Egyptian archaeologists resurrect Goddess Isis

isis temple pylon alexandria harborAs a stark reminder of what has been lost to the world – this time through apparent natural calamity as opposed to religious fanaticism – archaeologists have pulled a piece of an ancient temple to the Egyptian goddess Isis from the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt. A divine symbol of motherhood and salvation, Isis was one of the most popular deities of all time, especially throughout the Roman Empire during the centuries surrounding the beginning of the common era.

It is beyond a shame that the world’s long period of goddess worshipping, which essentially culminated with the widespread reverence of the highly beloved Isis, has been all but forgotten, and overrun by the veneration of an angry, vengeful desert god as depicted in the Bible and Koran. The Christ character of the New Testament – designed to have greater appeal for women than various dominant  male gods of the day such as Mithra and Yahweh – incorporated a number of aspects from Isis, including her role as loving Savior and Healer. Isis worship was subsequently driven into oblivion largely by Christian mobs, who slaughtered her priests and destroyed her temples.

With this archaeological effort and the possible building of an underwater museum honoring both the goddess and one of her most famous devotees and another highly powerful female, Cleopatra, perhaps more of the divine feminine will find its way into the mass human psyche, which is currently besieged by male, warrior archetypes that are contributing to the destruction of the planet.

Sources & Further Reading

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  1. Male Warrior God and male devotee
    This might be slightly off topic, but I feel that the relationship between the male mass psyche and their male warrior god is extremely homosexual.

    Male krishna devotees for instance…what else does one conclude if one sees a man referring to a male god as ‘my beloved’ and singing songs about ‘longing for union with the beloved’. Songs about how handsome, wonderful the beloved is.

    In some cases, male krishna devotees openly wear a sari , makeup, and sing and dance to Krishna. lol.

    A high profile police officer in India was fired after he appeared on TV wearing a sari and nailpolish, and talking about how eagerly he awaits the return of his beloved. He meant Krishna of course.

    But this police officer is just one of the many who came out in the open. There’s many. Who wear saris publically, at least when they pray to krishna.

    There was this semi-famous male saint from medieval india who, in a devotional poem, sang that he keeps himself “welll groomed and ready” because the beloved [krishna] can arrive anytime!! I saw this poem being sung on a hindu religious channel.

    Forgetting the name of the poet.

    In many cases, their lyrics are subtle – homosexual, and they are wearing normal clothes, not saris.

    I am not too familiar with muslim/christian traditions but I am more than sure that their relationship with their god is also extremely gay.

    1. Vikram Madan – Male Warrior God and male devotee
      “I am not too familiar with muslim/christian traditions but I am more than sure that their relationship with their god is also extremely gay”.


      Good morning. Don’t be so sure lest your ignorance is exposed to the degree of stupidity. I should not sound disrespectful, but expressive. The site you are on is a public site exposed to the gentries world over. This is not a worldly cultural show played on a cinema screen or a college podium. I am sorry to be so plain. My intention is not to hurt you, but your utter ignorance of the subject may be dangerously misleading to everybody who are usually innocently gullible, as you.

      The significance of the dress you say is not in the “Physical” sense but in its pure unsullied love of “Conciousness”, that is being portrayed. This is more of a metaphysical meaning. It is a kind of a devotion, a disciple adopts as it suits to his/her taste or the temperament. Some one likes to love the Lord as His child, or a mother, or a beloved, or a father, or a friend, or a shear devotee. It is a huge chapter and suffice to say that it is the worship of a “Conciousness” that has no attributes, no qualities, no forms, no gender and so on. For example, how would you personify the “Electricity” or “Magnetism”. Is it male or female? Likewise, the name “Krishna” is a descriptive term for the highest “Conciousness” that you wish to attain. If you have to travel from New York to Chicago for example, you may take to road, rail or air travel as it suits you. One of the selected route is enough to take you there.

      Now let me come to another point, I am sure you must be knowing that
      “Virgin Mary” bore Jesus before her actual solemnisation of marriage. In worldly sense, you may be misled and call her promiscuous. It will be a grave mistake. There are so many more such examples in the field of “Spirituality”. A naive is bound to get confused. I am not surprised.

      As you rightly said that you have no knowledge of muslim/christian traditions, same way, you are, unfortunately, equally ignorant of so called Hindu traditions but your ‘self or ego’ has misled you. The ‘Ego’ is the greatest enemy in the path of “Spirituality. Shed it sooner than later and get hold of a good spiritual guide, who will throw some light on the knowledge of the highest.

      I might just touch on the “Idolatry” being practiced by old traditional Hindus in India. again it is a huge chapter, and difficult to summarise here, but the Muslims and Christians do that too, but do not accept it. As it goes against their business. It is a journey from the “Form” to the “Formless”, from the “Attribute” to the “Attributeless” .

      God bless you.

      Dr. O. P. Sudrania

      1. Male Warrior God and male devotee
        Dr. O. P. Sudrania,

        What made you think I was innocently gullible?! LoL.

        My perspectives are well thought out and there are others who think like me – nope, I didn’t corrupt their heads! 🙂

        You tell me to get myself a spiritual “guide”.


        I don’t believe in spiritual guides, role models, heroes.

        I have never looked ‘up to anyone’, except when I was a child

        1. Vikram,

          I have no more comments worth on your observations. Keep it up.

          God bless.

          Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    2. Yes Vikram, you are correct in one thing, you are off topic.

  2. Great news. Take that Theodosius, your censorship rampage missed one.

    1. And on a straight note, anyone else think Isis got sexier as she moved west from Egypt? She was sooo buttoned down & all Osiris & the locals when she started. But when she really broke big & started looking all Hera-ish in the Mediterranean days, like, OMG, she totally had me. All you trendy Catholics can have your boring, obedient Mary. Isis & Anat were the real bad girls.

  3. men will always run the world, now, women work and
    the majority of people that voted for obama were women. women will usher in the new world order on their knees. they are too easily misled, and distracted by shiny pretty things. sorry for the mysogony.

    your article was pretty anti-men.

  4. Women are too easily led?
    IF it were true that women were “too easily led,” it’s because they’ve been degraded and abused by patriarchal religions who have told women that they are to follow their husbands and not think for themselves. And that if we didn’t obey the men in our lives, we would be punished for all eternity. Let’s not forget that men believed this same nonsense and have fought many wars and murdered millions of innocent people who didn’t follow the chosen religion (usually Christianity). It’s quite easy to follow a male-dominated religion when you are being threatened with torture and death if you don’t. Both men and women gave up their pagan religions to become Christian because they knew that they would die if they refused to do so.

    It seems to me, with all the wars that men have been involved with, that it is MEN who are easily led. And they are also quite easily led by their penises. Most men don’t have the capacity for complex thought. It seems they can only think about one thing at a time. A man wants to make money, so he screws over a few million people so he can get richer, not realizing (or maybe not caring) that he is also screwing over his own family and his descendents. He does it for greed, just like the father who works 80 hours a week so he can buy whatever he wants for himself, but he never spends time with his children. They grow up resentful of their father, knowing he’d rather make money than be with them. Men are more one-track minded, so yeah, they get a lot done, probably a lot more than women do (as far as building skyscrapers and bridges, strip-mining the planet, murdering dolphins and other animals (again, for money)… yeah, men do plenty… of DAMAGE.

    What we need is for thoughtful men and women together to make decisions about what’s best for our planet. Men have been in charge for centuries and the damage they’ve done is incalculable. Men care about two things – getting laid and making money. They don’t give much thought to what would best for the planet, or for humanity, or for the plants and animals. Evey now and then you’ll meet a hippie guy who claims to care about the environment, but my guess is that he’s getting laid more often by playing that caring role so there’s something in it for him.

    Sorry for the misandry. I’m pretty anti-men. I’m also anti-human. I think humans are the worst kind of virus this planet has ever seen and I sympathize with the planet more than I do the human beings who are destroying it. If you want to help the planet, STOP HAVING KIDS.

  5. Egyptian archaeologists resurrect Goddess Isis
    I have to agree with the previous commentators that there is a lot of homo-erotic imagery in many religions and in almost all of them women are portrayed as being “lesser” to the male.
    This creates stress and strife when you have a religion which discriminates against women (just about all of them do) and yet the laws of the country would seem to preclude this. How long will it be before an American woman seeks to have herself ordained as a catholic priest and sues when they refuse to allow it? What if one sues because she is excommunicated for taking birth control? that’s discrimination pure and simple.
    Folks like John spout ignorance and gender based discrimination. As a man I have no problem letting women take over the reins of world government for awhile since we’ve done such a disastrous job.

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