• February 26, 2024

God in the Box to be shown at ArcLight Cinema!

UPDATE: We made it into the top five, so we’re in! Look for the showing on November 7-10 in Hollywood.

Here’s the ArcLight channel on Youtube with the Film Festival playlist.

ArcLight Cinema in Los Angeles is having a vote on films/ documentaries to show in its theaters. One of the entries is the documentary “God in the Box,” in which I’m featured. If you would like to see this fascinating film make it into the theaters, please vote at the link below!

ArcLight Cinemas | DOC FEST VOTING | God in the Box

You may recall that this intriguing documentary “God in the Box” has been showing this past week at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis. The film’s producer, Nathan Lang, tells me:

“BTW, audiences are loving your role in God In The Box here at Heartland. It’s controversial, but they love it ultimately. Vote and pass it on, Please!”

Folks, if you think the information I love to bring to light should be known by more people, please go to Facebook and vote for “God in the Box!” Thank you.

Also counted in the vote are the “likes” on the film’s trailer on Youtube, so please go there as well and give it the thumbs up!

God in the Box on Youtube

19 thoughts on “God in the Box to be shown at ArcLight Cinema!

  1. What is /who is God to me.
    To clear that up What is not God to me?
    God is not the God portrayed in the Bible or any other Mythological fables.It is the Creator observed through the window of Science (formulae discovered and laws) using reason and observation and
    being able to repeat in labratories throughout the world. Surely we must live by the Golden Rule to survive in a changing environment.
    We must heal our Planet from the harm we have caused with our bombs and greed for wealth. And as a Deist My God of Nature, you surely agree, can not be contained in a Box!. By the way. Wagner placed a falsified meaning in his Christian controlled Dictionary writing Deism is about a god that started it all and then left and is no longer here. God is always revealing all to us. You need just look at yourself in a mirror. Or see the Birth of a Living organism.

  2. The Basis of the Myth
    Isn’t it sad that we have so many scholars and none of them know what it is based on.

    I wonder, how do you talk about a subject that you have no idea of what the basis is? It seems the agenda is all that matters, be it right or wrong!

  3. Limiting God
    I see God in everything and everyone. I see each of us as the only manifestation of God anyone will ever see in the moment that person is looking at us. God is to me the energy of the universe, all and nothing. I found your documentary thought provoking and excellent. Everyone should stop trying to put God in a box of preconceived notions. I think all of us are entitled to our illusions about whether there is a God or not, and there is room for all of us in this world.
    Thanks Acharya S. Blessings on your day.

  4. A dark cloud of dumbness…
    Sunday School is where you lose your tendency to want evidence for your beliefs. Therefore, it’s child abuse, not physical, but mental.

    It’s the basis for what’s wrong in our culture.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary. Please let us know when it will be available for online viewing.

    Good Luck! Got my vote!


    You got my vote!

    I would love to see your work get more major attention. The producers of ‘God in the Box’ have done a great job with this film and it was soooo cool to see you featured in it!!! Wow!

    I love how it gives people the total freedom to express their own views be they theist, atheist, pagan, pantheist, humanist, mythicist or whatever.

    I enjoyed your part best, of course! But, I’ve always enjoyed your work so, maybe I’m a bit biased.

    I bid you all the success in the world, you truly deserve it.

  7. God in the Box is worth seeing
    🙂 Interesting clip, the full film seems to be a very worthwile project.

  8. Acharya, I have been studying Your material for 10 yrs, I found the substance to be accurate AND edifying. I support Your film (GOD IN THE BOX) unequivocably ! I did not go through FACEBOOK, because of that intrusive widget that follows one, even if one has discontinued FACEBOOK use . . .

    Yours Truly, Lance.

  9. Colbert or The Daily show
    Maybe Charlie Rose or Book TV, lets start out smaller
    I am certainly seeing this in your future. B)

  10. YOU GOT MY VOTE !!!
    Acharya! You got my vote!!!

    Vote to get this film into the theaters! Vote for Acharya!!!

  11. You’re doing a good work, Acharya, in getting the message out there. I used to be a fundamentalist Christian, now I am an atheist. I have read most of your books and I have found them to be excellent reading and very thorough. Your books have reinforced in my mind that I am correct in my new thinking, as it is so hard to break out of fundamentalism.

  12. voting
    I would definitely vote for the film, but i don’t do FB any longer. Is there another way to vote?

  13. liz vinston, yes, you can still vote to thumbs up the video on youtube, which does help out. Passing this blog around helps too.

  14. Yep ! you won my Vote Acharya
    Hi Aacharya,
    Fate has literally decided to cross our paths in a strange way, I still am confused about the way I had crossed your life paths.
    Sun is the living embodiment of God, the energy of the universe, all and everything. I found your documentary Title God in a box, its theme& concept, really wonderful with a very thought provoking message, for all to stop trying to deposit all preconceived notions into a box as we all are imbibed with our natural instincts to cherish our illusions & discretionary power and free will to search for room & space for all of us in this world, to study & independently judge about all the preconceived idiotic notions till date.

  15. God in the Box of our Hearts
    I did see the trailor and tried to understand in my little way. It seems to concentrate on the Abrahamic beliefs only, as far as I could get it. Each and everything that happens is masterminded by some one. That includes the planetary events. Simply because we don’t see President Obama working through every event, shouldn’t confuse us that his hand is not operative.

    Discussion on God is endless and will keep going on. We have become opinionated robots and love to comment or talk even if we don’t have a clue. This is part of common psyche.

    Keep it up and ….bless you???

    With love from me in this festive season

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  16. can’t access youtube “god in the box” video
    I get the message, “This video is private.”

  17. It’s Official
    ArcLight Cinemas:
    [quote]Drum roll please……


    We Were Feared
    Once I was a Champion
    [b]God In The Box[/b]
    More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead
    Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians
    More Than Me

    These films will be featured at the ArcLight Documentary Festival at AL Hollywood November 7th-10th!!!

    A big thanks to all who submitted and congrats to the winners!

    It’s official, out of 150 films, we won 4th place!!! That is totally awesome!!!

    Again, a very special thanks to all who participated. :woohoo:

  18. Yes mduran, apparently all the videos have been changed to private to end the vote process.

    It is my understanding that the votes are being tallied and will be made available this evening at some point.

    If we have been informed accurately, ‘God in the Box’ has potentially made the top 5.

    Special thanks to all who participated!!!

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