Dr. Price needs our help!

UPDATE (1/30/14): Bob Price is struggling again and could really use some assistance!

I see that Bob’s got a funding page here – so far, so good in the past month. That should help!



(Originally published on Oct 17, 2012)

Bad news about my beloved friend, muse and colleague Dr. Robert M. Price!

Per John F. Felix:

Dr. Price is in a very bad way, health-wise, right now. Any cash that anyone can spare would go along way to help. I know it also pains him to ask himself, so I’m asking for him. The easiest way is to send any donation you can via PayPal directly to: criticus@aol.com. Thanks for your generosity in advance.

Naturally, Bob is too polite to ask for himself, so his friends, fans and supporters have taken it upon ourselves, with his retrospective blessing/appreciation, to put out this call. His illness is not life-threatening, but it is very painful and debilitating. Dr. Price is bedridden, and the bills are mounting.

If you can afford even $5 or $10, PLEASE send him some money. As do I and others, Bob lives very frugally off his book proceeds. WE LOVE AND NEED DR. PRICE!!!

To donate to Dr. Robert M. Price, please go to your Paypal account and send to the email address criticus@aol.com.

Be sure to check the “gift” box under the donation so that Dr. Price will not be charged Paypal fees.

“Bob Price has been bringing us the good news/gospel of Bible criticism and mythicism for many years now!”

Bob Price has been bringing us the good news/gospel of Bible criticism and mythicism for many years now, not only through his numerous magnificent books but also via his popular “Bible Geek” radio program. He is one of the few scholars in the world who knows the Bible intimately, chapter and verse, without being a believer in its absolute literalism, including that of several major characters. In other words, Price is aware of the mythology in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, recognizing that a number of biblical figures are not historical personages but mythical characters. As he says:

I find it undeniable that…many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets, and constellations.

In his review of my book Christ in Egypt, Price also remarks:

I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock: “we assert that Christianity constitutes Gnosticism historicized and Judaized, likewise representing a synthesis of Egyptian, Jewish and Greek religion and mythology, among others [including Buddhism, via King Asoka’s missionaries] from around the ‘known world'” (p. 278). “Christianity is largely the product of Egyptian religion being Judaized and historicized” (p. 482).

Bob’s unique contribution to the Jesus-mythicist field, which dates back several centuries and incorporates a wide variety of research by erudite scholars in Europe, America and elsewhere, is his ability to spot midrash in the canonical gospels. Because he knows the Old Testament so well, Price can see where OT verses have been used in order to craft the New Testament and gospel story. His work in that regard represents an invaluable piece of the Christ-myth puzzle.

Some of you may recall that last year I wrote a lengthy review of Price’s book The Pre-Nicene New Testament, which garnered almost 175 thumbs up! Also, Bob and I have appeared on a couple of radio shows together, including one with Reg Finley and another for the Point for Inquiry program.

If you have benefited from Dr. Price’s great and important scholarship over the years, please show your support by considering a gift of whatever size to help him through this difficult time.

To donate to Dr. Robert M. Price, please go to your Paypal account and send to the email address criticus@aol.com.

If you haven’t discovered his work yet, see the link below:

Official Home Page of Robert M. Price

Fans will also find on that site his books, ebooks and “Bible Geek” apparel, the proceeds of which will obviously also benefit Bob.

“Let’s give Dr. Price some peace of mind so he can rest and get better!

You can also buy Bob’s books via the links below, which will contribute to his work a bit later down the road:

Dr. Robert Price and I thank you!



  1. Thank you Acharya S, all your readership and fans
    This is a terrific, very helpful and greatly appreciated effort on your part, Ms. Murdock. Dr. Price wrote in an email last night thanking not just me for “beating the drum,” in his words, but he added “Many have been generous at a time of scary tightness for the Family Geek!”

    When the Freethought community comes together to help those in need of assistance, giving generously of their time, their resources and even their knowledge, all towards a brighter future, we should all feel encouraged, yet motivated to bring about a better future for all.

    Thank you all again for your open-hearted kindness.

  2. It warms my heart to see freethinkers/mythicists coming together to help one another. I’d like to see more of that.

    Most all of the freethinkers and mythicists I know tend to be poor and they don’t like having to ask for help. So, special thanks for doing this Acharya.

    Get well soon Dr. Price.

    1. Get Well Soon
      Get well soon Doc! We need you back on the front line with the rest of us….just purchased your book Christ Myth theory and its Problem. Great read so far.

  3. Thanks
    Thanks Acharya,

    And I’d also like to thank Dr. Price thanks for all your work, he may be the family geek but to me he is a real man!

    It is a great shame that our culture doesn’t value independent scholarship as we do sports and movies.

    I hope his condition is tolerable.

  4. Acharya , you hit me in the gut with this one. I can’t turn down a plea for help. This is a very “godly thing to do” bless you. You are a trustworthy friend indeed . Dr. Price is fortunate to know you, and perhaps you are too.keep on keepin on! – peace

    1. Thank you, Shane. If you are the same person who has been posting elsewhere here, sorry to have blocked you, but you were not making sense, and I felt you were wasting my time deliberately with trolling behavior.

      I do appreciate your comments here, however.

  5. Why wont George Noory have you Acharya or Joe Atwill on coast, could it be that since Art Bell left Coast has become a subtle right-wing propaganda tool.

    It was sloughing that way when Bell was there, but his Libetarian leanings wouldn’t Totally! go there.

  6. May I suggest a little fund raising music concert or something similar. I just participated (not as a musician) in a small fund raising concert for a guitarist who’s dying of cancer to help with his medical bills. They raised almost six thousand dollars. Lots of churches will donate the use of the church building. I’d try Unitarians or something similar.

  7. Quoted from gofundme: “He and his family are … without medical insurance …” RMP wrote on his Zarathustra blog: “If you are against … Obamacare … and I am …” Personally, I find it lamentable, given his present circumstances, that he opposes the Affordable Care Act. I sincerely hope that he will at least give “Obamacare” a try. It might help.
    But of course I will chip in to help him. He’s one of my favorite authors. And his fringe status, academically, proves the point that has been made by several mythicists before: namely that Academia and the Board of Regents of various Universities and the Governor have a lot of say as to who is hired and who is fired, and furthermore, that the Jesus as historical man group has locked up Academia to keep the mythicists and their thesis out of bounds.

  8. Price is clearly not bedridden. He has recently appeared on camera for a number of debates and interviews and is well enough to work on several projects, book reviews, etc.

    1. TM, pay attention as this article is dated January 30, 2014 almost four years ago.

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