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Egyptologists: The Exodus never happened

didmosesexist250This video shows that scientists have concluded the Exodus account to be fictional. In my book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, I cite Egyptologist Dr. Donald Redford several times. In the first part of my book, I demonstrate that the Mosaic account could not be history, as it was not only impossible physically but there exists no scientific evidence for any desert sojourn. The latter half of the book shows where the Moses and Exodus myths come from in preceding myths and legends.

The video says the biblical story is “enigmatic,” but when you know the mythology preceding the composition of this tale the mystery is solved. I present as thorough an analysis of this issue as one could possible find in a single tome.

Unfortunately, the video featuring Egyptologist Redford was removed from this link:


Here’s another documentary, however:

You can listen also to my radio program on Moses and the Exodus at this video:

Here’s another interview about Moses, with Aron Ra:

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19 thoughts on “Egyptologists: The Exodus never happened

  1. Thing is, this is old news. In the 1800’s papers were written proving just that. Asimov made it clear in his account of the bible asking how 1.5 million from “all over Egypt” got together one night and took a walk.
    They were nomads and were always nomads.
    On another note: A camp for a million would take up about 4 square miles.
    There were rules: Thou shall not shitteth within the camp.
    OK—so t’s a 2 mile walk to take a dump.
    Sure hope manna didn’t give ya the shits.

    1. You are correct that this is “old news,” as many writers in the 19th century stated as much. These older scholars have been demeaned relentlessly not only by religionists and Bible thumpers but also skeptics who claim their great works are “outdated.”

      Obviously, we who have actually studied these writings would disagree with such an assessment, since they did in fact peg the Exodus as a mythical tale long before the hard archaeological science was able to prove that fact.

      Here’s a quote from a scholar of the late 19th century:

      “โ€ฆthe stories of the creation, of the flood, of Abraham, of Jacob, of the descent into and the exodus from Egypt, of the career of Moses and the Jews in the desert, of Joshua and his soldiers, of the judges and their clients, are all apocryphal, and were fabricated at a late period of Jewish history.”

      โ€”Dr. Thomas Inman, Ancient Faiths and Modern (5)

      I included that quote in my Moses book to show precisely that fact that these older, disparaged scholars indeed were frequently both scientific and correct.

      1. I love your job and knowledge, how I can contact you? and thanks for your work, we are awakened! since I was a kid I was awakening, elevated consciousness, I’m happy to see that I’m not alone.

        1. Thanks for your kind regards. I’m available all over the place, including here, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on.

  2. Men who were never spiritually enlightened can never understand something as deep and profound as God’s activity. Millenia has passed since the Exodus and so the so callled “clever” people see it as an opportunity to impose their soulish intelligence on mankind. The bible have existed for a long time and those who believe in it as well those who don’t have had it under eyes, what is funny counter scripture only started existing in modern days. If you have never experienced God you cannot begin to understand what He is capable of. Just because physical evidence has deteriorated with time doesn’t mean no evidence exists, evidence does exist, but only to those who want to see it.

    1. Thanks, but condescending and insulting remarks trying to establish your mental and spiritual superiority will not negate the FACTS that the Bible is not “God’s Word” and that the Exodus didn’t happen, as stated.

      What such comments will do, however, is to prove that Bible fanatics are arrogant, egostical and UN-spiritual ultimately, as they derogate others’ intelligence and character based on their own lack of study, erudition and comprehension.

      You are not superior mentally or ethically to these scientist simply because you believe blindly and without evidence. On the contrary.

      If you have never experienced God you cannot begin to understand what He is capable of.

      How do you know whether or not someone else has “experienced God?” And what makes you an expert on “experiencing God?” That’s just plain conceit. Anyone can claim they’ve “experienced God,” and many people have claimed as much. I could say that I’ve experienced God, and SHE who told me that the Exodus didn’t happen.

  3. I would guess that “the” exodus didn’t happen, but I’m sure that, given the times, people did many exits and returns for many reasons. I would think that hunger, thirst, disease, weather, war, oppression, resources, the search for mates, etc., forced people to migrate. And, I’d think that stories of these migrations would probably get woven into the lore. Same goes for floods and pestilence and all those other Biblical thingys.

    I’d bet that Debbie S. would really like a signed copy of your book! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You need to read my book! Of course, “the” Exodus never happened. It’s an ancient myth. I do discuss the fact that during the past many thousand years of humanity’s existence, there have been many thousands of exoduses out of Africa through that bottleneck. Ditto with the plagues, but these are supernatural fairytales that are also part of old mythical archetypes. In my book I also discuss the role of gods in plagues, including the Greek deities.

      Debbie would probably hit me on the head with it while spewing epithets at me. Then she’d file a lawsuit against me!

  4. Yes I get the point and also most of us do not understand the Bible due to the notion of one must have a gift to see spiritually, I used to know that Adam was the first human while he is the second after creating ‘man and female in his likeness and image and given the power to rule every living creature then the man of dust Adam was created rea Genesis carefully the first man kind was given every thing and Adam was a Created to be controlled by Him and his generation to come thanks for the book

    1. Thanks, but this idea that “most of us do not understand the Bible due to the notion of one must have a gift to see spiritually” is mystical mumbo-jumbo. Those of us who are educated about the world’s pre-biblical history, religion and mythology can understand perfectly well what the Bible is saying, as it is not difficult to comprehend at all.

      On the contrary, the Bible’s language and concepts are fairly dumbed down compared to the philosophical, religious and mythological concepts that preceded it, within the Canaanite, Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Indian cultures, for example.

      1. AS you are awesome! It’s encouraging to see people standing up to the average head-in-the-sand christians! The world needs more of us! Great work.

  5. If you want to learn why the Exodus did not take place & why the rest of the Bible is not historically accurate, read archaeologist Israel Finkelstein or former Harvard professor James Kugel. Both who will provide far more insight into were the Israelite originated from & how they evolved from polytheism to monotheism.

    1. Thanks. I used and cited Finkelstein’s work. “Far more insight” than whom? Me? I beg to differ. My work actually goes far deeper than the mainstream scholarship, even if minimalist/skeptical.

      All one needs to do is actually to listen to my radio program and to read my Moses book to discover that fact.

      1. Your claim that your work surpasses that of far more learned & accomplished scholars is an arrogant farce. What you consider research is nothing more than quoting the work of others. You haven’t made any contributions to academia, you’ve plagiarized it.

        1. So, now you’re going to insult me and lie about my work, including with the vile libel about plagiarism? I see there is no rational conversation to be had with you. If I’m quoting, I’m obviously not plagiarizing. The best research draws from the most amount of sources, including thousands of primary sources in multiple languages and the works of credentialed authorities. Those are my methods, and that’s called “scholarship.”

          You don’t even know my work, and, yes, in fact, it does surpass that of many others in the field. You have proved yourself to be frankly a dishonest libeler, so move along now.

  6. Sra. A. S.
    No se puede razonar con un ignorante, de acuerdo a nuestros conocimientos.

    Debera contestarles conforme a sus mesquinas y limitadas preparacion academicas.

    Podriamos llevar al ganado al estanque, pero nunca lo hariamos que bebiese el agua.

    Continue con su gran obra iluminando a tantos que estan en tinieblas.

    Ms. A. S.

    You can not reason with an ignorant, according to our knowledge.

    You should answer them according to your vendors and limited academic preparation.

    We could take the cattle to the pond, but we would never let them drink the water.

    Continue with your great work illuminating so many who are in darkness.

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