Donate to the cause and get my ebook/PDF special collection!

We are still working on a formal crowd-funding campaign for my pressing health issue, but in the meantime, I could use help with some medical expenses. In this regard, I’ve opened my ebook/PDF special offering 12 ebooks at a discount for as little as $5:

All donations are greatly appreciated, and if you’ve already received your ebook/PDF special but would like to donate anyway, you can use the above link or go here:

There you will find options for a one-time or for a recurring monthly donation.

Thank you for your kind attention and support.


  1. My heart goes out to you & wishing you complete speedy recovery. I’ve long admired you & your work. Thank you for this generous offer. I placed my order & some, Monday April 27 and wondered if I was supposed to get a link in my email to the zip file?

  2. Hi there. I am so sorry for your suffering. I have already bought 4 of you books, but i will buy the zip file too. You have really enlightened me with your well and thoroughly researched work. If i had the power…I hope the treatment leaves you comfortable enough to enjoy nature.
    Thank you for your good work. now, go on and take a rest.

  3. I’m really hoping you beat the disease and was sad to hear of the news. You’re still young, so put up a good fight, O.K?

  4. Thanks so much for the great book offer. I will be spending some time recovering from an operation on my spine, and will definitely need some distracting reading material.

  5. I have bought your e-books – and very thought-provoking they are too!
    My sincere best wishes to you for a full and speedy recovery.

  6. Here’s a link to Facebook with this same information. We wish you the very best recovery, Acharya S.

  7. Can you offer the ebook collection in .mobi or .epub versions pls? Thanks.

  8. Did you think of trying christian science ? Call a CS practitioner as i have seen many hopeless cases healed

  9. I’m so sorry for what are you going thru Acharya. I hope you get well and come back to teach us more of your vast knowledge . Please fight it with all the positive mind. If you believe that you can beat it then you will beat, it that’s all. I love you!!!!

  10. Check out herbalist Richard Schulze’s incurables program. His site is

  11. I was so excited, because I had just come across a video outlining your work! What a wonderful find!! I was truly saddened to also hear of your suffering. I wish you peace and strength, and all that you wish for yourself.

  12. Sorry to hear & I wish you the best of luck. Are you doing any better?

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