Egyptian writer: U.S. must support Egypt’s anti-Islamist revolution

After one year of Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi’s presidency, millions of Egyptians – in an unprecedented scene – poured into the streets of Cairo to say “NO!” to Political Islam. This is probably the first time since 9/11 that Egyptians have dared to publicly reject Political and Radical Islam in such huge numbers.

“This is probably the first time since 9/11 that Egyptians have dared to publicly reject Political and Radical Islam in such huge numbers.”

U.S. support for Mohamed Morsi now appears to be pointless. Any attempt by the U.S. to push the military to support Morsi is a form of suicide for the Military, as literally tens of millions are against him, while only tens of thousands remain loyal. Additionally, the Egyptian military – which has the support of more than 80% of Egyptians, according to recent surveys – is people-based and not sectarian.

Death of democracy or true democratic spirit?

Some may argue that the U.S. needs to support the ballot results. On the surface this may seem reasonable. But is the principle of democratic elections more important than the democratic values it is designed to protect? Are election results more important than such democratic values such as respect for minorities, equality of citizens, and the rule of law? President Morsi made a mockery of these basic values.

Egyptian and Arab liberals alike cannot understand why the Obama administration did not take a clear stand against the several anti-democratic actions Morsi took after he came to power. These included seizing all powers in the country, breaking his promise to select a Coptic vice president, encouraging Islamic thugs to surround the Supreme Constitutional Court and threaten its judges if they issued any ruling against Morsi, and above all, cheating in the referendum on the new constitution of the country for the benefit of the Islamists. If Morsi had respected the real values of democracy – the same democracy that brought him to power – the Egyptians would not have turned against him.

“Egyptian and Arab liberals alike cannot understand why the Obama administration did not take a clear stand against the several anti-democratic actions Morsi took after he came to power.”

The Muslim Brotherhood religious agenda added salt to the wound by undermining an already weak Egyptian economy. Their unwillingness to promote the vital tourism industry on the grounds that alcohol and women in bikinis are “un-Islamic” continues to accelerate the downward spiral toward economic collapse.

Morsi pardoned jihadists and terrorists

Morsi’s real agenda is evident in his decision to pardon Jihadists and terrorists – and release them from prison – while ignoring the plight of the pro-democracy liberal activists of the Jan 25 Revolution who helped bring him to power.

Supporting Morsi on the basis that he could control Hamas and prevent it from attacking Israel is patently absurd. Hamas rockets did not manage to reach major Israeli cities until six months after Morsi became President of Egypt. Pretending respect for the peace treaty with Israel is a cynical and rather transparent ruse to encourage Western financial support until the MB is able to consolidate its power. Analysis of MB literature and of the Arabic phrases they use in their media outlets shows quite clearly that their long-term desire is to erase Israel from the map.

Not a military coup

It is also important to mention that intervention by the Egyptian military to remove Morsi from office cannot properly be classed as a “military coup” because the vast majority of the population wanted the military to intervene on their behalf.

Bloodshed was inevitable as Islamists certainly have tried to avenge the removal of Morsi. But far more blood would have been shed if he had remained in power. The situation is simply not comparable to what occurred in Algeria in the early 1990’s, when the military refused to transfer power to the elected Islamist president who, in stark contrast to Morsi, was supported by the majority of his population. The Islamists in Egypt will no doubt continue to fight, and doubtless with much violence, but they will not prevail. The military, the police, and the population at large are all united against them.

“What is currently happening in the land of Egypt is a battle between Radical & Political Islam and nearly a whole nation that is turning against it.”

What is currently happening in the land of Egypt is a battle between Radical & Political Islam and nearly a whole nation that is turning against it. The defeat of the Islamists in Egypt-which is the motherland of the Muslim Brotherhood-will help bring an end to the phenomenon of Radical Islam. The US by supporting the removal of Morsi will not only be a support for the will of the vast majority of the Egyptians but can also give the most powerful blow to Radical Islam worldwide.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid (aka Tarek Abdelhamid), is an Islamic thinker and reformer, and one time Islamic extremist from Egypt. He was a member of a terrorist Islamic organization Jammaa Islameia (Egypt) with Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who became later on the second in command of Al-Qaeda. Dr. Hamid is currently a Senior Fellow and Chair of the study of Islamic Radicalism at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in the United States. His website can be found at

(This article was written shortly before the ouster of Morsi and has been edited to reflect events since then. The lessons to be learned remain very important to the world as a whole.)

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  1. This 12-year-old Egyptian boy in the video above is great! He’s smart, well-informed and quick on his feet. Kudos to his parents and whoever else is informing him as well, including the society itself.

    Look at the guy in the background around 2 : 07 – he can’t believe this kid is saying these things! There is great hope here, when such a young one can see so clearly and articulate truth and morality so well.

    1. Bull Sh-t2
      Let us assume this tape is real (i.e. not made up) then it tells me this “boy” is no less radical then the child soldiers of Koni. He clearly displays a complete political agenda – and he looks like he is 10 maybe 12 years old? tut tut where is his good for nothing parents that he is so politicized already probably radicalizing his other 14 brothers and 17 sisters? ?? Secondly it tells me that the entire grown up population of Egypt is a bunch of really retarded religious fanatics!

      Lets us assume this is “staged” – which it seems it is. So what kind of dick heads use a child to push their agenda? Secondly the boy says I cannot beat my wife – is a society where such a young political activist radical is already married – I say chaps – you are doomed to failure!!! Pleas FAIL!!!

      1. There is no reason to believe that any of the video above has been doctored, and your criticisms are simply more of the same hateful and suspicious rhetoric you have used elsewhere. This boy is not “radical” – where are you from?

        You claim not to be a Muslim and to despise Mohammed, yet you are in here spewing hate speech against those who don’t want to be oppressed under an Islamic state.

        Again, you make no sense, but this little boy does.

        Perhaps you are a rabid Obama supporter, in which case you would be implying that to assail Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood is to assail Obama.

  2. What Rubbish!
    This is blatant propaganda and nothing more. The idea that “Egypt is a battle between Radical & Political Islam” is right out of the US/Mossad playbook’s war on Muslims. The fact is, the Muslim Brotherhood in general and Morsi in particular, was too soft and indecisive. He/they should have stripped and either arrested or sent packing the US-backed and trained military after the election. Nothing will change in Egypt as long as the military stays in power which is exactly what Obama and the CIA want and exactly what they got. This was a military coup of a fair and democratically-elected government orchestrated by Zionists.

    1. It is utter nonsense to defame the well-considered opinions of this EGYPTIAN MUSLIM writer, based on the desires of some 33 MILLION of his fellow citizens, many of whom were also MUSLIMS. Not only does he know Egyptian politics very well, but he knows Islam quite intimately.

      Those of us with a moral conscience will stand by Dr. Hamid and those millions of Muslims, against the oppressive Islamists. Anyone supporting the latter should be ashamed of him or herself.

      The 12-year-old child in the video above possesses more morality and wisdom than does your defamatory rant.

    2. you’re blaming who?
      You’re blaming Obama and the Mossad for a 30 million + protest?

      Let me guess…… mass hypnosis? Secret mind control? Area 51?

      1. Not to mention that it was Obama who wanted Morsi in power in the first place and who continued to insist on his reign of terror. Millions of Egyptians could see right through this scheme, but apparently others remain clueless.

        Welcome to topsy-turvy world.

  3. Hope
    If there are more children that understand the situation as well as the boy in the second video does, there is really hope for the future. He understands more about the situation and what should happen than many adults. Far more educated than many adults.

  4. There is hope in Egypt, the motherland of the Middle East. Probably the best that can be done by America is to stay out of it. Yes, Morsi was democratically elected, but in a mature democracy would have been impeached for his actions. Such a “democratic” option was not available. But the Egyptians put a world record number of protesters in the streets. Once again, they are the leaders of the Arab world.

    1. At this point, it is hard to believe that Morsi [i]was [/i]democratically elected in a fair election.

  5. Anyone reading this post should acknowledge that those who are making claims for democracy should do so in their country of origin,in other words the people in Egypt are not Egyptians,they are the ones who destroyed the true Egyptians.So what ever fate the pseudo Egyptians suffer will be at the hands of Karma

  6. Islamic thinker – are you serious?
    Well, well, well…it almost looks as if the writer turned form “his words: one time Islamist radical terrorist” to current Zionist promoter….just for the record – I am an atheist. .Now Morsi was elected DEMOCRATICALLY – if you do not like it deal with it – but do not support a military coup! Just because you do not like it you describe it in all kinds of “catch phrases” Bull sh*t I say! Also when are you going to change your mind about how the world work again? There is ONLY one truth – and that is THERE IS NO GOD OF ANY KIND WHAT SO EVER – get over it!!! You are still in “God-mode” now just being not radical…hahahaha then at least stupid!!!

    You write” Dr Tawfik Hamid (aka Tarek Abdelhamid) is an Islamic thinker and reformer, and a one-time Islamic extremist from Egypt. He was a member of a terrorist Islamic organization…” Listen to yourself. This is a complete OXIMORON “Islamic thinker”!!! Please!!! The man believe in Allah and his paedophile prophet Mohammad!! Anybody so STUPID is not capable of being a “thinker” Secondly so all of a sudden he is not a “terrorist” any more…haaa-haaaa stay out of mischief for the next 50 to 80 years and then I will believe you…When will he change his mind “back” again – clearly the
    When the military force a democratically elected President out – it is a COUP and nothing but a COUP! This is very easy to understand even for a mentally challenged idiot!!

    The same Bull sh*t double standard is applied to the Palestinians! When they elected Hamas democratically – it was not “accepted by America and America’s real Masters the government of Israel.

    There should be a democratic election in Israel/Palestine as well allowing all the forced out Palestinians to vote in a one man -one vote democratic election. A two state system is an apartheid system – both the USA and Israel rejected it as RACISM OF THE HIGHEST ORDER when the previous (white) South African government were given independent states to different groups (Zulus, Xhosas, Ciskeian Xhosas and Tswanas & Sothos) So ACCEPT the democratically elected President Morsi – and if so many people disagree so seriously from him – defeat him at the BALLOT BOX during the next election. Also stop applying double standards – if it does not fall in line with Zionist and Israeli interest.

    You will probably just delete this comment – it does not make it less true though!!

    1. I did not delete your comment, which possesses very little merit and constitutes little more than an irrational rant.

      What Hamid, the millions of Egyptians and the 12-year-old boy have said here is clear enough. You have simply muddied it all with your hateful mentality. You appear to hate Islam, and yet you want Islamic fundamentalism shoved down the throats of millions of people. You make no sense at all.

      Apparently, we are to be presented only two choices: Either everyone wants to be oppressed under Islamic fundamentalism or everyone is a Zionist stooge.

      It is not difficult to understand that there has never been a more divisive ideology than “radical Islam,” as Tawfik describes it. There’s nothing “oxymoronic” about someone getting out of a violent cult and helping others escape as well. Do you even know what the word “oxymoron” means?

      In the meantime, I repeat that people of conscience will stand by Hamid and the millions of Egyptians who have spoken loudly and clearly.

    Acharya S – I am DEEPLY disappointed…Since when do you take sides with religion and especially such a primitive a**hole lot such as islam?

    In your own words the man was a “radical” and now “magically” he is not?

    I used to promote you and your books to everyone…maybe from now on i will just stick to Richard Dawkins…at least he seem not to change as it suits him bit stick to the facts

    1. I am deeply disappointed that someone who claims to know my work would think that I would support an Islamofascistic regime against the millions of Egyptian people who don’t want to be oppressed under it.

      I submit you don’t know me or my work at all. And since when has Richard Dawkins said anything different about Islam, which he called “one of the great evils of the world?” ([url][/url])

      I should also add that Dawkins and I are not in competition and that if you think I consider Dawkins an authority whom you can use to beat me into submission, you are in gross error. Dawkins needs to read [i]my[/i] books, as he displays that he does not know the subject of Jesus mythicism well enough to be making comments about it. And I wonder if Dawkins would approve of [i]your[/i] ranting about Zionists?

      Oh, and here’s an article from Dawkins’s website that is critical of the Morsi government – perhaps you need to stop promoting his books now as well:

      How Egypt’s radical rulers crush the lives and hopes of women ([url][/url])

      [quote]So go most Fridays in Cairo over the past few weeks as liberal Egyptians have shown their virulent opposition to the president, Mohamed Morsi, as he has awarded himself new powers and pushed through a deeply contentious new constitution. Several buildings of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group behind Morsi, have been burned. In post-Arab spring Egypt the revolution continues. But it’s women of all classes who have found themselves most alienated – written out of the jostling for power and subjected to a skyrocketing number of sex assaults, rapes and harassment.[/quote]
      Again, if you have ever believed that I would side with Islamic fanatics over the common people, you are sadly mistaken. What part of the fact that here I am publishing the essay of an Egyptian Muslim writer do you not understand?

      Again, I stand by Dr. Hamid and the millions of Egyptians – it is THEIR opinions in this article, not mine. So, you can be deeply disappointed with them, but you will be morally on the wrong side.

  8. America and Morsi
    The US seems to lack mature leadership otherwise how can the President account for the fact that all his actions have boomeranged? He came in with the idea of making the Muslim world love him and consequently the US. Instead the majority in the Muslim world hate him and have become more alienated toward the country he heads. He has made enemies of the few friends the US had in the Muslim world. Obviously, Obama’s ideologies are not in sync with the nation he rules. He seems keen on befriending the very terrorists that want to destroy the United States, Muslim Brotherhood being one of them.

    1. Thanks for the sane and rational analysis. I notice that the “pro-democracy” (pro-MORSI/Islamic supremacy) faction can only provide irrational and hateful rants.

      Therein lies the difference.

  9. understanding Egypt
    A great overview of the complex recent events in Egypt is given in the wonderful video here: ([url][/url])
    Forgive the high-speed speech. He’s trying to fit an enormous amount of information into a short space.

    I think there is great hope for the future of Egypt. Unlike the USA, they’ve managed to throw off oppressive rule… twice in a short period.

    The USA has spooks snooping into every area of their private lives, a religious extremist “Taliban” stealthily taking over government, a massive part of their population in Nazi-style private prison camps as a slave labor force (despite crime rates falling worldwide), support of the wealthiest (who pay no tax) by the taxes of the poor, the rise and rise of military rule, and the introduction of more than 30,000 drones into USA airspace over the next few years (Pakistan has been a testing-ground). I have a lot of wonderful friends in USA, and I feel scared for them.

  10. Sorry, but you are clearly the radical here, with your nonstop hate speech and irrational ranting. The boy makes sense – you do not.

    If your world is opposite to what this boy is expressing, then you can keep it to yourself, frankly, as I have no interest in such a horrible society. You claim to be an atheist, so what is your real problem, in here spewing hate speech against children and others who don’t want to live in an Islamic state?

  11. Muslim Child Activist sh*thead
    When grown ups go into the street to solicit this kind of radical crap from a child after a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED president is deposed by CIA USA money in the interest of the Zionist racist state next door then something is wrong!!!

    You may not like Morsi – I personally think he is a Dick head of massive proportions – but I also think that of any person who believes in Spooks up in the stratosphere Whether that spooks as Christian, Muslim, Or any other kind of god or sh*thead spook. You may call yourself “not radical” – that is not the point Morsi also do not see himself as radical.. You are BIG maybe a little less radical – but you are still a Muslim (less radical to only yourself) radical to the rest of the “atheist” world. How can I say this – you get 12 year old boys to rev up the equally brainwashed masses around him. Children should be seen and not be heard!!!

  12. clarification…
    Just to clarify, when I mentioned spooks, I wasn’t talking about ghosts, I was referring to spies — specifically the NSA, but also others. And they will be up in the skies shortly. I know it isn’t widely publicised yet, but Homeland “Security” has publicly stated that they are putting at least 30,000 drones in USA airspace over the next few years.

    Tawfik Hamid is clearly not proud of his distant past, but has very good reason to be proud of what he has become. The world improves a little more every time someone throws off the blinkers that keep them from seeing the reality of the world. I wish a few of the more hateful commenters here could manage to shed their blinkers too.

    I’m actually glad the USA didn’t go in there to lend a hand. It would have risked dividing the country and making the revolution look like USA manipulation, removing its legitimacy in the eyes of those in surrounding nations. Restraint was a good thing here. The Egyptians can stand tall, knowing that they are determining their own future. If you watch the video I linked to you’ll see why the elections produced a deeply unsatisfactory result and how Morsi misused his power.

  13. its time
    Maybe it is just about time that we arrogant Americans who think we know everything should just mind our damn business and not get involved in other people’s civil strife. Did Viet Nam and 9-11 teach us nothing? Or do we need Egyptians to join Al Qaeda in crashing planes into buildings and blowing up train stations too.

    1. The problem is that “we Americans” are composed of peoples from the around the world, some of whom care very much for the people in the countries they left. Such is the case with Dr. Hamid, who is an American citizen but was born and raised in Egypt. He still loves Egypt and wants to help his homeland. It is his solution presented here.

      Immigrants to the U.S. from whatever country have the right to be concerned about the loved ones they’ve left behind. Hence, many activists in the U.S., for human rights and otherwise, are working to better the life in their native countries. That’s what America is for, significantly.

      So, it is not possible for Americans to “mind our own business,” since the entire world essentially [i]is [/i]America’s business, as the country is composed of numerous cultures from around the globe. Nor would we want to, as we are in a position to help people, rather than selfishly taking care of only ourselves. In this regard, billion$ in aid money is distributed from the U.S. to virtually every country in the world, even rogue states like Iran.

      List of countries receiving foreign aid from the U.S. ([url][/url])

  14. Thank you little Clever “not radical” boy baha!
    So today the “official” death toll is already 525 of people who support a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED President – I also do not agree at all or in any way with any kind of religious government – but if it is elected by the electorate of that country – then that is what they want…but then that point of view makes a radical out of hell – so be it….it is after all 525 of the “enemy” who is dead now…little boy…

    Americans even from Egypt who has become “Americans” should begin to focus on keeping America “American” – soon you will have enough Muslims there that you will also have a democratically elected Muslim government – and then the sh*t will hit the fan on your own doorstep…fight radicalism in your own country (such as the “peaceful Muslim major who killed American soldiers because you did not profile the son of a bitch) and let “democracy” which seemed to be the “god” of America (exception Egypt and the other oil rich dictatorships which is in sync with your agenda) take its toll…So do mind your own business please – for your own sake…it seems the rest of the world has had enough…. Call me radical – only when you are neutral…or did not choose a side….

  15. And….now that the Muslim brotherhood – by the way – which I STRONGLY do not support has been banned – 3 x Aljazeera journalists have received draconian sentences from the Military dictator’s mob you so strongly support…Happy now?

    My point here is…I do not support the Muslim Brotherhood or the current – equally corrupt (in this case just good old Israel and USA supported) Military dictator in Egypt …and by the way how has the USA “intervention” in Iraq worked out for you lot liberal semi commies? Hapy that you have “created” ISIS??

    My point is USA stay home! – clean up your own mess and let those radical lot in the middle east kill each other – or live in peace – if they prefer – but the USA – most probably on their Israeli bosses instructions should stop sticking their noses in everywhere, you make things WORSE – NOT BETTER.

    Oh – and now I will be reprimanded again for what a radical and “extreme right wing” probably NAZI I am…And all I am asking you and the rest of the self righteous USA interfering, and meddling people to do is…yes…NOTHING…stay home – be good people – leave others alone be they Muslim, or anything else…just leave us (the rest of the world alone) – but then that will not serve Israel and your oil and money interests – just wondered how you feel now that the “liberators” and this “brilliant” child activist you so staunchly support locked up Peter Greste & co?

    OK – abuse me …tata

    1. Who are you addressing? What “brilliant child activist?” Where does this post advocate the U.S.’s intervention? You are not making any sense at all.

      In the meantime, the person who wrote this original post is an EGYPTIAN who is trying to provide a RATIONAL solution to a serious problem. No one has said that the current government is going to be perfect; nor has anyone agreed with any undeserved “draconian” sentencing.

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