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Hello friends,

It has been very difficult for us these last several months since Acharya S/Murdock passed away on December 25th Christmas day 2015. The loss is been a very heavy burden for us. The support has been tremendous and many others have asked how to support us. We do need your continued support to keep all of Acharya’s websites up and running and to keep her books and calendars available and the lights on. To send support via PayPal simply send it via her e-mail: acharya_s@yahoo.com

I still use her e-mail: acharya_s@yahoo.com for business and for those who want to contact me with support or questions. A 2nd edition to her first book from 1999 should still happen I’m just not sure when yet but, I’ll keep you posted. It may be a good idea to join the Newsletter list so I can keep you informed, which you may join by going to these websites and look for the Newsletter up top:


By the way, Facebook has blocked me from being able to use her account even after many e-mail exchanges explaining how they are hurting us by cutting us off from her work and her friends there. Facebook couldn’t care less. It also seems Twitter has closed her account too. So, if you want to help out with that contact them.

I’m really proud of Acharya’s boy for working so hard in school (GPA 4.0 right now) and toughing it out in football. We’re doing the best we can with what little we’ve got right now.

I am sorry to have to say that several months after Acharya S passed away I have been suffering my own very serious health crisis and need support. That is mostly why I have not posted here. I will definitely need help with the websites and forum at some point too. I could try to make a 2018 Astrotheology Calendar if there’s enough interest in it.

Please post your thoughts below or at the forum instead of loading me down with e-mails. There are over 20,000 already. I simply can’t go through all of those. I am open to thoughts and suggestions for Acharya’s business and Stellar House Publishing.

Thanks again for all your support.

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  1. Hey, hi! I was surprised with this post after so long. It’s comprehensive, though, after knowing the reason. I wish all the best on your recovery.
    Well, concerning me, no one knows me here. I am just a 1/4 century male from southern Brazil called Vinícius, student of library sciences and a student of mythicism and astrotheology – and a fan of Acharya, for whom I deeply mourn her death. I am currently writing a book for my brazilian audience, as well as for myself in order to understand our religions. Acharya’s voice will live through me – and with Antonio Farjani. Search for his name on Amazon.com.
    Also, a few months ago I tried to buy from paypal the ebook “A pre-christian god on a cross?” of Acharya, though the book never came and I have suspended the purchase. Could you help me with this subject?
    By the way, I currently cannot support her financially. I will try to spead on her thesis and stuff – just as I am doing, indirectly, on the writing of my book, called “Astrotheology and Astromythology: Could it be that religions and its myths had as a source of inspiration the astronomy?” (I’m still working on the subtitle, hahaha). Of course, I’m writing in Brazilian portuguese, I just translated here.
    I’m going to add in my book a chapter on Acharya, Dupuis, among other mythicists and their efforts. I’ll give a speacial attention to Acharya, this gigantic person of human history. 🙂
    Anyway, that’s it. Bye-bye!

    1. Hi Vinicius, your post was very intriguing and I was wondering if you finished your book and if it’s available in English. I’m very interested in understanding the connection between myth of the stars and its influence of great stories across time and the actual observations of stellar events.

      Looking forward to your response about your book.

      Kindly, Ashley from Canada

  2. Horrible loss.

  3. What a terrible loss. Words cannot explain.

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