Was Hitler Christian, Pagan or Atheist?

hitler christian catholicFor years it has been debated whether Adolf Hitler was a Christian, atheist or Pagan. I briefly jumped into the fray in the “Introduction” to my book The Christ Conspiracy (2-4), in which I related that Hitler proclaimed himself a “Christian” and fighter for “his Lord and Savior,” using the famous temple scene wit Jesus driving out the “brood of vipers and adders” as a motivation for his deeds. Said Hitler:

It is of no matter whether or not the individual Jew is decent. He possesses certain characteristics given to him by nature, and he can never rid himself of those characteristics. The Jew is harmful to us… My feeling as a Christian leads me to be a fighter for my Lord and Saviour. It leads me to the man who, at one time lonely and with only a few followers, recognized the Jews for what they were, and called on me to fight against them… As a Christian, I owe something to my own people.

Here is the full quote by Hitler citing the temple scourging by Jesus:

My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter.

In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross.

I subsequently went on to say that it is obviously debatable whether or not Hitler could be considered a “true Christian” (as he also allegedly made statements critical of Christianity), and I made mention – in one short sentence – of the debate concerning his alleged Jewish roots as well. Needless to say, that one sentence – which erroneously related the debate as centering around his paternal grandmother, rather than his grandfather, but which also contained the word allegedly“- has been used by frantic and hysterical individuals to debunk my entire thesis, even though not one whit of my work depends on Hitler’s purported Jewish background. His avowed Christianity, however, is confirmed by several other statements, such as remarks in Mein Kampf concerning “the Lord,” e.g.:

Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.

Hitler also declared in a proclamation to the German people in 1933:

The national government…will extend its firm protection to Christianity as the basis of our moral system…

cross swastikaIn any event, in The Gospel According to Acharya S I also discuss the purported “atheism” of Hitler, Stalin and many others during that period, pointing out Stalin’s very religious, Christian upbringing as a possible source of his violent nature. With all of his talk about the Lord and God – such as is epitomized in the Nazi slogan, “Gott mit uns” – it is unscientific to deem Hitler an “atheist.”

In addition, at the same time as he was embracing Catholicism, Hitler was rejecting Paganism, as in this quote:

It seems to me that nothing would be more foolish than to re-establish the worship of Wotan. Our old mythology had ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself. Nothing dies unless it is moribund.

Much is made of Hitler’s purported mysticism, such as his alleged pursuit of divine items like the Ark of the Covenant and Spear of Longinus/Destiny. Yet, if indeed Hitler was interested in these objects because of their purported supernatural powers, his belief in them would serve entirely to confirm his conviction as a believing Christian! No atheist would believe these absurd tales, and it is unlikely that any real Pagan would find it a life’s passion to pursue Judeo-Christian artifacts, since the Pagan world had its own holy relics.

Moreover, Hitler’s Christian bias became clear in a speech he gave in Passau on October 27, 1928, according to Cambridge University historian Dr. Richard Steigmann-Gall, in The Holy Reich (60-61). At that time, Hitler stated:

…We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.

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    Quotes he gave to the Christian masses as a politican in a democractic election are not vaild. Don’t look at was said as more what they where doing.

  2. He was none of them. Merely a calculating opporturnist with a background we know very little about. He certainly was involved to degrees in both paganism and Christianity, but was never truly either of these. His religon was ego, power and playing the game. Churchill was in fact far worse than Hitler in this obsessive-compulsiveness.

    Some people think he deliberately killed millions of Jews on the rather true basis that they were what mainstream always Jews always were and are still is to this day (e’en before Christianity). I of course do NOT believe that, and instead was a facilitator for the Jewish elite in advancing the their agenda against the knowledge and consent of the rank and file of course. The fabricated Christ was of immense value to those elites to keep Jews separated, when the latter were wont to leave the cult they were raised into. This doesn’t make Hitler a Christian at all.

    In the past, Christian Monarchies either booted Jews out or confined them to ghettoes (which was a mutal desire of the leaders of both when it suited them). In the matter of merely propogandistically evoking Christian scripture concerning Jews, he was folllowing a political plan that required the agreement of the Bankster elites in the West, their politician-cronies and plants, as well as compliance of the Gangster Communists in the east, all of whom werre the agents of the MONEY Power.

    It is no accident that Roosevelt, Hilter, Stalin and many of their underlings were cultivated plants inserted into power and kept there for multiple purposes, a key one being of having Jews prepared to take over Palestine. Hilter and Stalin were knowingly complicit in this in spite of the appearances of competition. The plan was already written. Jews were among the leading betrayers of other Jews to be railroaded into the work camps, which post-war was predetemined to be moved into the Judeo-Communist Iron Curtain sphere, with the build up of the attendant guilt complex, massive propoganda, trials, torture, false confessions, Jews in prosecutorial and Judgement positions etc . None of this was by accident and the players knew the lead visible players knew their roles.

    Those Jews who lost family and believed them to be dead were likely under Soviet hands, as the Nazis separated families, in different camps mostly built in territories in the East, which were destined to come and to be given over to the Banksters agent Stalin. We know the names of these Banksters and many others complicit in this devious crime. However, that aside, rank and file Jews, wittingly or unwittingly lied and uphold the falsehoods of what happened. We can understand that many of them would not know what happened to family members and have all kinds of incentives to keep the snowball of lies rolling and alive. Others knew better, others not, but only few have ever told the truth about the ‘death camps” as the self-serving propogandists continue to purvey them as.

    What has all of this to do with Hitler (or Stalin) being any of the above labels (We could bring in Churchill, Roosevelt and others as well)? Absolutely nothing but expediency and appearances. How convenient that Hitler’s body as the devil-incarnate is nowhere available for examination. Maybe he resurrected like the ‘Lord’, he kept invoking. 😯 He started a mystery and ended a mystery.

    1. Terrie Anne Jackson

      Thank you and yes you are right

  3. Hitler’s Actual Beliefs Don’t Matter
    It doesn’t matter very much what Hitler actually believed. What matters is what he said and did, what people thought he believed, and what they did. It’s certainly true that many people who explicitly were Christians followed him and helped him in his evil schemes.

  4. “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such a school has no religious instruction and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . We need believing people.”

    – Adolf Hitler. April 26, 1933, from a speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordat of 1933.

    “The church should be a disciplined charging army christians, like slaves & solders ask no questions. We are fighting a holy war”
    – Jerry Falwell

    “Christianity & Democracy are inevitably enemies”
    – R.J. Rushdoony “Independent Republic” pg 122, 1964

    “Christians have an obligation, a mandate, a commission, a holy responsibility to reclaim the land – for Jesus Christ – to have dominion in civil structures, just as in every other aspect life & godliness. It is dominion we’re after not just a voice. It is dominion we’re after not just influence. It is dominion we’re after not just equal time. It is dominion we’re after. World conquest. That’s what Christ has commissioned us to do.”
    – George Grant – “changing of the guard” pg 50-51

    “Our goal, as christians, is to dominate society”
    – Pat Robertson

    “We [xians] are the largest special interest group in America today”, “Man your battle stations, ready your weapons, lock & load”
    – Ohio tv Preacher Rod Parsley

    “What must drive the believer in politics is Christ”
    – Rev. Rick Scarborough, Vision America

  5. Himmler was decidedly pagan/occultist and formulated an underlying mythology and revisionist history in the philosophical foundation for the SS. The secret societies like the “Thule Society” that fomented ultra national chauvinistic groups like the German Workers Party with industrialist/corporatist support combined pagan mythology with some Christianity.

    But many German occultists, astrologers, and Theosophists who did not have the protection of Himmler, Rudolph Hess, and a couple of others met the same fate as Jews and Gypsies. Proportionately, a much smaller segment of clerical Christians suffered the same.

    Of note is that “the churches” did little to confront the crimes of the Third Reich.

  6. Hitler was a copy cat
    Hitler modeled every thing off of English/American COMMUNISIM-SOCIALISM-COLLECTIVISM. EVEN HIS SALUTE AND THE F–KING SWASTIKA CAME FROM THE US CIRCA WW1 NOT TO MENTION HIS EUGENICS PROGRAM, AND THE FRICKEN BOY AND GIRL SCOUTS USED THE SWASTIKA. Wake up! We have become dupes and let the sick freaks run things for far to long, America was to be a new start but as always we the people go along to get along.

    Wake up, when are you all going to realize everything is a lie!?!

    1. [i]Everything [/i]is a lie? Including everything you just wrote? :whistle:

      1. Hi AS, I posted this about Hitler & this was the convo that came about. I will put “Me” next to mine. I basically took photos & put a description of quotes from Hitler. Some say he purposely used Christianity to manipulate as a strategic attempt to further dominate. I’m going by his words & actions. The 1st comment below was the 1st comment on my post.

        “The direct result of some erroneously combining anti-Semitism with Christianity, as Hitler did, has been an explosion of research on the nature of first century Christianity as a subset of Judaism. Jesus and the apostles all self identified as Jews. Now days Christianity is recognizing it’s Jewish nature, from NT Wright on the academic side to Rob Bell on the popular side.”

        Me-Yea I know that he was prejudice, obviously against Jews. He thought he was doing what militant mindsets think is right in the name of “the Lord” but he was obviously wrong & a mad man. Many use God for justification. There was much conflict in the 1st centuries. I think it’s clear that Christianity comes from Judaism. It’s still a subset if Judaism. Regardless what one or many use for their drive doesn’t mean they are right or the nature of the religion is wrong. It’s just interesting that most religions are the fuel for war tanks.

        “The religion war connection is largely a rhetorical lie, if you look at the data. http://carm.org/religion-cause-war

        Even if you count Hitler as religious, he was only 25% of the killings by atheistic Communist killers.”

        Me- This goes really deep because I can go find a link that shows otherwise. Unfortunately everyone is biased to a degree so the website is pro-religion. They kept Hitler in a non-religious rank playing with their numbers. Very convincing but not the absolute truth because politics is even a form of religious notions. You have different parties that have what they believe & what they are willing to fight for. The thing is Religion in general is behind it. I’m not saying every war needs to have a banner with a Religious title as the site basically goes by. If someone makes a political movement with a non- righteous result it doesn’t mean the ones involved were non- religious. There’s good outcomes in religion too but that depends on what religious view one acts upon. Government tries to separate state from it but religion is within ones beliefs so would there still be killings outside religion? Of course but Counting up death tolls only proves war in general, especially when the site subtracts what they want. Just The Bible stories alone show religious wars. The top most debated, argued, fought over issues is politics & religion which have gone hand in hand because they easily reinforce each other. Does this mean everyone is better without religion? Not sure because it’s a dramatic change that would still have both sides at war which again proves my point. The point is there may be less wars without. Some people need religion to not kill but as one thing works for one it doesn’t for another & you get a statistical analysis that will always fluctuate. You get people like Bush who got many Christians votes because he’s Christian but look at the things he’s said & done. Some Religious people pridefully go to war for their belief & enjoy the thrill of bullying another sects. Then you get branches of this & that on nearly ever Religion. To me that sounds like separation to unite certain people who relate then protect/defend or proclaim/conquer like a Chess game but with real people just to formulate platforms of power. The words can always justify this & that & water down the blood spilled but war is in correlation to politics & religion.

        “The data doesn’t come from a Christian publication, it comes from a secular encyclopedia edited by a leading expert in war, specializing in WWII. (I’m guessing the WWII historian might have a reason for listing Hitler as non-religious.)”

    2. Wow..
      The swastika is one of the oldest symbols in the world. It has various meanings surrounds progression and other worldly views. It would make sense if boyscouts used it or anyone else for that matter as it is older than any known religion. In my opinion society as a whole was aiming to be ruined thousands of years ago and as population rose so did the destruction and evils of mankind. No form of government is great and people take pride in their countries to make up for the lake of pride they have in themselves. If the ego contest would end we could take the strong points of all types of governments and fit them together. Socialism isn’t bad aspects of it can be glue to another type of government. If you have government provided schools police and fire departments then maybe you can begin to see where I am going. The second we want healthcare too, the antagonists come out of the woodwork yelling socialism. Why wasn’t it socialism before… Why cant there be more than one answer.. Because everyone has ego problems lmao.

    3. Actually, that is very much true. I myself came across some sort of Fascist site that actually talked about how they gained the idea of using Zyklon B gas to kill Jews from the Americans who actually used it on illegal Mexican immigrants back in the 20’s. And that people, is the good ol’ US of A. Or, as some prefer to say, the US of Eh!

  7. Gene Gene the lying machine
    Wow Gene,you are so uninformed I find it laughable. In fact I think I shall…Ha Ha. The Swastika is an ancient form of the cross and can be found in Hindu religions, it is considered by many to be a symbol of peace and love. Indian Hindus still have the swastica woven into drapes and rugs. When the early Christian mythologist created their story they stole many symbols from other religions. This includes the Swastika. This is one of the first crosses used by the early Christians. Before saying everything is a lie try doing a little research first. I noticed you offered zero evidence for any claim…hmm, I wonder why.

    1. LOL! Jews used the swastika also, in the far past and the more current present. It’s a shame, because now it is made out to be a symbol of evil. You are correct in saying that it is a cross, a SUN Cross, whose origins go back to the early ‘Sumerians’. :cheer:

  8. OK Possibly not every single thing is.


    Now I feel he might be reaching on certain points but I have yet to research all he has here fully for myself but, his research seems very sound as well he has references to back them up. The pictures he has are very telling as well! Ye of no faith, LOL!! 😀 And by the way 😛 :woohoo:

    P.S. I already knew about the boy scouts, and the Boeing P-12 F4B the rest is very interesting to research on too. There is no way to actually know every single little thing but, we can share our thoughts and individual knowledge.

  9. J.H Christos, in your dreams!
    J.H. Christos you suck, But thanks for the show of ignorance.

    OK the bent cross or swastika is an old symbol but do you know where it originates? Also note the use by this country and a soap company of the squared swastika (turned 45 degrees) as Hitler has copied.

    Here’s a little hint Sumaria isn’t the oldest civilization on earth, and JEWS nor ARABS built the Pyramids or BLACK AFRICANS for that matter. Look into the RH factors in blood and you’ll find who is the older civilization, now not all black Africans are RH pos, but most are as well Arabs and Jews both being mixed races of RH pos origin. As a matter of fact very few RH neg people are alive at present time (about a billion or less), also the Reese’s monkey is not a very old primate meaning it hasn’t been around long.

    RH factor is Reese’s Human genome, if you are to lazy to go researching! Are you RH positive?

    Sorry for getting defensive I broke my own rule on this but I have no tolerance for ignorance! Or ad-homonym attacks!

    Since we are? entertaining? the small minded?, a tasteless third grade joke “I was once a boy scout, but was kicked out for tossing a girl scouts cookies, eating one too many brownies, and looking under my den mothers skirt!”

    1. Really? What you’re doing actually is what sucks

      Until you decided to rant and rave this was an exchange of ideas between thinking people. Your approach makes you sound absurd and tells everyone that you have completely missed what the whole point of this website is. While I do not claim to speak for Acharya, I feel fairly certain that she didn’t creat thie website for people to show their lack of tolerance of others. Personally, I have little to no patience for those who try to build themselves up by tearing others down.

      Having said that, let’s move on to your statements. First, I’m glad you admitted that you still had research to do. At least that was an honest statement.

      YOU’RE the only one who referred to the Sumerians as the oldest cilvilzation; no one else made that claim.

      Also, since when is a billion of anything “very few”? Did you read what you wrote before you posted it?

      “To lazy to research it”- The first ‘to’ should have been spelled too. Maybe you were the lazy one. And you say you have no tolerance for ignorance? Ironic isn’t it?

      Let’s be clear. The majority of people who read and post on this site are intelligent people seeking meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals. Your last comment is sad and shows your level of intelligence.

  10. Dear Gene “the lying psycho”
    Wow Gene you can’t even spell. You say I’m ignorant and then go on to display your own ignorance. The RH is a blood type and can be either RH+ or RH-. This blood type was discovered in 1940 and is so named because the Rhesus monkey was originally used to make the antiserum necessary to determine these blood types. It has no other meaning than that. I would call you a dumbass at this point but that wouldn’t help matters. So I will just say Wrong-Wrong-Wrong-and in your face.
    The Sumeria rant is just out there and as far as your grossly ignorant BS on the swastika here is the skinny:

    The swastika (from Sanskrit svastika) is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either right-facing (卐) form or its mirrored left-facing (卍) form. Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period and was first found in the Indus Valley Civilization of the Indian Subcontinent. It occurs today in the modern day culture of India, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol; it remains widely used in Eastern and Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. In Japan, the left-facing version is used to point out temples on maps.
    Despite this usage, the symbol has become stigmatized and to some extent taboo in the Western world because of its iconic usage by Nazi Germany, and it has notably been outlawed in Germany if used as a symbol of Nazism (usage of the sign by religious groups is tolerated). Many modern political extremists and Neo-Nazi groups such as Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging and Russian National Unity use stylised swastikas or similar symbols. –
    By the way, I always do my research…Unlike you and your psycho BS

  11. Religion in all it’s forms MUST die!
    This quote says it all…

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”
    — Edward Gibbon

  12. mr
    Hitler was an actor who spoke big lies.He was grandson of a Rothchild who call rhemselves jewish.Prince Edward daughter says Queen Eliz was niece of Hitler.Stalin’s real name in Georgian meant Jewish.Nearly every WWII leader was jewish except Mussonlini but his wife was and what she said was important.Roosevelt was one for sure as was his cousin teddy Rooseveldt.Even Eisenhower was one.

  13. “Gott mit uns” is not a Nazi slogan. It was on every belt buckle of the standard issue uniforms in WWI as well.

  14. To josephine public and J.H. Christos, I am an abr
    You have misspelled words as well, every one that has posted here has, even Acharya has, using that to attack me? that is, well, weak of you and low I think.

    And yes some on here have referred to Sumeria as the oldest civilizations how ever what is commonly referred to as Sumeria is combination of, rather layers of civilization much like what is called Egypt.

    As for RH factor, it does not have any thing to do with blood typing either, rather a microbiological test of the genetic structure of your DNA held in your blood. Blood types are A+/-, B+/-,O+/- or any combination of the formers. As for the use of Reese’s monkeys for the test well you’ll have to read up on microbiology or talk to a microbiologist about it. But, I have read countless times those that are RH pos.-well let me put it this way, a RH pos. male cannot without medical intervention impregnate a RH neg. woman but, an RH neg. man can impregnate a RH pos. woman, so the genetic difference is clear just not highly held public knowledge. Even in the medical field as I have been told, yes you are correct, I have very strict beliefs but, do not condone and try hard not to be hate filled. But when people breed like vermin and rape, murder and become usurious I get angry. Hmm, well oh if you looked at the link I posted all you said is in there and more.

    Kind of thick I get frustrated and vent a little “too” much and rant that is a struggle we all deal with, although it is healthy “to” vent isn’t it.

  15. Arten60, you dog!

    You’ve discovered our secret. Men in Black (I & II) was a documentary, and some of us are descended from aliens (or at least created by them or Lord Yahweh). Monkey blood, the Bible, Greek and East Indian mythology, science, YouTube and livevideo videos, and a cute babe prove it. I was hoping that the regular humans wouldn’t find out for a couple hundred more years.

    Gotta’ go. It’s time to get back to the mother ship. See ya!


  16. I’ve seen that stuff, HAHAHAHAH
    They seem ,well, sure of their theory. I am just saying that RH Neg. people are more likely to be smarter and more adaptable, also less materialistic “more spiritual” than RH Pos. are, (Hitler was RH Pos by the way, can’t remember that book will try and find it again). and much less apt to being fooled(in the long term) by hucksters(preachers, professionals and academics alike-not all professionals are trust worthy) but then no one is perfect. Although at least on my part as an RH NEG> I’m more arrogant, but then you haven’t lived my life “a lot of bad shit, made me hardened if not cold at first glance”, but I make no excuses am an abrasive a__ most of the time but, I can admit “ME don’t know every thing”. I may be a legend in my own mind but then aren’t we all prideful.

    It is interesting theory though, we might be aliens for all we know? I find it odd we think we are apex of all “creation”universe? what ever” but even moss has more DNA than we do, and forget about trees we don’t have a tenth of the DNA they have. But then neither do we know what DNA really is do we? And as far as the creationist go, yes Darwin’s theory is flawed but so is their’s! Darwin admits he’s may be wrong, but they never will.

    You all really need to read the universal mandatory health care bill, Hitler would have big grin and a hard on after reading it, and yes there will be death panels! The elderly and productive will suffer as well the little children!

    At least I can laugh at myself, if you can’t take it don’t dish it, so bring it on :woohoo: B) just don’t bitch when it comes back :silly:

    1. Death panel..
      Anyone who thinks there would be a death panel is an idiot.. It in fact would be getting rid of the ones in existence today. I think people in the country with healthcare think they got it because they actually did something. The people who dont have healthcare are a lot of times the sick ones in the first place or people who can’t afford it. A lot of the people who can’t afford it aren’t lazy people like most believe. A lot have 2-3 jobs and families. Businesses like walmart commonly give employees hours just short of qualifying for healthcare to save a quick buck. Getting denied for pre-existing conditions sounds like a death panel to me. Half the sick people who are at home would love to work if they could, get them medicine and improve their quality of life and maybe they would be more willing to help out the country back. Sick people=Less people working=Less people with money=less people purchasing goods. Healthcare=less sick people. Less sick people=more people working=more people with money=more people buying a wider variety of goods and services.. STIMULATION

      1. You’re living in a dream world if you think Obamacare(the Affordable Care Act, that was Hillary Care after Kaiser wrote the base document for her) was created to help people and increase productivity. More capable people are out of work and more are getting disability for non-disabilities. The Mandatory Health Insurance idea was Kaisers, who make money when people who are not sick have to spend half their income just in case they get sick and to subsidize certain groups of people who get another free ride. The purpose of Obamacare is to gather data bases on the citizenry. I am part owner and CEO of a Family Practice Clinic and the data that we have to provide in the mandatory Electronic Health Records has nothing to do with the reason visit the clinic. There are approximately 7000 ICD10 codes now. If the questions regarding a patient’s appearance and mental, both subjective observations, status are not listed we don’t get paid. we are currently dropping Medicaid patients as we are tired of working for free. Most of the private practices are disappearing and becoming members of big corporations. If you don’t like Walmart, eventually you’re going to be pissed off at your corporate health care center. The government has only two purposed in health care, to prosecute fraud and malpractice. Instead people selected by nepotism and affirmative action now have control over superior people’s lives.

  17. What happened to the original subject?
    It’s curious how the original subject has been left, and the discussion has morphed into evolution and health insurance. Nonetheless, I shall respond to Gene’s comments.

    Darwin’s ideas were descent with modification and survival of the fittest. They were and are supported by extensive empirical evidence, and are the basis for the Theory of Evolution. As we’ve learned even more about evolution and heredity through fossils and DNA, the Theory of Evolution has become even more robust.

    Science shows us quite well what DNA is, and we’ve mapped the DNA of humans and several other species.

    As for “death panels,” we already have them in the insurance companies that decide what they will pay for. Insurance companies are profit-based and mainly responsible to themselves and their shareholders, and are thus reluctant to pay for anything.

  18. Again, no
    The Nuremberg Project was the Nazi plan to destroy Christianity.

    (Pardon the site’s pro-Christian bias, but I can’t get into the article, originally from Rutgers Law & Religion Journal)

    When people take public pronouncements in favor of Christianity from Hitler, they are forgetting something huge: he’s a liar.
    Though he was not a Christian, for what it’s worth, Nazism could not have worked in a non-Christian country. Hitler did use a great deal of Christian imagery, portraying the Jews and Russians as the devil and himself as Germany’s messiah—outside of Christendom, such tactics would have been folly.

    1. I don’t think you can just conclude he wasn’t Christian because he was a “liar.” It is obviously in the interest of Christians simply declare that Hitler wasn’t Christian, but many of his words and even some of his actions were certainly influenced by Christianity, including his adoption of Martin Luther’s hatred of Jews.

      Also, if Hitler had wanted to destroy Christianity, he could have done so in the areas he invaded. As we can see from the image here and elsewhere, he did no such thing. Instead, he worked closely with the Catholic Church to empower it. So, that argument also falls flat on its face.

      1. Also, We all know all the looting the Nazis did in Europe in the countries they invaded, and when he entered Italy and Rome in particularly he didn´t touch the Vatican and all the art and values they have hidden in their vaults at all and that to me says a lot.. Thanks Acharya, love your work and your activism.

  19. Well, at any rate, Hitler may have said a lot about being “Christian”, but as I always like to say, and as the information seems to prove, he was supported by the CATHOLIC Church. Catholics DO NOT represent all Christians, in fact they don’t really represent any! Their Bible appears much different then the King James Bible (As I recall, they mentioned a Holy Pope a number of times. That’s no where in the King James). So it would be inapporpriate to call him Christian, he should more correctly be called Catholic. And even then, what did he really believe? Was he speaking truthfully, or was he giving lip service?

    1. Catholics are not Christians, now? That’s a ridiculous statement. It’s true that Catholics embrace church tradition as well as the bible, unlike Protestants, who reject the tradition and rely on the bible only*. That doesn’t make them non-Christians by any stretch of the imagination.

      In any case, the KJV is a terrible translation of the bible since it was taken from some of the worst, most corrupted texts. Modern translations are far superior because we have many more ancient texts to draw from. Robert M. Price is worth listening to if you’re curious about Biblical criticism.

      *Or so they claim. Martin Luther wanted to exclude certain parts of the canon, and modern Protestants tend to cherry-pick and proof-text rather than actually reading the Bible as a whole document.

  20. Hitler had one religious advisor…a muslim
    Only one member of the clergy served with Hitler….a muslim.

    Hitler was inspired in his final solution by the success of the Turks in their genocide of the Christian Armenians. He stated this directly.

    It was Christians who fought against and destroyed Hitler. It was muslims who fought by his side.

    Hitler stated the “Christianity was the invention of a sick mind”. No one who has objectively studied the issue would ever claim Hitler was Christian…he hated them.

    Your post is so far off it discredits everything else you have said.

    1. “Your post is so far off it discredits everything else you have said.”

      It is apparent that you did not even read my post, which contains the evidence from Hitler himself. It is further evident that you are a Christian, which in itself would discredit your attempts at deflecting attention off of Hitler’s upholding of Christian doctrine to his equally sordid alliance with Islam.

      Such absurd hyperbolic statements based on religious bias merely serve to prove your irrational fanaticism, not my standards of scholarship.

    2. The anti-Jewish crusade seems to be at least partly inspired by Martin Luther’s book “On the Jews and Their Lies” which includes such gems as “We are at fault in not killing them [Jews]”.

  21. That’s a great point, Bijan Bakshandi. Although, it certainly does not “[i]discredit[/i]” anything else she said as these videos make clear:

    History of Hitler and Muslim Waffen SS ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3pq1KIUZb4[/url])

    The Association between Naziism and Arab Antisemitism ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBFBvceJvIU[/url])

    Why Muslims love Hitler ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu_9MoVE1S4[/url])

  22. america was worse and so every

    hitler didnt do anything no one else has nt done
    hate to say it usa killed up to 40 million native indians from 1700-1860 much worse than germany, for which they never made any reparations for nor ever apologized for either. and hitler learned how to do what he did from reading May’s books as a kid about how the native americans were persecuted so he generalized this to his own people his minorites. tough luck i’d say for jews, and for naitve americans. and every other countiry has doen the same thing to every other population, ie, arenians, crusades, etc. no difference what matters is where you are born or live and the luck of the draw.

    1. I just read your comment after I wrote mine referencing the Indians. Should’ve waited to finish the thread, huh? But, let me add, my belief holds that we as a human race inflict pain on people based on whatever suits us, whether it be religion, right, country, flag, land, money, or anything else for that matter. I don’t belief with the assessment that if we got rid of religion all would be beautiful in the world. No, we as human beings will find something else to use on our campaign of hate.
      Atheism is not untouched, just think of all the horrible things that are caused in the name of science and other non-religious associated attrocities. I don’t think any of us can say that our belief system has done no harm. We are, each of us, a part of a system that destroys, hurts and kills, whether that’s our lot in life or in our nature or something else. We have to take it on ourselves to love, care, and do what is considered the right path, with the hopes that others will follow your acts of love, and not our rules of hate.

  23. Hitler as Christian? Illogical to judge an entire group by its hypocrites.

  24. Excellent…very interesting!6

  25. Very interesting

  26. I have many comments on my Hitler post & this is one that is interesting because if the rise does occur with the Vatican then it will be yet another Christian embellishment reinforced by prophecy.

    “HITLER was possessed by Satan, he was heavily involved in the occult & he ( along with the Catholic Church and the Vatican was the sixth resurrection of the unholy Roman Empire ) . There is yet one final resurrection of of the Holy Roman Empire to emerge , which will be a United States of Europe headed by Germany once more & the Catholic Church ….AKA … The Beast!”

  27. Hitler was a liar. He obviously cared nothing for the teachings of brotherhood and forgiveness of Christ. What a snake to use Christian records of Jesus rebuking the Jewish establishment to try to create a picture that the Jews were his enemies. He wanted to fulfill their society and be their king. The proof of who Hitler was is in the pudding, not in the words. His swastikas, his secret occult affiliations, volkisch groups that founded the Nazi party, lightning rune SS collar medals, the list goes on. If actions speak louder than words, then who do you think Hitler really was? He even styled his look after the famous painting of Odin riding a horse.

  28. Oh, look, suddenly they’re interested in “proof’ when a sadistic HUMAN genocidal dictator is on their side.
    Not so much when it’s an intangible, invisible sadistic genocidal dictator.
    So, you people DO understand proof…

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