Geert Wilders is one of the most important people alive

This recent speech in front of the Dutch Parliament by Dutch politician Geert Wilders is not only amusing in many places, but it is vitally important for the factual information he provides. Wilders is highlighting the Islamization of Holland, especially its cost for the Dutch people, which is estimated at $100 billion so far. As one symbolic gesture, Wilders recommends a tax for the Islamic head scarf, because it is a symbol of the oppression of women as well as Islamization.

Wilders also points out that people are flocking to the Netherlands to live off the socialist system, as they see it as a means to enrich themselves not culturally but financially. They are not interested in integrating or absorbing the Dutch culture, just taking their money. The same can be said with millions of immigrants around the world.

You can also find the transcript of his speech at Gates of Vienna.


  1. What?
    Well, that’s a matter of opinion – one that I do not share fortunately.
    Though this site may be called “Free Thought Nation” I do not perceive much in the way of cerebral diversity here. Pretty monolithic really I would say in terms of your Islamophobia.

  2. Careful there!If you’re gonna attack religion you have to toe the line of the PC left,Didn’t you know?Anything less than showing uncritical preference to minority issues is hate speech.As for the previous poster,it isn’t a “phobia” of any kind to be intelligently critical of other groups or positions,even if they pose as an oppressed minority.You fall into the usual fallacy of assuming that PC thinking is identical with free thinking.Its dogma.Un-thinking.Why don’t you accuse the Muslims of being “Europhobic” for refusing to meet Holland halfway instead of insulting the country who took them in.They left muslim-ran countries to exploit the enviornment Holland’s progressive,secular values create and then attack those values.This is a trait of Islam.They boast about colonizing and converting Europe.They enslave women and aggressively attack free thought and expression.Look anywhere Islam is in charge.Wake up from your PC stupor and take an objective look around.

    1. more Nazi propaganda
      “posing as the minority”? Muslims are the minority in Holland so there’s no “posing” about it, its fact. You obviously need to hide your hatred a bit more. I wont bother with the “Muslims dont like our culture and freedoms” claptrap. Its something American politicians come out with whenever they want to scare the public into giving up more freedoms. If muslims truly didnt like the west, they wouldnt be in the west. As for the “opress their women” nonsense, I’ll remind you that Benazzir Bhutto was Pakistani prime Minister and the US hasnt had a woman leader yet. Just a small point but there are millions. If you knew anything about the subject you’d know that Wilders is a Zionist puppet and receives funding from the Israeli government. Any way they can keep bulldozing houses onto the heads of little children and for you to keep thinking “serves them right” will do.

  3. Landverrader Balkenende
    The fight against islam can only be won when the fight against the socialist is won. These people who do look the same as us are the lowest kind of sh*t there does exist. All arguments are not understood by them. They do not see with open eyes. The socialists PvdA, LABOUR and leftish Christians like Rouvoet and Balkenden are less than the sh*t we produce, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr less than that are Brown, Blair, Balkenende.
    Lots of landverraders here in Holland: Paul de Leeuw, Jorgen Raayman, Wouiter Bos, all PvdA, etc Peter R de Vries, half Holland or more are stinking landverraders.a

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