How the U.S. should deal with the Muslim Brotherhood

By Tawfik Hamid

The Muslim Brotherhood and how to deal with it is a political dilemma for decision makers in the U.S. Recently, Rep. Sue Myrick held her House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis and Counterintelligence hearing to examine the history, beliefs and positions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not seem to be as violent as al-Qaeda. However, it is hard to completely separate them from the phenomenon of Radical Islam. The word they use for their slogan is “Wa-aidou” which is Arabic for “prepare.” This is taken from verse 8:60 of the Quran which states, “Prepare (Wa-aidou) against them (the Un-believers) to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.”  Therefore, the use of “Wa-aidou” underneath the two swords in the MB flag indicates this is much more complex word than many can imagine.

“Verse 8:60 of the Quran states, ‘Prepare (Wa-aidou) against them (the Un-believers) to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah…'”

Initial statements by some leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood after the January 25th revolution in Egypt seem promising.  However, what the group says today can be very different from what they will do when they come to power.

The statements from the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are typically general statements without addressing the specifics of the issues. This approach allows the leaders of the MB the flexibility to completely change what they will say if they come to power. For example, the leaders of the MB defended religious freedom. However, this does not specifically state if a Muslim can convert to other another faith without being killed. Recently, a leading member of the MB mentioned on one of the mainstream Egyptian TV channels that it is so easy to convert to Islam but it so hard to leave it (his facial expressions actually changed from a peaceful smile when he was talking about entering into Islam to expressing anger and disgust when he mentioned leaving it). In addition, they speak about equality and yet they refuse to allow a Coptic or a woman to be the president. This was recently illustrated when several Islamists (including members of the Muslim brotherhood) in the Upper Egypt province of Quena, started a civil strike protesting the new governor mainly because he is a “Copt.” “It is hard to witness such destructive discriminatory reactions, but this superiority complex rhetoric is often found in Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood. These groups cannot accept Infidels or Non-Muslims as a ruler over Muslims.

To understand how the US should deal with the Muslim Brotherhood it is vital to mention the following facts:

  1. The fall of Mubarak was inevitable and any intervention by the U.S. to stop it would have failed.  So, it is better to deal with the current reality than just blame the U.S. government for not standing beside Mubarak.
  2. The MB is a reality on the ground.  Ignoring their existence does not change the reality.
  3. There are growing internal conflicts and divisions within the MB. Some young members, female members, and some senior members have expressed several views that contradict the traditional views of the organization. These include acceptance of Copts in leadership positions, more roles for women in the organization, and different views about some of fundamental Hudud (punishments) in Islam such as stoning for adulteries.
  4. Due to several ideological reasons, the Muslim Brotherhood can not be a sincere ally to the U.S.  They can only have a parasitic form of relationship with the U.S. The MB will use the U.S. support until they become more powerful.
  5. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israeli views in Egypt are not limited to the MB. Secular groups in Egypt also share the same views.

The following are some recommendations for the U.S. decision makers on how to deal with the MB:

  1. The U.S. government MUST understand the reality of what they are dealing with. Asking about the specifics rather than general issues is vital.  For example, it is important to know clearly the position of the MB on the intentional killing of Israeli civilians by Palestinian Islamic groups. It is also crucial to ask the MB about how they can respect the peace treaty with Israel (as they claimed) and at the same time uphold the Islamic principle, which is used by Hamas organization, to destroy Israel and erase it from the map. Furthermore, it is imperative to know how their new party that is called Al-Hureia Wa Al-Adala or “Freedom and Equality” will practically deal with freedom of Muslims to covert to other faiths. Or, how will they deal with equality between Muslims and Non-Muslims and between different genders. Pushing the MB on these specific points can help the U.S. officials to understand the real views of the organization.
  2. Maintaining a good relationship with the secular elements of the Military in Egypt.  These military leaders are vital to protect Egypt from becoming another Taliban.
  3. Direct more of U.S. AID or other humanitarian support to Egypt toward the humanitarian efforts of secular organizations. In this way these organizations can compete with the MB in their humanitarian work. This will create a needed balance, allowing Egyptians to see that the MB is not the only giver of food and humanitarian work.
  4. The MB MUST know clearly that if they supported terrorist groups, such as the Hamas organization, they will confront a very strong action from the U.S. and they will also be considered and treated as a terrorist group. The “Paradise and Hell” approach of traditional religious education mimics the intentions of “Carrot and Stick” policies. Thus, a strategy of negative and positive consequences is effective when dealing with any Islamist groups.
  5. The U.S. AID to the country, if the MB took power, MUST be linked to their implementation of Human Rights.

“In brief, the U.S. may soon face the situation where the Muslim Brotherhood is in control of the government of Egypt.”

In brief, the U.S. may soon face the situation where the Muslim Brotherhood is in control of the government of Egypt.  It is vital that the U.S. clearly understands the position of the MB towards the activities of terrorist groups such as Hamas.  Equally important, is to convey a powerful message to the Muslim Brotherhood that any support for any terrorist group will have grave consequences both on the MB and on the whole country.  U.S. support or aid to Egypt needs to be used wisely to avoid giving support to Islamist groups that can ultimately turn against the U.S.

[Editor’s note: Islamists have stated that if they take power in Egypt, they will destroy the Egyptian antiquities – they must be stopped!]


  1. Don’t Give Them Too Much Power

    If what they are saying is true, then we had better not give the Muslim Brotherhood too much power. We don’t want them to get a foothold in North America. If they do, then there goes our freedom. So let us resist the Muslim Brotherhood if they really do turn out to be oppressors.


  2. I’m reminded of the 1,700 year old Gigantic Buddha statues carved into the side of a mountain that were destroyed by muslims in 2001.

    Here’s the video of it Islamic Fundamentalists Destroy Ancient Statue of the Buddha ([url][/url])

    That is what will happen to Egypt if muslims have control; and everywhere else for that matter. Islam is like a cancer or parasite on society wherever it is. Islam should’ve died out with the [b]DARK AGES[/b].

    Destroy Egypt’s Antiquities? ([url][/url])

    Dhimwit ([url][/url]) : “A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.”

    The Religion of Peace ([url][/url])

    Koran Quotes ([url][/url])

    Islam Reality ([url][/url])

    Fitna Review ([url][/url])

  3. muslims=destruction=murder=no questions asked
    They destroyed my people and thrust Greece into 453 years of underground. They beheaded so many Greeks, and they licked the rest out off Asia Minor. They destroyed the Armenians and they never apologized for all the wrongs they did. Look up Greek holocaust and Armenian holocaust you will see what I’m saying. To this day even if i was not born at the time I still feel for my people and the destruction. Pontos has no Greeks any longer and Asia Minor will not have the civilization it once had….it has been taken over by barbarians who don’t know what the hell they are doing.

  4. Muslim Brotherhood is Gilgamesh & Endiku
    💡 To understand Islam we must restore the stars from which the Epic of Gilgamesh came. Within the Gilgamesh story, including Tablet XII we are told about the journey to Seventh Heaven. That journey has been denied and repeated for over 5,000 years. The message is quite simple, but the consequence for misunderstanding it is grotesque. It is always a slaughter of the Innocents in the bath waters after surviving a Great Flood and finding the Secret of Reborn Man in Tablet XI.

    The Chapters of Coming Forth By Day of Ancient Egypt, the Old Testament of the Hebrews, the Greek Myths, the New testament of the Christians, the Quran, the Popol Vuh, and the Book of Mormon all speak of the Monster of the Cedar Forest and the Bull of Heaven and the Serpent in the Garden that stole the Secret of Reborn Man while Gilgamesh bathed. And, not only the Journey of Western Man contains the Secret of Reborn Man, for it is Universal and more ancient that Western Man.

    The advent of Islam occurred when the vernal equinox crossed the second thorn branch, with thistles that sting, the very same plant that was a crown on the Son of Man when the vernal equinox crossed the first branch in the Great Sea. The heavens have shown the Valley of the Shadow of Death since before Man First Saw, but within that Sidereal Pool the Earth appears in each Epic of All Great Men. Within that Pool Man born blind sees the First Time what is in the Galactic Abyss.

    The current vernal sun sits at the Place of the First Time, and all the myths of Man deny the message of the subliminal beast who consumed the secret of Reborn Man. Yet, as First Father sat squarely on the First of Time, the Earth Shook and the Sea rose and destroyed the children of Himiko at Sendai precisely as Legends Foretold.

  5. Arab Winter
    I see the entire Arab world going backwards. It’s a shame, because in the case of Egypt, they went from a totalitarian, dictatorial regime to the Muslim Brotherhood… People like that and the Taliban don’t really care if their fellow Muslims continue to suffer, and in some cases want them to so they can blame the rest of the world for their problems… I think these governments should be viewed more often as if the Nazi’s are coming to power. The Taliban reminds me of Pol Pot and his ‘revolution’. They insist that the West is to blame, and if a Muslim dies or is killed by the West they stir up their fervor to incite riots, but how come their are no demonstrations from them or anywhere in the Muslim world when thousands of Muslims are killed by other Muslims (like Iraq)? Also when terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, if they support the Palestinian cause and Hamas so much why aren’t they there helping them. These people are very much like their religion, in constant contradiction with what they say and do. As for Hamas, and every other Muslim/ sharia based governments, if Israel were truly gone, they would still fight against one another for who will be the first among equals (yeah like communism)!

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