Egypt throws off Muslim Brotherhood oppression

Now that Egypt’s Morsi has been given the boot, I should note that I personally objected strenuously to the use of American taxpayer money to impose ISLAMIC/SHARIA ENSLAVEMENT on the Egyptian people in the first place.

It is beyond significant that possibly the single largest gathering in history was a PROTEST AGAINST ISLAMIZATION. What’s that say, eh? MOST PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BE ISLAMIZED, GET IT?

AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, SO JIHADIS CAN GIVE IT UP NOW. Islamic fanatics trying to shove Islam down everyone’s throats are now on notice. You are vastly outnumbered and will be defeated.

We who object to the Islamization of the world are CORRECT, whereas the panderers who have been pushing this fanaticism down everyone’s throats are SIMPLY WRONG.

Man, I wish the Iranians had done this YEARS ago! Please, my beloved Persian people, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Get rid of the mullahs who enslave you and rape your daughters! Go, Iran!

The biggest ‘up yours’ in history – to the Islamists!

I agree with this Egyptian man below – stop supporting Islamic terrorists!

This guy is righteously pissed – I know how he feels!

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  1. Egyptians Pull A Fast One – Literally!!!
    2013 jul 3 Wed
    STUNNING! Birds eye view of the 17 million Egyptians demanding Muslim Brotherhood Morsi step down
    Egypt army ousts Mursi, posing West dilemma


    U.S. President Barack Obama, whose administration provides $1.3 billion a year to the Egyptian military, expressed deep concern about Mursi’s removal and called for a swift return to a democratically elected civilian government. But he stopped short of condemning a military move that could block U.S. aid.

    “During this uncertain period, we expect the military to ensure that the rights of all Egyptian men and women are protected, including the right to peaceful assembly, due process, and free and fair trials in civilian courts,” he said.

    Obama urged the new authorities to avoid arbitrary arrests and said U.S. agencies would review whether the military action would trigger sanctions on aid. A senator involved in aid decisions said the United State would cut off its financial support if the intervention was deemed a military coup.

    Much may depend on a strict definition of “coup.”

    Sisi, head of Egypt’s armed forces, stressed that the army acted to enforce the will of the people. They demonstrated in the millions against Mursi this week. Sisi said the president had failed to heed their demands.


    Obama expresses regret that 17 million Egyptians are overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law head decapitating, woman raping, back lashing authoritarian Morsi; but at the same time Obama wants to provide military aid to the maniac al-Qaeda, organ-eating revolutionaries who are attempting to overthrow Syria’s Assad. Assad’s Syrian Alawite government is mildly Islamic compared to the Saudi Arabian government and Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

    I believe that the Obama administration likes and wants to install an authoritarian-style Sharia Law government throughout all the American-affilliated countries, including the USA. That’s because the USA is controlled by an Oligarchical Banking Cartel that has become horribly afraid of all indigenous European Gentiles. They’re afraid of the fact that the entire world now has access to information about them by way of computer. The computer has destroyed their secrecy. For hundreds of years this Oligarchy has been able to hide behind their curtain while they rob the world with their interest rates and also finance wars in which people other than themselves are killed by the thousands and millions.

    I believe that this Oligarchical Banking Cartel believes that only a Sharia Law authoritarian government throughout the world controlled by their Muslim cousins can suppress the development of what could be an Egyptian-style rebellion by the American people against the Oligarchical Banking Cartel. This explains why Obama is reacting to the Egyptian revolution as he is; and why he’s reacting to the Syrian revolution as he is.

    Why didn’t Obama yell out to the Egyptian people, “Go ahead Egyptians; overthrow Morsi!!!” Obama didn’t yell that out because Obama’s Banking Oligarchy Bosses are trying to create a Sharia Law authoritarian government throughout Europe and the USA that will then enforce Noahide Laws. Why else would the European Union allow tens of millions of Muslims to flood their way into Europe?

    Noahide Laws, Sharia Laws; is there a difference????

    The Egyptian people just performed an amazing, excellent, historical revolution with their overthrow of the Obama maniac, Morsi.

    1. That very thing …
      Has flitted through my mind although I try hard to not be paranoid. I’ve done contract work for bankers for a long time and I know from personal experience what arrogant, grandiose scum they are, however. The thought of some force importing Muslams to control us is extremely disheartening, but that has also crossed my mind. I’m afraid they’ll have to kill us first, me anyway. World War III looms …

    2. The reason for supporting Islam
      Jon, you are wrong on the reasoning behind this.

      This started with the liberal intelligentsia of the US and EU being fed up, after WWII, with the wars in Europe. They wanted people to get on together as a homogenious colloid, rather than nation states. The result was the Bilderberger meetings in Europe.

      So the intent was laudable. But others wanted more – they wanted a One World government, and thus prevent all wars. (I know, because I went to some Labour Party meetings in the UK.) But the only way to achieve this, is to destroy the nation states of the West. And the only way to do that, is by mass immigration, the promotion of other cultures and religion, and the emasculation of nationalism and the loyal armed forces. That process in almost complete in the UK, and still ongoing in the US.

      But what these idealists have forgotten, is that once you have a One World government, there is no opposition party or nation – it is a 1943 Europe, with no Great Britain in opposition. And so if your One World government system is lax and liberal, it is ripe for take-over by a hardline group. So what if a peaceful One World government is taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood eh? Sorry, but wealth, technology and civilisation end at that point, and we are back to the Stone Age.

      Is this what these mad idealists want for the West?


  2. MightyAgrippa
    What was Obama thinking?!? 17 million people represents the will of the people!!

  3. As president of the United States he is in office to uphold our constitution only, and really can not get involved in religious matter of this country and other countries, as it goes against our Constitution which separates Church and state, Any religious falls under Church. The State cannot get involved if Obarma administration is getting involved in any religious side by sending US aid then he is not following the USA constitution.

  4. History Repeats
    Let’s hope the Egyptian people don’t trade this last dictator for yet another one.

  5. Two or three years ago …
    Two or three years ago Acharya, I and many others here and elsewhere said all of this would happen almost exactly as it happened and is happening. We’re not prophets, just astute observers. Maybe this is a good thing. It seems like it, but we don’t know yet. Where Islam is involved, there will be confusion and lies, bloodshed and death, and infinite control issues. Hopefully, Obama and his minions will stay out of it and let something develop naturally. If they can get the Muslim Brotherhood emasculated and keep it out, then they might have a chance. But, a people who have been spoon force fed delusion for 1,400 years don’t always make good choices. As the old saying goes, we’ll see. I’m hoping the best for them, however. I’m also hoping that the Internet in all its various manifestations will destroy Islam. I’m pretty sure that some of you are also.l

    1. Well, we saw the Muslim Brotherhood coming, trying to enslave everyone under Islamic law, but I doubt any of us predicted tens of millions of protestors against that demented cult would come out in force!

      Wow! What an “up yours!” 👿

  6. Islamic propaganda
    Thanks Acharya for posting all those images accusing Obama of being in league with the Muslim Brotherhood. They were not shown on the UK media at all, not even in the Daily Mail. But it makes sense, because Obama did say he was a Muslim. Could you forget your religion or non-religion? Me neither. Could you forget your religion or non-religion? Me neither…

    Remember that Saudi Arabia spends over $20 billion a year on ‘Islamic education’, which we might interpret as ‘subversion and propaganda’. I would not be surprised, if the heads of some media agencies (and some politicians) have been ‘bought’. Tony Blair, for instance, became a multi-millionaire while prime minister of the UK, while only earning £150k a year. And he has an accounting system so opaque, that nobody knows where his money comes from.

    If you or I had devised such a company structure, we would be thrown in the slammer, but T Blair continues his ‘peace mission’ enterprise in the Near and Middle East, from which he earns £millions. It is a matter of public record that Blair has taken large amounts of money from Islam, but the question is: why? Is he genuinely interested in peace in the Middle East? Or is he deliberately subverting Western culture, so that Islam can reign supreme. Is he, therefore, the ultimate Islamic dhimmi? His record as prime minister in the UK, would suggest that T Blair is the greatest dhimmi traitor the UK and the West has ever seen – with Obama coming in a close second.


  7. That …
    Seemed too much to hope for, but we knew something would happen, we just didn’t expect it so swiftly and didn’t know exactly what. My guess was that Egypt would fall into a black hole OR explode. I mean, there are rarely middle grounds with Muslims. Well, either and or both could still happen, but we’ve seen and are seeing the initial explosion. I hope the explosion continues and the Islamists are exterminated either literally and or figuratively. But, Islamists are zombies and it’s hard to exterminate zombies. And, I hope our zombie/zombie loving administration stays out of it. I still have a very hard time getting my mind around the fact that we have a president (and administration) who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, the godfather group of most terrorism on planet Earth. I guess I’ll have to give up any and all positive delusions I have about him.

  8. True or false?
    There is ONLY ONE question to be answered – ONLY ONE!! And it requires a very simple YES or NO answer

    Please Acharya S – no explanations in deference of your pro revolution political view

    Was Mohammad Morsi democratically elected – YES …or…NO

    Please answer this question be selecting one – YES …or…NO

    Be honest please!!!

    1. I am always honest, so there’s no need to beg.

      I have no idea if Morsi was democratically elected, as the elections could very well have been rigged or voters intimidated into voting for him.

      Even so, it matters not at all. Nearly half of Egypt’s population did not want to live under the oppression of the Islamic state that Morsi – supposedly democratically elected – then tried to shove down their throats.

      Perhaps you should ask the some 33 million Egyptians who took to the streets your questions – it is THEY who have spoken here.

      First start with the Egyptian Muslim analyst in this article:

      Egyptian writer: U.S. must support Egypt’s anti-Islamist revolution ([url][/url])

      [quote]Some may argue that the U.S. needs to support the ballot results. On the surface this may seem reasonable. But is the principle of democratic elections more important than the democratic values it is designed to protect? Are election results more important than such democratic values such as respect for minorities, equality of citizens, and the rule of law? President Morsi made a mockery of these basic values.

      Egyptian and Arab liberals alike cannot understand why the Obama administration did not take a clear stand against the several anti-democratic actions Morsi took after he came to power. These included seizing all powers in the country, breaking his promise to select a Coptic vice president, encouraging Islamic thugs to surround the Supreme Constitutional Court and threaten its judges if they issued any ruling against Morsi, and above all, cheating in the referendum on the new constitution of the country for the benefit of the Islamists. If Morsi had respected the real values of democracy – the same democracy that brought him to power – the Egyptians would not have turned against him.[/quote]
      There is no way in hell I will ever side with Islamic supremacists over the common people. You must be joking.

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