Garden of Eden originally a Pygmy myth?

In one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read, Pygmy Kitabu, Belgian anthropologist Dr. Jean-Pierre Hallet relates numerous detailed legends of the Pygmy people of the Ituri Forest in the Congo, including their origin and savior myths. Hallet, who spent some 30 years living off and on with the Pygmies, including one 18-month stint completely immersed with the Efé people, relies not only on his own copious firsthand experiences but also the works of other scientists, such as the Jesuit missionary and anthropologist Dr. Paul Schebesta, who likewise lived among and visited the Ituri Forest people for many years from the 1920s to through the 1950s. As have been others who studied the Pygmies, both scientists were stunned to discover what appeared to be the origins of much biblical and other religious traditions, and both were quite certain that these isolated people were completely uninfluenced by any outside agencies, including Christian missionaries. Indeed, in Pygmy Kitabu, Hallet spends considerable time essentially proving that the Pygmy legends are their own homegrown stories, possibly representing the earliest such traditions still extant anywhere in the world.

“Hallet does a thorough job addressing criticisms that the Pygmy were influenced by other cultures, such as the Judeo-Christian.”

In other words, Hallet does a thorough job addressing criticisms that the Pygmies were influenced by other cultures, such as the Judeo-Christian – indeed, he addresses this contention throughout the book, which is seemingly written for just such a purpose. It is obvious that critics who continue to bring up this issue of possible influence have not read his book; hence, they cannot be deemed experts on the subject.

“The Pygmies are certainly one of the oldest races on Earth.”

Hallet first shows that the Pygmies are certainly one of the oldest races on Earth. He then demonstrates that their legends and myths are likely the basis of much Egyptian myth, which in turn influenced biblical stories. Hence, there is no need to suppose that the Pygmies were influenced by Bible stories. In reality, there is absolutely no evidence of any such influence, including and especially in the Pygmy language, which would have reflected biblical intrusions such as the names of “Jesus” and “Moses,” etc. In this regard, Hallet with his colleague Alex Pelle also created an 8,000-word Efé lexicon that reveals some stunning comparisons to various Indo-European languages, including and especially Germanic ones such as Old Norse/Norwegian. Again, it appears that this old and isolated people may be the originators of much language as well.

“In the Pygmy religion, we discover an apparently very ancient account of the ‘Garden of Eden,’ as well as a Father God and a mortal savior who overcomes evil.”

In the Pygmy religion and mythology, we discover an apparently very ancient account of the “Garden of Eden,” as well as a Father God and a mortal savior who overcomes evil. Moreover, in the Pygmy traditions we also find equivalents to the biblical Exodus story, as well as much Egyptian, Semitic, Indian and Scandinavia mythology. The Pygmy account of the first man and the “garden” is detailed and reflects Pygmy culture and surroundings, without a hint of any external influence. The extra details, in fact, are indicative of this tale being an original source that was pared down over the millennia, as it passed through various lands and among a variety of peoples. The tale is remarkably like the biblical account in germane ways but clearly not derived therefrom, as the differences prove.

The Pygmy first man, paradise and forbidden tree legend

Remarkably, the Pygmy origin story largely revolves around a monotheistic God the Father who resides in heaven, as was related to Hallet by Efé elders of the Erengeti region:

One fine day in heaven, God told his chief helper to make the first man. The angel of the moon descended. He modeled the first man from earth, wrapped a skin around the earth, poured blood into the skin, and punched holes for the nostrils, eyes, ears and mouth. He made another hole in the first man’s bottom, and put all the organs in his insides. Then he breathed his own vital force into the little earthen statue. He entered into the body. It moved… It sat up… It stood up… It walked. It was Efé, the first man and father of all who came after.

God said to Efé, “Beget children to people my forest. I shall give them everything they need to be happy. They will never have to work. They will be lords of the earth. They will live forever. There is only one thing I forbid them. Now–listen well–give my words to your children, and tell them to transmit this commandment to every generation. The tahu tree is absolutely forbidden to man. You must never, for any reason, violate this law.”

Efé obeyed these instructions. He, and his children, never went near the tree. Many years passed. Then God called to Efé, “Come up to heaven. I need your help!” So Efé went up to the sky. After he left, the ancestors lived in accordance with his laws and teachings for a long, long time. Then, one terrible day, a pregnant woman said to her husband, “Darling, I want to eat the fruit of the tahu tree.” He said, “You know that is wrong.” She said, “Why?” He said, “It is against the law.” She said, “That is a silly old law. Which do you care about more–me, or some silly old law?”

“There it was–the forbidden tree of God. The sinner picked a tahu fruit.”

They argued and argued. Finally, he gave in. His heart pounded with fear as he sneaked into the deep, deep forest. Closer and closer he came. There it was–the forbidden tree of God. The sinner picked a tahu fruit. He peeled the tahu fruit. He hid the peel under a pile of leaves. Then he returned to camp and gave the fruit to his wife. She tasted it. She urged her husband to taste it. He did. All of the other Pygmies had a bit. Everyone ate the forbidden fruit, and everyone thought that God would never find out.

Meanwhile, the angel of the moon watched from on high. He rushed a message to his master: “The people have eaten the fruit of the tahu tree!” God was infuriated. “You have disobeyed my orders,” he said to the ancestors. “For this you will die!” (Hallet, 144-5)

Another version has God creating the man and woman, and placing them in the forest, where they wanted for nothing. However, after the woman gets pregnant, she desperately desires the tahu fruit, and forces the man to pick it for her, much to his objection. Angered, God says:

“You broke your promise to me! And you pulled that poor man into sin! Now I’m going to punish you: both of you will find out what it is to work hard and be sick and die. But you, woman, since you made the trouble first, you will suffer the most. Your babies will hurt you when they come, and you will always have to work for the man you betrayed.” (Hallet, 119)

“There is no reason to suspect that the Pygmy ‘Garden of Eden’ story is anything but original, and there is much reason to suggest it may well be the oldest account we possess.”

In the Pygmy origins legend, we find a sky-god father-figure; a man created out of earth; a paradisaical “garden” or, appropriately, forest; a forbidden tree/fruit; and a woman blamed for the downfall of mankind, for which she is punished by pain in childbirth–motifs all found in the Bible. As noted, this story is detailed in ways absent from the biblical version, contains language and imagery appropriate for a Pygmy setting, and reveals no intrusions from external influences whatsoever. There is no reason to suspect that the Pygmy “Garden of Eden” story is anything but original, and there is much reason to suggest it may well be the oldest account we possess–and the first. What this development suggests, of course, is that the biblical account did not originate in the Middle East and was not originally handed down to Semitic “chosen people.” The same can be said for other biblical myths, such as the Exodus and Christ stories, both of which appear to have emanated from the same Pygmy source as well.

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P.S. Note also that the Pygmies are perpetually abused and endangered, and are in desperate need of assistance. For humanitarian reasons, as well as that they may well represent the oldest source of various linguistic, religious and mythological ideas, we need to help protect the Pygmies and preserve their culture!


  1. * Notice the cross around the Pygmy neck in the image above?

    Anyway, I wanted to post the relevant parts from the inside flap or jacket cover of Pygmy Kitabu:

    “In Pygmy Kitabu, Jean-Pierre Hallet discusses an array of intriguing facts and legends of the little-known Pygmy culture. The highlight of his many observations is the meticulously documented evidence that the African Pygmies are actually the surviving roots of man’s racial, religious and linguistic origin, that they are the direct ancestors of all the races.

    Remarkable parallels exist between the Pygmy legends and the legends of many world cultures-especially the Egyptians and Judeo-Christian. Today the Pygmies still tell the original myths of Osiris, Isis and Horus-the murdered father, immaculate mother, and avenging son, whose story is regarded by most Egyptologists as an older version of the Christ story. The Pygmies also recount the original Adam and Eve legend, the giving of commandments, and the second coming of the Pygmy messiah. Since before the rather recent invasion by the Negro tribes, the Ituri Pygmies were isolated from the rest of the world for some 4,000 years, they could not have been “indoctrinated” by any other cultures or missionaries.

    Through this new study, modern man can trace his origins back to the “Center of the Earth” at the foot of the fabled Mountains of the Moon, near the historical Source of the Nile-the true “Garden of Eden.”

    From this post ([url][/url]).

    1. I notice a chain. Where is the cross?

  2. The book was written almost 40 years ago. The terminology I am using here is in order to convey an idea to the public, not to present an anthropological monograph for other anthropologists. The point is understood, without needing to bring in complex DNA studies and talk of haplogroups, etc., although those would be of interest as well – and they do in fact prove that the Pygmies are one of the oldest “races,” cultures, groups, ethnicities or whatever you prefer. No need to get pedantic here.

    I would wager that you have not read the book and do not know the evidence presented therein; nor, I’m guessing, did you spend some 30 years on and off living with these people to know whether or not they were telling the truth. To immediately cast aspersions on the character, honesty and intelligence of Hallet and his Pygmy friends is really quite egregious. Hallet addresses the notion of possible Jewish and Christian influence throughout the book, showing how it was not possible and is not necessary to explain the presence of these myths. As I say in my article, the myths are perfectly suited to the environs and, to my knowledge through Hallet’s work, show no foreign intrusions whatsoever. According to Hallet, the Pygmy language was not widely known, and the various missionaries – who were not far from where he was – were completely unable to communicate in Pygmy, although the Pygmies themselves are frequently multilingual in other languages such as Bantu. In any event, according to Hallet, the only things the Pygmies got from the missionaries were addicting cigarettes and candy.

    Nobody has said that the creation myth isn’t common in many cultures. I’ve been studying myths for several decades, and I am quite aware that these myths can be found in other cultures – that’s the whole point, in reality, so thanks for verifying that fact. Now we need to explain to the public why THEY don’t know these facts that you take for granted?

    In my opinion, after having studied the origins of religion for many years, Hallet has more than proved his case that the Pygmy legends are their own and that they are the source of much religious ideation with which we are familiar today.

    Also in my opinion, this is a very important book that needs to be studied today, rather than a disrespectful and arrogant handwaving dismissal. If the Pygmies are indeed the fount of much culture – which the ancient Egyptians themselves contended – then they should not be treated in this fashion and allowed to go extinct. Even if they are not an important source, they should not be allowed to go extinct.

  3. Peter Primavera “untouched by their own past” ???

    That was odd wording there … please explain?

    Peter Primavera “The idea that the creation myth is not common…”

    That’s not what she said anywhere in the blog.

    What have you studied regarding Pygmies? It doesn’t appear that you’ve even read this blog before posting your hand-waving dismissal.

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”

    — Albert Einstein

  4. pygmy myth
    so why is there a cross around the neck of the Pygmy???

    1. Crosses
      G crosses were around long long long long long long before x-tianity ever even existed…

      1. But
        Yeah, but when did people start wearing them around their necks? The Egyptians wore Ankhs around their necks, but crosses only appear in the early centuries of Christianity.

        There is clearly a Judeo-Christian influence here. The tip-off is that “they will live forever.” The absurd lengths of the lives of the Hebrew patriarchs result from an attempt to fill the 1200-year gap between Noah/Menes and Ham/Hammurabi, both of whom the Hebrews borrowed from foreign peoples (Egyptians and Babylonians). What you have to keep in mind is that there were trade relations between southern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa into Roman Imperial times. Where do you think those lions came from that they fed with Christians, and the African animals used in the Roman circuses?

        1. Lord Balto, “but crosses only appear in the early centuries of Christianity.”

          That’s demonstrably false. Crosses have existed as sun symbolism long before Christianity ever existed – look it up. Plus, they didn’t show up in Christianity until after the 5th centuries ad. This debunks the premise of Judeo-Christian influence and demonstrates influence came from the other direction.

          “Where do you think those lions came from that they fed with Christians, and the African animals used in the Roman circuses?”

          LOL, more revisionism from Christians and their overblown persecution complex.

          1. Actually crosses show up very early in Christianity. They were first a form of the letter Tav/Tau, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, used to indicate completion. People who repented and went into the mikveh (or a natural water body) were considered purified and some Jewish sects of the day marked them with a Tav, which looked like a letter X in some forms. Only later was the X turned to become a +, and used to also represent the crucifiction, by which Jesus was though to have achieved the completion of his mission.

            But yes, the cross, in a variety of forms, turns up in almost every culture and is often a sun or earth symbol. It is a very simple form, too simple and common for anything to be deduced from its mere presence in a culture. Many more complex forms than that have cross cultural forms that arose each on their own.

        2. The cross was also used in Egypt and Nubia. You can look it up and you will see crosses etched in the hieroglyphs next to the Ankh. Africans did NOT need Europeans for myths, legends and historical accounts. Those myths and legends were taken to Europe. The liberal arts were taken to Europe from Africa as the Grand Lodges and Universities were 1st set up in Africa. Lastly the Hebrews never existed. Those people mistakenly called Hebrews were Africans ie Kush*tes/Ethiopians whom were NOT foreign to the Egyptians as the Egyptians were descendants from the Ethiopians. As far as Lions in Europe….Africans were in Europe ie Greece and Rome long before the stereotypical pale European was. Some lions could have come from Asia before they went extinct.

          1. I believe that you are right about all that you’ve said apart from your opinion on Hebrews, you said they didn’t exist but they were/are Africans, however in the bible they weren’t described as Africans as Africa hadn’t existed yet for those so called Hebrew to inhabit yet however it was later given by god to his people as he describled the land flowing in milk and honey it was a gift from God to his people. Do you believe it would make sense for God (all knowing) God to say ‘my people will be brought back to the land of Israel’ in the book of Revelation which signifes it is when Jesus (which I believe to be God in human form) comes back in his second coming to Save humanity from Sin. He is referring to the so called Africans which I believe to be the Real Hebrew to be brought back to their lane rather the people that are living there right now since 1948, which means that in the people’s eyes that live there right now the second coming of Jesus has come, this utter abomination.

        3. It may surprise you but the pic is not 8000 years old.

  5. This blog/issue really needs to get the attention of the US Government to step in and help insist on ending the horrid abuses and destruction of the Pygmy peoples.

    As I read the Pygmy Fund website I notice this comment:
    [quote]Important note from Dr. Panagotacos: ([url][/url])

    “I am afraid that there is no way to guarantee that help will reach the Mubti pygmies. Currently Dr. P can not guarantee that any funds will ever directly reach the pygmies, due to the political unrest in the area, and the personal danger to anyone trying to visit them.”

    “Since 1974, The Pygmy Fund is the ONLY organization in the world dedicated to saving the Efé Pygmies from extinction and preserving their way of life with self-reliance and dignity.”[/quote]

    Here’s a State and Local Government Internet directory ([url][/url]) to contact government officials and request they do something. Or since they’re completely worthless these days maybe contact celebrities for help. Maybe George Clooney and many others would take an interest?

  6. For further explanation of the cross read pages 101 and 266 in Pygmy Kitabu by Dr. Jean-Pierre Hallet.

    1. Here’s what Hallet says on p. 101:

      Most of the Egyptian gods are represented carrying an ankh in their hands. Bes wears a Christian-style cross at his neck. The sign of the cross was featured in many pre-Christian religions; here we see it worn by Bes, a Pygmy god whom the Egyptians identified with Osiris and Horus.

      I should note that in turn Osiris and Horus are identified with Jesus, as I demonstrate in Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

  7. Pygny Garden of Eden Nonsense
    I am an anthropologist and archaeologist. This idea that Pygmy people have a creation story that is untouched by their own past and the past of neighbor groups, and over 100 years of christian missionaries is simply not credible. No anthropologist uses the word “race,” that concept died 50 years ago. The idea that the creation myth is not common, in great detail, to many other cultures is simply wrong. The anthropological literature is full of these stories.

    1. Hey Acharya, looks like this guy only has a B.A. in anthropology and just runs a “restoration” company. So, that’s how he’s an “anthropologist and archaeologist?”

      No master’s or Ph.D? I bet he’s got no experience with Pygmies either.

      1. Peter Primavera ( is not quite the anthropologist and archaeologist that he pretends to be in his post here. His restoration business website says:

        B.A. – Anthropology – Rutgers University
        Completed Graduate coursework in Anthropology at Rutgers University

        Locations of U.S. projects:
        New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut,
        Maryland, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Virginia,
        North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Alabama

        Peter A. Primavera started CRCG over 22 years ago and has been President since its inception. He has over 27 years experience and his expertise includes Historic Preservation, Cultural Resource Management, and Archaeology with a specialty in designing, coordinating, and administering projects that involve complex regulatory compliance issues. He is experienced in all aspects of federal, state, and local regulations involving Cultural Resources and Historic Preservation. He also possesses exceptional experience with National Historic Landmarks and is a founding member of National Historic Landmark Stewards Association.”

        So, he’s never been over seas or even further away from home (Jersey) than Alabama and Florida. It also appears that his work has been mostly National Historic Landmark type projects that are never more than a couple hundred years old. I’d be curious to hear about the oldest project he’s worked on – EVER – because it doesn’t appear that he’s qualified to even comment on Pygmies or their history. I’m also curious to hear what possessed him to do a drive by hand waving dismissal here? He provided zero evidence for his claims. I guess we’re just suppose to trust him because he claims to be an anthropologist and archaeologist?

    2. I’m not an anthropologist and archaeologist…but I play one on the internet.

  8. William John Meegan

    Exotericallly similar but no mention of the Esoter
    I agree with Peter Primavera assessment; however, if the story is given credence there is no mention of an esoteric tradition beneath the surface of the myth.

    The Creation Account as narrated by the third chapter of Genesis entails Virgo holding up the scales of Libra weighing the value of a soul. The act that Eve committed was to receive the wisdom of the Kundalini, which is a spiritual act narrated esoterically in first chapter of Genesis, which would only offend the evil deity, whom would not want man to become spiritual: hence the commandment not to eat of it.

    The tree is actually THE KABBALISTIC TREE OF LIFE, which is actually graphically portrait in the first chapter of Genesis. You will find that there are 32-Elohyms, which are pattern after what is known as Kabbalah that has the same categories. This actually can be reconstructed from a translation. After the graphic image is created from the textual materials of the first chapter of Genesis an analysis of the positions and verses where the Elohyms are classified shows a very sophisticated mathematical science.

    J.D. Murdock is way off the mark here if thinking this above myth coincides with Genesis. I have given evidence of my opposition to Murdock’s researches. How many will actually study the text of Genesis to validate what I have just written. Few if any.


  9. Mr
    It’s bad enough that the white man has robbed & stolen people, land, diamonds, resources, and now religion from Africa. This is a crime that continues to go unpunished. Great article Acharya.

  10. Response to Terese
    The last thing these Pygmies would ever want is an intervention by the U.S. I can see the headlines now: Terrorist Pygmies carpet bombed. Let’s force Democracy (obviously our interpretation of it) on these people – God knows they need it! Massive oil and gas reserves found – Pygmies must be resettled. Pygmies fight back – send in the troops! Blockade the Pygmies – this will force them to the table for talks.
    Please give the world a break from US greed. Perhaps someone should ask the Pygmies how they would wish to be helped – if at all. It’s their land, their life, their traditions – let’s respect that.

  11. Pygmy creation story validates truth of God’s word
    Many (if not most) cultures have narratives about creation and the great flood because quite simply, they’re based on fact. Like the party game of telephone, they get a bit muddled in the handing down so it’s a good thing we have the real account in the Hebrew Masoretic Text translated to English by the King James translators!

    1. “Many (if not most) cultures have narratives about
      @Deborah – RE: “Many (if not most) cultures have narratives about…the great flood because quite simply, they’re based on fact.”

      Many (if not most) cultures have narratives about the great flood because quite simply at one time or another, every part of the earth has experienced a flood, but there is no indication other than that they occurred at entirely different times.

      Noah’s flood story (2600 BCE) was plagiarized from an actual flood story that occurred in Mesopotamia in 2900 BCE when the Euphrates River overflowed its banks to a dept of 15 cubits (22.5 feet) – it was in all the papers. The flood covered an area that today, would amount to about three counties. The king escaped on a trading barge loaded with cotton, cattle and beer, oh my!

      The smallest amount of research can dispel a significant amount of myth.

      pax vobiscum,

    2. @ Debroh Collins: OMG…I spit coffee on my screen laughing!

  12. Tree of Life & Tree of Knowledge now known Moringa, Tree Of Life

    Thought to be native to India, but apparently its history goes much further back to Southern Africa, and possibly Pygmies know of it.
    And then probably throughout Semi Tropical Africa, long lost in Sahara desert, and no doubt destroyed in Middle East
    and Babylon, but survived, perhaps carried by travelers to India long long ago where it survived well. Namibia Moringa Tree Moringa Tree, Namib-Naukluft Park Moringa ovalifolia, Sprokieswoud Angola

    In H. Bosch’s Garden of Eden painting, he depicts the Aloe Tree of Namibia as the Tree of Life Aloe Tree along with other African Animals

    Tree Of Knowledge of Good & Evil Anadenanthera sp. Contains DMT, one of the most powerful “Enteogins”

  13. Don’t trust Satan lies
    The Genesis is written from Moses 3500 y. ago. There were no Pygmies then.
    Dear Acharya S, it is time for the second coming of Jesus, leave the lies of the fallen angel Satan, that he is a God. There is only one 1 God, the Creator of tje universe – Tge GOD ALLMIGHTY.
    There is a film from the right part of this site [].
    If u help Lucifer u will be sorry sooner, than u think.
    Sincerely, yours,

    1. LOL,

      Anton, Pygmies have been around for over 70,000 years.

      Acharya doesn’t have anything to do with your Lucifer. That is a prerequisite for your own religious beliefs. If you believe in Jesus &/or god then, you must also believe in a devil or Satan &/or Lucifer. It’s just the different side of the same coin.

      You exemplify the dangers of home-schooling.

      1. Good Call
        Actually this kind of supports the credibility of the Genesis account as based on remembered events. If the Pygmies are in fact the descendants of the first true humans, they would be the logical keepers of the origin story. Now all we need is the snake!

        There’s supposed to be a large rock containing a cave somewhere in East Africa that is in the general shape of a giant snake. Some anthropologists think that, about 70,000 years BP, shamans would enter this cave and give oracles to the people from Baba-Lu (or whatever the equivalent East African name for the snake-god is).

        Curiously, there’s also reported to be an East African tribe that has a traditional belief in “The Word” as an operant entity involved in the creation of the world and all it’s furnishings and inhabitants, eerily pre-mirroring Christian (and some Gnostic) beliefs as expressed in the prologue of the Gospel attributed to John.

        Do we see a pattern here?

        1. tre snake is a simbol: the simbol of the fire. The
          In the name is the explication. ¿What is the bad food? those who are not cooked, and ¿what is the good? the food cooked. Then ¡what serpents¡ the fire. who gives you the good food? the fire and that is the begening af the good and the evil: give bred to the hunger, give wine to the thrsday (or whatever is said). When the human starts to eat cooked meals then he start to think his brains evoloped, etc. And what is the tree of life? most be : the genes, or what do you think. Not just an apple but all kine of food.

    2. Anton you have been deceived
      Christianity is the most deceptive and damaging philosophy ever created by human hands. It is “verily verily” the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, that has enslaved humanity for thousands of years.

      If a man named Jesus ever existed it surely is not the jesus the bible speaks of, and that little jesus people worship is a figment of mans imagination.

      Those of you that “believe”….

      Are enslaved to a very small existence.

      You have believed the Lie that was told to you…
      • Which is that you are eternally bound by “sin” and in your natural form you are damned and hopeless.

      And those that made this lie manifest, gave you hope for immortality.

      • Believe in the son of god, that has died for you. That thru his death your sins are atoned.

      By believing you have chosen to be enslaved.

      We don’t know the truth but we know the Lie.


      1. The Truth
        The Truth is the opposite of what you think it is. You are a slave to the world and its reasons, to free yourself ask God to open your heart to Him.

  14. This is also Atlantean – Egyptian – Sumerian
    According to great works of Jordan Maxwell and arguably M. Tsarion, the origins of Eden, like this article shows, was an Atlantis myth or legend carried over to Egypt. Not trying to really dispute this Pygmy idea, but my thoughts are more along those lines. We even get the word Genesis, from (gene=genetics or generations) & the goddess Isis. So Genesis (gene-isis). This whole story goes back to the cloning and scientific genetic experiments these ancient Annunakhi were performing in the ancient world.

    1. Atlantian cloning
      There were and are no Annunaki and not even a Niburu. Have you ever read Sitchins books ? Have you read the book of Enki ? Nope ? I thought so.

      1. I like the Annunaki or Niburu interpetation in the buybull. Genesis explains that there were many gods and that they made man. The chief Lord god of the gods was the official caricature in the Eve tree debacle. But my analogy is that any creature that could have created man would be a god to those on earth. Even if they simply be a powerful race or even a space race.

        Genesis 3:22-23
        22Then the LORD God [chief god] said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever “– 23therefore the LORD God sent him out from the garden of Eden (note it was not the tree of knowledge god was pissed of about…it was the tree of life.)


  16. Stories
    I think that many people jump to conclusions here and make assumptions for there is no need.
    People are storytellers, any anthropologist knows this for a fact. There are creative people who invent stories, and there are people who have the gift of telling these stories in a way that people love. The same is true for fictionwriters and musicians.
    People also have “a need to know”. We want answers and we are all wandering in the dark to find the light, and in the meantime we tell eachother stories about that light, true or not.
    One of the most astonishing things are [b]dreams[/b]. They are the source of many stories and we still tell our dreams to other people. There might have been a time that people believed dreams really happened.
    And dreams can be connected to hallucinations – I am sure any people in the past encountered plants that did this to them. They had no reason to believe that it wasn’t true.

    People have been around for a long time, and travelled most of this globe, telling and making up stories, trying to explain what we found and why people are different from animals. Dreams and hallucinations might have given them “answers to questions”. Think of the Pythia in Delphi.
    Writing is a very recent invention and most of the stories must have travelled very far, even without people themselves travelling. The pygmee story might well have travelled all the way to India, without the people themselves moving away. Or stories from India might have travelled all the way to Africa. In fact: the source of many stories will never be found, because the stories were adopted AND adapted. And when the were written down, they might have been around for thousands of years already.

    Acharya S. makes a good point here (or maybe I should say JP Hallet), but even the Pygmees could have adapted and retell their own stories with what they learned. The Egyptian stories might have been well known African stories long before the Egyptians entered the Nile delta. The isolation of the Pygmee people might be recent. Perhaps they were not so isolated 50.000 years ago.

    There is no need for an esoteric tradition at the base of any story. The kaballah is a recent developement. What we can make up of the ancient hebrew language is that Hebrews were concrete thinkers and the Greek influence of societies (both in Egypt and in the Middle East) had influenced thinking to the point that the Torah was seen in a different light (not concrete) and people started looking for occult meaning. There is no way of knowing if there WAS occult meaning or not. Kaballah is a way of explaining what COULD be behind a story, but it could all be make believe. I used to think that the Kaballah was the way to find the real meaning of the Torah, but I had to let that go. I certainly was never shocked, but that is probably because I have never been religious in the first place.
    As for people who are brainwashed to the point that they believe a story just because that was told to them, I don’t think they should make comments on this site. They are not Free Thinkers.

    The remark about the cross, also seems a bit strange to me, because a cross is one of the oldest marks. It is very simple and baby’s already make crosses in their first attempt to draw. The ankh is also a cross and it has been around for a long time. And what about the swastika – do people really think Hitler invented that? The swastika can be seen all over south-east Asia and even in China it is an important hieroglyph. Hitler adopted it, but it is not his. Neither is the cross a christian hieroglyph. It is as old as people.

  17. Common Orign from “The Just ONE”
    Finally! I enjoy all the above posts. No screaming–just various Constructive educative thinking. Nice article A.S.. Now then…

    William John Meegan–above. Yes–Exoterically similar. 100% Bang on Sir! But–then you write, “…there is no mention of an esoteric tradition beneath the surface of the myth.” Of course not Sir, because the ancient esoteric interpretation is Occult (Hidden). And if explained esoterically, to the ‘flock/herd’ they would not understand it anyway. Then you brillaintly write, “The act that Eve committed was to receive the wisdom of the Kundalini, which is a spiritual act narrated esoterically in first chapter of Genesis, which would only offend the evil deity, whom would not want man to become spiritual: hence the commandment not to eat of it.” I love this!

    No sir, narrated Exoterically. Your mixing up the Polarities. The whole Bible is a Sacred Fable written EXOTERICALLY. It is up to everyone to figure out what it means, ESOTERICALLY. That takes constuctive comparitive research, as A.S. provides in the above article.

    “Kundalini, which is a spiritual act…” Boy–you are getting very warm here with this comment! Be warned by Hypathia!, there is Black Magic Kundalini and White Magic Kundalini. Choose wisely! To put it rudely–so the vulgar lest inteligent understand me, “To Copulate, or, Not To Copulate. “To Be, or not to Be.” If you spill the Cup of Hermes, you best learn the Ancient proper way–but that is my State Secret!

    What does the above blog article denote wise people? That all the Ancient People around the Globe, share that same Religious Myths, that come from a COMMON ORIGIN. Which all melt into “THE JUST ONE.” Meaning, the Bible is not wrong. ONLY–its contents are STILL not being interpreted properly, by the Exoteric Fanatics.

    To toss barbed Exoteric (dead letter-that killeth) arrows of the worlds scriptures at each other–is a waste of scholarly time. Understand what those Barbs mean ESOTERICALLY. That takes years of research…

    A.S. does years of research–and everyone screams at her! But her research only secures the EXOTERIC side. In illustrating the common origins of them all…Keep up the labourious Good Work A.S.

    1. Great clarification!
      I like your distinction between exoteric and esoteric. Acharya’s research to date has made it a closed case that, exoterically, the world’s religions are derived from ancient myths, which also share a common source. The significance of this point cannot be overstated, and it illustrates its potency by continually drawing fire from people whose understanding is limited to superficial and literal meanings.

      Based on my own amateur research, it seems to me that even diverse esoteric (hidden) interpretations all converge upon one point — that we are consciousness, not form. Not surprisingly, humanity has found its greatest inspiration from studying the unlimited spaciousness of the heavens. Again, Acharya has painstakingly proven how astrotheology provided the framework for our species’ first attempt at verbalizing and organizing spiritual insights.

      I believe the “quest for knowledge” is internal and individual. People who expend energy attempting to discredit others in favor of their own perceptions are merely displaying their ego. Truth does not need to be defended; it simply is.

  18. Pygmy Civilization
    I agree that god motifs regarding the creation myths abound world-wide, however, the Pygmy story, which, according to Dr. Hallet being very similar to Eqyptian, and Hebrew myths has got to be scrutinized a little more. His (Hallet) theory is rife with questions on their civilization, which is truly primitive. If the Pygmies invented such myths, their culture does not exhibit the expansion of consciousness, as in other ancient civilizations. If religion expresses the human desire for knowledge of the universe within, the Pygmy’s culture has stagnated for thousands of years. I believe that ancient Egyptians must have touched these Pygmy peoples with their culture, infusing them with their myth motives, and the Pygmy’s were only interpreting what they received from the Egyptians. The Pygmy culture has not expanded their own consciousness for millenniums, leading me to believe Egypt imposed their culture on these peoples.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful remarks.

      You would actually need to read the book in order to see that the Pygmies are not necessarily primitive. In technology, yes – and they claim that was deliberate, as they didn’t want to destroy their natural world.

      Of mind, however, the Pygmies are not primitive, according to Hallet’s research. In fact, the Pygmies have large brains and are not low-IQ savages who could not have understood or come up with complex spiritual concepts. Even the Neanderthals are believed to have developed spiritual ideation.

      Moreover, the Egyptians evidently stated that their culture originated with the Pygmies, and they had a Pygmy god, as shown here, considering him at times to be higher than their other gods.

      There is no reason to conclude that the Pygmies could not and did not possess these stories on their own, having developed them for centuries if not millennia amongst themselves as their culture continued to thrive during those thousands of years. On the contrary, what Hallet asserts makes perfect sense in many ways.

      Even so, since the Egyptians most certainly did possess numerous “biblical” tales, long before the Judeo-Christian creation, the point remains that the Bible is not an original divine revelation and that its major players are very ancient myths redressed.

  19. You exhibit some knowledge with human history, remember the human quest for knowledge has many facets to enlighten or expand our conscience understanding of our reality. Ancient peoples, just as people today are conditioned by the myths of their cultures. Free thought was only available to those who would venture past the limits set by their conscious reality, most others were trapped within their societal constraints.

  20. Lies, lies, lies, and the Destruction They Do
    Anton, you poor guy, it’s really quite simple – you’ve ben lied to and, unfortunately, you have swallowed them all. Jesus, if he ever lived at all, died a long time ago. There is NO LUCIFER. There is NO HELL. When we die that’s quite likely the end of the story, so live it up and enjoy a full life here while you can and EDUCATE yourself. Learn, learn, learn, thropugh READNG books other than the Bible, a mere collection of myths written by superstitious men.

  21. The tale is remarkably like the biblical account in germane ways but clearly not derived therefrom, as the differences prove.

    The Pygmy People reside in The Congo, in Africa which was called Ethiopia in Biblical times.

    The story in the Bible is the Original. It is true that men of God taught the people of this region the old testament. The people of that region in that time period did not have formal standards of documentation, the story has been skewed and thought to be the work of the Pygmys. The differences only prove that the Pygmys were taught Christianity such a long time ago that they infused thier multi God beliefes with Christianity.

    Eevidence is shown here in the bible:
    Psalms 68:31:
    Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.

    Psalm 87:4:
    I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia

    Acts 8:27:
    An Ethiopian government official went to Jerusalem to worship, accepted Christianity and brought it back to Ethiopia which was ruled by Ethiopian Queen Kandake (Candace).

    1. Samuel Buckles, your so-called evidence actually further proves Acharya’s point. Providing bible scripture mentioning these places inadvertently proves that Egypt, Babylon and Ethiopia were already in existence long before the bible was written.

      The oldest parts of the book of Psalms only goes back to around 1,000 BCE at best while others are only from around 600 BCE.

      The more accurate Revised Standard Version:

      Psalms 68:31 “Let bronze be brought from Egypt; let Ethiopia hasten to stretch out her hands to God.”

      Psalm 87:4 “Among those who know me I mention Rahab and Babylon; behold, Philistia and Tyre, with Ethiopia — “This one was born there,” they say.”

      Acts 8:27 “And he rose and went. And behold, an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a minister of the Can’dace, queen of the Ethiopians, in charge of all her treasure, had come to Jerusalem to worship”

  22. Question to Acharya S
    Acharya S would you say that the reason these people are not being saved or even given a second thought is because they are black.


  23. afterlife
    The man says that there is nothing after the death of the body. He have to believe that we are a walking brain. Sorry but the voltage that the brain would manipulate do not have the cortex as origin. We can see that they come from the temples. So we have a spirit inducing those waves. And that spirit have to win its life to survive after death. No need to believe anything, just having a consciousness is required. For me there is no hell. Eventually all the galaxy will lose heat to the cold of the cosmos. So the galaxy will disappear, there will be nothing, even time will not exist. What will we do then if we are in a body?

  24. right
    Pygmies are found in almost all forests in the lake region though in areas like like kenya , uganda tanzania rwanda and burundi their numbers are realy dwindled. They still exsist in large numbers in kongo ituri thanks due to its remoteness and thick vegetation.Pygimies are bantus cos they speak a bantu dialect any bantu can understand any pygmy dialect. pygmy dialects are connected to the other non pygmy bantu tribes for example the Batwa in uganda and rwanda speak a dialect similer to the lake region bantu tribes and this is true with other groups in Cameroun, kongo,gabon central africa etc.
    All bantus trace their origins from pygmies.

  25. To smoothen out some of the above opinions. The Exoteric (Dead letter that-Killeth) similarity by using the Comparitive Process, only proves one thing. That they are ALL debased Materialistic Religions. Descended from, “The Just ONE” and this ONE primal teaching was given to the original Divine MAN millions of years ago, it was ESOTERIC and Spiritual. It was Philosophic. It was Scientific. It was Religious (another Trinity!).

    If you think that we (moderns) are the crowning achievement, and that our ancestors were primitive morons. You will be sadly mistaken. It is we today, whom are those materialistic morons. Look at Graham Hancock finding all these sunkin cities buried miles beneath the sea! Off the West coast of Cuba? And, keep in mind. What are fossil fuels? Fuels from old fossils? And what were those ancient fossils?

    Now I hate to beat a dead horse once again. However, for clarity I must do so. I belong too no cult or S.S.. Now then, back to the Ancient Mythological Sacred Symbolism. (Sacred means Secret–get over it). The X-tian Cruci-Fiction symbolical scene. The Symbolical Nails. 3 3 3, 9 3 is a ratio 3:1. Now then, the Great Pyramids Symbolism is the same. 3 3 3, 9 div. by 3 is a ratio of 3:1. And yes man is hollowed out in the Great Pyramid as well, hanging on the middle 3. Just like the symbolical glyph of Jesus/Horus. With this crucial difference!!! One Symbol is Gross EXOTERIC Outer Idolatry (Jesus hacked to a Cross). The Ancient One is not, it is ESOTERICALLY (Occult / Hidden) WITHIN. Those Pyramids are over 100,000 years old. Contrary to what you hear. How do I know? State Secret–Sorry.

    But listen carefully–this does not destroy the ancient original Esoteric True Christianity. What it destroys is the Exoteric False ChrisianISM. Including Priestcraft, and Churchianity. They have been hawking and vending (Visa/Mastercard) the Wrong Religion. And the laity are not smart enough to catch on to the financial materialistic gross imposture! May I ask of the Mythos, where the ‘Geat Master’ Jesus’ Church was? Seems to me–he didn’t have one. Perhaps his “Temples” are the ones on each side (another polarity!) of your skull? Hope this helps some…Oh, where was Jesus on Wednesday during Passion Week? And during his Transformation, how many Apostles joined him? Answer = 3. How many does that leave? NINE. 9 div. by 3 is 3:1. Simply Divine…

    And further–in the Sacred Mythos. Were we all not told to understand the difference between Good and Evil? However, my divine humanity friends! You missed something here? Guilty of Exoteric Dead Letter That Killeth. You were told to learn–what was BETWEEN. Not what WAS Good or Evil. What was BETWEEN them? I could tell you? But I won’t…

  26. FTL Wrote * Notice the cross around the Pygmy neck in the image above?”

    Very well done FTL!! What else can you verify and notice within the Symbol?

    How about the “Wound” on his left side stomach? Did not the Exoteric Jesus have a wound also–in the side?

    How about the Zodiacal Wiskers? 6 on each side? Not far from the Last Supper Glyph?

    What is that he is holding in each hand? Symbols of the two thieves perhaps?

    Why does he have five white striped feathers on his head? Of course they are not feathers–since everything in the above is a giant SYMBOL.

    I also note the Phalliic Seminal Essence. This is not to be taken literally. It has an Occult (hidden) meaning.

    I see lots more in the above–but it would bore everyone to death.

    When ever you look at Religious Artwork–you must look very closely. Hand Signals etc. etc.

  27. all are one
    When are we, as humans going to realize that we are all connected and we are all brothers and sisters and not enslave and wage war against each other in the name of some mythological story that has been around since the beginning of life on this planet?

  28. Very nice John! Exactly! But my point of opinion is–what do all these Myths really mean scientifically? They are running on ‘all fours’ in every Ancient country around the globe. Under there own language and under different glyph’s–however the SYMBOLISM all remains the same.

    My point is, they all melt into the SAME ONE SYMBOL! However, it is going to take a Robert Langdon (Da Vinci Code) Fictional Character to decode them all. Or since they all mirror the Bible–why not simply decode the exoteric Bible–Esoterically? I see thousands of the same symbolisms running throughout the Bible. What do all these ancient symbolisms mean?

    How many hours are spent during the Creation opening Symbol? Keeping in mind they are not HOURS! 144? = 9

    Columbus did not discover America. That is a farse. It may be better said that he Re-discovered America. Every new Scientific discovery–is a Re-discovery! Remember that! The Zodiac is circular, you were born on the other side of the Zodiac–in ancient times. Opposite to your current re-incarnation sign. Anyway–I love your posting John–All are ONE. As Plato said–and into ONE everything shall go…

    Oh–and speaking of kundalini noted above–remember Sophia’ Grandfather in the Da Vinci Code having sex with the vestal virgins in the chamber with 12 men wearing masks? Just in case you missed that fictional part?

    Oh–in the opening Creation Myth. Let US make Man in OUR image. So much for Monotheism. Is US and OUR not plural? Once everyone lets go of their pious and superstitious obscessions–and get down to the real business of decoding the Bible. Would that not make all of us researchers–Good Christianians? A.S. included? We are doing what we are suppose to be doing–obtaining Divine Knowledge!!! And the Golden Key is sitting in Egypt–333, 9 div. by 3 or 3:1

    1. Elohim
      Ever hear of the Trinity???

      1. Prove me wrong.
        > “Ever hear of the Trinity???”

        n 1: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one [syn: three, 3, III, trio, threesome, tierce, leash, troika, triad, trine, trinity, ternary, ternion, triplet, tercet, terzetto, trey, {deuce- ace}]
        2: the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead [syn: Trinity, Holy Trinity, Blessed Trinity, [u]the three-pointed pitchfork of Satan[/u]. {Sacred Trinity}]
        3: three people considered as a unit [syn: trio, threesome, triad, trinity] n

  29. To the knucklehead who cut and paste from some old web source somewhere, but fails to identify her self. He post will and should be ignored

  30. Eden and Mesopotamia’s Edin
    Some PhD scholars have opined that the Garden of Eden story of the Bible is a later Hebrew recast of earlier Mesopotamian myths about how and why man came to be created. He is created to be a slave, he will care for the gods’ city-gardens in the Edin, the plain between the Tigris and Eupharets rivers in Mesopotamia. He will fed the gods their garden’s produce, ending their toil for food in their gardens of Edin. The gods at first denied man their slave knowledge of good and evil and caused him to not know it was wrong to be naked. They also denied him immortality. The myths also explain why man is a sinner and rebel to his gods. Further details are available in my two books (2010) available at Amazon, (1) Eden’s Serpent, Its Mesopotamian Origins, (2) The Garden of Eden Myth, Its Pre-biblical Origin in Mesopotamian Myths. My website, [] provides more details.

    1. Eden and Edin
      Looks more as the same myth Sitchin is following. We all know however that Sitchin was not right about his assesment of the clay tablets while mixing those myths with Genesis in the bible and made up his own fantastic interpretation story. Forget about Sitchin’s story it does not make sense, its too detailed and impossible never mind the ridiculous gold digging Annunaki fantasy he was spreading. Annunaki ET comming from Niburu as Kings to find gold on earth which they took to Niburu in their utterly primitive space crafts which were not even antigravity craft and had to blown his way through the asteroid belt by water power ! Want to have a laugh read The book of Enki !

  31. re: Don’t trust Satan lies

    The Genesis is written from Moses 3500 y. ago. There were no Pygmies then.
    Dear Acharya S, it is time for the second coming of Jesus, leave the lies of the fallen angel Satan, that he is a God. There is only one 1 God, the Creator of tje universe – Tge GOD ALLMIGHTY.
    There is a film from the right part of this site [].
    If u help Lucifer u will be sorry sooner, than u think.
    Sincerely, yours,

    So since when did Moses exist ? Secondly where did ”Moses” got those ideas from ? Out of thin air or what ? Genesis is written by Jews in exile in Babylon in the 6th c BC. long after ”Moses” The rest of your comment is just pathetic appeal to popular believe. You’ve been brainwashed into these ideas. Forget it .

    1. Pygmies are over 80,000 yrs old. They are the oldest people on Earth. There never was a Moses, those characters in the bible are made up characters whom stories have been stolen from other cultures in particularly African. Also the word GOD did not exist 3500 yrs ago which means GOD did not create the universe. No one knows the “official” name of how/who/what brought the entire universe into being.

  32. > “The oldest parts of the book of Psalms only goes back to around 1,000 BCE at best while others are only from around 600 BCE.”


    According to extant Biblical textual analysis and research the Bible was written during the later part of, or soon after the ending of the Babylonian captivity.

    According to the Hebrew Bible, there were three deportations of Jews to Babylon: the exile of King Jeconiah, his court and many others in Nebuchadnezzar’s eighth year; Jeconiah’s successor Zedekiah and the rest of the people in Nebuchadnezzar’s eighteenth year; and a later deportation in Nebuchadnezzar’s twenty-third year. These are attributed to c. 597 BCE, c. 587 BCE, and c. 582 BCE, respectively. After the fall of Babylon to the Persian king Cyrus the Great in 538 BCE, exiled Jews began to return to the land of Judah.

    Therefore, no part of the Bible as we have it today was written prior to ca 597 BCE, (other than the passages plagiarized from other cultures), and more likely after ca 538 BCE.

    All the evidence proving this is contained within the Bible itself, and a good guide to learning how to date the writings of the Bible are contained in Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason”:

    No part of the Bible predates 597 BCE.

    “Because they were not written till after the Babylonian captivity began, and there is good reason to believe that not any book in the Bible was written before that period; at least it is provable, from the books themselves, as I have already shown, that they were not written till after the commencement of the Jewish monarchy.”
    ~~~Thomas Paine, “Age of Reason”

    1. Thanks. In general, what you have said may be true. The actual physical composition of the Old Testament may have occurred during and after the time of the Babylonian Exile (598/7-538 BCE).

      As concerns “plagiarized passages,” I show in my book Did Moses Exist? ( that some of the Pentateuch and other OT texts assuredly represent traditions found in older literature such as the Egyptian, Canaanite and Sumero-Babylonian. For example, Psalm 104 draws either directly or indirectly from Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun,” composed during the 14th century BCE. The Hymn may have been rendered in Canaanite centuries before it was composed in Hebrew and written down, but the connection between it and Psalm 104 is certain.

      As we know also, much of the Genesis cosmology can be found in older Sumero-Babylonian mythological texts, such as the Enuma Elish.

      In addition, the core myth of the Exodus, as another example, can be found in the Ugaritic/Canaanite Baal cycle, which dates to at least the 12th-13th century BCE.

      Also, much of the Moses myth appears to have been based on the Sumero-Amorite/Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, parts of which were composed by at least 1800 BCE. Then there’s the wine-god aspects of the Moses myth, based significantly on Dionysus, whose theonym dates to at least 1200 BCE. It should be recalled that there were Greeks in the Levant by around that time as well.

      And so on. There is much more to the subject, but you would be correct in surmising that the actual Hebrew texts were not composed until centuries later than the events they purport to record, which in reality are mythical. Written Hebrew was not created until after the development of the Phoenician alphabet, around 1050 BCE, so nothing could have been written down in Hebrew before that time.

      Neither Hebrew nor the Israelites as a separate people appear in the historical record until into the first millennium BCE, almost a thousand years after “Abraham” purportedly founded their unique tribe.

  33. he sounds amazing

  34. In truth religions simply compiled one on top of the other each new invention attempting to best the old with a bigger and better version. The common theme is self evident. Especially with the Jesus myth that succeed in applying every known myth and miracle of the preceding 10,000 years of myths. And the Universe creator god that created all the known powers that all the other gods were known for…this usurping in one entity the power of all the gods into one Lord god of all the gods…shear genius. But this story is hilarious! If the Christians find out that the original source is a pigmy colony…I can only imagine the upheaval. But…it makes total sense because there has to be a bottom to the linage of stories somewhere! Were they Egyptian influenced or was it the obverse?

  35. God was infuriated….you’ve eaten from the tahu tree wow

  36. the Twa people created the Ankh which is where the cross concept comes from when the Israelites were in Egypt they made a cross out of the ankh to worship a deity named Tammuz…. My guess is that is supposed to be a Ankh and not a cross

  37. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

  38. Look up Laminin it surrounds “the cross”

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