Experimenting with sexists

I’ve done experiments with sexists. One time I was hanging around a bunch of males on a regular basis – I was one of the only females around this group. They thought they were superior to everyone because they were (impoverished) “spiritual seekers” on the “right path,” euphorically and fanatically following a particular Indian guru. Although they had put out a call for “strong women” to come visit, what they really wanted was ANY woman who would submit to them and build up their egos. (She would have to be pretty strong to push up those inflated things any further.)

Now, imagine their surprise when I went into their midst. Every time I opened my mouth to emit a pearl of wisdom (or even something trite and humorous), they acted as if were retarded and batted my comments away. These unsuspecting characters had no idea about my IQ or education – because I was a “pretty girl,” they assumed I was dumb and had nothing of value to say.

So, I did a little experiment. I knew the writings of their guru very well, and I could quote them verbatim. Instead of making observations or answers based on my own thoughts, I decided to quote this esteemed guru verbatim where appropriate. What do you suppose happened?

Yes, that’s right – these guys pooh-poohed me every time. They must have wondered what that little smirk was on my face when they did that. Caught red-handed! Laughing heartily, I eventually told them what I had been up to – one would have thought that with their superior intellects they would have recognized these verbatim quotes from their own guru. Hearing my words, they looked like deer in the headlights.

I have noted the same behavior concerning my work – if it comes from me, it’s automatically suspect and/or wrong. I could be quoting ANYONE, but if it comes out of MY face, then it must be wrong.

Needless to say, I have not let such mindless bigotry and idiocy dissuade me, although the stupidity of humanity in general does tend to rob me of motivation.

Fortunately, there are good folks and real menschen like Atheist Universe author David Mills, who intelligently recognized and honestly acknowledged this serious and enduring problem, in his great review of my book Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ. Says Mills:

D.M. Murdock/Acharya S, like all authors on controversial subjects, has many critics. But they all share one commonality: They don’t know what they’re talking about. Murdock understands many languages and has a breadth of knowledge her critics cannot match. This fact irks the uninformed. Having given a fair hearing to some of her online detractors and their “rebuttal” videos, I have detected not only a lack of knowledge on the part of her critics, but also, in some cases, a thinly disguised misogyny. Objectively speaking, D.M. Murdock is an attractive and dazzlingly brilliant woman. This is more intimidation than some men can handle, even some atheist men. To those who follow the teachings of the Apostle Paul, who forbade women to even speak in church, it “logically” follows that Ms. Murdock should remain silent as well, especially since she is grieving the Holy Ghost. In plain English, Murdock is dealt criticism that would never befall an ugly old man in a monastery. I would like to think that 21st-century America is beyond such juvenile conduct, but that is sadly not the case.


  1. 🙁 there is no honesty left in people ! their debate as to intelligent design or scientific evidence , leaves out why man made religion in the first place !is it man’s lies or not ?if it is ,then evidence suggests ..there cannot be a god as an all loving overseer ! but it does suggest a controlling crutch that renders people a cripple or a criminal dictator !

  2. GodMustBeLonely
    Oh, fundi christians really hate Archarya’s work, drives them wild with rage. The things christians say on topics they really know nothing about. Because a pastor claimed to have found evidence for the existence of some historical part of the bible, that ‘obviously’ leads to the validity of the supernatural elements as well. When you tell a christian that their religion could have spawned in much the same way other ‘false’ religions have, they give you the most dreadful stare. Clearly atheists are ‘misrepresenting known history’ when they say that the Jesus story is nothing more than a myth, pr fairy tale. At best maybe a story of hope for a people wishing for freedom from Roman oppression. That’s not how cults start, feverishly wishing for things. Christianity could never be like that; not even when it evolved into all the denominations christianity is today. Christians can’t possibly be people wishing their version of the afterlife true. Not in a 2000 years…lol. Keep pulling the pants off religious nuts Archarya, or whatever you name is. Your work is truly enlightening.

  3. Dyslexic? Call 1-800-Bla-Halbh
    Seriously, there’s not a fundie Christian out there with the intelligence, reading ability or fortitude to read even one of A’s books from beginning to end. Well, maybe a couple … :whistle:

  4. Funtodiementalist
    ” I’m not saying your dumb , you just got bad luck with thinking ” is what I’d have said to some jerks who act such a way, how sad . It is truly painful to hear such tripe. Some people just didn’t get the hugs they needed? As a man I truly cannot feel like one unless I’m making my women happy about how I show respect, my momma would kick my but if I treated anyone less than their momma would want me too. If only men would stand up more for respect for women, much respect for acharya s story here hope men take a lesson, take your man ego out of your pants and put it in your works,,,,,, the biggest kindest is most manly!! To bad these guys in this story are very small indeed. Peace

  5. My favorite saying
    When talking to pigheaded people, I like to think of Ron White’s saying “You can’t fix stupid”

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