Egypt: Muslim gangs rape Christian girls

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UPDATE: “Quranic verses 2.228, 2.282, and 4.11 all codify discrimination against women. Verse 4.34 legalizes wife-beating. Verses 23.5 and 70.28 legalize rape of captive women, which is what Lara Logan was at that moment in time.” -Cornelius

More love and charity from the beautiful and peaceful religion! As Egypt’s ancient Christian-Coptic community is genocided, the world idly stands by and repeats the pretense that Islam is a “religion of peace.” The latest reported atrocity from the Wonderful World of Islam is the kidnap and gang rape of Christian girls in Egypt, with the rapist-beasts receiving what appears to be total immunity for their crimes. Indeed, it is in keeping with the centuries-long Islamic practice of “rape jihad” that these thugs are to be lauded for their despicable behavior.

Where Are Egypt’s Christians?

Christians in America and Europe worry about the secularisation of their holiday…. Egypt’s Christians have a far more basic worry….

A serious fear of Egyptian Christian parents is not the assimilation of their children into a Muslim majority but the fear of their daughters being abducted, raped and forced to convert to Islam. So fearful are many Christians that they prefer to live in a garbage choked section of Cairo inhabited exclusively by Christians, who would rather risk serious illness and death by disease than the loss of their daughters to predatory Muslims who kidnap their daughters under cover of active police collaboration….

Assyrian International News Agency reports as follows on cases involving Coptic Christian girls who were kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam by a Muslim gang that was allowed to act with impunity.

Ingy Adel, now 16, was abducted at the age of 12 on her way to school by being anaesthetized and bundled into a car. “I was taken into a room by a man called Sultan, who tied my hands behind my back and raped me,” said Ingy. Four men followed Sultan in raping her, “I felt as each one of them raped me, that I was their enemy. They have beaten me ferociously.” She said that for a whole month she was given drugs and raped, “more than 50 men raped me.” After two months and only through the efforts of her father she was found and brought back home. When they reported the crime to the State Security she was beaten by the officer to change her testimony and say that she ran away from her family with her own free will. “Until today they have done nothing about it and will not do anything, because I am a Christian,” sobs Ingy…

The Egyptian government has refused to even extend the minimal protections of dhimmi status to Egypt’s Christians. What is done in the name of Islam is simply a rubber stamp for bestial behavior, for the removal of all restraints of human decency….

Forced Islamization of Christian Girls Supported By Egyptian State

The phenomenon of abduction, rape and forced Islamization of Christian girls in Egypt was shown for the first time on the Christian TV channel “Life TV”, which broadcasts from outside Egypt and has nearly 60 million Arab-speaking viewers in Egypt and around the world….

…this phenomenon in its present form is nearly 40 years old, and most of these conversion crimes, with a few isolated exceptions, are carried out by organized Islamization gangs or “Islamization Mafia”, a termed coined by him, which are fully funded by the state and supported by State Security.

“Those highly organized gangs carry out systematic planning,” says Khalil. “Besides violent forced abductions, other devious means include allurement, deception, psychological pressure, financial temptation, emotional relationships ending in rape and photographs taken to blackmail the victims into conversion, and spreading fear in the hearts of their families….”


  1. I couldln’t watch
    As horrid as these crimes are, I had no desire to watch the clip and listen to the victim relive it all. Why is it that the first time I’ve heard of this is on this website?

    This crime isn’t a single incident and the crimes won’t stop until the government is brought to task. Sadly, I doubt anyone will take it on-

    Personally, I don’t understand the desire to live in hideous conditions putting your own family at risk. Wouldn’t you think a kind and loving god wouldn’t subject his followers to such horrible things? It doesn’t make any sense.

    But then there are so many things that make no sense. I also don’t understand why these stories aren’t on the evening news or the front page of every paper in the world. Why haven’t the women’s rights groups yelled and screamed and hollered about this? What about the other religious groups who scream about persectution? Do they condone these acts if they don’t involve their own followers? If you believe in being kind, just, or in any kind of a greater being why aren’t you speaking out? Have we all become so numb to these vile acts that we too fail to respond?

    Once again, thanks Acharya for opening our eyes.

    1. Josephine wrote: “Wouldn’t you think a kind and loving god wouldn’t subject his followers to such horrible things? It doesn’t make any sense.”

      It isn’t God who is subjecting his followers to such horrible things. It is evil men who do such things. Your next question might be “But why does God allow these evil men to do such things?” Well, God has given all of us free will. Good, bad, indifferent… all people have free will to choose good or evil. If we required God to interfere with the free will of those who choose to do evil, there would no longer be free will. We would then be mindless puppets, our every action determined by the puppet master. Without free will there would then be no creativity and no love.

      Don’t blame God for the evil you see in the world. Blame those who commit such evil.

      1. Thank You
        🙂 I appreciate your post and I am so upset. As a women I really wonder as mentioned “where are these women activist”. Close the door and blind your eyes. My Bob and I are truly horrified today when we read about the rapes and organized Mafia kiddnapping etc…etc………Florine

    2. Why this isn’t being reported..
      Hi Josephine,

      It is actually happening in Egypt, quite a bit. Approx. 20,000 girls a year. However like most things that happen in Egypt against Coptic Christians, a minority in a Muslim country, with a corrupt government and police force, they don’t get reported to the outside world. The media in Egypt distorts the news and reports in the favour of Islam. 10% of the Egyptian population is Christian as opposed to 90% that is Muslim. Christians in Egypt don’t get treated as a Muslim in America, or Australia or the UK would get treated. After coming across this page I did a google search and found this:,_rape_and_abduction_of_christian_coptic_girls__un_silent

      1. wrong
        that is not right
        i am a Muslim living in Egypt and i have never hear about that!
        our book forbid hurt any one whether Muslim or any one else.
        so the people who did that are outlaws and we should punish them.
        but iam sorry On behalf of all the Muslims around the world.

      2. they get treated better.

        christians in egypt the days of mubarak had the ability to call NATIONAL SECURITY on ANY MUSLIM just for growing a beard!!!!!

        let me tell you something , muslims have been put in jail, tortured, destroyed, killed, families raped.. all because one of those family memebers decided to grow a beard and pray every time in the mosque.


        christians dont get touched in egypt by muslims… because if a muslim touches a christian he gets caught by national security and jailed for the next 10 years, getting tortured every day until he survives by a miracle, or dies in jail for praying too much, or perhaps having a friendly talk with a christian.

        the ones you call muslims, the ones you say keep attacking you… IS THE MOTHER F***ING GOVERNMENT.. THE SAME ONE THAT ATTACKED US AND KILLED US.

        stop being a f$*#ing martyr all the time, you are not the only ones that suffered.

        1. Coptic Man living in America
          listen ” a good muslim” i know my people get treated terribly there. you people and your stupid Mohomoud are the jokes of the world and will all burn in hell for what you do to my people. if i had the money, i would go over there and kill ever single one of you sorry sons of bitches.

  2. As terrible as this is, and as much as a part of me would rather not know about this issue and look the other way, thank you for posting this article and bringing attention to the issue. I will spread this information, and research it for myself.

  3. Doubts
    I have doubts about the accuracy of these articles. There are claims made about the Christians in other Arab countries that are simply not true, and it causes me to wonder if what they are writing about reading Egypt is false as well. In fact, it sort of reminds me of old-school propaganda against blacks, Jews, etc. that they would “kidnap and despoil your daughters.” The teachings of Islam and behavior of Muslims are bad enough without throwing lies into the mix.

    1. Could be, but rape jihad is very real and has been used for centuries, drawing undoubtedly on pre-Islamic practices as well. Naturally, such heinous behavior has never been confined to Islam.

      As concerns these particular assertions, I’d be surprised if AINA suddenly began lying for the Lord, but Christian fanatics certainly have done that many times, including constantly about my work.

      Rape jihad ([url][/url]) is most definitely going on in other countries, including Australia, Sweden and other parts of Europe.

      1. Seeing how they treat their own muslim women, can we really be surprised? And they do rape non-muslims in other countries as a form of terror. I guess it’s the fault of the women for not wearing tents & ninja hoods. Can’t expect muslim “men” to control themselves otherwise when they see females.

        1. The women have to stay covered because the men have no self-control, such weaklings.

          1. That’s right. The men are detestable savages – the whole cult was devised for their weaknesses and violent impulses. They are so depraved that they have managed to attach “God” to their dementia and insist that we all fall in line because it is the wish of this god monster.

            Their goal is to enslave us all in the same barbaric depravity, pure and simple.

            This derangement is a mental illness that needs to be quarantined pronto, as it has already spread way too far.

    2. this is bullshit
      i agree with you skeptical, this is just too fishy & vague, sensationalized, completely without substantiated proof, legitimate research or major media coverage to be realistic. the facts are even wrong – the zabbaleen – the christians who live in the garbage dumps, didn’t choose to live there. the christians in egypt are some of the RICHEST, as well as the poorest in society. the only way the poorest could figure out a living was to begin collecting & sorting the city’s refuse, for which they get paid & the recyclables sold for a profit. they are mostly christian but there are muslims there too. as for ingy, i didn’t watch it all, but the interview is waaay too edited & she’s way too calm for me to believe her. i’m christian, but i also have a brain. my hunch is she’s been paid. police injustice & sexual harassment in egypt is across the board, regardless of religion. and ‘christians’ aren’t innocent either, just today 7 were killed after a christmas service in retaliation for a christian man raping a muslim girl, recording it on his cell phone and showing it to all his friends. let’s not forget about the crusades, or the killing the maronite christians perpetuated in lebanon in the 50s/60s. no one is innocent, we’re all to blame. i live in egypt & i haven’t heard anything about this. muslim/christian tensions in upper egypt, yes. but not on a systematic level, and not in cairo. please stop propagating hate & bullshit, only write what you know about & not the spin you want to achieve.

      1. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Do you live in a cave
        Without even watching the video, being a Christian with most of my extended family living in Egypt and having been there 5 times myself I know this is really happening. Approx. 20,000 Christian girls a year are kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam, the ‘religion of peace’. Christians in Egypt are subject to discrimination and hate every day of their lives and any Christian in Egypt would be VERY well aware of that! Clearly you are not a Christian in Egypt, simply masquerading as one to manipulate others out of discovering the truth.

        As for the Christian man raping the 12 yr old girl see article below:

        Funnily enough I typed this then saw Acharya’s comment.

      2. People need to read THE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS to see what is happening to Christians from muslim hands. You can also find out from ex-muslims the truth. There are the white girls in European countries being raped only because they are not covered so they deserve it according the the rapists. A man is not a man if he cannot control himself. I was raised to believe a man would not touch a little girl even if she were walking the street in a bikini. I believe that. Americans do not justify or condone raping of girls because they were uncovered. I believe there would be a bloodbath if muslims in america attempt to rape little white girls because “they are whores and had no headscarf on”.

    3. Concerned Human Being

      While I understand skepticism, we would rather believe this is not happening than face the fact of how evil people can truly be. The Christian Church and the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and Rape Jihad are all examples of extreme religion gone bad. For those who are skeptical of this googl copt rape. I watched a video of a mother being beaten away from her daughter in broad daylight… the girls clothes stripped from her, and the bare ass of a man as they gang raped this child in public in broad dayllight as passerbys did nothing! This is horrific by any moral standard and until Egypt protects women, they should receive NO foreign aid from any civilized country!!!!

  4. double standard?
    Why does God let this happen? If you read the Bible it appears that God allows “testing” to be done to His worshippers to prove their loyalty and then richly spoils them in this life or usually the here after. Just read the book of Job in the old testement. God allows the torturing of His faithful so they can earn Heavenly riches. The problem with this is that if an American man or any man would let his own family be tortured just to see if they are loyal, criminal charges would be laid and definitely a psychiatric evaluation would be taken. When I mention this on Christian sites they say”who is man to question God, His ways are beyond our ways”. In other words a double standard. My faith in Yahweh is being thoroughly tested lately.

    1. Questioning Pain
      The message of Job demonstrates that no one is immune to our world of sin. Job was the best of all people in the world, God said, “none like him.” But, once Job saw God and His holiness, he knew he was not worthy of claiming that God had no right to use Job for His purposes. Job’s purpose? To prove to Satan he cannot take from God. That Satan, as powerful and brilliant as he is, Satan has no power over God’s purpose, none. Satan and his deeds are merely the demonstration of God’s absence, called God’s wrath, His abandonment which He does for those who abandon Him. Those who rape girls are examples of God’s absence in eternity. Girls who are God’s children will have no pain in the second death and He will wipe away every tear (Revelation 7:17, 21:4). He has a purpose beyond your comprehension. I was abused by my mother. I was a child without blame for the abuse she committed, but, at age 53 I see now how God is using the truth I have learned from her abuse. To explain to others what lies do to people, lies in a religion called Islam. A book that commands sin and separates a Muslim from God (Isaiah 59:2). A book that sends Muslim souls alive to eternal death in Hell. Muhammad said, if his followers knew the truth they would not like it! (5.101). Falsehood won’t destroy The Qur’an (41.42), but it evaporates when exposed to the truth! Sisters in Christ who have this awful trial, who stand as examples of holiness at the hands of an evil world that will not stand against Islam are most closely like Job, indeed, similar to the eternally holy and innocent Christ who came to save the world but ended up as example that convicts the world of its sinfulness.

  5. Not only do they rape Christian women but they also stop vital supplies getting to impoverished people in Gaza. Why would the Egyptian Muslims do that to other Muslims?

  6. 20 yrs. Europe
    If the occidental world keeps allowing unchecked muslim immigration through our borders very soon we will be reading and experiencing this barbarism for ourselves. Once a muslim majority gains control of western governments how long will it be before christianity and universal tolerism is replaced by Islam as the state religion? How long will it be before sharia law becomes compulsory, and it is your white christian daughters being raped and brutalized for being “different”? Wake up! Radical fundemental 7th century Islam, coming soon to a country near you.

  7. Listening to you, one might get the impression that everything is peachy keen for Egypt’s Christians!

    You make some might accusations of your own – such as that the Christians were killed in response to a Christian man raping a Muslim girl. You didn’t provide ANY supporting evidence for that contention.

    Did you follow the links to the stories? Who is this girl being paid by to lie about such atrocities? You can these such accusations without a shred of evidence, but you cast aspersions and make insulting remarks about a story that has much more than a shred of evidence!

    You honestly do not know anything about all the gang rapes being committed by Muslim men in numerous parts of the world, some of which I even linked to? And did you even know that there [i]is [/i]such a thing as “rape jihad,” which Muslims have been committing for the past 1,400 years?

    But, somehow, you are suspicious of this young girl!

    “Evil will prevail when good men do nothing.”

    Sticking your head in the sand while pretending to know about something you don’t is not helping the situation. In the meantime, because of sneering ‘tudes like yours – which is completely unscientific – young girls like this and so many others will suffer.

    Are you pretending to be a Christian in Egypt?

    ” Our LORD Appreciated Christians as per Quranic Verses 3:55,5:82,57:27,28,66:12 Except Quranic Verses 5:14,15,16 & 57,9:31. As per Quranic Versus 4:59 and 83, it is our duty to spread the following messages to all concerns towards public peace, security, health and wealth of mankind in the world as per our website The following message ought to have published to all the members of the group so far.As per quranic versus 4:59 and 83 it is a duty to spread the following messages in the interest of public peace, health and wealth. “Please download from web site http://WWW.GOLDENDUAS.COM for peace, security, health& wealth for mankind and the same may be published to all members of the group based on Quranic verses 2:2,10:57,17:11,16,28:59,39:55,57,13:37&65:8. Otherwise it will amount to refusal to follow our Lord Order, guidance and direction as per Quranic verses 6:26” Please kindly arrange to post the above said message in the group website in the interest of public to know all concerns in the interest of peace, security, health and wealth of all mankind. Otherwise it will amount to refuse to follow our Lord Order, guidance and direction as per Quranic verses 6:26

    With kind regards


    1. Islam not nice.

  9. These Don’t Appear Because They Are Not COMMON PLA
    This is NOT A COMMON PLACE scenario. Please remember, also, that Muslims are born Muslim, like Jews and Catholics. They don’t chose it, they are Muslim when they are born. Now keeping that in mind there are NASTY, CRAPPY, HIDEOUS people being called Muslim – because it’s on a piece of paper and someone told them they are. How fair is it to call it a Muslim crime… when it’s simply a NASTY, CRAPPY, HIDEOUS person or gang (just like you can find anywhere).

    If a group of boys from a Jewish neighborhood, get together and rob a convenience store…do we call it a Jewish crime… or do we call them what they are, criminals… robbers…. thieves?

    1. Sorry, but Muslim rape gangs attacking non-Muslims or “improperly covered” Muslimas has been quite common over the centuries. In fact, rape is a war tool used abundantly by Islamists bent on global domination. The vast percentage of rapists in Europe, for example, are Muslim.

      Yes, if Jews are thieves they are frequently named as such, e.g., Goldman Sachs. If Judaism is causing people to rob and pillage, then it must be criticized. If Islam is causing people to rape, then it too must be raked over the coals.

      These ideologies are causing bad behavior, period. They need to be destroyed out of the human psyche. Or are you saying that these robbers and thieves are just innately evil? Which perspective is more merciful to them, that they are innately evil or that they have been brainwashed to act badly?

      Without identifying the problem, we will never find a solution.

      The institutionalized war-conquest rape of infidels is called “rape jihad” ([url][/url]) – more here ([url][/url]).

  10. الموضوع مهم لاكن فى مسحيات منحرفات جدا
    هما يستاهلوا كدة ❗

  11. READ THIS!
    1st of all if look at the context of this webpage, it has predijest all over it.
    made by people who hate musliums, and judge them by isolated incedence.

    no such a thing as rape jihad!
    and if this is said it is wrong, no where does it say it is okay to rape. and even more i think in the quran is says punish the rapist by death.

    so please dont judge a religio by a few isolated incedents which arnt even validated.

    when you wanna learn about christians you go the the priest, not to a newspaper.
    the same way go to a imam if u want to learn about islam.

    also… im from the uk and ive traviled the world.. many muslium countrys too, in all of the countrys women have equal rights if not more.

    thank you for your time.

    and please dont let the blind follow the blind.

  12. The worlds ignorance will lea

    Are you serious?
    It’s people like the one who previously posted above me who are idiots. Firstly, learn to spell correctly if you wish for your so called “argument” to even be taken seriously. Secondly, it is in the qur’an on several occasions justified that rape involving Christians is halal and completely welcomed. Where are you getting your “information” from? Do you honestly think that your petty suggestion that rape is punishable by death is even true. Perhaps, if it were involving Muslim women, but to christians? I know for a fact that it is wrong. You preach that your religion is “peaceful” and “welcoming” but it isn’t . Islam is an outlet which Muslims use as an excuse to commit wrongful acts in order to channel their inner hate towards the rest of the world. This is just one situation that has been mentioned. If you do not believe that there are more then research it, since I’m absolutely certain that not thousands of women have been “paid” off to lie about being raped as that would suggest that Christians have nothing better to do than to conjure malicious lies in their free time. So get educated, learn the facts, and then pass judgements about the credibility of these stories. The western world is completely and utterly unaware of what is happening but do not let that be the deciding factor in choosing to believe what you’re reading. I would like to thank the author for attempting to raise awareness about such a strong and prevalent topic.

  13. Hi I’m egyptian and I’m muslim
    Do you guys really believe what you are saying ?!! who told you that islam permits rapping under any naming ? Muslims and Christians have very good relationships .. my best friend is Christian , Did any one here saw what happened in Tahrir square ? Christians protected muslims while they were praying,,,and muslims protected christians against the cruel government ,, WAKE UP GUYS ,, dont believe every word you read .

    after 25 jan .. All the police forces disappeared ,, Muslims and Christians were side by side protecting our culture , mosques, and churches .

    Both of Christians and Muslims were assaulted by the government for pure political reasons

  14. Recent events have proved the real face of Islam
    The recent gang rape of American journalist Logan on a public street during the recent “celebrations” following the resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak demonstrates the loving, peaceful and benevolent face of Islam. She was there as a friend of the Egyptian Muslims and they showed her the real nature of their religious culture towards women. It proves the validity of the reported rapes on this page.

  15. nazis
    Nazis are not considered a peacefull people, My Question is why is Islam? There is NO DIFFERANCE!

  16. In the name of Allah(God of the world)
    Iam Egyptian and i want to say that Muslim is very kinde and can not rape Christian girls because our Islam prevent that .

  17. she is big lir
    we life all here in egypt muslims with christians in peace – we r driends neighpours have good relationship between each other ….as it happened in tahrer squiar no we were all as brothers and sister >

    this tape just try make a black view that all christians life in hell … and that wrong … they try to get international protection … as they want make a country inside egypt … it can’t be happen … and anyone want be sure that this family big lier .. just come to egypt ..go any town ..even which has less christian people and see how much they life in peace we ‘r not as lebanon … we r not iran .. hope anybody come and be sure that they all life in peace … then tell this family that they made bad action and pretend bad thing .. so god will send them to hill

    sorry for my weak english .. but i try te let u all know that not everything is true

  18. Mohamed Abdallah

    Dear All….
    Gangs Person could be Muslim or Christian

    gangs person who rape girl doesn’t think about her religin
    he always thing when he is doing his crim about how to satisfy his sexual Libido

    if incidentally this accident was happened between Gans Mulsim vs Christan girls that is not ever means that it couldn’t be the vice verca !!!!

    In Egypt we had many cases of girls was raped (muslims and christians ) by gangs muslims and christians

    In Egypt , Relationship between Muslims and Christans is strong , problem is not religious problem , it’s about Law implementation,corruptions due to Egypt is an non leagalistic country

    After the Egyptian revolution 25 Jan , the old goverment ( Mubarak’s regime ) wants to make Sectarian strife between Muslims and Christians to produce low synergy to the egyptian nation ( this was proved by physical evidences in all official websites news )

    this is called “Reversal revolution “and read about it , it is a political war between the old regime and egyptian people presentead in term of ” Sectarian Strife” began in burning churches and ends now with bullets, rocks and Molotov cocktails …..

    Dear Christians ,please take care and dont be followers by rumours

  19. Christian-muslim relations
    All lies. Ask the leader of the coptic christians baba shanoodah. He certainly disagrees with your baseless claims. He is strong leader with good and strong relationship with muslim leaders.

    1. First of all, these aren’t “my” claims – there those of a young Egyptian Christian woman. Secondly, Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt right now, so your remarks seem quite disingenuous.

  20. This is Wrong
    we r living in Egypt in peace with each other and nothing happens from that…..
    am Christian by the way….

    1. Somehow I doubt you are who you say you are, as your contention is completely false.

      Muslims have been murdering and raping Egyptian Copts for centuries, including numerous assaults just this past month. Anyone who knows the story of the American CBS reporter Lara Logan will immediately recognize that your protest is utterly disingenuous.

      [b]You do a great disservice to all the Copts who live hellacious lives in their own native land.[/b]

      [quote]Copts speak out about Egypt violence ([url][/url])

      A rally in Sydney has been told Coptic Christian women in Egypt are being abducted, raped and forced to convert to Islam.

      Hundreds of Copts shouting “enough is enough” gathered in Martin Place to highlight what they say is a history of worsening violence against them in Egypt by hardline extremists.

      Sam Girgis, from the People’s Voice Association, says the violence has escalated since Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak stepped down in January.

      He says more and more Christian women in Egypt are being abducted and forced to covert to Islam through blackmail.

      “[b]The girls are raped[/b] … and filmed or photographed, and then this is used as a blackmail tool against them,” he said.

      The rally has called on the Federal Government to consider accepting Coptic Christians from Egypt as refugees.[/quote]

  21. prince of southern malaysia

    Perhaps the christians should armed themselves up and take revenge on what being done to their girls. Learn from the crusaders.

  22. It must be said that Muslim violence against Christians is far less organised than “Judeo-Christian” violence against Muslims, and far less damaging also. The Western attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, and of late, Libya, are crimes against humanity, and the leaders of these Western countries are war criminals.

    If we led by example, our moral and ethical criticisms of the Muslim world would carry far greater weight, and might even achieve something of great value, rather than expose us as the most abominable of hypocrites, as our current behaviour does.


  24. Lie
    That’s not true i have alot of christian friends no one rape their families that’s a lie Christian&Muslims in Egypt love each others we are like one big family this video isn’t true

    1. he could be robber..But the village where he leaves should not suport him.. make him a example..but if village supports him.. then a appropriate..its required..I feel its the Gods way of cleaning dirty evil people..I am sorry tough things will be done at right time of luck.


    1. Thank you for proving the facts in this post and how evil-minded the fanatical adherence to Islam makes people.

  26. Ms
    My family is Egyptian Muslim. These accounts of crimes against Christians in Arab countries are NOT exaggerated. I have seen many women brutalized in unspeakable ways and the government turn a blind eye to their suffering, or worse, join in. But not only Christian women are in danger. Muslim women are also routinely raped; they have just learned to accept it. Even worse, they then serve up their own daughters to please their male family members. For men, Islam is nothing more than a sex cult. For women, it is an excuse to feed their envy – manifested in the ‘evil eye.’ Islam deliberately prevents women from uniting or even befriending each other. Arab women have no true friends because they are not permitted to have friendships with men. And because all women beyond the nuclear family are LEGALLY sexual rivals, women devote their energy to destroying each other instead of the men who brilliantly & diabolically set up this ‘religion’ to guarantee free labor and unfettered access to women’s bodies. It is truly disturbing that 10 years after 9/11, Americans still don’t get it. There is no appeasing a Muslim man. He will fight to the death – not for truth, honor, redemption, self-actualization, Nirvana, integrity, or any other lofty goal. He simply wants to f*ck as many virgins as possible. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.

  27. TO Fellow muslims if you know this video is true..
    Pls execute the rapist..He has created a real bad example of muslims.. I hope the video is not true.. If its true…and if i see that particualar village are still supporting those rapist. God shall ggive them the most utmost punishment.. Their family members .. friends ,supporters every one is in great danger..Be carefulll
    Things can be like much worse than nazis can grow up ..and destroy things..Dont let it unecessarily grow.. So pls do proper justice..arrest this man ..and give him a islamic punishment.. iT WILL be safe for ever y one..!!

  28. Lara Logan
    What they did to the reporter Lara Logan says it all. I would have liked to shoot the cowards. Punks!


  29. Alll the deniers–things like this can no longer be kept secret. It is easy enough to see that Khomeni sent a fatwa that you can have a bay wife and you can thigh her even a newborn. he himself got to have a 4 year old girl for the night and the daddy gladly gave her. The witness said the little girl cried and screamed all night. How is it so hard to believe that muslims rape Christians in Egypt when they also do it in England? Our men better get ready to protect our girls in AMERICA. Be ready for it because they will try to do here what they do in Europe. I feel bad enough to see what the muslims do to their own girls. Remember Sarah and Amina Said-never again.

  30. beter u leve chrisan pepol dont’ touch theme

  31. The thing is, people are persecuted in Egypt. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, people are treated like sh*t by their government. There are Muslims also getting tortured and Christians like Nageeb Suarez who are above the law and are millionaires. You have every right to complain about it but saying it is a Christian thing is low. Stop whining about it being a Christian thing because Muslims are also getting raped and Christians in egypt honour kill apostates.

  32. Rape Jihad
    This is what the Muslim Turkish invaders of Cyprus did in 1974 against many thousands of Greek Cypriot Christian Orthodox women.

    Also, in 1955, there was apogrom against primarily Greeks but also Armenians and Jews, that destroyed many properties and included rape of women and men! Poor Anatolian Muslims bitterly resentful of the urban and cosmopolitan ethnic and religious minorities who were better educated and more successful, were used by the then ruling government to decimate these communities. Under the pretext that a Greek bombed the Turkish consultate in Thessoliniki/or a statue of Atatruk (atheist, cypto jew-donmeh, anti islamist).

    So supposedly a Greek bombed a statue of an atheistic “muslim” and that was excuse enough to attack their fellow citizens who were not muslims.

    Anyway with or without Islamd people will find excuses to treat each other inhumanely.

    But I will say this about Christianity…at least it does say somewhere in its teaching to love your neighbor and even to do good to your enemies…(so whethter they follow that is another issue, but at least its there) Islam other monotheistic religions are merely tolerated if they members hold their head down and know that Muslims are boss..they do not have a mindset acknowldging the equality of others (even Christianity says there is neither Greek or Jew, nor male or female,…of course there are such things as Greeks, Jews, Males and Females..its merely expressing the fact that their is no favoritism with God…not so in Islam).

    Islamic immigration, in fact really all non-western immigration into western countries is a the fault of the New World Order elitist to destroy Western Civilization and bring in an age of subservience.

    Islam is perfect for the new world order the elites have in store.

    I say deport radical Muslims, dont let in any more.

  33. Religions are like a cancer growth of delusional mind control & of lies. Like cancer cells they are looking for oxygen to help make the cells stay alive because the diseased organ tissues have been compromised. Just thought I would use that as an analogy. The compromise has been the lies they were founded upon as well as not having a strong enough immune system as in questioning what is being taught and making sense of it.

    Islam is taught to lie to bring about Islam it is called taqiyya. Go to click on tab at top that says videos & watch the film “The 3rd Jihad & “Islam what the West Needs to Know.” & sign up for their e mails you will see a much bigger picture as to what Islam is trying to do here and abroad.

    Islam is designed around Sharia Law

    Their leaders through out have proclaimed Islamic Jihad for Europe & Americus & is their cry for war & are going to win if we do not stop appeasing them. They are beyond being just a religion they are a governance body of Sharia Law(look at pictures on line) They are practicing treasonous governance. Obama let in almost 80,000 Muslim immigrants in to this country in 2011. Obama needs to be voted out of office & all Mosque need to be closed for they are proven terrorist incubators & the Muslims sent back to an Islamic country of their choosing.

    At this very moment there are 35 Islamic terrorist training camps within the USA.
    The Mosque in the United states need to be closed and Muslims deported to their islamic country of choice before they grow in populace anymore…

  34. you keep spreading lies
    maybe it happened that a few egyptian thugs happened to rape her… or probably police dressed in civil clothes.. or maybe it never even happened and she is just acting to make problems between muslims and christians.

    just learn the difference between an egyptian thug who has “muslim” written in his ID, and an actual muslim who prays 5 times a day…

    i happen to think that what she is saying is complete bullsh*t, but i dont care about thoughts, i care about proof.

    in Quran, the HOLY BOOK in case you dont know what Quran is… having premarital sex by consent is HARAM (meaning, you will be punished by GOD) and if you get caught on the street doing that you get 100 WHIPS that leave no marks, but the whipping will be done in public to humiliate you for what you have done…………. now can you imagine the punishment of RAPE ???, a rapist in islam is punishable only by death by stoning, head cutting, or hanging, and then he goes to GOD and GOD punishes him based on many factors which you cannot begin to understand.

    so i ask you, why would a real muslim as you are trying to claim ever (rape, do drugs, drink sh*t, rape some more) KNOWING FULLY WHAT AWAITS FOR HIM AT THE END ! (PUNISHMENT BY THE ONE AND ONLY GOD)

    i still believe she is acting , and this is all bullsh*t, but incase it isnt……. THOSE WHO RAPED HER WERE EITHER COPS, OR THUGS! it can’t be described as any less that cops or thugs.

    OH AND HEY, all you christians out of egypt! … you are not here to know, you are not here to see, some of you were never here.

    remember salah el deen el ayubi… remember that we had the power to hurt you, but instead we protected you against the british crusades that killed anyone who wasn’t a full pledged british orthodox christian, remember that after we killed those bastards and removed them from all our lands, we later showed you more mercy that anyone would have showed you if he was not a muslim.

    a muslim will not hurt a christian unless a christians tries to make war on a muslim…… you are not our goal, you are not the reason we live.. DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF OUR ENEMY BY MAKING FALSE PROPAGANDA AGAINST MUSLIMS, WE WERE NEVER THE ONES THAT HURT YOU AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW, ONLY KAFIR CAN HURT A MUSLIM, CHRISTIAN, OR REAL JEW

    stop trying to hurt us into hurting you, we dont like to hurt people, and we dont like people to hurt us.

    now we protected you in the past, and we will protect you in the future, we wont hurt you like the already printed image in your head.

    just stop trying to hurt us, stop trying to return the days of mubarak, stop trying to provoke us.

    hurting christians is not a muslim goal, our only goal is to worship GOD , fight anyone that tries to attack us, and die as a muslim to go to heaven.

    you will never be our friend because we will never believe what you believe…. but atleast we can be NON enemies, we dont need to fight and make the world look at us with greedy eyes… they want your country, NOT YOU.

    1. Calling raped girls liars, saying you will never be their friends – that’s about all we need to know about you, Egypt and Islam.

      You protected whom? Muslims protected Christians in Egypt? Why would Egyptian Copts in their own country need protection? From whom? From Muslims!

      You do realize that Arabs and Islam are invaders into Egypt, don’t you? That these Copts are the native Egyptians, whom Arab Muslims slaughtered – and RAPED – by the hundreds of thousands? Showed mercy? What arrogance!

      You are very badly educated, and little of what you have stated here is true, except that you think non-Muslims are liars and you can’t relate to them at all, because they believe differently – that Islamic bigotry truly shines forth.

      I’m sure the Muslim men who raped this girl felt the same way.

  35. A godless government is an evil government
    An evil government is the enemy to its people.

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