Is atheism the answer? Part 3

I have written a new article in this series, which discusses the role of religion in the “atheist” atrocities of the past century.

Is atheism the answer, Part 3

I have already briefly explored in another article the claim that religion causes immorality, but does its apparent opposite, atheism, do the same? Are certain wars and criminal actions the direct result of not believing in God?


  1. Atheism – the answer?
    😡 Same answer as religion, just more obstinate. Just as stupid and not for conscious, loving people when the alternatives are ‘out of the box’!

  2. I would strongly disagree with you, Arhata. Her essays on this issue thus far have “made the case that atheism is a necessary aspect of the healthy human thought process and that such atheistic thinking is logical under various circumstances.”

    It is to the benefit of humanity that we apply some basic critical thinking skills and be skeptical about religious issues for which there exists no valid evidence.

    That’s not “stupid” – that’s a wise way to keep our feet on the ground rather than get lost in the clouds of groundlessness.

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