

    These passages refer to who ?
    Gnostics, says Acharya S.
    Sorry. You are wrong. It refers to “deceivers”, as your source say. Not to gnostics whatever, just because you say.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but it’s quite well known that these verses refer to the Gnostic Docetists, as I’ve said. The Docetists were individuals who maintained that Christ had never appeared on earth in the flesh.

  42. i believe iin JESUS CHRIST

    yes we believe in JESUS CHRIST. HOPE HE COMING SOON :woohoo: :woohoo: :kiss: 😀 😯 😯 😉

  44. JESUS IS LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Indeed, there’s plenty if bigotry and discrimination throughout the bible. Just because something is in the bible doesn’t mean it’s accurate or even true at all. Scholars concede the bible is not a reliable history book.

    Nobody here hates Jesus – there’s simply no credible evidence for his existence. Theists have failed miserably in their responsibility of ‘burden of proof.’ They repeatedly claim Jesus existed (like you did above) yet they’ve been unable to substantiate those claims with valid evidence for 2,000 years now.

    So, we really have no legit reason to believe in Jesus. You’re free to believe whatever you wish but, so is everybody else – some prefer credible evidence before basing their lifes decisions on extraordinary claims that cannot be proven. I don’t blame them and you shouldn’t either.

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