In God We Trust documentary

Here’s a new Church/State documentary by artist Scott Burdick that features me several times, along with some comments by others that will surely ruffle a few feathers. In the video sidebar, Scott says:

When I was given a DVD of a protest rally in the small town of King, near where I live, I was shocked by the sight of five thousand people waving Christian Flags and cheering one of the speakers when he said that everyone there should “encourage” those who weren’t Christian in the area to move somewhere else.

My first reaction was anger and I told my wife, Susan, we were going to put our house up for sale the next day and move somewhere more tolerant. But the next morning, I decided that I would do something else first. I took my video camera down to the Veteran’s Memorial in King’s Public Park and started interviewing people….

Here are the direct links to a few places where I appear (there are more):





Here’s a “funny” bit, in response to the question of whether or not someone would kill his or her own child if God told him/her to:



  1. Christianity is a fraud.
    Anyone who believes that a virgin got impregnated by a Ghost, and gave birth to the Christian God a mere 2000 years ago. End result Jesus, then this New Testament Jesus is a fake, so whosoever believes this is a very gullible person indeed.

    1. Sir John Archibald H. Meyer

      Falsity of the Christan Religion
      Having studied Biblical Polemics & Comparative Religions, Religious History as well as General History (both from a presented as well as the REVISIONIST side) for some 27 years; I have discovered that what ALL Christians hold to be “GOD’s religion” and GOD’S word, is a massive pack of lies, based on false interpretations of whatever scriptures…. and that in conjunction with “THE STATE”.
      End of story !!!!!

    2. It’s nothing but an ancient game of telephone gone horribly out of control. :s

    3. Millions believe. You are the idiot. Not us.

      1. Donnie, here’s what scholars say about Jesus:

        “The only definite account of his life and teachings is contained in the four Gospels of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. All other historical records of the time are silent about him. The brief mentions of Jesus in the writings of Josephus, Tacitus and Suetonius have been generally regarded as not genuine and as Christian interpolations; in Jewish writings there is no report about Jesus that has historical value. Some scholars have even gone so far as to hold that the entire Jesus story is a myth.”

        – The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia

        The Truth about Judeo-Christianity

        Rabbi: Did Jesus actually exist?

        Bart Ehrman: Gospels not written by eyewitnesses, no Jesus in historical record

        ; )

  2. Just more Christian stupidity
    If Christians had any damn sense whatsoever they would realize the fact that their religion has no basis in fact. There is so much evidence that Christianity is totally bogus, it really baffles me that anyone with any sense whatsover can actually believe in it.

    Everyone should read the book Biblical Nonsense for proof that the Bible is mostly nonsense and utterly bogus. Sure there is some truth within the Bible, but that pales in comparison to the massive amount of error found in it.

    “As with the Christian religion, the worst argument for Communism is its adherents.” -George Orwell is another great place to investigate the true origins of Christianity and other religions.


  3. The Bill of Rights implies that the citizens may enjoy “freedom of religion”. Oh how I would prefer that it said “Freedom FROM Religion”. God, save me from all this bullsh*t.

  4. The religious right are a very big threat to democ
    Between some Muslim immigration in this country, and the fact that Obama had a Muslim father, the religious right have been duped by the big money interest to limit democracy. The upshot will be more financial inequality.
    This is not to say that Muslim communities should not be carefully monitored for any signs of any radical, dangerous activity.

    1. Dennis
      The only reason we have freedom “of” or freedom “from” religion is because our forefathers followed Judeo Christian beliefs. You do not have religion forced on you or forced not to have a religion as so many countries do. Be grateful and try to leave the next generation the same choices you “enjoy.”

  5. Critical thinking
    This was a very interesting documentary. I am sometimes surprised by the degree of passion people have for something like this. Unfortunately this documentary also dispels the “stereotype” that mid-western/southern Americans are bible-thumpers and instead makes it a fact.

    I think the key element here is the lack of willingness for people to think critically about anything they are told to believe. Perhaps evolution caters more to the follower, rather than the leader?


  6. Mr
    I have no doubt that they would The god of the so called holy bible commands it. read, Deuteronomy: ch 28 verse 53,57.

  7. Good Film
    Glad to see D.M. Murdock in the film! Another fine example of ‘religion’ separating us as human beings.

    For the rest: what a bunch of brainwashed waco’s

  8. Kenneth A. Gilliland

    🙂 Thank You for helping to open the eyes of many people, and I would also like to say that you remind me of a beautiful painting that I saw in a museum :kiss: Peace, Love, and Happiness, yeah HAPPINESS !!!

  9. What bullsh*ters..these christians are.

  10. Tony D
    We are biological machines and the only way that I can accept these unreasoning, non-critical thinking citizens other than insane, is, like a computer; believe they have been irrationally programmed. They will never change and even when caught in a lie will confabulate an answer. An erroneously programmed computer must either be reprogrammed or thrown out in the waste basket. I’m not sure we can reprogram them, so unless we can come up with some incontrovertible truth that their god doesn’t exist or is just a delusion, we are headed for disaster.

    1. Disaster it is
      Well, even if God herself called a press conference telling them she is retiring and they can stop worshiping and fearing her. That the Jesus thing was just a myth. And that from here on in, they are on their own. Of course they would not believe this god because it means the end of their myth. So it is obvious, there is absolutely no way to bring these people to reality.

  11. David Llewellyn Foster

    Opening minds
    Thanks for sharing this film Acharya, it’s a really interesting document that speaks volumes about the way that some Americans understand their world. I enjoyed your contributions, well said. What strikes me immediately, is the recognition that people are entirely a product of their culture, education, life experience and social context. Some display a capacity for cognitive reflection and critical thinking, others do not. What is also clear, is just how important the need for some kind of spirituality is, the need to belong and thus have a sense of identity, but also to participate in social rituals. These are deep human needs. But it is also sobering to have to accept that simple people with such naive convictions, that are often quite absurd and irrational, also support lethal wars, genocide and dominance over others, that if necessary means the potential deployment of battle-field nuclear weapons – all in the name of some ancestral fables, spurious recensions and heavily redacted literary hallucinations.

  12. So a bunch of people want to get rid of all people in their area who have the audacity not to blindly believe in an old book so full of historical and scientific inaccuracies that it just boggles the mind that it is still viewed as a “true” set of stories.

    Perhaps those Christian bigots should just move themselves if they feel its sooo horrible to live amongst people with different views and opinions to themselves. However, they may have trouble finding another potential home that just happens to be comprised of purely Christian bigots.

  13. Didn’t hear anything mentioned about the Talmud ..
    The video was excellent to show the idiocy of these “religious” mind controlled robots; however, the religion of the zionists whose goal is to control the world was not even mentioned. The Talmud should have been discussed…very revealing. No mention of the Freemasons, who worship Lucifer. I wonder why?

    I suggest you check out the following, if you are not afraid of the truth:

    Hour 1

    hour 2:

    BTW, the depopulation agenda is in progress, and now they are putting it in our face as a video game!

    “Views” and “opinions” are beLIEfs. They are NOT truth! Face reality, stand up against the psychopaths controlling our world (primarily with re-legion) or DIE. We are running out of time…

    Dr Carley

  14. I just love your facial expression concerning those who don’t want to know anything about previous mythologies and alike. That was great and you’re right too- that is their attitudes.

  15. I can’t believe these idiots are defending slavery.

  16. A book that I found to be very thought provoking and gives a great insight into how beliefs are formed is Michael Shermer’s The Believing Brain.

  17. Thank God
    Thank God, Christ wasn’t a Christian…

  18. Sorry! I can’t believe these people are defending slavery. All of them should volunteer to become slaves.

  19. Pray for Christians
    Please Lord, save us from your followers.

  20. lynch is on and much alive. it never died.

  21. In God We Trust
    Acharya S has freed me from the fear of myth, thank you again! This film is really scary for these supposed loving Christians can be easily envisioned as the likes of NAZI SA Storm Troopers of Hitler’s Germany! I am surprised they were not wearing the white robes of the KKK! The historic ignorance expressed is beyond belief whether about evolution or U.S. Constitution. Just think, this is not just King, N.C., it is across the nation!

  22. That was an incredibly well-filmed, well-directed, and well-edited video – kudos to the producer!

    [b]pax vobiscum,

  23. About the documentary In God We Trust
    Both I & Acharya are former Christians. I was “born-again” around 15 years old when I was in high school. So they can get an early impression on a younger mind & you are sort of drawn into it like. Depending on how many families are & how they raised their kids also has an impression on a young mind as far as towards a Christ figure and a belief in God. Well, I’m 39 now & have been an Agnostic (Theist) for the past 7 years. I have viewed a lot of my own material + have my own knowledge & experience with dealing with Christian believers. The best way to deal with followers of Elohim is to quote simple, historic, documented information & do it out of love & not Hatred towards them. Cursing at a christian or calling them bull@#sh@X!t is not very astute or mature (sort of speak).. & does not make you any better than they are + you ‘stupe’ to their level..
    Jordan Maxwell is great, I concur! I have a lot of his material & you can find his documentary’s on youtube often. I recently got his permission to upload one of his films to my youtube account. The Hidden Dimension In World Affairs (2010) Check that out as well. Take care all & isn’t Acharya S. pretty? 😛

  24. It’s kinda scary that some of the religious interviewees in this documentary would probably vote for a theocrat like Rick Santorum as POTUS without seconds thoughts. :huh:

  25. Sad
    One observation about this people is that they would not be so militant and aggressive if they were secure in their believes, everything that cause you to react that way is be cause is part of your interior battle, a human image of a bipolar capricious judgemental god with a wife a son and a pet pigeon is to primitive for the modern mind, this people are full of hate of what they are internally. The gay inside is trying to come out and they are repressing it that is why they react like that… scary !

  26. Truth
    “God’s words are foolishness to those that perish”

    3000 yrs ago, King David (residing in Israel) wrote that” the hairs on your head are numbered” and today the DNA proves that fact.

    The most pathetic of all things has to be an accidental ape expert looking at the DNA and NOT SEEING IT.

    Thinking themselves to be wise they became fools.

  27. Christian Flag
    Folks – Jesus didn’t have a flag. He would be appalled to know that a Christian flag exists and that it is causing derision. In desperation, he’d say, “How many times do I have to show and tell you people how to live???”. “Why can’t you understand what it meant when I told you to pray in secret?”.

  28. Had all the energy that went into flying a silly flag instead been put into helping those in need, I would be more apt to respect these “believers” in King, N.C. Instead, they come across as small-minded bigots. In the words of singer/songwriter Iris DeMent……”Let the Mystery Be.”

    1. “Had all the energy that went into flying a silly flag instead been put into helping those in need..

      If I remember correctly this was Judas complaint as well…

  29. That’s outragous. When you can’t define something, it is unknown. Claiming knowledge of the unknown is pure arrogance. Which most religious people seem to be suffering from. Or to be more exact, everyone around them has to suffer the insufferable.

    Regarding religions that are sexist, racist, homophobic, think having slaves is ok, commit genocides, torture, theft, liars, plagairsts, anti intellect, etc. Tolerance of intolerance is called cowardice.

  30. DM is so fu**ing gorgeous…
    D.M. Murdock in 2012! Let’s elect her and bring back some reason to this nation of a**holes not to mention she would look great in the white house.

  31. praying for your knowledge and guidance 🙂

  32. Down In Heaven
    Down In Heaven by Dalin Hale

    The sea is toxic

    down here in heaven.

    Misery reigns supreme.

    The air is caustic

    in it’s violent current.

    The cities are burnt.

    Believer’s bodies are racked with grief,

    the meaning is clear in mindless belief.

    Their health resides a lone memory,

    their faith slipped away like mercury.

    Not of this world they proudly did claim,

    absurdly praying for the flame.

    To the only home they ever knew,

    to burn the world and save a few.

    The sin of worship brought the effect,

    a dying world and crucial neglect.

    Some are born to wander through

    the dark and light of space.

    Some are bound in circuits in their clockwork place.

    With their mighty force of gravity,

    approaching Earth’s proximity,

    and another time of calamity.

    In their narcissistic rapture

    could their hearts be more leaden.

    Looking on and glad in

    the promise of Armageddon.

  33. Thanks for having the courage to stand up for what is right, Mr. Hewett. Keep up the good fight. Thank you for your service in the military too!

    I just saw this interesting documentary on Netflix – “Constantine’s Sword” 2007 “…[i]examines the history of anti-Semitism in the Catholic Church (as exposed in James Carroll’s controversial book Constantine’s Sword) and the link between the U.S. military and the Christian right[/i].”

    The U.S. gov’t and military needs to stay out of the business of religion altogether.

  34. I Started it All!
    As the title states, I am the Afghanistan Veteran that started the flag issue in King, NC. This in turn led to the protests and the eventual “limited flag” policy made in back door meetings between the City of King and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). The policy limits freedom of speech to a drawing and the flying of your religious symbol for one week.

    It is still my objective to have all religious symbols removed from the Veterans Memorial and restore Honor that all Veterans deserve by having no religion forced upon visitors at this Memorial.

    1. I commend you, Sir! I hope this video goes viral. Wonderful discussion of the first amendment and its history.

  35. When I see something like this I see people who are far removed from Christianity. I see people who are patriotic, racist and intolerant festooned with a cloak of religion. The best litmus you can apply to anyone considering themselves Christian is to compare and contrast their actions and attitudes with the founder of Christianity. Jesus encouraged his followers to love their neighbour and even their enemy. He encouraged his follwers to forgive others 70 times 7. He suggested the first will be last. He suggested that the peacemakers would be blessed.

    Now when you test that against these foolish people then you realise that these people are not Christian. They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.

  36. i believe most christians dont know how to live in peace, if i have learned right christainity and the cathlic church left where they lived to seek out other faith to make them convert. they will never be happy in peace with other religions, if they did succeed in converting the entire world what would they fight against then.

  37. Freedom FROM Religion
    What do you expect from people who talk to snakes & burning bushes. They have no idea their ‘holy’ scriptures were cobbled up from myths written prior to their bibles & are not supported by any of the other histories at that time.

    People who claim to be communicating to super beings telepathically are, at best, delusional & their intolerance is hypocritical. As religionists use their beliefs to justify wars, sexism, racism, & homophobia, it is incumbent that we redouble our efforts to eliminate these inhumane ideals.

  38. i like it thanks for guiding me n sugest me

  39. Tassos Papadopoulos

    Baseless assumptions
    I’m a professor of mathematics and I can’t support my theories without evidence as you do.

    Many bad things on Christianity are not original and not delivered by Christ and the Apostles but injected by others mainly because they were motivated by money.
    The clear ruler for the truth is Bible which is scientifically right based on thousands of sources and scripts.

    But you are rejecting and trying to destruct Christianity which have stayed up for 2000 years and changed the world to be better.

    You cannot name myths the history, while you are based on myths. The Bible is full of evidence with historical events and references. It is like someone trying to say that Alexander the Great is a mythical character. I can also assume that people who live in America have never migrated from Europe, but instead, they migrated to Europe in 18th century and Jersey in UK is a colony of New Jersey. You are full of unstable hypothesis and your assumptions are baseless and without scientific evidence beyond any science. You know the mythology of Horos although ancient egyptian hieroglyphs remain unread.

    If the probability of your theory to be true is 99.999% you are lucky, but if you fall into the 0.001% you will get lost.

    What is that you are trying to escape? From the gravity of christ? But if he meets you some day he will ask you a question full of love: Why, my daughter, have you written such things for me? Did you know me? Didn’t you find me in the Bible?

    If you want to find the real history and you can read Greek take a close look on articles on

  40. Dear science and religion…
    The gospel according to science. Science is a new religion. I do not believe in either. My dissertation.

    The higher the fewer.

  41. does God really exist or is it part of the jesus myth?

  42. Superlative!
    Thank You Mr. Burdick for your controversial film: I loved it! We ALL need reminders to LOVE EACH OTHER! I was especially jazzed that Acharya S. was included: She has changed my thinking when I found out I HAVE BEEN LIED TO! I embrace more of these works that, again, remind us ALL to LOVE! With Sincerity.

  43. hello all
    Just stopping by, nice article

    1. Scary
      Exorcist the movie does not scare me but this video send shivers down my spine. The “Inquisition” is over right?

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