Icelandic President: Green energy could begin new renaissance

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland (credit:

The potential for what is presently called “alternative” energy such as geothermal, wind and solar power is absolutely astounding – and it’s time it’s put to good use. We have no excuse not to provide energy for everyone.

A green energy era could indeed become a renaissance for the developing world, says Icelandic President

The Icelandic President said, “The time for lengthy debates and dialogue is over. Now it is action that must bring us together, and that is the mission of Masdar, the World Future Energy Summit and Abu Dhabi.” He went on to say, “With the momentum that we have gathered at this Summit, we will go forward from this place inspired and determined to succeed. Since the first Summit, the progress has been remarkable.”

His Excellency emphasised that when carbon tax comes into effect, countries with renewable energy sources will have a strategic advantage. Indeed he continued, a green energy era could become a renaissance for the developing world due to the abundance of solar and geothermal sources.

This makes me wonder whether carbon taxing could in actuality have one positive aspect. Will it provide an incentive for the fossil fuel guzzling nations of the world to move into renewable energies?


  1. Free energy has been around for a long time. Search on youtube “free energy Australia” or “water driven car”

    It is quite simple technology. We all know magnets can push or pull each other. It is the force that is used to make a wheel spin around nearly for ever without any help.

    The city of Cleveland, Ohio is planning to build about ten windmills off the coast of Lake Erie (above link).

    And like radioilluminati, above, I’m also drawn to magnets.

    Here’s a scientific inquiry for someone: Once all the oil is drawn out of a particular area, an empty cavern is created. Because we’ve drained so much oil out of the earth over the last 100 years, we have to have created alot of huge empty underground caverns. And by doing this we’ve also greatly reduced the weight of the earth in the areas where the oil has been extracted. How much empty cubic square footage – more like mileage – has been created from this oil extraction? And how much weight reduction? (What percentage of the oil is burned as opposed to being converted to another substance that remains on earth as the weight that it originally was?
    Could this weight loss & could these underground voids have a negative efect on the earth?

    Help Iceland escape the clutches of its banking nightmare. Find & buy Icelandic products. Call Iceland & find out what they’ve got for sale here. I found ICELAND SPRING WATER ( at Whole Foods Market.

  3. No free lunch
    Even Mag-lev trains experience friction. It is not free. There are certain laws of physics that,no matter how we try, we cannot overcome. There is no such thing as free energy. Friction hates us. Friction is the reason we are so dependent on oil. Even Mag-lev trains experience it.

    HOWEVER, we can do much better than we have been doing. Lets get some Mag-lev Trains. I mean a lot. We will reduce our dependency on oil significantly if we simply modernize our infrastructure.

    But of course that would cut into the Bush and Cheney bottom line. They are all about oil and are laughing about the chaos they created as they reap the profits.


    J H Chrestos (above) mentions friction as a drawback.

    The designers of the Aptera (above links) were concerned about wind resistance – a drawback – and its effects on an automobile’s operational efficiency. The Aptera was designed to minimize wind resistance. Notice that the bottom of the Aptera is completely enclosed and satin smooth so to minimize wind resistance. This enables their hybrid version to get 300 MPG and their all-electric version to get over 100 miles on a single charge. Minimize resistance. Minimize friction.

    The latest internet talk is that the Aptera will be sold at the Best Buy stores in 2011. I hope so. I’d love to have one. Type in -“Aptera Best Buy” – to find news about Aptera and the Best Buy stores.

    If you like the Aptera, spread the good word to everyone including your local, state and federal Congressional Reps. Aptera needs whatever money is available to complete the development of their great idea. Aptera is competing with the Big Boys in Detroit.

    Call Progressive Insurance Company (above link) in Cleveland, Ohio and let them know how much you want Aptera to win the big financial prize.

    I’m thinking of two words that start with the letter, “O.” Obsolescence and oil. Use it. But use it sparingly and as cleanly as possible. And replace it as soon as possible.

    I thank Acharya for displaying the article on Iceland and future green energy.

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