For millions of women, the Islamic veil is NOT a choice

Oddly enough, many Muslim women will become very hostile if someone points out that the Islamic veils called the “niqab” or “burka” are oppressive. They also will throw out the false apology that dressing in this manner is a “choice.” They and their defenders will often resort to insults in order to shut down the discussion.

The attempt is to shame one into submission by claiming that it is we who are oppressing Muslim women by denying them the “choice” to dress in what we might call “Islamic female slave clothing.” If one responds with facts, a less disingenuous apologist may grudgingly backtrack and claim that s/he never said it was “always a choice.” Note, however, that one will not be given any credit or recognition for one’s knowledge or intelligence at this point, as the fact that one was correct will not be acknowledged. The apologies will continue.

Oppression of Women

Muslim women in niqabThe factual rebuttal to this apology is that most Muslim women who dress in this oppressive clothing designed to remove their faces from public do NOT have a choice in wearing these garments. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the women are considered MINORS their entire lives and must be subject to a MALE GUARDIAN. They do NOT have a choice of whether or not to wear the niqab or full face veil with eyes only showing, unless their male guardian(s) allows it.

Taliban beat a woman in Kabul, Sep.2001 (RAWA)One should also point out that women in parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran assuredly have NO choice about wearing the Islamic veil. Women in Afghanistan continue to be beaten into submission by the more fanatical Muslim males there. The Iranian women were dead set against the hijab or chador and likewise were beaten physically into submission into accepting it.

Here is an eye-opening video about the women in Iran just after the revolution of 1979 that brought in the evil Khomeini and his diabolical minions:

Also, be sure to listen to this BBC radio interview of ex-Muslims in the UK, including women who state quite blatantly that they are FORCED to wear the veil. Here’s the Youtube link:

Here’s the sad story of a beautiful Canadian girl who was murdered by her father and brother for not wearing hijab – in Canada. Choice? Between hijab and death?

Mind Your Own Business!

These millions of women are asking for our assistance, because we CAN help them. Therefore, when someone says to “mind your own business” about Muslim women, we can ask them in return to mind their own business while we help these women requesting our help. Such forced GENDER APARTHEID is unacceptable.

Islamic fundamentalism does not give women a choice to wear a veilFalse Piety

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Note how the “racism” card is played in order to deflect off the suffering of women under Islamic domination.



  1. One can never thank you enough for standing on the side of those who are suffering under the Islamic dogma. You are truly a unique and sensitive woman whom I am honored to call a friend.

    Amil Imani

  2. There are women who are being oppressed by being forced to wear the Hijab, and getting punished for not adhering, that is true and sad. One should stand up for these women, regardless of their sex or background. But do NOT, EVER ASSUME THAT THIS IS ISLAM. ISLAM DOES NOT FORCE ITS WOMEN TO WEAR THE HIJAB. YES, IT IS AN INFORMED, EDUCATED CHOICE. Islam also does not require its women to wear the Niqab. If its worn by free women, it is their choice. There are thousands of non-Muslims who wear the Niqab, only they call it a protective mask to prevent inhaling germs, or just a face piece to prevent bad effects of pollution. The fact that you do not understand this despite the thousands of women who’ve expressed this opinion makes you close minded, not them.

    1. I’m glad you recognize that there are millions of women who are forced to wear the veil against their will. Your apology for this practice not being Islamic would be denied by many millions of other Muslims, however, including the women who supposedly wear the hijab or niqab by “choice.” They are quite certain that they are wearing the veil because Allah ordained it, based on Islamic texts, teachings and history.

      Instead of denying this belief here, perhaps you would like to go tell these millions of Muslim women and the men in their lives that the veil is un-Islamic. Start here, where these Muslim authorities clearly state that the hijab is ordained by Allah:

      Why then, under such circumstances, do Muslim women wear scarves?

      There are a myriad of reasons why, but the easy, one sentence answer is, because they believe God has made it an obligation for believing women. In the Quran God tells the believing men and women to lower their gaze and to dress modestly. He (God) specifically addresses women when He asks them not to show off their adornment, except that which is apparent, and draw their veils over their bodies. (Quran 24:30-31)

      Your apology also rings hollow for the thousands of women and girls who have been beaten and/or murdered for not properly covering up, according to the Muslims who abused and/or killed them.

      The thousands of women wearing some sort of scarf or face masks for whatever other reason, including cancer or pollution, are completely irrelevant to this post. No one is trying to stop them from wearing scarves or masks, unless they are inside public buildings such as banks. The fact that you would lump together such disparate practices and then try to impugn my character makes you irrational, illogical and defamatory.

      1. And once again, you have interpreted cruelty of some as religion of a billion. When I say I wear the Hijab out of choice, I wear it because I want to please my Creator. Yes, it makes sense for me to lower my gaze and dress modestly. I do not weat it out of fear. And I repeat, women who wear the Hijab out of fear and oppression must be helped and saved. Their cause must be spread to the world. But not because they are following a religion. The topic you are protesting against is oppression. However, Islam in its truest form is not oppression, far from it. It is freedom, rather.

        1. Once again, I have done no such thing, and once again you first say the veil is not part of Islam and then you contend that the Islamic god commanded you to wear it. If you wish to believe such a thing, that is your prerogative, but I do not believe that the creator of the cosmos is obsessed with genitalia and commanded any such thing. In fact, on the contrary my religion asserts that such gender apartheid is barbarism.

          We will have to agree to disagree.

          Islam in its truest form is the most oppressive religious ideology ever devised by the human mind. Your apologies again ring hollow. Here is what Islam in its truest form represents, according to its most devout spokesmen in the attached videos – if you have a problem with their claims about Islam, you will need to take it up with them:

          What is sharia or Islamic law?

          Honor killings
          Supremacy/global domination
          Limb amputations
          Genital mutilation
          Death to apostates
          Forced conversion
          Sex slavery and rape
          Women enslavement
          Wife beating
          Child marriage/rape
          Brutality against homosexuals
          Bigotry and hatred
          Robbery and pillage
          Extortion of nonbelievers
          Animal cruelty
          Prohibition of music/singing
          Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities

          Since Islam goes against my religion in almost every particular, I would ask that you respect my religion.


    2. This is nothing but bullspit taqiyya … a LIE! It may very well be a choice for SOME women … BUT for MILLIONS of women around the world it is NOT a choice.
      Women are assaulted and punished EVERY day for perceived violations of this horrific, sexist so called “law”. Having a muslim woman standing there telling us so much hogwash, such a blatant LIE, is not going to convince ANYONE. The evidence is everywhere and incontrovertible.

  3. Also, what I tried to explain to you were the various benefits of the Niqab. It is not just to cover the face from unwanted stares of strange men. It provides many benefits that the world is just becoming aware of. Truly, my Creator is all-knowing, that he has commanded me to wear Hijab.

    1. So, first you say that wearing the veil is not Islamic, and then you said that Allah commanded you to wear it? That makes no sense, obviously.

      While you may believe that that the Arab tribal god Allah commanded you to wear the hijab, I do not believe that the creator of the cosmos made any such commandment, so please respect my religion.

      Also, as concerns other benefits, again, that’s fine, but I will continue to disagree that the creator of the cosmos cares one fig what you have on your head. In fact, the very notion is extremely conceited and megalomaniacal.

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