Drugs in our drinking water

prozacNo, not just fluoride, which is bad enough – much of our drinking water, in the U.S., Canada and U.K. at least, is contaminated with Prozac and a “vast array” of other drugs.

And you wonder why everyone around is sleepwalking and/or sick?

Study Finds Traces of Drugs in Drinking Water in 24 Major U.S. Regions

A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows.

To be sure, the concentrations of these pharmaceuticals are tiny, measured in quantities of parts per billion or trillion, far below the levels of a medical dose. Also, utilities insist their water is safe.

But the presence of so many prescription drugs — and over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen — in so much of our drinking water is heightening worries among scientists of long-term consequences to human health….

Prozac in Tap Water

Nine different drugs were found in water samples near 20 different water treatment plants across Ontario, Canada. The drugs were “acidic pharmaceuticals”, which include ibuprofin and neproxin (painkillers), gemfibrozil (cholesterol-lowering medicine), and prozac (anti-depressant). The area with the highest levels of contamination were from locations near sewage treatment plants, suggesting that the chemicals are getting into our water supply from our own bodily wastes! Areas that tested the lowest were plants whose sourcing water was from groundwater or lakes…

Prozac ‘found in drinking water’

Traces of the antidepressant Prozac can be found in the nation’s drinking water, it has been revealed.

An Environment Agency report suggests so many people are taking the drug nowadays it is building up in rivers and groundwater.

A report in Sunday’s Observer says the government’s environment watchdog has discussed the impact for human health.

A spokesman for the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) said the Prozac found was most likely highly diluted….

The following film is not about drugs but about water, per se. A very frightening situation!


  1. Another film about the subject
    not a surprise to me… it`s one of the technics used to depopulate the world!
    a new doc. is about to be release also regarding the water supplies, GasLand. Exposed the consequences of the United States natural gas drilling boom.
    Trailer and more info @: [url]http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/[/url]

  2. Yep greed in action! a good documentary as well.

  3. Examples to follow
    Perhaps it’s time we should pay more attention of what it’s going on on countries of the so called “third world”, that in more than one aspect provide us with better examples to follow than the ones imposed on us from USA and UK. You may be interested in reading this:
    Only the organized peoples of a country can do it!! :cheer:

  4. Scientists and big business, along with the militaries of the world, have been preparing for this moment for at least 50 years, without our knowledge of course. In Australia, we have a politician who was rewarded with a seat in Parliament by selling our water rights to Goldman Sachs/Coca Cola…..now every council, every shire, every county has new vehicles for the servicing of all water supplies…with new logos on the side of these vehicles in EVERY State. The Logo is the same in each State/county/shire right across the country, except for the name of the town or city……..go figure!
    1. I wish to know how they can claim rights to something that comes from the Creator, then sell it?
    2. Where is the Patent for this product?
    3. Who has the balls to take these bastards to the World Court?
    Answer: Me. 👿

    1. Soda pop! What an utter waste of water. Many people claim Coca Cola is great for hangovers, so it has some use. Coca syrup is medicinal as well. But soda overall is just plain garbage. It’s worse than garbage – it is damaging to the health.

      For example, the phosphoric acid in many types of soda removes calcium from the bones and teeth.

      Ban soda, and several problems will be solved. Or, at least teach everyone in the world about its hazards for us and for the planet itself. Destroy the market for soda/pop, before it destroys us!

      1. HFC
        Not to mention the High Fructose Corn Syrup that is used in all coke and pepsi products, a recent study found that at least half of all store products that use HFC have high levels of mercury in them. Mercury should not be there in nearly all cases because at no point is it used in processing of any of these products. Not to mention that corn is one of the major GMO crops which in a recent study was found to cause organ failure in most of the rats they fed it to.
        We arer being sickened and depopulated, Obama’s science czar, Holdren explains it in his book Ecoscience, he tell of how we “need to put sterilantz in the staple food and water” to depopulate the planet, he also calls for a “planetary regime” to enforce forced abortion and forced sterilization.

    2. Mal the ganster from Nioka

      interested in following up on your comments
      Howdy, Kevin

      Interested in following up background info regards your comment about our water rights in Aust being sold off to Goldman Sachs and Coke. Can you point me in the right direction? Articles? Sources? Whatever? This really concerns me.


  5. Don’t forget your bottled water, all those pop and water bottle end up in the bellies of hapless (no I’m not confused on my choice of words) animals all your/my plastic waste more notedly the albatross and seagull in the pacific. It is mans “haphazard” (OUT OF IGNORANCE?BLINDLY ACCEPTING) approach to every thing that has us all over the barrel!

  6. Kevin Morgan & Acharya S.
    Right on the Money!!
    Consider this also, before the days of Prozac and the rest of the pharma garbage that finds it’s way into the water supplies, people were more likely to kick off big time to injustice, oppression and suppression, being ripped off day by day and being told that black is white and white is black by the powers that be, much more of this kind of thing is happening now than than ever before and yet the apathy is suffocating, and aren’t the water companies being payed by consumers to filter this crap out?
    Join the dots…

  7. The Seed Has Been Planted Among the Sheeple Again
    All you have to do is tell people its over, and they begin thinking that way.

    How ridiculous. There is an abundance of water. Yes most is salinated in the form of ocean water. But so what? As soon as the powers that be begin charging ridiculous prices for water, other alternatives will become available. The same can be said for energy.

    Individuals and communities need to become more independent from the capitalistic crooks that successfully squeeze us for every nickel we own. They really are worst then the government.

    But do not be alarm. The people hold the power, and always have, and always will. You just have to believe that you have the power and make things happen.

    Complacency is luxury only in times of abundance. Yes times are changing. But let no one tell you that you cannot control your own destiny. Those who say so, or imply such…are not to be dealt with.

  8. Not so different over the decades…
    At one time, in the past and in a location I’ll NOT divulge for what I hope will obvious reasons, the small town I lived and grew up in went into a full blown panic. We had but ONE MAJOR water supply for the foothills city/town that was (I use past tense as all of the waters since have been diverted and SOLD off) constantly supplied by fresh mountain run off – worry free. It was discovered that a large stash of dangerous/toxic chems had been discovered – stored away in old, abandoned mining tunnels in the nearby mountains and close to this reservoir. I’ll not divulge the name(s) of these chemicals either. Firstly no one would believe it, factually this event occurred so long ago that any trace of truth would surely be next to impossible to obtain to help verify my listing these chems, etc.
    These were water soluble chemicals – nothing that was or could be of use to mining techniques of the time. And it was determined that a plot to purposefully contaminte the pure/fresh water reservoir was an immediate threat. We didn’t have biggie-named funded and specialized agencies to step up to the plate. No. The State itself was quick to turn the other cheek. Law enforcement people, friends and volunteers devised a plan to monitor our reservoir continually, and vehicles were “standing and ready” and nearby should firearms need by employed to defend our water. MY POINT?????? It has happened, is happening, and will happen again. Some of us have been trying to get people to wake up for decades. And? We keep trying – don’t we? TY

  9. 👿 👿 👿 👿 goldman jews……! nothing more need be said!

    1. owsley
      Typical response, blame the jews. Your ignorance is obvious. Drop dead and save water for someone with more intelligence.

      1. retired
        Yes it is jewish capital that has bought up most of the utilities. Its the ultimate money machine …you don’t pay the service gets cut off. Brascan a Bronfman empire alone owns 300 electrical power generating stations.. Epcor jew owned now is busy buying up municipal water systems across canada and the USA. Get a well drilled and a solar power system or be a slave to these monsters for the rest of your life

        1. Rudy-

          You are a perfect example of what’s wrong in this world. You need the prozac being dumped into the water!!!! Take a pill and get a handle, cause your headed for the rubber room!!!!!

  10. tv commercials
    Where we live, television commercials love showing toilets (esp at dinner time) being flushed with outdated medications and cigarette butts being dumped into the toilets for disposal. ONE SUCH COMMERCIAL AIRED FOR… ready? For “KAISER PERMANENTE”… and self promoting “health insurance” (concerned?) conglomerate.
    No one.. no one took up the path of fighting this fight while it was escalating. I did, however – including a raging letter to KAISER concerning their commercial content and possible, inevitable future repercussions. There have been others.. lots of others. Thankfully, the “THEME” of flushing all toxins, meds and unwanted TRASH down the convenient toilets into systems to treat and recycle the same waters, has begun to disappear. So. NOW WHAT? TY

  11. Evidence?
    Where is your evidence for drugs in UK water, we do have fluoride of course but you state that UK water along with the US and Canada is “contaminated with Prozac and a “vast array” of other drugs”. I read a lot and whilst I have read that this is indeed the case in the US, I have heard nothing about it for the UK. Please inform me!

    1. The third article linked here is about the U.K. In fact, it’s by the BBC. Here it is again –

      Prozac ‘found in drinking water’ ([url]http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/3545684.stm[/url])

      That article is specifically about Prozac, but I would not be surprised if there are other drugs in British water for the same reasons we have them here.

      In fact, here’s another article –

      British drinking water ‘may be tainted with prescription drugs’ ([url]http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/3099454/British-drinking-water-may-be-tainted-with-prescription-drugs.html[/url])

      [quote]Cancer drugs are of particular concern because they dissolve easily in water.

      The “cytotoxic” drugs, which are used in chemotherapy, are potentially dangerous because they are hard to break down through traditional water purification methods and remain potent in low concentrations….
      In January the DWI warned that tap water should be tested after they found traces of bleomycin, a cancer chemotherapy drug, and diazepam, a sedative, in samples of drinking water. [/quote]
      Apparently, British water [i]is [/i]fluoridated, at least in some areas:

      Minister orders fluoride to be added to water ([url]http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/article3295310.ece[/url])

      A simple search revealed these articles.

  12. Self education and research is the key. There are books and web sites to explore. Flouride was never allowed in Europe for instance or fertilizers or weed killers. Salt is only put on the roads in winter when absolute nessesary. The first book “Fit for Life” made me think and research and study. Now I have a Ch.T. in Holistic Healing and it is very interesting what I learned.

  13. Buy Water Distiller
    a way to have 100% pure drinking water!

  14. re:
    [quote name=”Anonymous”] 👿 👿 👿 👿 goldman jews……! nothing more need be said![/quote]

    A complete moron!!!!

  15. 😡 😡 😡

    The Goya are easy and we will take over as the sheep in the United States are in both parties – there is nothing that we chosen people will not destroy especially that religion called “Christianity” we own everything. What we do not own we control – love the black and white conflict it sure helps us – what do you think of our chose for President – no one can compliane about the Pres as he is the perfect one to destroy the US.
    May all of you be wearing skull caps in 5 years.

  16. re:
    [quote name=”Abram Levi”] 😡 😡 😡

    The Goya are easy and we will take over as the sheep in the United States are in both parties – there is nothing that we chosen people will not destroy especially that religion called "Christianity" we own everything. What we do not own we control – love the black and white conflict it sure helps us – what do you think of our chose for President – no one can compliane about the Pres as he is the perfect one to destroy the US.
    May all of you be wearing skull caps in 5 years.[/quote]

    This is a planted response, you are a bigger moron than your brother,little moron!!!!

  17. The AMA, The Southland Corp and 7-Eleven Stores
    It was ten or twenty years ago that I read that the American Medical Association (AMA) was either the major shareholder, or, one of the major shareholders, of the Southland Corporation. And the Southland Corporation was the owner of about 6000 7-Eleven stores. In other words, the AMA, thru its 7-Eleven stores, was, and maybe still is, feeding to Americans some of the most dangerous junk that was ever called food, including the “soda pop” mentioned above.
    Maybe their secret unannounced motto is, “Stimulate business by feeding them junk that will cause them to need a doctor.”

  18. Chloramine
    Here in the Adelaide Hills we have this chemical called chloramine in the water (and god knows what else) – chloramine contains AMONIA. Recently I received a letter from the water authority (can’t find it so I’ll just give you the gist).

    The letter was a warning regarding fish tanks. It said that if tap water is used to fill fish tanks it must be put through a filter first, as chloramine will KILL THE FISH.

    They signed off by saying that it is perfectly safe for humans.

    So OK to drink – no worries – perfectly safe – but don’t give it to your fish ‘cos it will FRIGGIN’ KILL THEM.

    R U kidding me?

    1. water
      Hey why the propane language?

  19. Now you know why the Bush family bought all that l
    In South America that sits over the world’s largest underground water supply.

  20. The Solution
    It’s great fear mongering to write an article like this and not give solutions. Here is what to do: Buy a home filtration unit (not one of those off-the-shelf units at the big box stores) and get an ozonation unit. The filtration will take most of the chemicals out and the ozone will neutralize and chemicals that make it through the filtration process. That’s what I did and my water tests out at 4 ppm! That’s about as pure as you can get on this planet from a tap.

  21. Water Borne Sewage
    Water borne sewage is a dangerous system, as these results are clearly indicating. As long as we have theses systems in place we need to pay particular heed to effectively decontaminating the water before releasing it into natural systems or re-using it. Imagine what these drugs are doing to the entire food chain, from microorganisms right up to fish, soils irrrigated with this water, and the plants grown as food upon these soils.

  22. Let’s get real. Firstly The spamming coward “Anonymous” :silly: would have us think the jews are behind every ill. One must tear that veil down and see who really controls the jews and hires them into the top visible offices of power. That is a non issue here.
    Secondly. We are not running out of water. The same amount of water is still on earth. It may be polluted, salty, or existing as atmospheric water vapor and/or contained in lifeforms but, I assure you it is still around. We have the means to purify/freshen water. This is a play on our fears and when you are afraid you lose your critical thinking and become a fight or flighter, and easily manipulated.
    Stand up to, or make an end-run around the soulless non-entities called corporations and the soulless humanoid parasites that run them. What they hate more than anything, and BTW disables them is love. Keep your enemies close and beam love at them. That makes them squeamish and they do want to get away from you. Case in point: Ghandi.

    1. uncapped, unlimited capitalism is the blame for many of our ills-greed. corps don’t care about people -they care about bottom line. governments protect them not us for the kick backs. government allowed all here to think anyone could get rich and the race to the bottom began. 🙁 the jews invented capitalism, i think, so u may be able to blame them some tiny bit-but really it is the people’s fault for not heeding the words of those who tried to set up a gov’t by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE and of the PEOPLE-no standing army, don’t give bankers control (wall street) and never trust ur gov’t -WATCH them closely. to the gov’t those benefitting from corporations (the very rich) and the corps themselves are the only PEOPLE worthy. the rest can eat crow-no better than the kings of old. and when the people get restless cuz they can see they are being shortchanged and even harmed, the gov’t calls for war against a trumped up, demonized ‘enemy’, so we forget with whom the real beef is. obama was a trick. and now if u say anything against him-u are a bigot. a fine way to shut u up. just like with israel. say anything against it and suddenly u are anti-semitic -whatever-a fine trick say i. america, the people of the world better take charge of their leaders and militaries before armegeddon becomes more than a biblical fairytale.

  23. what can we do?
    grow your own food?

    some foods do grow well inside. i’ve grown lettuce and celery under plant lights.

    i’m trying to grow as much of what we eat as i can.

    also, trying not to buy aspartame, teflon, soda, plastic containers, canned tomatoes etc etc.

    AMERICA, PROTECT YOURSELVES as much as you can.

  24. Acharya S.
    :cheer: I read portions of your book quite a few years ago and just now found your website, I’m really enjoying it as I did your book. Writings such as yours and that of David Icke literally transformed my life.

    Thank you.

  25. Toxic chemical sweeteners in driking water
    In addition to drugs that have long been in the drinking and household water supply, the toxic artificial sweeteners are documented to be common as well. These chemical sweeteners are well known to cause diabetes and over 100 other disease states. Another reason to ban aspartame, sucralose and rebiana.

  26. 😉 He is right and you know it

  27. alessio from italy
    voaporize the water and I bring it to a temperature of 140 degrees to tall pressure…? can it resolve the problem?

  28. Geo Bush and Water
    👿 👿 http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2010/04/13/the-guarani-aquifer-a-little-known-water-resource-in-south-america-gets-a-voice/
    Read this one, People better stand up to this and quit watching american Idol and start paying attn to our politicians, and what they are doing under the cover of protecting the people, just the contrary they are trying to do us in.

  29. Where are you going to get this water you are going to clean up. They are buying up all the sources of water in the world, even Bush bought his

    1. water
      They are buying all the water rights. They can not do anything about private wells. But they are draining the Great Lakes.

  30. Guilty of crimes against humanity
    I don’t know why couldn’t these corporations be sued for everything they got for ecological destruction and the cases of asthma and birth defects be brought up on changes of crimes against humanity? Why don’t they go hardcore, because the corporations only learn when they pay severely.

  31. water
    The problem is city water when they get their hands and control what you drink. The well water is not a problem. I would suggest these people don’t drink city water and always carry a water bottle.

  32. Kalyan Krishnan

    how about in India
    would be interesting to know about the situation in India..and maybe other parts of the world..drinking water could be used as a source of mass control by the powers that be… 😡

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