In memory of the Mumbai massacre

taj mahal hotel fire mumbai massacre muslimsWatching the disturbing Dispatches program on the Muslim terrorist massacre of November 2008, during which fanatics slaughtered 170 people, including both Muslims and non-Muslims, we are reminded of how quickly the world forgets this atrocity, which left so many dead. Indian intelligence was taping the terrorists’ handler in Pakistan, and I have transcribed the relevant comments. If anything illustrates how Islam can be and has been used to create mass murderers, here it is. No other religion is quite as effective at creating killers – and at besmirching the idea of God.

At one point, the handler/controller/master calmly states:

“The enemy must fear us. When this is over there will be much more fear in the world…. This is a struggle between Islam and the unbelievers. We are the people God has chosen.”

Notice he didn’t say “extremist Islam” or “radical Islam.”  It really appeals to the deranged ego to think they are “God’s chosen.” The terrorist who survived was brainwashed to believe that slaughtering humans and getting himself killed would allow him to go to “heaven,” obviously, where he could have his 72 houris and boys with pearl earrings. He was promised that if he killed all those people, he was “going to be a big man and get reward in heaven.” This guy later said that “his father had sold him” to the terrorist organization, with the hope that he would get loads of money to help out the family. This sort of atrocity is occurring in many places, with children with no future being given to Taliban madrassas, for example.

The handler also states:

“They’re saying that there are many many killed and injured…. People are dying all over the place. With God’s blessing, you’ve done a brilliant job! All praise to God… You’re very close to heaven, brother. Today’s the day you’ll be remembered for, brother.”

After one of the terrorists is killed, the handler says:

“May God accept his martyrdom.”

He later tells one terrorist:

“For your mission to end successfully, you must be killed. God is waiting for you in heaven.”

The terrorists and their master keep saying:

“Inshallah – God willing.”

As he’s telling one terrorist to murder his hostages in cold blood, the handler says:

“Do it, in God’s name. Do it, in God’s name.”

Then we hear gunfire.

As I say, it’s the Islam, stupid.

And as the handler said, that was just the trailer – wait until the main film to come.

Quote from the video above about the Islamic conquest of India:

“These massacres perpetrated by Moslems in India are unparalleled in history. In sheer numbers, they are bigger than the Jewish Holocaust, the Soviet Terror, the Japanese massacres of the Chinese during WWII, Mao’s devastations of the Chinese peasantry, the massacres of the Armenians by the Turks, or any of the other famous crimes against humanity of the 20th Century. But sadly, they are almost unknown outside India.”

Serge Trifkovic

Quote from the video above about the modern struggle of India against Islamic conquest:

  • “Bias in Pakistani Textbooks Incitement to militancy and violence, including encouragement of Jihad and Shahadat (martyrdom)
  • “Glorification of war and the use of force Perspectives that encourage prejudice bigotry and discrimination towards fellow citizens, especially women and religious minorities, and towards other nations
  • “Omission of concepts…that could encourage critical self awareness among students

“Source: Nayyar and Salim (2003)”

See also my blog post:

New Wineskins, Old Vinegar: Mankind Doomed to Repeat Mistakes

Is it any wonder that deranged Islamic psychopaths out of Pakistan have committed the heinous crimes in Mumbai?

UPDATED: U.S. Man Accused of Helping Plot Mumbai Attack

And his profile — he has roots in the United States and links to high levels of the Pakistani government and military — makes him a highly unusual terror suspect.


  1. Now the “brothers” are striking closer to home
    Yesterday the terrorists killed 40, including 15 children IN A MOSQUE in Rawalpindi, with the same cold blooded determination and lack of fear displayed by Kasab while he shot innocents on the platform in Victoria station. But human psychology being what it is, its likely that many in the Pakistani army will see NO connection between the terror unleashed in Mumbai and the one now striking closer to home….

  2. So many are dying in this quest for global righteousness. The same groups that the ISI and Saudis supported for decades to kill Indians are now mass murdering tens of thousands of Pakistanis in their mosques, schools, market places, roads, railways and officers. What can India do to help the Pakistanis resist them?

    1. anan
      Pakistais are difficult clan. Firstly you are not sure,who is ruling that nation: Naa-Pakistan. They have become synonimous with terror all over the globe. Result is that people all over the world, do not want Muslims and Islamic anything in their land. The recent Swiss ban on Minarets, though only symbolic, is an enough indication for the Muslims.

      They have to rediscover themselves through the modern prism as tolerant in practice as compared to theory and theological expressions.
      They have become a frightful race. I say so with recent observations and with no malice.

      Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  3. That’s just SICK!
    AH! A Jew was worth more? In this case, it is just SICK! Plain sick! I would have preferred something good if they were going to say a Jew was worth more, like I don’t know. Watchmaking for all I care, but to say killing a Jew is worth more than killing others is just plain sick! It’s like some stupid safari hunt, which is sick too IMO. Such a trophy is not a trophy at all, but an illness.

    I can’t believe they shot a man who was a devout Muslim even. That was sick, but not as sick as saying a Jew was worth more. WTF! Give me a break. They are worth more alive and even if dead, their deaths are equivalent to anyone else’s, including any Muslims, Hindus, Xians these men also killed. The whole was a horrifying tragedy that should have never happened.

    And to allow yourself to be killed in the name of some superstitious human concept is just plain stupid. Insane really. “God protect you” when you get shot after killing so many people? Give me a break! I don’t think so. They should be glad I’m not a god or I would have no mercy on them and if there is a god, then I would hope that deity gives them no mercy for what they have done, because if it doesn’t, then it isn’t worth worshiping.

    While religion might not be the cause of mental illness, it sure does contribute to mental illness and I would say, all those involved in that horror at Mumbai, were mentally ill.

  4. It’s all “blowback?” In [i]India[/i], which hasn’t invaded anyone else’s country?!

    Meanwhile, Muslims have killed about 270 million people over the past 1,400 years, after invading everyone else’s countries. I guess what they’re getting now must be blowback for all that slaughter!

    Here are some vids dispelling this “blowback” theory.

    Islamic Crusades 5: Why did they hate us in 1783? ([url][/url])

    Islamic Crusades 6: India’s Millennial Burden ([url][/url])

    Islamic Crusades 7: India’s Modern Struggle ([url][/url])

    1. Islam vs Christianity
      Several hundred years ago, the “Christian Religion” was doing things similar to what the Muslims are now doing. Only now, the Muslims use the word “Infidel” whereas the Christians used “witchcraft” to ‘justify’ their abhorrent actions. Both use different “forms” of torture. But BOTH did torture and kill those who wouldn’t “accept” THEIR way of accepting THEIR “God.” Of the some 35,000 different forms of Abraham-based religions, these two, (Christianity and Islam) are the least tolerant. And the MOST “abusive, judgmental. and murderous.” EACH “claiming” to be “the ONLY right way.” Personally, I find the “God” of the Bible, every bit as EVIL, as the “God” of the Koran. Muslims have been as “conquering” as the Christians. They are both, IMO, sickening ways to consider how to follow their “God.” As a matter of fact, if you add up all the torturous-deaths ordered by the God of Abraham, and match them against the Mara, the Evil One, Satan-the Devil, comes out about 100 or less, against 2.4 MILLION of the unnecessary deaths ordered, or directly as a result of…”God” or “Allah.”Quite frankly, I choose Satan. After all, “Allah” only promises 72 virgins, whereas Satan gives you as many as you want.

  5. Wow, it’s truly unfortunate to ever see Muslim terrorist attacks excused (9-11, Mumbai, London 7-7, Madrid) claiming they only attack because “they’re in Muslim countries.” I see that fallacious argument all too often.

    Please watch this video series – especially 6 on Mumbai and the history of Islamic attacks in India.

    Islamic Crusades Series ([url][/url])

  6. We must remember, though, that the basis of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai was the Hindu-Muslim tensions that have long been going on there.

  7. Brenton, I hope you’re kidding. You are justifying this atrocious mind-control sadism?

    What did the Hindus do to the Muslims? Islam invaded India, not the other way around. And those individuals brutally murdered so that these sociopaths could go to their Islamic hell certainly had nothing to do with anything.

    Again, I certainly hope you are being facetious with such an appalling remark. Even then, making light of such a situation is not funny at all.

    1. Oh goodness sake, I’m not justifying it whatsoever! I’m sorry it came across in such a way. I’m just saying that if you want [i]their[/i] justification, then this is it.

      1. Okay, but I don’t think that was the basis of the Mumbai massacre at all, if we take the terrorists’ own comments at face value, which I have excerpted and put into bold above. The basis was to maim and slaughter so-called infidels so that they could get into the Koranic “paradise” as martyrs.

        1. Oh, well certainly. That appeals to be the [i]primary aim[/i] of every Islamic massacre.

          1. Sorry, Brenton, I thought for a moment you were trying to go “lefty liberal loonie” on me with some “blowback” excuse for this atrocity.

            Believe me, I’ve heard it before!

            Be sure to check out the videos I’ve added for more on the true history of Islam in India.

            Some 80 million people in India have been slaughtered in the name of Islam, Allah, Mohammed and the Koran – such a peaceful religion!

  8. Another powerful example of faith in action. The Pat Robertsons of the west would sell their souls for a handful of such faithful lackeys. Just think of all the gays, abortion clinics, & secular critics they could be relieved of if they could inspire such faith.

    Most impressive to me are those courageous Imams who cheerlead from the safety of another country while their cult followers die mass-murdering. You’d think the killers would wonder why their Imams don’t want in on the killing & dying themselves if it’s such a good deal. The notion of an all-powerful heavenly father needing his children to do his fighting for him should’ve bothered them a bit too. Faith does seems to cripple critical thinking like that. Those mid-east tribal gods are truly the gift that just keeps giving, century after bloody century.

  9. A reaction from the mumbai terror Video….

    “A mother was still alive next to her baby. Baby started crying. The mother picked it up and was immediately shot dead.”

    The reality of islamic terrorists is absolutely sickening.

    Their Allah does not mind if they shoot dead a mother who is holding her little baby.

  10. Islamisation
    More I have tried to aquant myself with Islam and their recent aggressive designs world over, more so in India including Kashmir, more I have become scared of their designs of jehad, fatwa, honour killings, treatment of females, contempt for other religions. I have to asert in as strong a language as possible to condemn these designs.

    I have been repeatedly saying, “Hate the hate; Love the love”. This is the only way for peaceful coexistence.

    Hope the good sense prevail.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  11. Islamic mindset and Bangladesh war :

    The above URL is an article on the ‘Bangladesh Liberation War’ in 1971. I am apalled not just for the massacre and genocide, but the brutal mindset of the Muslim rulers in Pakistan. Their anger against the Hindus or non-muslims is a known frenzy, but the remarks of General Yahya Khan against the Bengali Muslims is just ad nauseum. I reproduce a sample of him here for the readers as a ready reference:

    According to the Asia Times,[34]

    >At a meeting of the military top brass, Yahya Khan declared: “Kill 3 million of them and the rest will eat out of our hands.” Accordingly, on the night of 25 March, the Pakistani Army launched Operation Searchlight to “crush” Bengali resistance in which Bengali members of military services were disarmed and killed, students and the intelligentsia systematically liquidated and able-bodied Bengali males just picked up and gunned down.< Please mark Yahya’s language,”Yahya Khan declared: “Kill 3 million of them and the rest will eat out of our hands.” Can you be more inhuman than this. Still the “Islam” is a peaceful religion, you have no need to doubt. Overall, around 300,000 are supposed to be killed and maimed in that war. Although exact figures are never known in such situations. Worst was a huge number of unwanted pregnancies that resulted from the rapes in that period. There are supposed to be about 10 million refugees that fled to nearby Indian territories. I am an eye witness to several camps along the East/West Bengal-Bihar border areas harbouring lacs of refugees for more than a year, if I remember it right. I used to attend to the medical ailments in my area. Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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