1. Batya Casper, Ph.D
    “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.” May you and your like-minded compatriots persevere and overcome. I’m sure I speak for all life-loving people when I wish you every success, when I pray that you’ll be able to reclaim Iran from fundamentalist oppression and restore it to traditions of peace and beauty.

  2. Great video and article too – Iranian ex-Muslim: ‘Islam was not for me’ ([url]http://amilimani.com/2011/11/islam-was-not-for-me/[/url]). The video doesn’t link to the original article.

    Instead of the USA wasting time, blood and treasure going into Iraq under false pretenses, the US would’ve been far better served by going into Iran to help the people of Iran kick out Islam, which has ruined that country.

    The general public in Iran want Islam out of their country. Just read/listen to the whole story behind the author of this article and video, Amil Imani. Amil Imani also gave a speech on Capitol Hill, 6/23 2010 trying to explain to the US gov’t how dangerous Islam is and that Islam can NEVER be trusted.

  3. Wow! Touching video!!

    In fact, among all middle-easterners, Iranians and Israelis are the ones I get along best with intellectually and culturally. Most of them at least here in the west are well-educated, secular, liberal and are not particularly religious.Arabs and Pakistanis being, in my opinion are perhaps the most insular and anti-liberal people on earth.

    You folks should read this great book,” Why I am not a Muslim” by Pakistani apostate who goes by the nom de guerre ” Ibn warraq”.

  4. Hello,
    I see you are doing your part in combating Islam.It is heartening many atheists like Michel D’Onfray,Condell,Sam Harris,Oriana Fallaci have spoken against Islam.

    Islam has good parts but all in all it is negative.Here is something of interest about Islam:

    “The Very Bad Thing that Occurs when a Muslim Man Divorces the Same Wife 3 Times”


  5. Peopling of the world
    Since, this brilliant human being Acharya has got a whole lot of people thinking with the debunking of God and religion, here is a wonderful website for those curious about human evolution and “the peopling of the world”.

    Human evolution, “out of Africa” and the genetic similarity of Homosapien populations

    Exquisite website by Professor Oppenheimer the first to prove the “out of Africa” origins by mapping Y-chrosome and maternal mitochondrial DNA.

    Enjoy and happy new year ! Well, that is if you follow the Gregorian/Roman calendar which most of us on earth do!


  6. The reason for these nutters wanting to dynamite the Egyptian pyramids is quiet simple.They want to rewrite history in favour of Islam and tell lies in future to their grand children.Quite simply they cannot face the facts that the pagans who built these structures were much cleverer than them.The talaban had the same agenda when they blew up the statue of Bhudda at Banyam in Afghanistan.Afghanistan was a Bhudist country .The name sthan is a Sanskrit word for land.Islam built nothing but it is very good at destroying things it does not like.Egyptians are waking up.

    1. Quite true – and worse than that, they want to tell these lies to [i]our [/i]grandchildren, as they subjugate us under their male-dominant cult of violence and oppression.

      One can only hope the Egyptians continue to wake up and flee Islam all together. The educated Egyptians can’t possibly be impressed by the barbaric caveman behavior of the mentally disturbed fanatics. Why would they want to be associated with them at all?

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