Health update

UPDATE: I have cancelled the MRI with the contrasting agent gadolinium after more careful consideration of potential side effects and the experiences of others, as well as the warning on the website

Gadolinium contrast medium should be avoided in patients with reduced kidney function or kidney failure (either chronic or acute), and hepatorenal syndrome (a condition involving reduced function of liver and kidneys).

Since it is known that my liver function is reduced, I do not feel it is possible to take this chance at this time, as it could make me very ill. Even if the cancer is in my brain, I will not be doing chemo, radiation, surgery or steroids in any event. The quality of life produced by such treatments would be very poor, indeed, including not only brain damage but also potential “roid rage” and the spread of the cancer.

Hi folks –

For several weeks, I’ve been ailing with weakness, lightheadness and a sick feeling of being poisoned. It has been suggested the cancer is now in my brain, so I’ll be doing a constrast MRI shortly. Otherwise, mainstream tests show nothing other than mildly elevated liver enzymes, due to an inflamed liver. Recall that my Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer includes secondary cancer in the liver.

Unfortunately, I have many symptoms of liver damage, and my elevated enzymes indicate my liver is functioning at only 20%. This issue alone could be enough to kill me, and I do feel like I’m dying in the mornings especially. We’ve been trying to heal my liver for several weeks now, but I only start to feel better in the evenings or nights, which also indicates adrenal exhaustion, a condition ignored by the mainstream but discussed by cancer patients. Then the horrible process begins all over again the next day. 🙁

I’m pretty sure the issue began acutely after an IV treatment that dehydrated me and concentrated in my liver. Of course, the doctors want to blame the cancer, but when we did an ultrasound of the liver, the breast cancer there hadn’t spread or progressed, which we found to be very encouraging.

I should add that the liver biopsies were absolutely brutal, and they themselves could have spread the cancer. When the initial sedation wore off, I was in UTTER AGONY from the biopsies, because I’m one of those “rare” people with nerve endings in my liver. I had to endure two doses of Dilaudid so as not to have a heart attack from the pain. The biopsy knocked me on my arse and kept me in bed for several days, while the pain of it lingered for weeks.

Do NOT let anyone go about writing stupid blogs saying that “alternative medicine” killed me. That would be yet more inaccurate propaganda. With my liver dysfunction from the initial diagnosis, the chemo and radiation assuredly would have killed me anyway, and that is why oncologists often do not recommend them to those who have metastases in their liver.

I’ve been researching like crazy, doing many aggressive treatments and consulting with numerous people, including mainstream doctors and other skilled practitioners. You can see my latest posts on Facebook outlining my views and treatments, which I hope will help others, whether or not I make it.

As always, all assistance is greatly welcomed, whether it’s supportive comments, suggestions, advice or financial, the former of which can be posted in the comments and the latter of which can be done here:

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Or to my new fundraiser here:

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Thank you for all the love and support over the years. You all mean the world to me!

P.S. In the below video is an example of a breast-cancer sister who diligently and dutifully followed the standard-care treatment, only to find the cancer has come raging back and that there are no more options. Hence my caution at jumping in without serious consideration…

I found this “Killing Cancer” HBO special to be very inspiring, however, for better treatments:

P.P.S For those who still think standard care treatment might “save” me, you need to be aware of my personal situation: 1. I was told by the surgeon that my breast is inoperable, hence no surgery; and 2. Many oncologists do not recommend the harsh and immune-suppressing chemo and radiation for those with metastases in their liver. I was placed with a palliative care oncologist, and none of these options was pushed on me, so I was compelled to look outside of the box. My integrity demanded that I study the subject diligently, and my life depended on it as well.


  1. Hi Acharya.
    I want to tell you I desire the best for you.
    Good luck, my dear Acharya.

  2. I shall keep you in my prayers for a complete healing by our heavenly Father YHVH. Your books and research work has been a real blessing for those seeking the truth.
    YHVH bless and heal you,

  3. So sorry to hear this Acharya. 🙁 Stay strong. I’m praying for you.

  4. Have you heard about the 8 alt health care practitioners who have died/ been murdered in the last month, with 5 more missing? this is the common factor. Worth looking into:

  5. find royal rifes invention, hes on youtube!

  6. Say, D.M..

    I am right saddened to learn of your most recent prognosis…

    But, gladdened to learn that you’re still amongst the living!

    BTW, I donated $5.00 (or more) to thine get-well campaign…

    But, received NO DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS for giving!

    What’s Up With That? Rev. Kevin Zeller, MDiv, BMus

    PS Keep on keeping on with fightin’ the GOOD FIGHT!


    1. I guess its because she is sick. Send me ur email and I wiĺl send it to u, with her consent ofccourse

    2. Wow, “REVEREND” Kevin…she is dying and you are worried about spending $5 and haven’t received the book download? Your timing sucks! How about some “spiritual” words of comfort to a woman struggling to live? That would be refreshing…

    3. Please write me at so I can send you the ebooks. I do say as much in the response, if they do not arrive.

    4. What part of giving don’t you understand you selfish pathetic $?+@’$+$!

    5. Oh I get it. If I would have seen the “Rev ” in front of your name maybe I would not have been surprised. At your worthless attitude.

  7. Acharya, I’m so sorry to hear this. I deeply respect you as an author and researcher. I don’t know if you have, but you may want to check out Charlotte Gerson and Gerson therapy. It might be the best thing you can do at this point.

    1. i support the gerson therapy 100%…. if you can write Suzanne Somers… she has lots of info about breast cancer … she a survivor. her book Knockout has tons of info… Blessings on your journey, sweet Acharya… I totally love reading your articles and books…

      1. Hi Acharya S / DMM … and Linda,

        I do know that COFFEE ENEMAS are a part of the Gerson Therapy. Unlike drinking the oral beverage, coffee-ENEMAS have been found extremely beneficial for cleansing the liver and helping it produce more of it’s MEGA-antioxidant GLUTATHIONE. The Germans used this as a “last ditch effort” to heal their wounded soldiers during WWII. … and it WORKED magnificently! It’s historical story’s do application-protocol is related in the tiny book “The Little Coffee Enema Book” and I recieved mine directly from the Gerson Institute.

        Cheery – OH !!!

        Ralph Lewis

        1. What do you think about those who say never to do coffee enemas and have many objections? Gonzalez says this treatment’s in Merck Manual… I hear nothing but good from those who have tried them.

  8. Acharya, so sorry to hear of the increased problems.
    Have you looked into the high potency freeze dried aloe vera products?
    Back in the mid 1990s I was working with the products from XXXXX. This woman called me and she had a young child who was struggling with a rather large cancerous tumor in his chest. It was inoperable and the Dr advised they look for alternatives.

    I set up an appt with her and took over the product and got her set up to order her own.
    6 months passed and I did not hear anything from her so decided to call. What a glorious surprise! She said her son did so well that his last chemo treatment didn’t lower his blood count like it always had, the tumor had shrunk to the size of a quarter and the Drs were able to go in and remove the rest. They told her that she could look forward to seeing her son grow up!
    XXXXX is still in business but was browsing a bit and this other company came up and their product is stronger than that of XXXXX.

    Here is the link:

    Sending you most positive energies for a successful outcome!!

    1. FYI, XXXXX sends out a flier with its products stating that they make no claims that their products improve health or treat medical conditions. It’s placebo, nothing more.

  9. No words to say but that my heart goes out to you and yours. All I can think to do is meditate and send positive energy your way.. if that means anything. And donate to your cause.

    You are one of the few illuminated ones in our lifetime.

    We send you love.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Acharya. Please stay positive and keep looking for the right doctor for your illness. I know you will find him or her.

  11. I sent this a few days back. There’s an effective cure; so effective that the researchers have been killed. GcMAF, a lead hopefully. If you could get doses of that it would Significantly boost your immune system. I’ll assume you’ve assessed the toxins around your environs etc.

    More power to you, Mark

  12. Chris of family Masters

    Please research GcMAF.There is plenty of evidence that 8 holistic doctors were killed over this during last month. Works to good to be tolerated by the Medical mafia.

    wishing you quick recovery.

  13. Hi,

    I’m sorry to hear all of this. I hope you find a miracle cure, or at least feel better.

    Thank you for all the enlightening information and work you have done over the years. Looking forward to years more from you.


  14. Hi Acharya S/D.M. Murdock,

    Thank you for your update regarding your health. I am shocked and saddened by the news. I wasn’t aware that you are suffering from cancer. My Mum died from cancer in July 2013 so it is a topic close to my heart. I know from witnessing how much my Mum suffered that the treatment for cancer can be as horrible as the disease. I keep hoping and praying that medical profession will find a less punishing way of treating cancer, but so far not. I’m sure the support, love and prayers of your friends and family are with you and I wish you nothing but a swift and pain free recovery. Remissions do happen, so I will remain defiantly positive for you. I really don’t know what else to say. I am happy to send a donation and would like to thank you for your thoroughly informative and enlightening work.

    Best of luck with your treatment.

    Best wishes,

    Mr Chris Miller (UK resident)

  15. I’m very sorry to hear this news and I really wish things will get better for you soon.

    Are you following any particular diet at the moment? In Northern Italy there is a doctor who has been successful in stopping the progression of some forms of advanced cancer through changes in the diet. I can definitely share with you some of his suggestions (which are only available in books and youtube videos in Italian) if you tell me your blood type (and your recent diet). I can also give you his contact details (although his website and contact forms are in Italian, but I can help out with that). He might take some time to reply but he gives his suggestions for free.
    For his example, according to his knowledge, behind breast cancers, there is often a bad tolerance towards diary products. I’m wondering if that might apply to you.

    with love,

    1. Hello Davide,
      I know it’s a little late but hoping you’d respond. Would really like to know about some any form of alternate treatment options/diet changes that might slow/stop the cancer process for me. I can let you know the detail about my cancer, which did not respond to the treatment, hence I feel very low right now.

  16. Acharya,
    I was saddened to hear of your recent health struggles. I want you to know that you’re writings have been a joy to read and I’ve gained strength from your arguments for many years. I want to encourage you to continue to fight this terrible disease you’re suffering from. In October of this year, I’ll be part of a bicycle journey that takes many of us from Greenville, SC to Lewiston, ME in an effort to raise money and awareness for cancer. This ride is called the Challenge to Conquer Cancer Ride to Maine and this year I’ll be thinking of you on the trip. Please know that you have touched the hearts and minds of many and we all hope you will continue to do so for many years to come. Be strong my friend.

  17. Acharya,

    I developed a great admiration for you after reading some of your works and viewing some of your videos. It has broken my heart to hear of what you have been going through. I hope with all my heart that you recover and start feeling better.

    Love and sincerity,

  18. Hi Acharya, just wanted to say that I’m with you in this and I really hope you will get better; also I wanted to let you know that I really admire and appreciate everything you have left behind in your life a a scholar. I don’t know if this will be of any help to you, but I want to share it to you, I would like to hear your opinion on it! Thank you again for everything you did in this life! I love you as a human being and for opening my eyes! Love and health! Alin

  19. Despite reading this blog post, I’m still hopeful for your recovery. If only I’m bleeding in money like Donald Trump I’ll be the one to pay for medical expenses.

  20. My friend I am sending you all the best with much love and healing energy sent your way. Thank you for all that you have done for so many on waking them up to the truths. Your hard work has paid off, it has opened the eyes of so many people and we thank you for that.

    Love and huge hugs of healing sent to you, Jan aka Astoria Brown/facebook

  21. Hi Acharya,

    Have you looked into taking high dose iodine? This book is incredible with lots of information about it and the connection between breast cancer and iodine deficiency:

    It’s at least something else to look in to. I hope things start looking better for you.

    Eric H

    1. Yes, I did! And I ended up overdosing on it, with my blood pressure all over the place and a rapid pulse rate. High-dose iodine is definitely not for everyone, I’m afraid. The Okinawans may be used to it, but I wasn’t.

      Iodine overdose symptoms

      1. AS ~ What about Fucoidan? Tons of studies prove effectiveness. Several products online. I just discovered a new one called Fucoidan Force. Although harvested from seaweed, contains very little iodine. At least it may help you feel better. I used it for radiation poisoning and it worked.

  22. Please, Acharya, contact

  23. If I faced your challenge, I would immediately eliminate ALL animal products (meat, chicken, fish, all dairy), all fats, added sugar, and any processed plant foods (textured vegetable protein and the like) . . . any plant not in its natural state, and eat only organic, whole plant foods. Medical treatment for me is something to avoid.

    My wife did that and is a five-year survivor of Stage IV breast cancer.

  24. Call the Burzinski Clinic, Dr Burzinski is a miracle worker in Texas. If it wwre me and I wanted to get better he is the one. God Bless

    1. Ditto … He’s been proven to be “physiologically credible” regarding an “effective treatment” for cancer.

      That’s also WHY he’s been so heavily persecuted by the “we won’t cure cancer indu$try.”
      Way too much of what WORKS to heal cancer symptoms is maligned by the legalized, medical “Power$ that Be.”

      There’s a great DVD documentary about Dr. Burzinski’s work available on the Internet.

      As Ever,


  25. Please try the Gerson Theraphy. I know some people that have recovered with that. My very best wishes.

  26. Dear Acharya,

    Am truly sorry to hear of your physical condition.
    About four years ago I came across your work. I found it very interesting.
    Many, many Muslims are having a being appear to them. That being is telling them he is Yeshua the God they are looking for. As you probably know the name Yeshua means God’s Salvation. Many Muslims have received a miracle and are healed and some covert and loose their head. 🙂
    I hope the best for you, Robin

  27. Very sorry to hear of how badly things are going. In case you haven’t investigated this yet, Dr Gonzalez (recently deceased under suspicious circumstances) and Linda Isaacs (still practising) have had serious success with stage IV cancers using enzymes and other modalities.

    Ty Bollinger (serious non-MD investigator) recently did a web series on cancer treatments. I took some notes. For breast cancer, the recommended choices included intravenous vitamin C, laetrile, ozone, hyperthermia and hyperbaric oxygen.

    Of course, there have also been some miracle cases with cannabis.

    Best of luck,

    1. I love Nicholas Gonzalez’s work. I was very hopeful when I encountered his comments here:

      I’m using two of his most potent protocols at the moment, which are supposed to heal the liver. Hence, I do not know if I’m dying from liver failure or detoxing the junk those methods bring up. Let us keep our fingers crossed that it’s the latter, as I do find some improvements otherwise because of them.

      His passing is a horrible blow to the world, to say the least. When I heard that he supposedly stated he had been threatened many times over the years, I became suspicious…

      1. Gonzalez and Isaacs both appeared prominently on Ty Bollinger’s web series. Bollinger lost most of his family (parents, uncles, etc) to cancer and then was galvanized into his own research. He’d be worth some investigating, as he is a prolific author on cancer in his own right. But I figured you might already have come across Gonzalez, being rather the accomplished researcher.

      2. i support the gerson therapy 100%…. if you can write Suzanne Somers… she has lots of info about breast cancer … she a survivor. her book Knockout has tons of info… Blessings on your journey, sweet Acharya… I totally love reading your articles and books…

    2. Forgot to mention the suspicious circumstances. The members of the long list of dead doctors (including Gonzalez) that has recently emerged are all connected by their work using or investigating GcMAF (short for globulin component macrophage activating factor) to cure cancer, autism and other diseases. Cancer cells release nagalese (another short form term), which targets GcMAF, which activates the immune system, thus debilitating the immune system. Which is precisely what cancer is a function of. Getting GcMAF at this point might be tricky, as the Feds confiscated the supplies of the dead doctors right before they were taken out.

  28. you should try out this……with a passion………

  29. Sorry to hear that things are so bad at the moment … you have been such a big influence on my life and thought, and on those around me.

    Just know someone in Ireland is thinking of you during this difficult time …

    Best wishes, Samuel Kennedy (Remember White – my artist name)

    PS: Here is one of my songs that may soothe a little …

  30. I’m so sorry. Hang in there. I hope you have good health care and people close for lots of hugs.×500.jpg

  31. Dear, dear Aycharya – Am so very glad to receive word from you and i am so sorry to learn of what you are going through. My dear Mother suffered from liver cancer which metasasized to the pancreas so i know a little of what you are going through. I am a cancer survivor having lost both my uterus and my right kidney to this disease. Now i have changed both my diet and other things about my lifestyle to enter the world of preventive medicine in hopes of a better future. But at 83, regardless, i may not have that much longer here on this Earth. But, i am also an atheist and do not believe in what we call death — I believe that in our spiritual – etheric form, we live on in another world, and i do believe that with the many many tales we have from people who have gone through an “end of life experience” yet come back to spend many more years here, that this can only be considered proof that when we pass this life it is the end. Personally, i want you to be around here on this planet for a very long time so that you may continue the work that you have been doing. I have so much enjoyed the truth of your books and am so glad that i ordered many of them in the past. And i will be quoting from them and referring to them frequently as i move on into the work i am doing at this time. But much better if i can interview you personally when the time comes that money is no longer an issue and we are set up in our film studio. My website has been down for a long time so can’t publish the addy now, but am hoping in a few months that it will be up once again and i will be able to create a page featuring your work. What you have done dear Acharya in terms of history and authenticity of the past is incomparable and i commend you for it.

    As to remarks regarding alternative medicine, i take only one pharmaceutical drug to keep me stable from the neurological damage i suffered from Alzheimer’s about 18 months ago, and that has been on-going. Things like Tumeric Tea with a tablespoon of Manuka Honey from Australia in it is a great comfort and while i have not had the ability to test it, from many quarters i hear that these are two of the most powerful weapons against cancer, and for curing it that can be found, especially with tumeric and the curcumin in it. Let me know by sending me a private email address that i may reply to if you want more information. With many blessings and much love going your way. Mary Rose – Future Dawning Enterprises

    1. Very moving! Acharya and I have known each other closely for 30 years. She is doggedly looking for answers and we talk daily.
      Thank you and keep going!

    2. Thank you Mary Rose for telling us about Manuka Honey. We’ve been enjoying it in our household for some time but didn’t know about its curative effects. Didn’t get it last shop as the price has soared up to something like 4 times the cost of what it was.
      Yes life goes on and I have no doubts at all since my late wife Ede shouted very loudly at me during the night less than a week after her funeral. My daughter got the same fright the following night and I got confirmation the next day when I sought out a medium at the VSU who asked me ‘Who is Edith?’.
      I’m only 82 so have a fair bit of time left yet and as long as I have a purpose still in life they won’t let me cross over. I hope with all my heart it will be the same for Acharya along with a swift recovery and total relief from all pain and suffering as we all look forward to more revelations. Malcolm, Melbourne, Australia.

  32. Well Acharya, I finally Googled to find out what happened to you since your last posting of April on the Truth Be Known site and I ended up on this link–I had a feeling that something unusual had happened to you to prevent you from posting for the past 3 months. Even though I am also feeling the changes of my ageing process I should not express too much dismay on how I feel when I have read above all the details of what you are going through right now. Your suffering is something is something that makes people wonder why we have to undergo this process when we least expect it, but there is always a secret reason why these things happen and we never discover the reason until a future date.

    The reason I am posting today is because, I feel that although you are correct in the religious material that you have presented, you must believe that when our lives end on this earth it is not the end of our spirit (mental record of our earthly life events) when we move on to the next level of survival on the next world (one of many). Yes, we will survive, and yes we continue to return to this earth many times to experience a new life that serves a purpose. The word reincarnation is appropriate but you can use your own terminology. I have read a lot on this subject and I wanted you to look at this link that presents what Michael Newton has discovered during all these years of practice. He is not the only one who has moved to this level of understanding and I am sure that one day when the behavior of the religious fanatics is demolished we will all understand what life is all about. I hope you are able to reverse what is happening to your body(by medical means or by miraculous intervention) and one day expand your knowledge to the real purpose of why we are born, and born again many times! Here is the link: Marcel.


  33. I love you Acharya.
    It’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve begun to fully appreciate your work, thanks to the unique efforts you’ve made in research and supporting what you’d earlier been saying.
    When I finally overturn christianity in my family I want to be able to tell you all about it and thank you for being at the forefront in the struggle.
    Let’s not believe those assumptions you’re ‘not going to be here’ for such things. A bit of pain never hurt anyone, so don’t fall for its lies. 😉

  34. Hi Acharya:

    I’m sorry to hear of your health issue, this is the first I have heard of your situation. My thoughts are with you as you struggle with this!

    I haven’t had a chance to read up on your Facebook postings yet so I don’t know if you have already checked into this alternative option:

    Later today I will read up on your Facebook postings

    Mitch Gurney

  35. Hi Archarya,

    I left ‘Did Moses Exist’ out on the table when I had a recent birthday party – it caused quite a stir just sitting there!

    Big Love to you Archarya!

    Silvia & Gregg

  36. I’m saddened by your suffering. I’ve no doubt you’ve always been a fighter and a courageous soul. Your personal grace and dignity are evident in those works of yours I’ve read. I’m heartened and edified in knowing how much of these you have and how well you bring them to your service in your most trying time. Thank you for who you are and for what you do.

  37. Please find link to article describing how antibiotics have been used to treat cancer – hope it helps

  38. I wish to echo all the good wishes of the posters here The world needs you and so it needs you to get better and in a hurry! All the best to you!

  39. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am I praying for you. Ruby *o*

  40. I have heard that turmeric is very very good for fighting and preventing cancer. Prayers for your recovery and I wish you all the very best.

  41. You have greatly added to my understanding of reality. The “business” of cancer has removed not a few of the human beings I consider worthy of my respect and admiration. I make no (for me) pretense to offer up prayers anymore, for I have come to question their efficacy. If it comes to it, may you and your loved ones enjoy the beautiful consciousness you have manifested in this life while you are here. And I am so saddened to learn of your suffering. Peace to you and yours, Lewis.

  42. Don’t give up! Don’t do chemo or radiation! Ty Bolingers’ Truth about Cancer series is good. Watch all of Dr. Joe Mercola s’ videos and articles. I watched “Wheatbelly” and “Grainbrain”, and I stopped eating all grains, sugar, and processed foods- had miraculous results- brain fog went away, energy levels soared, arthritis pain gone, and I effortlessly lost 52 pounds. Dr.Peter Osborne- DC functional medicine is also excellent. Everything works together, don’t be overwhelmed! I just discovered Acharya s and her great work (and laugh!)- she “saved me” from my lifelong guilt over my doubts about my non-beliefs (father and grandfather Norwegian Lutheran ministers)! Sending my healing love to you with much thanks and gratitude for the gifts you have given the world. John

  43. I wish you the best. This post talks about a plant that destroys cancer. It’s in spanish but I’m sure if it could help, even with a bad google translation you can get info.
    All the best!

  44. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. You are so loved by many people. I am one of your fans. Bless you…Peter Dorsett

  45. Acharya,

    It is your indomitable spirit that I admire most. You have made such a difference because you will not be rolled over. We all die. Whenever your time comes, it will be on your terms. Sorry about the pain. That sucks. Do not fear death too much, we have all been there. We just enjoy the party too much to leave, at least I do. My father saw angels of death about 3 months before he died. I think death can be bargained with if you are a fighter. Remember that graphic drawing where the bird is trying to eat the frog that is in the bird’s mouth, but the frog has it’s hands around the birds neck, strangling it.


  46. Hi Acharya. As an ex Christian, almost 81years old, who did my own personal research into the bible, and I’m now an Atheist, have been for the past 10 years, really wish you can have a complete recovery from your illness. As I’m a pensioner I’m limited in finances but I do want to express my hope for your recovery. Kind regards.

  47. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you that you may have a full recovery. Check out and Many people have strengthened their bodies to aid in the recovery of various illnesses such and cancer using Dr. Wallach’s products. I sincerely wish you all the best.

  48. Hi just want to share to you my experience of having cancer and where I am at now . I had cervical Cancer 20 years ago and started my healing journey then . I started with the physical with using myself as a guinea pig doing many cleanses and other practices and seeing how the cancer industry was a scam and I was responsible for healing it . They were my cells I was responsible .
    I was able to turn it around in a year and taking responsibility for my internal state and external state was what started the journey .
    That was just the beginning What really caused the cancer and everything else in my life was a script a program from Trauma and neglect of dealing with my own shadow energy . This blocked energy actually becomes autonomus and feeds on this shadow energy . Eckcert Tolle calls it the painbody . I realized in order to fully heal myself I would have to literally go into the DNA to reprogram this script that was playing .
    My partner and I just did a talk on some of what we have discovered about the destructive energy of the universe and how it works in ourselves and the culture . Below is the link . One book that really has helped me clear this blocked repressed energy is John Ruskans book Emotional Clearing here is the link to free PDF of the whole book
    Here is the link to our talk Good luck on your Journey

  49. Dear Aycharya, I send all my love to you. I was researching prostate cancer for my friend recently about (5 nights on the internet) and there was a good report based on science that 500 mg of Ginger for a man every day reduced the prostate Cancer quickly. I have also read many reports about Tumerick being beneficial with cancer especially of the liver and pancreas. I a eat around 10 chilis (halapeno) a day because for a long time I have instinctively felt a benefit and recently researched their benefit and there have been studies that prove they fight cancer effectively. Also Vitamin D = Sunlight is a powerful immune and energy booster. And the Budwig Diet gets a good rap “linseed oil and cottage cheese”. My father told me when I was young that organic carrot juice was very effective for helping his friends who had cancer. There are many well known protocols for fighting Cancer BUT I propose to you that you quickly form a plan of priority based around proven remedies like Ginger, Tumerick, Chili, Carrot, Budwig that are natural, cheap, and good for your body in a wholistic way. I believe you can and will win this fight once you have a hierarchy of natural treatments that improve you every day. I also think it would be good to have a chat with DR Keith Scott Mumby he is an English Doctor now living in Los Vegas and has the most credentials of any man I know “living” to discuss cancer treatments with you and help clarify and simplify your treatment from both a Doctor’s and Alternative points of view. All my love again and I am happy to talk with you again and help in way I can. Love Soc

  50. Aycharya,

    I am very grateful for the work you have done, and for what I have learned from you. I have most of your books and recommend them often.

    I suggest you look at Michael Greger’s website, and search for ‘liver’ and for ‘cancer’. Many of the articles are about prevention, but there are some about treatment.

    Also, I realize you are not a big fan of Buddhism, but Ajahn Brahm has a refreshingly scientific take on it. You might benefit from and enjoy his books & talks.

    Sometimes you just need a friend to give you their undivided attention, I wish I could be there to offer that to you.


  51. Dear Aycharya,

    1. Based upon what I have read of your situation it sounds like you are stuck on a Pharmaceutical Murder and Suicide Mission?

    2. Have you had any blood microscopy dark field and a blood microscopy light field tests?

    3. This will automatically show what is going in your blood and the organs including the liver.

    4. Sadly most doctors and hopsitals do know how to do this simple but extremely relevant proceedure.

    5. Going to right practitioner is your first step and I can tell you failure is the first and last item on the Pharmaceutical Chemical Agenda as they diagnose symptoms and not cause so automatically you are on a merry go round till death do you depart.

    6. Get out of the stuckedness and into the light. Please.


    1. ” Based upon what I have read of your situation it sounds like you are stuck on a Pharmaceutical Murder and Suicide Mission?”

      Thanks, but that would be an absurd misrepresentation, and I have to wonder what you have read. If you’re referring to standard care treatment, my posts at Facebook easily reveal that I have not engaged in them. Heck, this very blog indicates that I have eschewed these toxic treatments, which, as I state right here likely would have killed me. Please actually read what I wrote, rather than making assumptions.

      1. dear Acharya
        meditate , contemplate.
        at time the body fails to sustain the mind.
        at times, some comments may annoy.
        but the outpoury of love for u
        from those who can reach, is a great tribute to you and your work,

        dr des

  52. I am sorry to hear the news of your illness. I have read all of your books, some more than once. You, as well as Richard Dawkins, have set me free from the fear of myth! Thank You and Best Wishes!

  53. This is what I call really bad. I had problems of another nature and treated myself (I, 69 yold live and work in Nigeria) and cured my trouble with one year plus with an extreme overdose of D3. 120000 IU/day, and everybody was asking if I wanted to die. My problem is compltely over and I feel very OK and active. If you are afraid and believe you have not much time, give it a try. That is what I did. No drugs, just D3. I have read a lot from your hand and enjoyed all my time spend on your products.
    Look for me at Linkedin. me, a positive freethinker whis you the best and hope to hear from you in 2016 that all is well.

  54. Dear Acharya. Although you don’t know me, it was devastating to read about your illness. I have followed your scholarly work by purchasing your PDFs and paperbacks in the past. I consider this work extremely important and quite revealing about human nature. If I had but one wish it would be for you to recover, regain former strength, and continue this search for the truth. To be frank, I hope to meet you in person one day for I have so many questions for which you have the answers. I wish you all the best in this fight. Get better, get strong, and don’t give up!

    Mr. Gudmundsson

  55. I cannot find the words to describe the sadness I feel trying to even comprehend what you are going through. You are in my thoughts, and have my deepest sympathy. I admire you.

  56. Hoping for your recovery. But if not that, then may you go in peace with good cheer. You have taught us a lot. Thanx for that. tracey

  57. Sorry to hear about your health problems. Very upsetting to me. You are a kind soul.

    Cancer feeds on sugar and starch. Starve it out!

    Healing thoughts to you.

  58. Dear Acharya,
    Your meticulous research and vast wisdom has touched so many lives and helped change this world in many good ways. Thank you for all you have given so freely. I have been sending energy through the information/creation matrix (or whatever you’d call that which connects us all) for healing-wholeness to your physical form daily since you first shared your diagnosis. Thank you for sharing because it has allowed me/us to give back in this small way, as well as through donating to your cause (it is amazing and terrible how much medical care costs).

    May you know the gift you have been, are and will continue to be to this world. May you be healed in all ways for the highest good. This or something better understood and accepted with peace and joy.

    (Experiencing an “incurable” disease myself, I’ve come to recognize that everyone offers every cure to you that they know of because they love you and want you to stay with them. Count every “try this” as an “I love you.”

    With gratitude and great respect,

  59. So sorry to hear of your struggle with cancer.Have you tried coffee enemas?
    They are used extensively for cleaning the liver and also used at alternative cancer clinics.Also Dr Sircus and another Italian Dr is using baking soda protocol along with diet to super alkalize the body and kill cancer.My last suggestion is to get a 23&me done.It’s not just the BRICA gene that causes cancer.There is a very common gene mutation called MTHFR which deals with the bodies ability to methylate.If your methylation is impaired it makes you prone to cancers due to toxic buildup.It can be enhanced with the proper supplements to get the pathway up and working which would be critical in cancer.Hope you find an answer,your work is a gift to the world and we would hate to lose you .

  60. Look into GERSEN INSTITUTE, serious success rates.

  61. Look into the Gersen Institute, serious success rates.

  62. Dear Acharya, Several years ago, I was attracted to your writings. Since then, I have read all your books, read your pamphlets that I could find, watched your dvds, and listened to your radio re-broadcasts. You have been a life-changing influence on my re-interpretation of religion, and its role in my life.
    I am so very saddened that you are experiencing these severe health problems, and passionately hope that somehow you will miraculously overcome them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the brilliant light that has dispelled the darkness of my misunderstandings and beliefs.
    Given your current circumstances, it would be comforting and instructive to know your current interpretation of the “afterlife.” I would echo the beautiful thoughts of all your admirers, and wish you well.
    Very Sincerely, Bill Oglesby

  63. I’m so sorry, Acharya, and am sending you my best wishes for strength and peace in the days ahead. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

  64. Wishing you well. So sorry to hear you are ill. You are very brave.
    with love

  65. Dear Acharya,

    I’m also very sorry to hear this news about your health.
    I know you get a lot of advice for treatments. I still like to tell you ‘my story”
    I am not a friend of the standard school medicine. You know they only treat symptoms and not the real cause of any sickness.
    My wife was very sick for a long time. According to the regular MD’s, nothing was wrong with my wife, because all the tests came out negative. So, finally I managed that my wife was strong enough to go to a holistic doctor. He really found the problems and my wife is doing much better now.
    I am telling you that with my advice to go to a holistic doctor. School medicine doctors seem to be all employees of the pharmaceutical industry, basically criminals. I know that sounds very strong, but my experiences tell me that.
    One thing the holistic doctor recommended was the diet “4 blood types, 4 diets” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.

  66. Like a lot of others have said, I had no idea you were going through this. I hope you’re able to fight this until they can find out what to do to help you. Have you considered medical marijuana? If anything, just to help you get through those brutal mornings. Wishing you & your doctors the best.

  67. My thoughts are with you. You are the best in letting the world know that it is trapped in make believe. Thanks for your inspiration. Fred

  68. Acharya,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your condition and it is very clear to me you are a brave example fighting such a horrible war inside your body. I have very much enjoyed reading your books and hearing your talks online. Here is something for you to consider researching that may help a bit but you be the one to decide after you have done your own investigation.

  69. I am sorry to learn of your continuing illness.
    I have no medical advice or insights, but I send prayers and best wishes to you for strength, peace and comfort.

  70. I can only say that I wish for a full recovery. Your work has touched us and made the world a better place. I hope that you can beat this and continue your work. However; whatever happens I send you my love and good wishes.

  71. Hello. Thank you for sharing your condition. What natural or holistic interventions are you currently following? And, how long since you were first diagnosed with breast cancer if that was the first sign of it in your body?

  72. THE BUDWIG PROTOCOL. flaxseedoil2@yahoogroups With great sadness and sympathy we receive this news. I believe in the Johanna Budwig. Also consider trying cesium chloride. LOVE

  73. Ms Murdock, I’m so sorry to hear this unpromising update. I’ve been wondering how you are doing, and very much wish the news was far better. You”ve been in my thoughts, and I send you sincere wishes for strength, relief from pain, and where possible, healing.

    Laurel Hall

  74. Dear Acharya, I pray for your recovery. You are a credit to the human race. I wish I had the opportunity to know you on a personal level. You have enriched the lives of many people with your writings and knowledge; a legacy to be proud of.

    I would like to hold you in my arms and give you a hug because you are a person I can relate to mentally and spiritually. May your days bring you strength.

  75. What are the prospects for a liver transplant? I realize there is a wait list, and it’s not guaranteed. But is there not some hope in that direction?

    Did you have an infection in your liver? Antibiotics — especially when used aggressively and with multiple antibiotics — can leave a wasteland of tissue after it destroys the bacteria.

  76. You have nothing to lose.

    100% raw food diet. 13-15 glasses of fresh juice ever day (cucumber, celery, ginger root, lemon, kale or spinach, apple). All organic if possible.

    Please contact Gary Null, he has dealt with many terminal cancer patients.

    We need you. Your time to go is not now.

  77. I just want to say that your books and research opened my eyes and changed me for the better. Your interviews are phenomenal as well and I love your intelligence, candor and sense of humor. Knowing that your in pain right and having to go through this ordeal breaks my heart but I will keep sending positive thoughts and keep donating to your cause xo

  78. Hi Acharya,
    I mentioned to you a few months ago that there is a lot of research on Ganoderma and cancer. We don’t say it cures, but it gives the body what it needs to help do its work. Check the research below (which includes the liver) and other studies.

  79. Mark Kasikantiris

    No one else has given me such incredible knowledge about the true meaning of the bible and it’s astrological connection. Thank you for changing my life for the better.

    Most sincerely

  80. I am devastated to hear of your current heath crisis. I am at a loss for words. CANCER has hit many members of my family. My dad had lung cancer and oat cell cancer was found under his toe nails. Wishing you peace. Wanted to see Christ Con II so bad.

  81. You should look into Veganism.

  82. Dearest Acharya,
    Have always enjoyed reading your great posts on religion. I sincerely hope the rest of your journey on planet Earth is not filled with pain and agony. Peace, Love, Hope, Ken.

  83. Thank you so much for all your wonderful research over the years. It means a lot to me and you’re in my thoughts. If it were me, I think I’d be heading to Colorado. But who knows,that’s just me. I truly hope you make it somehow.

  84. Robert E. McCaslin, Jr.

    I am so sorry to hear of your illness. I can relate as I am suffering from leukemia. I admire your work and hope for the best for you.

    Robert E. McCaslin, Jr.

  85. Dear Acharya,

    I have bought and read your work and watched your videos for years. I’ve recommended your amazing work to many others and bought some of your works as gifts for friends. Despite living below the poverty line I’ve set up recurring contributions in the hope that every little bit helps. I implore everybody else to do this too.

    You have made a great impact on many people’s lives and elicited great respect from them for you and your research. Your effect on our society is much wider than you think. Many times I’ve heard people citing your work who have not actually heard of you — this is really impressive. You’ve made great and lasting changes for the better on human society. How many people can claim that?

    I hope so very much that you get well. We desperately need people like you.

    The only health advice I’d give is to avoid stress because of its deleterious effect on the immune system, and eat food that has not been processed, avoiding the poisons that are almost ubiquitous in modern society. The poor liver’s job is to try to break down all these things.

    Try to stay happy and optimistic (difficult I know, under the circumstances).

    Try to avoid painkillers, because they seem to mess with the immune system. Unfortunately, if you have pain then you’re caught between the pain causing stress, which reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, or painkillers, which do too. Not a happy situation. I’d look for other ways to reduce the pain. There is evidence that practical (non-mystical) meditation can reduce pain. Psychologist Ainslie Meares developed a way of meditating that let him feel the pain but without the “hurt” so that he was actually able to have a tooth pulled out without anaesthetic.

    As I said before, I fervently hope you get better. Our species can’t afford to lose people like you. You are far too valuable.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done. You have my greatest admiration. I hope I’m able one day to tell you this face-to-face.


    Maybe you have already heard of this man, if not I hope you have
    the strength to look at his website.

    You are in my thoughts.

  87. So sorry you are suffering so Ms. Murdock… You are certainly in my thoughts… Please take care.

  88. Please please call 800-herbdoc and ask for the free CD named
    GET WELL it’s healed thousands. It’s Dr. Schulze out of CA.
    We NEED you. You can beat this even now.

  89. Acharya, I have the deepest respect for you. Thank you for sharing your research and insight with so many. I am sincerely saddened to hear of your suffering and your condition. May you find some solace and peace in knowing you have touched so many lives and minds and that we care for you.May your great inner spirit strengthen you and see you through to recovery.

  90. I am saddened to hear of your medical troubles. Hopefully, you can beat this thing and continue to be the beacon of light shining through the darkness of ignorance and myth which so permeates this world. Much love and my thoughts are with you. DW

  91. no prayers, just good thoughts for a wonderful person…..

  92. Stay strong. Never give up! Best wishes to you.

  93. Dear Acharya S, D.M.Murdock oh well you know your full name, My dear friend, I have no medical, gorgeous clinics, or other stuff which can ease your pain, or prolong your life, I’d just like to say, I’m pleased I found a human to whom we all feel so connected and loving towards! your life of study and enormous talent and passion in your writings have enabled masses of us to see TRUTH in our world. Love always. xxxxxx Bruce Fisher Australia.

  94. I am so sorry. You wrote about the creation of gods by men. Specially the jesus. His followers pray to him in order to get miracles. Well that wiil not happen. But they repeat a lie until becomes real to them by praying.
    The only advise I can give is to use the faith of repeat your goal , that is to survive this process . Again and again, no to believe in a lie, but make your will, mind and body stronger.

    I send a Link of a man who survived 3 times cancer.

    I hope good examples give you more light .

  95. Acharya, I want You to try your DAMNDEST (tee heee), to STAY ALIVE.#1, Your son, #2, to be able to educate the world with Your studies/findings, #3, to continue to deprogram the indoctrinated and dispel the pall of superstitious ignorance. . .We ALL Love You, Cherish You !!! You helped MANY to enlarge their MINDS !!!!!!!!!!

  96. Dear Acharia,
    Please! Please! Please! The answer is Cannabis Oil. If you haven’t already, please watch “Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story” here: Also how to make the oil by Derek Butt: (Maybe you can get some oil from him)
    Around 140 cannabinoids are found in the plant which bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body – the endocannibinoid system. It is responsible for regulating a wide range of body functions including the immune system.
    In my humble opinion Cannabis is probably the best medicine on the planet. I have made several batches of oil over the last 2 years (mostly for others) and I KNOW first-hand that it works.
    DO NOT under any circumstances use Pharma Drugs – they are sure to kill you…
    Eat ONLY fresh organic veg (cooked and raw), fruit & herbs. Stay away from meat at least until you are healed.
    I don’t want you to go yet – there is still so much for you to teach us.
    Love and admiration, Graham

  97. Having cared for my wife during her our joint battle with Brest cancer (8 years) done holistically,we lost the battle but put on a good fight, i cared for her 24/7 during her last phase. So i understand your position, Positive attitude is a great benefit. So take care and do not give up. Love you and your work.

  98. Dear Acharia,
    I forgot to mention: Cancer thrives when the body is acidic and oxygen levels are low. A bit of bicarbonate of soda in a bit of water for the acid, and deep breathing to increase oxygen levels is a good option. Fresh lemon juice in a glass of water every day will help to detox you.
    The CBD in cannabis will eliminate your inflamation in a short period of time.
    The best time to take the oil is just before you go to sleep. That way you sleep off the psychedelic effects.
    Love and admiration, Graham

  99. Hi Acharya,

    I just wanted to say that your work has changed my life. I first met you at the Q&A of the premiere of Zeitgeist – The Movie in Hollywood at the Artivist film festival in 2006.

    Since then I’ve been an advocate of your work and have most of your published works on my bookshelf. I want to thank you for the research you’ve done and dedicating your life to opening up a new world view outside the dogma of today’s major religions. And bringing forth a new beauty to being human by being able to see the archetypical themes over long stretches of time in our collective thought.

    I was raised catholic and now breathe a sigh of relief everyday that I can live without fear from the threats of eternal hell that were spooked into me as a child.

    Anyway, today I continue to advocate your work to friends that may be still stuck in their worlds of dogma. I also have been an activist and coordinator of the Zeitgeist Movement in CA since Peter’s 2nd film in 2008 and that is going strong with a global effort to update the public mindset about our socioeconomic system and natural law.

    So thank you for everything in spite of all the crap you’ve had to endure.. Your work (in my view) is going to be a major reference point in history for the remainder of human existence..

    Much Love & Thanks,

  100. I have been thinking about you every day since your e-mail notifying me about your cancer. I wish you and your family the best!!!

  101. I have health issues, myself. I know it’s not fun -especially in case like yours. The mental and emotional toll alone is devastating. I wish you the very best of luck, Acharya.


  102. I’m so sorry to hear of your problems, Acharya.

    I hope you’re able to pull through this and continue to provide us with your insight.

    I’m going to offer five links, which you may find helpful (i don’t necessarily accept everything they suggest):

    1) This page talks about the interaction of physical, mental and spiritual aspects –

    2) In terms of nutritin, raw food diets are often used by people –

    3) This page looks at nutrition beyond raw food:

    4) This book isn’t directly related to cancer, but discusses the emerging science on a greater spiritual reality, and the potential it has in helping to heal:

    5) You may be interested in the story of Anita Moorjani who had a quick recovery from cancer:

    I hope you find the right solution for you…

  103. Was just wondering about you the other day, and behold a message shows up on e-mail. I am surprised you have not taken the same diligent effort in research and applied it to cures for cancer. Last route I would go would be with the corrupt medical establishment…. there seems to be a lot out there on people who have been magically cured from cancer. But I am not in your shoes

    1. Who says I haven’t done so? I’ve been researching quite diligently and applying as many alternative methods are possible – you have not read my blog post diligently, apparently. Read it again! I specifically stated that chemo and radiation would have killed me months ago. Do you believe that I am dead? Obviously, I did not go that route. I also specifically stated that there will be “stupid blogs” trying to blame my death on “alternative medicine,” if I die. Would I have said that if I weren’t diligently researching and discussing alternatives? I also pointed the direction to my Facebook page, where I’ve been discussing alternatives and raking standard care treatment over the coals, getting into more than a few heated discussions.

      It would be helpful if people would actually read my post and links before commenting. Thank you.

  104. Had a couple of dreams about you actually a month or so ago, what ever our personal notion of the soul maybe this self has something in common with all others, strangers, and what at tremendous journey it is, life and death, the mystery of it and everything, uncomforted the naive absurdities of mere religion, and yet for all that one feels that strange otherness, the wisdom of an archaryas that sees through everything and is bound to arrive again at the most the most staggering realizations, namaste A

  105. Acharya,

    Not to insult but to SUPPORT … I’m floored that a person of your intelligence has resorted to such gross medical and destructive (allopathic) measure, which you may find hard to recover from later on. Identify the problem going on in you as an INDIVIDUAL, as opposed to being concerned with set protocols which will go awry if you are not healthy enough to process them, again, if these energy/informational fields are not set up & already receptive.

    What you need is to get yourself not only on an “energy” device (hardware & software), but one that works in the informational field as well. This will identify all your issues (most serious first), and then you can treat them. The QXCI (updated to INDIGO now) has been generally recognized as the most exhaustive “granddaddy” landmark device out there (even as a gov’t registered medical device), but the one I like is much newer, called Inergetix CoRe/Health Navigator. CoRe means “CoIncidence Recognition”. Frequency RESONANCE healing, by way of using a computer system chock full of healing data & frequencies. Well, please read up on it yourself. So much I could give you. Perhaps start here :

    CoRe System – How it Works – clearly explains energetic and informational medicine and describes a CoRe session with some screen images.

    I couldn’t imagine a technology more advanced. Contact me if questions. I am available to you. Lots on YouTube as well. Kiran Schmidt developed Inergetix CoRe. (I have had personal success, yes).

    I will continue to read the posts, but wanted to get this right out there ASAP after having received your email update. I was not previously aware of your health.

    Lots of practitioners who can help you All you need is a computer. (YouTube “The Living Matrix” film)
    Without a system like this, how could you know what is really going on? It has to resonate with YOU.

    1. Thanks, but you have completely misunderstood my post here, as I assuredly have NOT “resorted to such gross medical and destructive (allopathic) measure.” Are you talking about the MRI? Well, I eschewed the toxic gadolinium the first time around, but we assuredly need to know if the cancer is my brain.

      Please feel free to read my numerous posts on Facebook and to re-read this post, so you will understand my stance on allopathy and alternative. I have used allopathic medicine only for diagnostic purposes so far and do not intend – nor has it been recommended – that I cut, poison or burn my body parts, although my oncologist did outline that would be the procedure for my brain. No thanks.

      I am quite knowledgeable now – unfortunately, because I never wanted to face cancer – about “alternative” practices, and I’ve gotten into my share of heated discussions with proponents of toxic chemo and radiation, so, again, you have misunderstood my position entirely.

      1. So you may be aware/conscious of potential side-effects:

        [Excerpted from:

        6. What are the risks of gadolinium contrast medium injection
        Gadolinium contrast medium is generally very safe. Side effects or reactions are uncommon but may occur. The most common adverse reactions are brief headache, nausea (feeling sick) and dizziness for a brief time following the injection. This occurs in 1% to 5% of contrast injections. Infrequently, a feeling of coldness may occur at the injection site.

        Allergic (anaphylactic) reactions to gadolinium contrast medium have occurred but are extremely rare. These severe reactions, which may involve difficulty breathing and swelling of the lips and mouth, occur in about 1 in every 10,000 people who have gadolinium. These severe reactions generally respond very well to emergency drug treatment. This treatment is given while in the MRI department of the hospital or private radiology practice.

        In patients with normal kidney function most of the gadolinium contrast medium injected is almost entirely passed out in the urine within 24 hours.

        Gadolinium contrast medium should be avoided in patients with reduced kidney function or kidney failure (either chronic or acute), and hepatorenal syndrome (a condition involving reduced function of liver and kidneys).

        Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), a debilitating disease resulting in skin contractures (or localised skin thickening and tightening) and internal organ damage has occurred with some gadolinium based contrast agents in a minority of patients who had pre-existing severe kidney function abnormalities.

      2. Some thoughts on Contrast-MRI, by, Dr. Mercola:

        Excerpt from article at:

        “I recommend that everyone use caution with gadolinium-based contrast agents and only use them when absolutely essential. Even if you’re healthy, these contrast agents may cause side effects like life-threatening allergic reaction, blood clots, blood vessel irritation and skin reactions, including hives, itching, and facial swelling.”

        1. Thanks. Yes, I know. That’s why I eschewed it the first time. Of course, the MRI without the contrasting agent showed a shadow or some such, so now we have to redo it. Thus, it has become “absolutely essential.”

          1. Provided you are not already familiar with Dr. Thomas Levy’s illness-treatment protocols using Vitamin “C,” this may be of interest, and benefit, to you.

            “This video, although taken from a congress of health care professionals, offer essential information to the layperson as well. If you are battling cancer, dental toxicity, autoimmune diseases, etc., please take the time to watch and absorb this information.

            “In this video, Dr. Levy speaks to fellow medical doctors about the history of vitamin C as well as the practical application of the theory of electron flow and how vitamin C and antioxidants effect health and healing. Even though this talk if directed to medical professionals, he has a simple and crystal clear way of explaining complicated reactions.”


        2. Note my update re gadolinium. The insideradiology article further down makes an even more important comment regarding liver function, so I decided not to take the chance. Even if it is in my brain, I can’t go the standard care route of destroy my immune system and cutting into it. It’s just not a good option.

      3. Excerpt: full article at:

        Treat Liver Damage Symptoms with Folk Medicine

        “On this page you can find a number of different user submitted natural remedies for liver damage. Some of our popular home cures for liver damage are castor oil, coconut oil, turmeric, and a garlic tea recipe. In addition, we have a number of discussions concerning dietary suggestions and detox options for your liver. Let us know what you try and how it works for you; and if you know a remedy that’s not yet listed here, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.”

      4. Thanks for your reply. You’re right, I may have said what I did in too much angst and wanting to get it right out there to you ASAP !! But I thought I was reading of all this damage that’s been incurred (unnecessarily in my mind). I’ll sort it out, and likely get back to you. Even still, if you’re unaware of this kind of technology, do follow through. (Yeah, I can see all these posts “Try this, try that”) And this is not expensive to get going on either re a practitioner. They even give free demo’s, but are of course interested that you’re serious in buying. (Beyond $10,000 ish if you want to buy the stuff yourself). I hope you make it Acharya. (I got H1N1 in hosp. in 2010 and had gangrene all over my feet & fingers, so I know what it’s like. I’m in a power wheelchair now).

        (If my friend Dustin was here, he’d say you just need some of Dr. Wallach’s minerals. He’s the man who gave the Muscular Dystrophy “cure” (Selenium) to Jerry Lewis, which ended getting him fired from the telethon)


        1. Thanks. I knew about Dr. Joel Wallach way back in the 1990s. I will inquire with my expert nutritionist about the best mineral supplements. She didn’t think much of the Utah’s inland sea type I have been using.

          Sorry to hear about your own illness – yikes!

  106. Thanks for the link to this post. Hate to know you are in such pain and suffering. Thinking of you with love. Gisèle. xxx

  107. I’m eager to help you return to health. Please see my site and let me know if you’re agreeable to my energy healing services.

    Charlie Benedetti

  108. Hello Acharya, I know you are getting bombarded with lots of “THINGS TO TRY”. But my sister Lily found AHCC capsules (Amazon sells them) and Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte W/ip-6 Powder, very helpful during her fight against cancer. They are potent immune system enhancers.

    Very sad to hear what you are going through. I really wish their was some “Guy in the sky” who could heal people. But sadly that too is another deception and waste of time. All the very best to you.

  109. Hi Acharya,

    Along with another comment I saw on his clinic from Bob Slowic tonight, have you seen the movie Dr. Burzsynski – “Cancer is Serious Business”
    There’s simply no getting around the awful truth of the Cancer business, nor how effective this Dr’s protocols are.

    Again, supporting you …

    Dean Rivers

    1. I’d agree with that. This doctor is helping a lot of people thought incurable.

  110. Dear Acharya, I feel sad to hear about your worsening condition. I hope you will come out fine at the end. I sincerely trust you will fight that. You are a strong person and the mind can often affect the body.

    Your writing has inspired me; I am reading three of your books right now and can’t put them down. You are a real scholar. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

    You will always remain in my thoughts and be remembered with respect and admiration.

    Get well!


  111. Acharya, I’m so sorry to hear of you’re fight with cancer. To share the pain, I’ve been having the same symptoms and it sounds as though, the same mornings as well. I’ve been reading your research for several years now and appreciate what you’ve written.

    Being at the end of my rope as well, I reached out to a Shaman in Eugene, Or. Leia Hart and had amazing results, Now I’m looking into a family of naturopathic doctors in Nampa Id.

    I haven’t seen them or even contacted them yet, but for me, it’s close to where I live in Eastern Oregon and Cindy Schmillen ND PHD sounds as though she has extensive knowledge for working with cancer patients.

    I’m sure you’re well capable of finding your own way, but, just thought I’d share what I had. I’m thinking of you and have intentions of powerful healing for you.

    Hang in there Acharya 😉

  112. Peace to you Acharya. The podcast you did with Miguel Connor about death and dying literally changed my life. Know that you are loved and greatly appreciated for all your work. I will send what I can in the way of financial support.

  113. Dearly Acharya… i wish you health and abundance. I sealed healing and desire your expedite health. I desire your happiness. “My body is aligned with the energy of the divine within me. My cells are working towards the oneness of the divine. The christed energy throbbing within me and so my God-mind within me energized my body towards goodness. I met good physician and healer along the way to assist my wellbeing. Definite restoration is on me. With this realization i give thanks and so it is.”

    Love from North Borneo

  114. You have and are changing lives and the world for the better. Thank you 🙂

  115. You have changed and are changing lives and the world for the better. Thank you 🙂

  116. I was certainly hoping for better news. I hate that you are in pain and can’t bear the thought we might lose your always lucid voice.

    I was just wondering how you were doing a couple days ago when I re-listened to your youtube interview with (can’t recall his name) the guy you liked because he actually read your books before interviewing you. You were brilliant fresh air as usual.

    Couldn’t be any sorrier to read this- been a fan for years.

  117. I do hope you get better. My mother had stage 3 breast cancer 16 years ago (the first known case in our family, according to my late grandmother, who was living at the time), they removed her breast, gave her radiation (no chemo though), and she is now cancer free. I don’t know what type of breast cancer she had, but I’m hoping her story gives you some hope. She never got as bad off as you seem to have it, but hopefully her story helps you and gives you encouragement. hugs and well wishes from me to you.

  118. My mother had melanoma in her throat from a mole back in the 90’s. She used CBD’s (cannabinoids)and used the gearson therapy. Although doctors cut her throat to hell, and told her she’d never swallow right again, let alone turn her neck properly, she NEVER went through chemo after her surgery. She was 32 when it happened. She’s 54 now, and nothing. She’s healthy, able to swallow as she did before the surgery, and can turn her as a healthy person can. Please check out They may be able to help you. I wish you well…..

  119. Oh, my dear how gladly I would change places with you. Though of course you may not wish to be a male,78 year old limey with gout but it might give you a few more years at the excellent work you are doing. To make you smile or laugh may not affect a cure but it’s the best medicine around for the mental effects. Don’t let all the well-wishers wear you down, one day at a time, remember ?

  120. Dear, Dear Acharya S / DMM,

    Anyone may find it helpful to stop chasing the fear found in “Dr-identified symtoms” and “Go against the CAUSE.”

    A short while ago in history the horrible disease called “Scurvy” decimated sailors around the globe. It’s total cure was brought about by ONE single (unknown-at-the-time) Vita-mineral; Vitamin C. It was in LIME fruits, that later became regularly stored in ships’ holds, which enabled Healthier British Sailors to become a naval-enforcing, global empire-builder. THAT’s why they became nicknamed “Limeys”.

    Similarly, the deficiency-disease Pellagra was remediated by ONE formerly unknown B-vitamin. ONE natural, unpatentable, inexpensive, self-supplied, vitamin available in FOOD !
    … So, what about the single, albeit multi-symptom dis-ease called ‘cancer’?

    Search for and WATCH the YouTube video:
    “G.Edward Griffin: A World Without Cancer (full movie)”

    You’ll learn something interesting about another vitamin’s SUPPRESSED history about NOT curing cancer. Endless ‘research’ = endless sick-care funding$

    Acharya, you may find it helpful to stop chasing the fear found in a healing-philosophy of “cha$ing Dr-identified symtoms” and “Go against the CAUSE.” – – revealed in the video I’ve referenced for your well-being.

    Yes, search for and WATCH the YouTube video:
    “G.Edward Griffin: A World Without Cancer (full movie)”

    You’ll get a worthwhile education about Cause, Cure and $uppression.

    Last year I personally listened to and met the author of “World Without Cancer”, G. Edward Griffin, who spoke last year at my first attendance at the Cancer Control Society’s convention in LA. Enlightening !!!

    While in the hallways there I also saw and heard an incredibly healthy looking stranger mention to someone, “I KNOW I’ll never die of cancer!”. He was the son of the primary bio-medical researcher featured in the YouTube video above. Coincidence?

    You’ll learn something interesting about another vitamin’s SUPPRESSED history about curing ….. cancer.

    Peace, Love, Truth and Health for YOU-and-yours ALWAYS,

    Ralph Lewis

  121. The Sun is the Source of Energy for everything in our Solar System. 10 seconds to start within an hour after sunrise or not sooner than an hour before sunset … and add 10 seconds more each day with your bare feet firmly on the ground … the closer to pure soil the better the connection. The rays from the Sun go directly to the Pineal Gland via the Optic Nerve after being absorbed on the Retina. Drink plenty of water and follow the Doctors instructions … I know that your comfort will be greatly improved and you’ll be glad for the increase in energy. It isn’t about “fighting” cancer … it is about facilitating your own healing systems. Neal

    1. You may want to reconsider the nature of the sun, and the so-called solar system. It’s all a NASA hoax.

  122. Wow, I am so sorry to hear all that has been going on with you Acharya. I sure wish there was something they could do to help ease your pain and give you more energy.
    You’ve been such an inspiration to so many of us over the years, and the vast amount of information you’ve shared in your books is amazing.
    I sincerely hope for a miracle cure to come your way. May healing and health be yours again.
    With love and hugs,


  123. Greetings Dr archaya s I know the good forces be with you and your recovery. You are the realdeal archeologist Indiana Mrs Jones they should portray you in movies. I’ve been following your work since I discover your website you are inspiration to lot of us philosopher scholars. You will get well soon.p.s. the world needs get rid of parasites in our bodies they are like alien entities that causes cancer other sickness. where did they came from origin did the Adam and eve myth from bible mention parasites. Sorry for my conspiracy theory but I did research parasites worms that infest our body brain that causes sickness and brain mind controlled by government to iliminate righteous people on their agenda like your work sun god there I’s no Jesus just good and Bad force universe

  124. May prayers are with you!!!

  125. I sincerely hope you make a successful recovery.
    Love your work!!

  126. Dear Acharya
    Am sending you another donation and I hope they keep coming from your many fans. We love you and I love you. The GcMAF that keeps getting mentioned and keeps getting doctors killed for using it has been seemingly shut down because it was helping too many people. Anyway I hope you got the first donation I sent a while ago. I only wish I was there to help take care of you. You are amazing. Please stay as strong as you can and fight to live. We need you here on this planet. You are a brilliant light in this world.

  127. Sarah Davis-Bennett

    Hello Acharya, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry that you have to endure this trial and the pain. I suppose others have suggested milk thistle and curcumin and lots of garlic, but who knows how effective they would be. You are in my prayers and I am hopeful for your recovery. Sarah Davis-Bennett

  128. Hi Acharya – I made a modest donation just to show I care for you and want you t live for some more time to carry on with your good work. It is paid by paypal with the name CMKUSA. May you get well soon. I will pray for you.
    Murali Chemuturi

  129. Drear Acharya

    Terribly sorry to hear about your physical condition I wasn’t aware of what you have been going through. Glad to see that you have been given a lot of good info (incl. dietary advice) in these Comments. Just a quickie: the value of high-dosage vitamin C treatment. The Cancer Control Society has a lot of good lecture videos on this, including from a Murray Sussen, M.D. And, someone has mentioned Dr. Mercola; ‘Natural News’ Dr. Mike Adams also has good info on his site.

    But mostly, I just wanted to appreciate you for all the excellent work that you have done, in researching in depth & reporting so valiantly & exhaustively on matters of the most importance to humanity. Well done. And wishes for a complete recovery from this momentary setback. 🙂

  130. Acharya,
    Thanks for all you have given us. I hope as you do, that it is the liver detoxing too quickly that is causing the current crisis. It is amazing how so many people fail to read your article and jump to the wrong conclusions about what you are doing.
    I have read enough over the years to know that positive thoughts work wonders so I will be sending many of them to you. Keep thinking the positive outcome and trust that you are finding the right answers.

    Hang in there and don’t leave us yet. You have more work to do and would be missed very much.

  131. Dear Acharya
    Wishing For You That Which You Wish For Yourself
    Something that you can do now is the water cure
    …..You should drink half of your body weight in ounces. If you weight 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces water (3.13 quarts, 2.98 liters or about 10-12 cups of water a day). If you weigh closer to 100 pounds you will need only about 50 ounces of water or about four 12-ounce glasses daily…
    Also seems bona fide and definitely worth seeking out
    Connect more with the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Sun bathe, water bathe, hold the branches of trees, put your bare feet onto the earth……..
    Περαστικα Κωστας

  132. I have read and own three of your books. I think you are an excellent writer as well as researcher, and the help you have given to millions of people will live on. Damn, why do bad things happen to good people?

  133. I will pray for you.
    Let the God of higher truth (Ethiopia) heal you.
    Your research works have started lightening the darkness.

  134. Oh my….. all these suggestions and I haven’t seen any reference to HEMP OIL!!

    HEMP OIL cures cancer. You can get it from here:

  135. I only just found you Acharya S. I am a jewish born atheist. I hope you will soon be in the best of health and with us for a very long time.

    I am currently residing in Tanzania and suffering with an overload of deluded religiosity around me. It has been a real joy reading and listening to your insights.

    All the best

  136. Praying for you girl

  137. Good luck, I hope for all the best for you.
    Your research is invaluable and helps set history straight.
    Please try to stay strong and never give up the fight.
    – Scott, Chicago, IL

  138. I admire you too and WISH and BELIEVE in “miracle” for you…and I did not see anybody mention Dr.Tullio Simoncini yet:

    BLESSINGS and LOVE within my heart

  139. I hope for the best ;-))
    Hold on and do not lose heart!!

  140. Oh, you might be interested in listening to Lissa Rankin (video under 20 minutes):

  141. Apologies, i gave the wrong link for Lissa Rankin. That one was her older talk – this is the link i meant to give: It’s titled “Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?” Feel free to delete my last comment.

  142. Hi Acharya,

    I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you.
    Happy to see you still have your fighting spirit.
    Defiance speaks from your comments!
    That’s good and strong!

    You just keep defending yourself against medication and the illness.



  143. I’m not sure if you remember my posts from the freethought forum but this email is the first I have heard of your predicament.

    I have to say Acharya that you have everything you need to get better already at your disposal. Organic everything is your new shopping list and it pains me that chemo prevents people from rebuilding their immune system through natural means.

    I lost my mother a couple of years ago more to the chemo treatment than the cancer and at the end of her days she said, no more chemo. Lets be honest, cancer treatment these days is an industry and nothing more. You need to go alternative because that is what your body and mind are telling you.

    Conventional treatment doesn’t work when a microscopic few recover and the ones that recover from alternative means are immediately shutdown and silenced by the FDA under legal gag orders.

    I don’t believe in sympathy and I don’t believe it pity, so Acharya with as much love and respect as I can muster, get your chin of the ground and your arse in gear girl, the world is a far better place with you in it.

    Your friend, Branjo.

  144. Acharya, You might want to check out this web site and videos. Changed my whole belief system about how to cure cancer. Regards, Tom Dietrich

  145. Dear Acharya
    I and all your friends, prayers and thoughts are with you! Don’t give up, just as you have not given up with your valuable research work. You have given so much time and effort for us all. There is a herb for every ailment under the sun….you wold know that! I am speaking from seeing healing with my own eyes. This man, was dying with cancer and had a major operation on his stomach to remove the cancer. An old man told him to take bark from the ancient Blood tree! One night I saw this documentary on this old man I think from the Amazon he had sick people lined up for as long as you could see to receive some of the bark from this bleeding tree..(red sap) he gave each a piece of bark…they spoke of mass healing. It touched me so much, that I also searched for this blood tree and found it to be Pau D’ Arco. The sick man I know, started taking one per day….maybe a month later, there was no sign of the cancer….Doctors were amazed. I have not seen him for months but told he is doing well. Please consider giving it a try..take care Maree

  146. I am deeply sadden to hear about your failing health, I am truly a fan of yours.

  147. Love and blessings to you. It is easy for us to say Keep Strong but please know that God knows best.
    Thank you for all your enlightenment. I really miss your updates.

    God bless,
    Karen in Trinidad

  148. The emails in my “Acharya” file date back to March 9 2008 with “Happy International Womens Day”. I hope you can get well and I am about to give this same info to my cousins wife who has tumors in her liver. I’ve read all the replies you’ve received so far and only one fellow has hit it on the head, although this GcMAF and other things may have been helpful. Graham S wrote earlier about Cannabis Oil. This is it! I came across this last year and at first I was like “no way” but I’ve watched the Rick Simpson vids on youtube “Run from the Cure” and plenty of others and also this guy Ronnie Smith who has also helped cure many people from cancer, “Ronnie Smith Story, youtube” and the website . There are blokes here in Australia who are making this for people too, it looks real. I will be happy to donate $50 towards your oil (no I don’t sell it but Ronnie Smith says he does). Please take a look. Get well soon, love and peace to you, oh and congrats on the amazing work you have put together over the years, amazing, scandalous!

  149. I wish I could wave a wand and clear it all up for you my beautiful friend. It aches me to no end in hearing about the ordeal. I am gutted. I know you are hearing from many with suggestions and you will follow your instincts. With all the love in my heart pouring your way, thank you for being my long distance friend. Life is crazy right now, eh? You are an amazing woman, with incredible strength, and grateful that you are sharing your journey with us all. With highest love, pamela

  150. I’m so terribly sorry to ear of your condition. I would definitely want to assist you in overcoming your plight, mostly be food changes and a strong diet of vitamins and minerals. Please contact me directly and add ‘Gnomes’ in your title so I don’t blank out your message. I’ve helped many get out of their cancer problems, including Leukemia, so this is not new for me. It will be beneficial for me if you take it upon yourself to start using the library as a reference point to learn how your body works. Thank you for your time

  151. Acharya please go to the Gersen Therapy or Dr.Burnski in Houston stay away from mainstream doctors you have time!

  152. Hello Acharya!
    I’m so sorry to learn of your cancer and related health problems. I’ve always admired your intellect and your natural beauty, and now I am in awe of your strength and stoicism–and composure.
    I pray for your full recovery and happiness.


  153. When words fail, music speaks. I am definitely speechless right now, and I usually know what to write. Words simply cannot express my sympathy and heartfelt wishes for an eventual recovery for you, Acharya.

  154. Tumeric & cayanne plus cordyceps (aloha medicinals) can save you. Please save yourself.
    Detoxifying your liver will essentially detoxify your entire body, so it makes sense that in order to detoxify your body.
    you may want 1 tsp each in a blender with tomatoes juice,
    I consider it a dose most adequate for health maintenance. Double or triple if you can for a duration that provides the turn around.
    Just do it and I’ll enjoy your recovering through next year.
    My best to your best.

    Black strap adds micro minerals & thats all I have to say about it.

  155. I keep hearing great stories about Selenium beating cancer. I hope you are taking lots of Milk Thistle for your liver strength . It’s so powerful for Liver detox.

    R’fua Shl’eimah, Complete healing.


  156. I wish you all the best and a full recovery.

    Cuba seems to do very good work in medicine, have you any word about there cancer treatment track record?

  157. Hi Acharya

    Check that out, it might be a way.

    Essiac Tea: THE TRUTH ABOUT ESSIAC, Rene Caisse’s Herbal Cancer treatment

  158. Divine Achaya, you know how much I love you. I am grateful for the irony that the initial friction between us, years ago, led to a great friendship. You know, too, how I respect and admire your research skills and their striking results. Your books are treasures, and are more than the sum of their parts. That “more” is you! If anyone has the indomitable spirit to overcome the odds, it is you!

    1. My dear friend, Beloved Bob! How nice to hear from you. I really appreciate your input and support, as always. We remain hopeful that I can overcome this latest challenge, since I am throwing my “all” at it in the same manner in which I tackled our mutually adored subject matter.

      Your friendship all these years has meant the world to me and has inspired me to greater endeavors.

      All my love, Acharya

  159. Hi Acharya,

    I’m so sorry to hear that your condition has worsened. Unfortunately, the best doctor that I know of, a sixth generation Chinese medical practitioner, is in Indonesia. He is truly gifted, a miracle worker. Perhaps this isn’t practical information for you. If you should be healthy enough to travel, and this is of interest to you, you may contact me for further information.

    Best Regards,

    Brian Tepper

  160. I just lost my last attempt here. Did you get it? If not…………
    Let me just say here that I hope you’re feeling OK today.
    I can’t remember what I had written but I do remember the joke….

    “A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Why the long face”?

    It’s my all time fav.
    Again: Have you heard of the Ty Bollinger series on cancer? Good stuff.
    I had mentioned the weather and said some sillies that I cannot remember.

    I do hope your spending time with productive and positive thoughts about the next level of consciousness and things of this nature. It’s important to dwell on the higher side of your innate knowledge since it’s quite clear to me that the time spent researching these possibilities have not been coincidental, seems you may have a leg up in this respect.

    As there are no coincidences and I’m sure you are using your time in a way that is constructive to your cause and your effect which has been huge!
    Thank you for your work. I’m also sure many people have been relieved of so much guilt as a result……..Nothing like a little Jesus in your chicken soup…….couldn’t hurt.

    Once again, I am sending many layers of light your way so keep all the doors and windows open………….and if there is something I can do for you please ask me as you have already contributed major enlightenment my way.

    Thank you again for all your time and energy, I hope everything is as good as it can be……..for you, today.


  161. Acharya,

    This is all sad news to me. When were you first diagnosed with cancer? I was worried for your safety when you published “Did Moses Exist?” in 2014, as the “You-Know-Who’s” are known for assassinating those who seriously threaten any part of their world domination agenda. Their mythical Bible(Old Testament and New) is the foundation of their agenda, and of course, Moses is the most important character in the Old Testament. Your book exposing Moses as a mythical character surely didn’t sit well with them.

    If you eat out a lot, it wouldn’t have been too difficult for them to poison your food or drink with a cancer virus, or with radioactive polonium. They have assassinated many people this way, including the PLO’s Yasser Arafat:

    You may want to get tested for polonium poisoning, and if the results come back positive, look into natural ways to remove radioactive particles from the body, such as clinoptilolite zeolite and chlorophyll. Here is a good article on removing radioactive particles from the body:

    I also recommend searching for cancer treatment options, and if possible, scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mercola himself – he’s in the Chicago, IL area. Here are a couple of recent articles from his site:

    I wish you well, and hope that you find the treatment you need, and recover quickly.

  162. Dearest Ms. Murdock, you have been one of my greatest heroes [and friends from a distance] for over 20 years now. You will continue so in my heart and mind as long as I live.
    I grieve for the burden you are now bearing so bravely. I wish it was otherwise. You have my most sincere wishes for all the best the Universe can give you now. I have always loved you and your books and always will. I will continue to think of you and love you and wish you comfort and peace every day.

  163. Dear One, I have admired and loved you from afar for over 2 decades now. I will continue feeling that way about you and your great work for the rest of my days.

    May the Universe grant you many more moments and days of peace and comfort and yes, ultimately– Joy.

  164. Thanks for sharing this information, your kindness and warmth touched many people who read your articles.
    Your strength, will and the universe will heal you.
    Sending you universal healing energy.

    I hope your doctors will find good medicines that will heal you.

  165. this have in china hospital with more than million person, no medicine rate of 95% success. in 20 days or 10 weeks.many followers in USA.
    you can research with this
    olso try one appoitment wit Yoshiaki Omura, M.D.,
    Ryke Geerd Hamer .cure cancer just talking if you believed check juan de dios, that cure Dr Wayne Dyer from cancer.
    buena suerte

  166. Hello Acharya

    I would like to see you get in touch with Jenny Thompson at HSI
    (Health Sciences Institution)

    e-mail: HSI Customer Service
    Call toll free: 1-888-213-0764
    Write: Health Sciences Institute
    702 Cathedral Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201

    There’s a small membership fee to join It’s not much but I will pay
    it for you and buy some more books from you.

    These people specialize in alternative medicine and I believe they can help you. I believe in them and their mission like I do you.
    Do it so you can get well and return to researching. This world needs researchers.

    Blessings & Peace
    Stan Conner

    1. Oh, I remember Jenny from many years ago! I used to receive her emails over a decade ago. Glad to see she’s still going strong.

  167. Hello! I started getting your emails a while ago. Sending you many blessings. I recently heard from a breast cancer survivor that her oncologist said that organic flax seed oil kills cancer especially breast cancer. He said if she tried to quote him he would deny it. For sone reason it absorbs better when put in cottage cheese. I hope this helps. Love and blessings!

    1. just remember, when you use flaxseed or the oil you must not grind the flaxseed for long periods in a coffee grinder. 5 seconds or less is plenty. Mix well with cottage cheese that has high protein content. Mix well. add fruit and eat every morning for breakfast, no dinner and fruit and vegetables for supper. Alex Jacques

  168. Dear Acharya. I admire your bright intelligence and research ability. I feel sad knowing about your situation, but I am sure that with such an ability to research, you will be able to find the best treatment for you. I am a physician, and I agree that most cancer treatments do more harm than good. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are very harmful in most cases.Someday in the future, physicians will think about our age cancer treatments as we think about bleeding and some other ancient treatments. I wish you the best, and I am sure that you will overcome that difficult situation you are in. Best wishes

  169. Dear, Dear Acharya S / DMM,

    RE… Your symptom-statement ( = a physiological CLUE ) … ” I do feel like I’m dying IN THE MORNINGS especially. We’ve been trying to heal my liver for several weeks now, but I only start to feel BETTER IN THE EVENINGS or nights.”

    The TIME-of-day is a MAJOR indicator of how to reduce suffering from cancers and is indicated in a book ABOUT the work of Dr. Revici, MD. – – written by Kelly Eidem.

    “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer” is NOW a FREE audiobook from Audibel when you sign up for a 30-day free trial.

    In that book I recall that KNOWING the difference ( better vs worse) of pain/energy patterns in the AM vs PM was used by Dr. Revici to use either phosphoric acid ( major ingredient in Classic Coke) or sodium bicarbonate ( Arm & Hammer Baking Soda ) to increase his patient’s energy and sense of well-being.

    Please check into this so you may “… live long(er) and prosper.” Our world could enjoy a lot more of YOU.

    : )

    Ralph Lewis

  170. Hi Acharya, It was a relief to see an e-mail from you in the box. I’m one who doesn’t really trust the medical establishment too much, unless it’s to have a tooth pulled or something similar to that because then I know exactly what is going to be done. I’ve relied on a book entitled ” Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by James and Phyllis Balch, an M.D. and C.N.C. by profession. It’s a book that lists hundreds of human ailments and afflictions ( oh, what a wonderful life!) in alphabetical order, gives a description of each with a list of the most important nutrients to help restore health, along with recommendations, etc..A few years back I had Lyme Disease and the book gave me very helpful info on how to fight it. Anyways, i want to let you know that your “Gospel” has been a source of “seeing the big picture”. I got interested in astronomy (just as an observer, really) joined a local astronomy club and then started building telescopes, attending astronomy conventions,etc…thanks to you…sending love for your recovery. Dave L.

  171. (Captcha failed, so I resent this)
    Hi Acharya, my heart sank when I read your email about how your condition has worsened. Since finding you a few years ago and reading your books I’ve felt like you and your work are a nice family I became a part of. Whenever I felt old religious doubts and fears seeping back from my past I went to one of your books where I highlighted many helpful passages and information and was always relieved and comforted. I’m very thankful you were blessed with such talent and the strength to achieve what you did to enlighten all who suffer from religious brainwashing. I think of you constantly and wish you the very best. Reading thru your blog here has opened my eyes to some ugly realities in the medical profession I had only heard a few rumors about, and I’m becoming more interested in natural remedies myself. I hope you find whatever is the best remedy from Nature and people who work for the best in your health. I want to see you recover and continue with the great work you’ve done. And I want to help out so am sending a gift I hope will speed your recovery. Take care and best wishes.
    Jay B.

  172. Thank you for filling us in. I was happy to see your update in the mail but saddened to hear the update. You are an incredibly strong woman; I wish for you the best and pray for your health. Get high.
    Ok, I have to admit considering you seem like a very clear headed person all the time I don’t know if that is one of the things you have tried yet. I am sure you are already aware that there are marijauna alternatives that don’t get you high; what ever you do I hope to be hearing from you again soon.

    1. Thanks. I’m definitely aware of the cannabinoids and cancer research. Unfortunately, it’s not just a question of taking huge amounts of RSO and being cured. It’s much more difficult than that at this time, as the vast majority of people will not be taking 1 gram of 95% THC cannabis oil a day. I await Sanjay Gupta/CNN’s special on cannabis and cancer, should one be in the works.

  173. Želim da vam bude bolje i da ozdravite.
    My best wishes,

  174. I’m very sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had with your health; and I hope you find a cure. I love your courageous books. Best wishes. Walt

  175. hi,,have you tried the Dr budwig Diet, I know it will cure you. Why do people not believe this fact?. Alex

    1. I did incorporate it into my diet months ago, although of late I modified it with hemp oil instead of flax. There is some concern about the flax’s high omega 3’s and possibly estrogenic effects.

      Flaxseed and phytoestrogens

      Flaxseed is the richest dietary source of lignans, a type of phytoestrogen. A phytoestrogen is a plant nutrient that is somewhat similar to the female hormone estrogen. Due to this similarity, lignans may have estrogenic and/or anti-estrogenic effects in the body. Lignans are the nutrients that are at the center of the controversy regarding whether it is safe for women with breast cancer to eat flaxseeds.

      1. Flax seed, turmeric, black seed (black cumin) mixed into a cold green smoothie (super smooth with a BlendTec blender) with frozen pineapple. Yum. I find turmeric visually reduces inflammation in my body. Inflammation is our signal that something is wrong and is correlated with cancer. I am now thinking black seed does the same or better than turmeric. In fact I think my newly found black seed supplements have found things to remove from my body that green smoothies and carrot juice have not, and I am a way healthy person.

        The juicer drinks and blender drinks will allow you to get high density raw food nutrition in your body should you begin to have deep weakness and swallowing issues. You might want a team to do that to replace most of the hospital “foods”.

        My mother-in-law came back to life from a “death prediction” of four months from throat cancer with old fashioned will power and a fire hose of carrot juice. That was 25 years ago before it was cool to do raw juices. She turned orange but she is 81 now and still kicking. You have options. Drink filtered or distilled water, stretch, wiggle, walk, dance, laugh, and get your lymphatic system pumping.

        Do try to stay for a while. We are all very fond of you. Peace.

  176. I had colon cancer when I was 59 years of age. the cancer was surgicaly removed and I went on the Dr. Budwig Diet. I have also returned to the Diet lately. I am 84 years old and doing well..Alex

  177. Hi Acharya – thank you so much for your passionate devotion to research and writing which provides so much help to all of us searching for truth – may your full recovery take place soon – my Daddy faced two extremely aggressive and advanced cancers four years apart – in both cases he elected surgical removal, but refused the recommended chemo and radiation, choosing instead to concentrate on natural ways to build up his immune system – the Doctor who did the surgery for the second one told him he’d be lucky to make it six more months – he went into remission for fifteen years, continuing to live a happy and productive life, finally passing at age 92 from natural causes not related to cancer – we all know this is not “one size fits all” stuff, but remission is possible – wishing you all the best always – in peace and love, Cal

    1. Thank you for the inspiring story. I’m glad to hear about your father’s success.

  178. Dear Acharia, I am so sorry to hear iof your struggle. Your work is is brilliant and has been a truer inspiration to me. Life is certainly not fair. I hope you can win this battle. I wish I could do or say more……this world needs your voice, more than ever. Good luck, Jerry.

  179. Sad to read about your situation,we hope you get well soon and will send healing vibes to you 🙂

  180. Acharya,
    You have been, still are, and will be for all my time left, one of the greatest teachers in all my wandering on this planet. May you keep peace through all of this.

  181. Well Acharya, you are an individual that with your work on religion were able to open up many people’s minds to certain aspects that they had not been aware of. By doing that you were able to make these individuals understand that what they had read was nothing more the expression of the human writers who were simply telling a story that was acceptable at the time it was written.

    Now you face a different type of challenge where you must go beyond what you presently believe about your body and you present life and be prepared to be exposed to another truth that you have not yet really pursued. This other truth is that we are not a piece of meat with a brain that keeps us alive until we get old and then that is the end when we die. There is life after death but not along the lines presented by all the religious books–and the only word that conveys the meaning of life is “reincarnation”. We live and die many times and we return to this earth many times and that is the truth.

    I am mentioning this not because death in inevitable for all of us, but rather to allow people like you to discover more about yourself and if something can be done to reverse what is happening to you. For this reason I am suggesting that you look and contact someone from the Newton organization and discuss with them what is that you want to find out. There is a chance that if you discover something new about yourself you might also be given the chance to reverse your present affliction. If you are destined to survive this ordeal you will probably be given the method that you must follow and the people that you must see to be cured. Here is the link to Newton–watch the videos and contact them. I really want you to survive and to introduce a new subject to your readers and into your life and change many people the way you have done with religion. Marcel.

  182. AS, You may have heard already about Dr. Peter Glidden. Very important foundational info re healing foods / nutrients, & what to avoid. Trust you will find your way through this – the world especially today, needs your wisdom.

  183. Dear Acharya S,
    The human struggle against ignorance and superstition, and ill-informed contextual understanding, is personal and important to me.

    In a human world I perceive to verge on mental illness, via deficits in question, reason and critical thinking, I applaud you for your efforts to question the masses on their religious certitude.

    I am therefore much saddened by your suffering and to hear of such ill fated circumstances.

    I don’t believe in miracles, but in unknown possibilities in an awe
    filled natural world.

    I wish you the best the world can offer, beyond our understanding of it. Cheers!


  184. So sorry to hear about your ordeal. I have survived breast cancer and I remember one statement from a doctor as I struggled with so much fear and turmoil after my surgery…”It’s not the cancer that kills people, but the frantic fear and constant worry that consume us once we are diagnosed with it.” He suggested people put themselves wholeheartedly into things they love to do, like gardening and other hobbies that help us take our minds away from the struggle. Accepting the fact that each day may be our last (no different than was true before we got cancer) and determining to live in the present moment, not only made my days so much happier, but probably helped me survive further invasion of cancer cells, which are always looking for an opening when we’re vulnerable. Having cancer caused me to pour my heart out to a loving God I hoped existed and that experience also helped give me strength to go on each day. I appreciate all your hard work in helping people evaluate their beliefs. I encourage them to throw out the crazy ones, but to keep the ones that prove to be true in their own experience. For me, the irrational beliefs in world religions doesn’t negate the existence of a loving God who is accessible to all of us, especially in our greatest struggles. I will be praying for you and if you want to contact me, I’ll be glad to listen. I’ll share my phone number in an e-mail if you just need to talk.

  185. Hi,
    Sorry to read this. There seem to be cures for cancer, but the pharma industry won’t tell, coz they don’t want to cure people; but only treat them so they can make money! Anyway, what I read is that olive oil helps fighting the cancer, same as sour sop. Google it. Good luck. ☺

  186. I would seek the advice of a “functional” medicine doctor. Also, if you haven’t looked at this site, I would check it out. There is a man named Chris Wark in Memphis who puts information out there about people he interviews who have used non-conventional treatments and are survivors. He is one of those people himself. His site is You are in our thoughts and we wish you complete health and wellness!

  187. I’ve seen the hundreds of life-saving, cancer-defeating suggestions in the comments here….all given by people who care deeply for you. This is as it should be for someone who has helped so many of us. But for someone with the cancer bullseye painted on your own chest, most of these recommendations will be nothing but distractions.

    Alright, I’ve never reached out to anyone before, but your work has affected me (and many others) so deeply that I will add my own experience to this list.

    In late 2012, at age 56, I was diagnosed with stage III, aggressive, smooth muscle invasive bladder cancer. Recommended treatment was surgical removal of my bladder, prostate, and urethra, followed by 4 weeks of chemo. I would never urinate normally again nor have sex normally again if ever. I was given a 75% chance of survival at 5 years. There was a 50% chance that I would need corrective surgery due to the complexity of the initial surgery, and I might suffer what is called “chemo brain.”

    I was terrified.

    After extensive research, I located a body of work by D. James Morre, Ph.d., a retired professor at Purdue University. I was amazed at the scholarship of his work and the team he had assembled to “wipe cancer off the planet.” You can find his work by googling “D. James Morre.”

    I decided to decline the traditional treatment options and instead travelled to W. Lafayette, IN to undergo a treatment protocol utilizing Dr. Morre’s work. Long story short, I have tested negative for bladder cancer three consecutive times since that time.

    By the way, Dr. Morre’s treatment protocol targets all cancers by attacking the cancer-specific ENOX2 proteins that bind to the cancer cell. Since all malignant cancer cells produce this specific protein and only malignant cancer cells, it is the perfect treatment protocol w/o side effects. The only questionable cancers are brain cancers due to the blood/brain barrier which you mentioned in your update.

    Okay, I’m done. You have much to consider and I only wanted to forward the option should you be looking for “a way out” of the traditional treatment morass. If so, I can give you all my contact information should you be interested.

    Ken, 303-481-1352

  188. Sorry, correct phone number: 303-841-1352

  189. Dear Acharya,
    I love you and always have, since I first read your books. You changed my life for the better.
    Yours will change for the better too. Believe me.

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