• February 26, 2024

HELP give helpless, dying and destitute women in Calcutta a loving family at last!

My friend Aacharay Korak Day has dedicated his life to helping elderly women in India who are impoverished, alone, unwanted and unloved. He works hard and selflessly to bring joy to these women, some of whom are sick, abused and in their last days on Earth.

Previously, Aacharay has done this all on his own, without accepting financial assistance. Now he is turning to crowd-funding because the need is so overwhelming. Please help him by donating and/or sharing his fundraising effort to bring attention to the plight of India’s most vulnerable human beings! (Liking/sharing this post will also help spread the word!)

You can watch the videos in the attached crowdfunding page to see exactly what your assistance will be used for – imagine that these poor women have not had such love and attention showered on them in many years, if at all!

Aacharay playing with elderly womenMy Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought how difficult and scaring are the lives of those women who are left on the streets to die off by their own family members?

Some of these helpless women are very old, some are handicapped with their limbs cut off, some are mentally so unstable that they do not know what they are doing, some are so annoying by their habits that their own husbands and parents shoo them away from home, some are hopelessly depressed, some are dangerously sick…

We have money, health, food, home, education, privileges etc. and a big loving heart. Can’t we SHARE a small part from that, according to our feelings for those fellow humans of our EARTH, who are our helpless and lonely sisters/ mothers/ grannies and make them have the most basic and simplest of necessities?

I had being serving them 24X7 since 1996 without accepting a single penny in return, since I left my white-collar job of a Military Officer in India….