Homeless vets need our help!

Maybe instead of building obscene palaces for individual families, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” should construct affordable housing for entire groups of homeless vets? How about establishing support groups within these housing complexes so that people can then stay off the streets? Those who can work could be gainfully employed helping to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, including implementing the sustainable energy plan.

Parrots help military personnel with PTSD


  1. Good idea
    In an ever increasing material world, this would take many good minds to implement.

    In 2010 there should be no such thing as a homeless Vet. Homeless! Of all things.

  2. IF we could control the corruption
    I’m a resident in public housing.
    We have switched from a property for independent living for the elderly, handicapped and homeless, to a Section 8 Property.

    This scam is the 2nd time that I know of that Rudolf C. Montiel has run this scheme.
    First in Texas, and now here in Los Angeles.
    At first he called himself and was known as The Director of H.A.C.L.A.
    Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
    He slithered in while we were still under the City Contracts that we all signed.
    Then the building was sold to and Investment Company, L.O.M.O.D.
    After that, Montiel told the tenants in a meeting here that we were now a Sec. 8 bldg, and we would have more money to upgrade everything.
    There was a banner outside that the investment company of LOMOD had apts for rent here.
    This let them off the hook for helping the tenant as did the Conventional Housing Program.
    Next Step, Montiel has his business cards with the HACLA Logo
    and it says he is the CEO and President.
    Since when can a government agency be a corporation?
    Next move, LOMOD gets approved for Non Profit Organization.
    Now it will not have to pay taxes on the many buildings that it owns.

    Montiel is friends with our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

    I sent an plea for an investigation to HUD in D.C. since they are in charge of giving HUD money. They told me that this was an issue to be take up with HACLA LOL yeah? That would be Montiel.

    So he has HUD in his pocket as well.

    If this kind of theft BY the government is not stopped, and now it’s in your face at the local level, these poor vets will never have a change of getting the help they need.

    If these thieves were investigated and tossed aside, who know many apts would be available to these vets.

    Everything government related are LIES!

    The media is always saying how the people who need services are scamming the system either don’t have a clue, or have greasy palms as well. People in this situation, who have nowhere to turn, are the least likely to be lying.

    By me putting this little scam together makes me afraid and insecure that I will end up on the streets.

    So many Vietnam Vets were ignored as well.
    What happened to everyone’s benefits?

    Check with your government and you’ll find it in several assorted pockets.

    If there are any authorities that can hold these agencies to be accountable for where the resources are going, I will be surprised.

  3. Homeless Vets
    Very sad. It’s very trying to get out of that situation. Met many in Venice Beach. They need a ‘Extreme Vet Makeover’ place where they can get all the help needed.

  4. shame!
    Isn’t it shameful to have VETERANS sleep on the streets, were these same men and women have fought for the Freedom, the Liberty and Rights we all enjoy?

    Isn’t is a total shameful thing to have these people suffer were we enjoy what they fought for?

    America… leaving its veterans behind, letting them rot after they done their honorable job!

    America, shame on you!

  5. Leaving the Army
    To my fellow veterans homeless on the streets of our homeland,

    The sweat and blood and sacrifice we made was for not as it has almost always been. Break rank and head to where it is warm. Soldiers, do what it takes to break the chains of whatever it is that may haunt you.

    Make your way to where men are free and soldiers are respected. When you find it you will know it. It ain’t in America. I’ll buy you a beer and help you get a job when you find it. I am not going to say rot and die. Rather get on your feet and set your mind to travel and work.

    Good luck

  6. I am offended to the core by this disgraceful predicament. The fact that such an obscenity could occur is a mark of shame of the fecklessness of public policy and its priorities which only seem to get worse. 🙁

    The reality of homelessness in this country to its current extent is shocking ~ but for veterans, many of competent boy and mind, is inexcusable.

  7. the military is obsolete
    if you have watched Zeitgeist addendum, you know that the military is totally dishonoring the veterans, 25% of the homeless are veterans.

  8. I’m a homeless vet hopping from place to place, taking what work I can find. I’ve two masters degrees, and there is no steady work, people say I’m overqualified, I’ve led people, taught, ran a business. I’d gladly build homes for people in exchange for a place to live and some decent pay. I got an education, I did what my country wanted when I asked. I never broke a law, no dui’s, no arrests ever. I have no car, no house. I made a bad move in business and lost everything. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

    1. BTW I’m not homeless anymore, but want to ask the website to remove all references to me so I don’t have to answer questions about this, please thank you.

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