Does the Catholic Church foster pedophilia?

priest child rapists

The Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy, with hands together, at St. John’s School for the Deaf in Wisconsin in 1960

UPDATE: The truth is busting out all over! Sex abuse scandal rocks Catholics in Europe; Sex abuse scandal in US, Italy taints papacy

In yet one more of the umpteen instances of depravity behind the robes of Catholic priests, another vile child abuser has been exposed, this time for “molesting” (raping?) some 200 deaf boys. How the Catholic Church can continue to hold any sway with mankind after so many of these incidents coming to light over the past several decades is beyond me.  And when one factors in the nightmarish atrocities of the Inquisition and the past centuries of torture, slaughter and, quite likely, institutionalized child rape, one may be left flabbergasted that the whole organization has festered for this long to begin with.

Since Jesus Christ is allegedly the omnipotent God in charge of everything, including and especially the churches and organizations in his name, he needs to be held responsible for such atrocities. Or, if Jesus had nothing to do with it, he is clearly not in charge of everything and cannot be considered the all-powerful God – it’s really that simple.

Apologists may squawk, “God gave us free will!”  Fat lot of good that notion does for all these children – don’t they have free will too not to be the victims of sexual predators?  The all-powerful God could not even protect them, apparently.  Such excuses grow very thin at this point in human evolution.

Perhaps instead of coddling these awful organizations – at the expense of thousands of children – we should be asking, what is it about Catholicism that fosters child rape among its supposedly godly representatives?  Maybe, just maybe, it’s entirely unnatural to force a person to be “celibate?”  Perhaps the priesthood attracts child molesters because of its unnatural structure that, by eliminating healthy sexuality, encourages perversion and also covers it up?

Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys

Top Vatican officials — including the future Pope Benedict XVI — did not defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys, even though several American bishops repeatedly warned them that failure to act on the matter could embarrass the church, according to church files newly unearthed as part of a lawsuit.

The internal correspondence from bishops in Wisconsin directly to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the future pope, shows that while church officials tussled over whether the priest should be dismissed, their highest priority was protecting the church from scandal

Well, of course – public opinion!  Those children didn’t matter – it was all for the glory of God!  But if God is omniscient, he must have seen it all – what a lovely sight.  And he did nothing to stop it, even though he’s all powerful.  The Church hierarchy apparently doesn’t really believe in the all-knowing and all-powerful God that it pretends to represent.  Pandering to humans will not save your soul from eternal damnation, will it?


  1. Tithing Protection
    It boggles my mind that Catholics do not snap out of it and drop support by breaking ranks and stopping all monetary donations to their church. Church leaders would rather cover up the sexual abuse to protect the incoming money, rather than be forced to actually bring these pedophiles to justice. It seriously makes the church leaders look like they support priest molesters. Without donations, religious leaders would be forced to actually produce something of value for society. I’m also amazed that Catholic women do not recognize the discrimination against all women that the buybull teaches.

    1. Any person who has such limited mentality as to join, and then stay with, a superstitious, human-worshipping, mind-control cut, and then allow their children to be exposed to harm, are not capable of snapping out of it.

      1. 👿 …The scandals of the catholic church is nothing new, since the ancient times, as corrupt, evil,sex, death of umborn babies born to nuns from priest, and they kept all this hidden for centuries, …
        Those that come out and speak up ..sure! they get rmoved, but the pedfilies priest get transfer to another parrish……

        Why do we think it only happens here!….It happened it Canada years ago……….This makes me sick, i saw the hypcracy when I was eight years old……priet flirting and getting girls pregnant…….sick…..
        Why so many people are leaving the church….

      2. Getting It Right
        Really, I was molested at the age of 5. Who did this to me? One cousin who was 8 and another 10. Perhaps their childish nature prevented them from “snapping out of it!” If you have never owned a shred of faith, then, this is a wonderful pursuit for your sort of world. Look around you. Do you see perverts behind every rock, corner, or in places like Penn State, Pres Bush I White House, congressional page dorms, youth centers for Southern Baptist kids, and ect … These evils have happened- that is no excuse especially for Catholics who always take the hit for the Christian team. However, the amount of money one earns from such goings on are very attractive. Lawyers know how painful these crimes are so they really get lots of $ to go away. That isn’t any more right than the crimes themselves. But your gonna start seeing a push back. When more and more Christians finally get the message about the strings behind the exploitation of a greater sickness of our society which makes up our institutions. An article like this is the early rumbling of a greater push. Before you and your kind finish, one of you will say, “Hey, we gotta do something ’bout those sick Cat’olics!” Maybe pass a law! I don’t defend a single Catholic anything that could do these vile things to our children, and I know enough about “the way things are” to smell a rat. Don’t sit too pretty for too long or you may awaken one day and behold the mosque towering above your town. No malice to Islam intended. Something replaces the Church. Also, get off your high horse. Why not talk to some folks who have been educated at Catholic Schools or treated in hospitals in arms with the Church. Think twice before you throw that stone through a two thousand yr old stain glass window. You might injure a child and what would that make you?

    2. Think
      Think about it, If any of the priest broke rank at this point and time and started to speak out against this what appears to be centuries old practice that would allow the media and the world unheard of access into the Vatican and maybe even child sexual abuse cases elevating much higher then mere priest. It again seems like Rome is not only burning it’s at a full five alarm blaze I dont foresee the church outliving these scandels there are to many and the scandel has now reached to the ultimate power in the Catholic church(the pope). Benedict is in it thick! the best thing for the church is to try and gather around as tight as they can(no pun intented)to each other and eliminate as much space as possible between the Vatican and the outside world these guys need as much time as possible to get themselves out of this mess.

      1. I agree with much of what u have said. However, to think that the largest and most widespread corporation in the world (Catholic Church), is at the point of demise is irresponsibly ignorant to say the least. Priests have been F*cking little boys just as long as other sexually repressed degenerates have been throughout history. The frequency of their behavior may have increased due to access and quite frankly an unhealthily repressed libido. And please, please don’t insult the readers inteligence by inserting a pun, which you fully intended(otherwise why mention it?) because that is linguistic blasphemy at it’s finest as far as I’m concerned. The simple fact that this institution has to have a debate as to what extent/degree children fu**ing should continue, is in itself a disgrace to the few intellectuals/realists that we have left on this human forsaken planet.

  2. These events go to the heart of the ages old theological/philosophical “problem of evil”.

    Christians and other religionists will argue that people who are victims in objectionable and harmful events can be explained by God’s tests for an ennobling and character building outcome. But the Catholic Church with all its clerical authority asserts itself as the temporal institution for spiritual faith between living humans and the heavenly realm of God’s sanctified grace.

    How can the church declare itself as intermediary on behalf of humans seeking salvation, if itself is the harbinger of insidious sins and evil, its victims denied recourse for centuries?

    1. Historical events are ambiguous,but truth is consistant. It is honesty that is missing in order to attain unto a just and equal balance.

  3. When I was a youngster, I was recruited by a Catholic prep school as a student/athlete. The recruiter was a very jovial middle-aged priest by the name of Fr. Frank Nugent. Eventually I decided to go to the school. During the summer, the campus of our school was turned into a summer camp for young boys, run by the same Fr. Nugent. When I returned from summer vacation to start my Junior year, there was an air of mystery surrounding the school. We weren’t able to discover what was at the root of it. No one would talk about it, but there was obviously something being covered up.

    Many years later I discovered that during the summer a young boy at the camp was being molested by Fr. Nugent. The boy climbed to the roof of the gymnasium and jumped off, killing himself. It only came out a few years ago that this same priest had molested dozens, perhaps hundreds of children.

    Yesterday I read where a bishop in Ireland had stepped down from his position, apologizing for allowing predators to remain in their positions. I believe that at this juncture the apologies are becoming a little hollow. It is long past the point where these vile individuals can get away with an “Ooops, I’m sorry!” I believe it is time that a few prison sentences were handed out, not only to the predators themselves, but to the people who cover up their vile deeds.

  4. Catholic church encourages child abuse
    In 2004 an Austrian theological seminary was busted for possession of images of child pornography and homosexual activities involving priests and seminary students. I do not think it makes any difference whether or not the Catholic Church drops its celibacy requirement of people wishing to enter the priesthood. The culture of the Church which relies on secrecy to escape any kind of accountability to others, to hide criminals who have engaged in money laundering or committed genocide, and to prevent its dirty laundry from scrutiny is chiefly to blame. People have to unite to force the Church to come clean on so many of its past activities.

    Here is a link to an article on the Austrian seminary:

  5. Thinking is not the same as raping a child.

    Unbelievable. What a reprobate.

  6. Prosecute
    Is there no prosecutor in the world who will step up and charge the Church of Rome under organized crime statutes?
    I am no longer Catholic but if I was a practicing Catholic I would demand the return of every cent I ever donated to that criminal organization. They need to be prosecuted for their seemingly endless crimes against children. Divide the assets of that church and distribute it among its victims.

    1. so what
      a 1-year affair with an older priest at age 11, so what we had fun

      1. you are either….
        You are either making a sick joke, or you were truly the victim of sexual abuse and you would have no problem doing the same to another child. People either see this as wrong and not a problem or they see it as a horrible problem.
        The only people who say that it is not a problem are either victims or perpetrators.

  7. Does the Catholic Church foster Pedophilia
    No, it doesn’t! The Catholic Church doesn’t teach anyone to molest children. We do have practicing homosexuals in the church that are causing problems and they prey on young boys. I think the media attacks the Catholic Church because they are anti-catholic. How about Hollie Grieg in Britain. Why is that not being reported in the mainstream news? Pedophiles are in every occupation and are not only in the Catholic Church but again the media doesn’t want the world to know the truth.

    1. Non sequitur
      It matters not in the least that the Catholic Church doesn’t teach people to be pedophiles. The Church claims for itself…and is granted by its adherents…an enormous moral authority. With authority such as this comes tremendous responsibility. To refer to “media attacks” on the Catholic Church as anti-catholic is as wrong-headed as anything I’ve ever heard. Pedophilia among Catholic clergy is epidemic. These are not a few isolated cases. They are taking place in virtually every community around the world. And to make matters infinitely worse, the church leaders are well aware of the degree of the abuse and have become accessories by covering up the acts of these villainous creatures. It is necessary for Catholics to pull their heads out of the sand and demand from their church leaders at least as much morality as the church demands of them.

    2. child abuse occurs in all religions all over the world. the issue here is that the catholic church refuses to allow their priests to go to court or serve time in jail. imams, rabbis, and ministers have gone to jail for child abuse – there was no large organization like the vatican that blocked them from facing justice. a

      ll the catholic church has to do is publicly condemn these priests and stop hiding them from courts. like other religions have done. then they will stop being villified in the press. it’s sad

    3. Does the Catholic Church foster Pedophilia
      When the pope is involved in the cover up and demand immunity from prosecution and hide the perpetrators they do indeed foster pedophilia.

      Their policy about protecting themselves, hiding evidence, moving priest, shielding the preditors makes them fully aware and fully participants in the exact same act. That constitutes a conspiracy and a very ugly one at that.

    4. You must be very confused homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophiles, and almost all pedos. are hetro. You need to get you sh*t straight. before you go making yourself look like an ass.

      Benjamin White

  8. What makes the writer think the catholic church is a christian organization? Protestants are called such because they condemn the catholic church, and have for centuries. Mr Ratzinger and his bishops are described by St John in the book of revolations. They are condemned by him. The city where “babylon the great ” is situated in the “city with 7 hills” is Rome, where the son of perdition and his cohorts are dressed in scarlet and gold.
    Don’t blame Jesus if the world is confused as to who controls the vatican. It isn’t Christ, it’s Satan !

    1. I see, so Jesus is unable to prevent Satan from sullying his good name. So why should we believe that Jesus is the all-powerful god who can save our souls? He can’t even stop people from misrepresenting him!

      It’s time to put away the fairytales – created by the sames agencies being criticized here – and face reality.

    2. FINALLY – the NUT of the TRUTH here! The Catholic church does indeed have an omnipotent “god”…and the name IS indeed Satan. The fires of Hell will burn long and hot when all this GODLY TRASH is judged and cast.

    3. You are obviously illiterate!

  9. Fr. John L. Shorty
    This Fr. Shorty was defrocked by the Vatican in 2006. He is now a licensed social worker in Alexandria, Virginia.

    1. Fr. John L. Shorty

      Do you have any details on the defrocking of Fr. John Shorty?
      Would be interested in knowing the story. Thanks

  10. peaceful revolution
    Nobody ever dares to organize a group that will peacefully demonstrate against the church. Is that because they are afraid of going to jail, or because it isn’t politically correct, or because there simply not enough people who would join in?

    Either way, people such as yourself who are against the church, cannot take it down by posting hateful articles on the net. It is addressed openly at churches and people still return every week. Why? because the doctrine preaches forgiveness. That everyone is essentially good, because they are created good. And that
    with our freedom comes responsibilities.

    The stories of the bible, even if they are stories are still good principles to live by. If we started punishing everyone who does “bad” deeds you’ll have a tyranny that actually closely resembles what secular government does to its prisoners – and that isn’t a responsible solution either I hope we could agree.

    The only real solution is to understand what drives a person to commit mad acts – and to try and avoid it. If you think it is impossible to understand, then you don’t know yourself.

    1. What makes this article “hateful?” The truth and facts about men raping children?

      So, exposing these crimes against children is both “hateful” and ineffectual?

      I disagree.

      The more the spotlight is shined on these characters, the better.

      Calling exposes such as this one “hateful” serves merely to help them continue their vile business.

      1. Why is it that every honest attempt to criticize organized religion is immediately answered back with charges of hatefulness? If we were criticizing a vile foreign government, no one would come back with a charge that we are hateful. The history of the Catholic Church is bathed in blood, rife with lies and obfuscation. The Church has changed its stripes in the centuries since the Enlightenment only because it realized that educated masses would no longer stand still for its villainous domination. It portrays itself the humble, peaceful, and loving vicarage of sweet Jesus, meek and mild. However, in the centuries when the Church held sway in Europe, it presided over a chapter in Western History aptly named the Dark Ages when millions of innocents met ignominious deaths at its hands.

        In my opinion, the earth will be a much better place when this viper’s nest of wickedness is a memory.

        1. Thank you for the welcome voice of reason, John.

    2. Christianity is on the wane, like it or not
      Yes we can. The church is going down hard. The News networks have figured it out as demonstrated last night. My wife’s family who are still strongly Catholic and several Lutherans continuously complain that sheeple are down and the Nun numbers are way down and Priest wanabees are way down. This info is straight from a retired Bishop in Worcester MA. Sane people that understand the fraud and the understand the hypocrisy are growing. This is because people like Acharya keep fighting and people like you keep using logical fallacy and sophistry to demonstrate that you have no idea what reality is. Suck it.

  11. Does the Catholic Church Foster pedifelia
    The story of Marry is a story of Pedifelia the basis of the church.

  12. I know Acharya will scorch me for this, but Jesus doesn’t need to prevent Satan from doing anything to his name. He is ever present but at the same time withdrawn from this world. It is up to man to rise against his ancient enemy. These child molesters are false Christians. They are demonic. They deceive. The Catholic Church has long been infiltrated, much like the US Government. Religion is not the problem here, illicit sex is. Illicit predatory sex.

    While I agree that mandatory celibacy is exceedingly difficult – especially in sexually saturated modern society – it is certainly something for dignified men and women to endeavor towards. Sexuality may be healthy and natural – but only in very narrow contexts (traditionally, marriage or conception). What is really the problem here? An ancient, noble attempt to transcend your animal urges or the society that constantly advertises “getting off” as the ultimate experience? If you’ve never noticed, some folks are simply asexual and they get along just fine.

    Legend, myth, and fairy tale (as you like) is one thing . . . but enduring ethical messages of love and reconciliation are the essence of Christ, and whether you believe in hocus pocus or not – all men can agree that is good.

    If the Catholic Church is to survive, it needs to mount an epic inquisition – but this time around a good one. They must root out all perverse child rapists and accomplices. Short of that, they may lose even the most forgiving of their ever shrinking flock. Viva chastity.

    1. Yes, Jesus is so withdrawn from reality that one could say he is a myth ([url][/url]).

      1. The moment I saw this article, I knew the apologists will go through every kind of mental gymnastics to defend Christianity.
        It’s hard to reason with them. :s

        1. yet hector uses not an ounce of reason himself.

      2. Permanent Bachelor Rabbis Do Not Exist
        From Lutheran parochial school, remember one of our pastor’s favourite Bible quotes: “…And he asked him:’ Rabbi, what must i do to inherit eternal life?..’. So, I went to the modern Internet Jewish answering service: Your choice-I asked five of the most ‘Orthodox’ Rabbis I could find with the assumption that orthodoxy is closest to the belief system in power when the man who was ‘Rabbi’ Jesus was said to walk the earth in Roman occupied Palestine two thousand years ago. ALL five Rabbis unequivocally told me that a practicing ‘ordained’ Rabbi MUST be married-no exceptions. There is NO such thing as a ‘permanent bachelor’ or never married Rabbi; although a Rabbi may remain a widower if his wife dies. If still a bachelor as a rabbinical student, this man was always married within the first year of his ‘ordination’, and being given a congregation: he was the “dream” and considered the ‘ideal’ husband of every young woman in the Temple he served. A Lubavicher Hasidim in Jerusalem told me this-never in 65 years as a Rabbi had he seen a young man unmarried after the first few months on the job, as it were. Jesus ‘official’ active ministery as a Rabbi was three years, according to the “New Testament”. If Jesus the Rabbi was married (possibly to Mary Magdaline), as he had to be, what is the ‘excuse’ for mandatory priestly celebacy? Money, business and power?

        1. It’s celeBRATE not celeBATE
          The Celebacy stems from the ever present need of those in power to have “total control” over those who follow them. The US Army tried it before sending troops over seas in WWI, and it didn’t work. Heck, they are discovering that nearly 75% of the bible is filled with mistranslations and errors. Which really should make you think about things.

          From a moral standpoint, those who defend the pedophiles are just as guilty as the pedophiles themselves. So, as a little chuckle, didn’t Jesus say to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? So, apparently, this means that the priests wanna be raped anally by a being who is 3 – 4 feet taller than them.

    2. Morally corrupt christianity
      Christianity has been revealed to be a plagiarized story based on more ancient religions. The evidence is so clear that the only people that don’t get it are those that haven’t read or heard it or those that are delusional. The last argument left was the morality argument and I guess we can check that one off the list. Anyone that supports these people and their fraudulent story is morally corrupt and intellectually dishonest at best.

  13. Catholic sex abuse
    🙁 Only idiots belong to this sexual repressive ideological business. Male rape of sheeples minds!

  14. A Zionist Hit Piece.
    October 14, 2009, New York Times, reporter Paul Vitello exposed the sad extent of Child Sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community and details cover-ups that have long been aided by law enforcement.
    Orthodox rabbis were allowed by the D.A.’s office to settle these cases “internally” Where are the professional victims’ groups staging protests outside synagogues?
    Or sue-happy lawyers been seeking to plunder the Orthodox? Or comedians and late-night entertainers been in cracking jokes about rabbis raping kids?
    According to the article, there were Forty cases of such abuse in this tiny community last year alone
    40 in 1 town!
    Yet the Catholic Church had just 10 cases in the same year across the entire USA. US Public Schools have this many cases annually, but cannot be sued after 90 days.
    Smell the Hypocrisy & Kosher controlled media?
    Zio Jews love to attack Catholic and Christianity.
    Protest-ants Abuse rate is Double that of Catholics.


    2002, Christian Science Monitor on national survey results by Christian Ministry Resources

    Despite headlines focusing on the priest pedophile problem in the Catholic Church, most US churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant.

    Penn State professor Philip Jenkins, on Pedophiles & Priests:
    0.2 & 1.7 percent of Catholic priests are pedophiles.
    Protestant Clergy Ranges between 2- 3%.

  15. Problem created for a reason…
    If you plant a seed in the ground and then put a block in the way, like a rock, the seed puts off extra energy to try to surmount the block.
    One of the observations of the book – Celestine Prophecy was that we steal emotional energy from each other. Restricting natural instincts, demonizing sex, draws energy from those restricted. This is why Roman Catholicism is ‘celibate’. The Eastern Catholic churches never did that. In fact, you cannot be a bishop unless married.
    I was once made a Russian Orthodox priest. This was in the USA.
    Very early I walked around the corner in a poor neighborhood wearing my collar. A young girl about 13 came around the other way. She blushed bright red. At that moment I understood. I received a shot of energy from her pain, shame…, the shame of being natural. I was stealing. I went home, took off the collar, and never put it on again.
    The Roman church is an place where other horrid perversity would both naturally erupt and be covered up. Let health trump perversity. Defrock the entire Roman Catholic church.

  16. The problem is not with any church but rather in a politically-correct system that encourages homosexual men to assume positions of authority over young boys, whether it’s in the church, the classroom or the boy scouts.
    Homo’s seeking out and enjoying the company of young boys!? Go figure.

  17. Whence do you derive your criterion for calling this behaviour “depravity”. I’m sure its practitioners would consider it to be “free thought”.

  18. The problem is the Catholic Church isn’t Christian
    The Apostles and Jesus Himself didn’t approve of what the catholic church teaches and practices.

    Jesus (nor peter) for that matter founded the catholic church. They don’t practice what the bible teaches and aren’t “inspired” by the word of God, but by their own lust for power (and little boys and girls it seems too).

    The catholic church….and now many non-protesting protestant churches who now follow the same spirit of the RCC (which is of satan)….don’t deserve the name of Christian.

    You have this problem because God isn’t in the catholic church. It is operating under demonic religious spirits…..and where you have demons of religion….you have all other spirits and actions of demons: i.e. pedeophilia, theft, murder, rape, lying, fornication, adultery, sodomy, drunkeness, physical abuse, violence, etc etc.

    Jesus doesn’t operate the way these false churches operate……but God gave man free will and God’s gives the contrast….the darkness and the light…..He doesn’t root out the darkness until the end of the world…..It’s up to people to hate evil and embrace the Light of His Gospel….if they don’t … see the fruit of this.

    As a contrast of “evil” don’t take your eyes off of these evil deeds of the RCC, television preachers and apostate ‘protestants’. They are not christians but just more manmade religious charlatans filed with all kinds of wickedness and sin.

  19. Archbishop of Canterbury
    … must be laughing his head off. Just think, about 5 mos. ago, the Pope tried to end run him and invite disaffected Anglicans to Rome.
    I don’t know any who took him up on his offer, but given a choice, I’ll take the homosexuals who prefer ADULTS as opposed to vulnerable children.
    As to the pseudo theologist who thinks the natural urge of sex is “animalistic”, read your Bible, please. God, Christ and the Christian way of life is so much greater than what your nuns taught you in school (when they weren’t beating the ish out of you).

  20. Nothing is as it appears to be………………..
    There isn’t anything in the teachings of the Church that promotes pedophilia. There were monks for centuries in the Church without the current child molesting scandals.
    If you know of such scandals from the past or the Middle Ages, why don’t you print your evidence for it so everyone could read it in the light of day. Celibacy of the monks was well known. Most lived behind their high garden walls and tended to their vegetables, fruits and meditation. They did so well most traded their produce with nearby villages for things they needed. Gregor Mendal was a monk who studied peas and later became known as the Father of Modern Genetics.
    If you would open your eyes, you would see there are millions of single people who do not have sex, do not go crazy and are not child molesters. Being single and in the Catholic Church is not going to make you a child molester anymore than it did the monks of long ago.
    I wish all the American Ostriches would pull their head out of the sand pit and see how many of the government spy agencies have sent their “men” to infiltrate and ruin almost every group in this country. Those with a lot of money would be high on the list because of the money that could be obtained and because their influence would be corroded. There are 2 motives right there. Just one Catholic church in Boston paid $100 million to settle lawsuits. Just one example out of 100’s. Read up on how the CIA ruins Latin American countries (or any country) by releasing locusts to destroy their main crop export if the president and/or dictator resits their bloody, illegal demands. If he still resists he’s killed. And it’s all made to look natural or part of a local uprising with NO ONE suspecting it as the work of saboteurs :whistle: . (Read Anthony Perkins’s books/CD’s.)

    When King Henry VIII plundered the monasteries for the fortune in their coffers, he needed the money to finance his upcoming wars. It isn’t any different now. But is more subtle. The prosecutors didn’t run over the churches with a bulldozer like-the-armies-of -Henry VIII to take their money, because they could do it with other means. Quietly in court. Much of this money was given to illegals from Mexico. And are there not wars going on (Afganistan, Iraq & more planned, 🙁 plus 50+ other battlegrounds around the world). Churches were in the forefront against wars. Dare I say that if you criticize a bully’s policy he’ll try to retaliate?

    Only those who believe in fairy tales would believe all the corruption of child molestation is contained within one church, the Catholic one. Oh, and there is always a church of a different faith popping up here and there that reports a child molester among its clergy. Why? Why the infiltrators have to make things looked normal and balanced, that’s why. What doesn’t fit into their cover up is not heard in the media.

    The Catholic monks of old believed in meditation, not medication like 99% of the American Ostriches who run around with a medicated head on their shoulders. Pills, drugs and surgery. These medicated Ostriches will tell you they SEE THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE, much like a falling-down-drunk will tell you he’s sober.

    1. Here is my response concerning this apparent myth that the Catholic clergy were somehow “purer” in the “old days” and didn’t engage in sexual misconduct.

      [quote]The “Pedophile’s Paradise” ([url][/url])

      ..The history of child molestation in the Catholic Church goes back centuries. The first official decree on the subject was written at the Council of Elvira, held around A.D. 305 near Granada, Spain. The precise history is complicated, but the council is traditionally believed to have set down 81 rules for behavior, the 71st of which is: “Those who sexually abuse boys may not commune even when death approaches.” It was the harshest one-strike policy: If you’re caught abusing a child, you are not only laicized, but permanently excommunicated—damned for all time.

      The other major condemnation of clerical sex abuse was The Book of Gomorrah, completed by radical church reformer Father Peter Damian (a Benedictine monk, as it happens, who became a cardinal) in 1051. He appealed directly to the pope about the abuse of children, as well as consensual sex among clergy—in howling language: “O unheard of crime! O outrage to be mourned with a whole fountain of tears!… What fruitfulness can still be found in the flocks when the shepherd is so deeply sunk in the belly of the devil!”…[/quote]

  21. TAX THE CHURCHES… since they want to get involved with WORLDLY AFFAIRS… NO PUN INTENDED… OR IS IT?

  22. The ratio of molestation is 50/50 between straight and gay clergy abusing young girls and boys so it is not a (homosexual only) issue. The best way to force the Catholic Church to deal with the horrible problem is hit them where it hurts, they need to be charged under RICO statutes here in the U.S. and have their tax exempt status revoked for a minimum of 10 years and the same goes for the Catholic Churches aiding and abetting millions of criminal illegal aliens entering this country!

  23. Khruschev and Catholicism
    Nikita Khruschev said that the Communists would destroy Christianity. He also said that Communists planned a series of sex scandals to undermine confidence in Christian clergy.

    In “AA1025,” the memoirs of an anonymous Communist agent, the author says that Communists have been infiltrating the Catholic Church since the 1920s or 1930s. It is no wonder that child rape has been rampant in the 20th century.

    So how does legitimate Catholic authority deal with the problem of child rape? St. Pius V turned child rapists over to the authorities for execution, which is the traditional legal remedy for rape. The rapist was seen to have murdered the soul of the victim.

    That Benedict Ratzinger does the reverse and denies the Resurrection of Jesus Christ demonstrates that he does not have legitimate authority. And he too, is an infiltrator bent on the destruction of the Catholic Church.

    May God deliver us from such people!

  24. Don’t Blame God – blame the demons funning the Cat
    1 Timothy 4 (New International Version)

    The catholic church is described at 1 Timothy 4:1-5
    Instructions to Timothy
    1The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 3They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. 4For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.

  25. I am a former very devout Traditional (pre-Vat II) Catholic. I don’t always agree with Acharya’s articles, but I agree with this one 100%.
    I would like to point out that we do not hear of these crimes among the priests of the Orthodox Christian Church, because they are married. But, there have been scandals within monasteries..where the monks are celibate. It doesn’t happen often nor does it make the news, but it happens.
    How do we know what happened in the Middle Ages? I feel it is a bit naive to assume that these things did not happen in the past simply because it never came out as news in the ‘Holy Roman Empire’.
    The Church’s bloody history is undeniable. When I was Catholic, I didn’t know the half of it because we studied the Catholic version of Church History, which I studied as an adult, not just in Catholic school.
    It wasn’t until I left the Church that I learned the truth about ‘St.’ Simon Montfort or ‘St.’ Dominic, let alone the other shameful things. It isn’t the religion itself that is evil, but the Church organization, itself.
    According to St. Malachy, there is only one Pope left after Ratzinger.
    Good riddance.

  26. The Antichrist is here now
    Having been awakened to what this planet is really about 7 years ago my research since then confirms my own deep gut instincts that the Antichrist is amongst us…

    Organized religion is just another beast on this planet…if GOD were truly in control…we would not have the satanic situation we face today…this planet has become a cest pool of war, racist, hatred, fear, poverty, pornography, explotation of our wildlife and domestic animals, dying oceans, contaminated waters, man made diseases spread amongst us, toxic vaccines, dumbed down medical professsion and education system, corruption at its finest and at every level of our governments world wide…I could go on and on what these Satanic planetary leaders otherwise called [b]the Illuminati[/b] have done to our souls and spirit…these criminals in fancy suits have destroyed all that was good on this planet…and is now run by a bunch of demons…

    Until the masses wake up and see the truth of this planet and rise up against these criminals nothing is going to change…

    As one who is awakened…I have been waiting and waiting for the rest of the SHEEPLE to start their own truth seeking…and believe me it is not easy to learn your life has been one big lie by our masters in disguise….it is a hard pill to swallow….but, I would rather face truth and help correct this mess for ALL of humanity than turn a blind eye and continue like nothing is wrong…

    we must start living on this planet and promoting LIFE FOR ALL…not these satanic leaders sucking us dry spiritually and mentally…what we have now is HELL on earth…

  27. If protestant bigots would cool their hatred and read these articles carefully, they would discover that in truth, the Catholic Church has long purged its pedophelia problem. Prots and Jews need to do as well. ALL the cases discussed in the endless articles, including the recent New York Times hit re: the school for deaf, are DECADES old, no exceptions, which strongly suggests there are no problems currently. The Catholic Church is singled out because among religions, it alone proclaims the truth – not perfectly but indeed superior to any of the 35,000 prot sects kicking around. In my town, for example, a few years back there were front-page headlines about a priest and boy regarding a 20-year-old incident. The priest was removed. Meanwhile, the prosecutor was investating 5 cases of prot child abuse; nary a word of any in the press. Also at the same time, a local Methodist church passed on a troubled female minister with a recommendation, just to get rid of her. She wound up molesting a girl in her new gig. No press, needless to say.

    1. I’m pretty sure Tim Leedom would disagree that this pathology isn’t continuing to this day. He seems to be keep track of it in the U.S. anyway.


    2. Removed?
      Relocating someone doesn’t solve the problem- it simply gives the abuser a chance to start it all over again. The Catholic Church has a long and ugly history of child abuse and protecting the abusers by removing them and providing them with shelter from the press/public/law. Many of these cases are decades old because many of the abused were so YOUNG that it takes them decades to work up the courage to speak out. You also need to remember that for those who speak out there are many more who simply don’t have the courage or the ability to speak out.

      For what it’s worth, I once taught sixth graders in a parochial school. I was frequently asked to send boys over to be servers for funerals, etc during the day. I never suspected the truth- many of the boys were being abused by the very priest who promoted himself as the youth coordinator. Don’t be a fool- this isn’t over and it won’t be over until they’re all either thrown in jail where they might have experiences similar to those that they shared with their victims, or they die from old age.

  28. The truth of ALL religions
    All religions are corporate/political entities. They are NOT spiritual enclaves in any sense whatsoever. There are no exceptions to this. None.

    The only truly spiritual entity is the individual. The only group entities of spirituality are indigenous peoples, for whom the group is as one.

    Slowly but inevitably, humans are coming to realize this. Despite the so-called education system which discourages all looking within for authorative answers, and teaches that only the teacher has the right answers.

    Time for the education enzombied to wake up!

  29. Incidents
    World J*E*W*R*Y is getting rewady to launch yet another major war.
    This attack in the Church is their way of discrediting any opposition to said war.

    Meanwhile incidents like these in the Jewish and Protestant Sects, occur at double the rate, but the Kosher media is lax in reporting them.

    Get ready for the next Zio War.

    1. I see, so reporting on priests who have been abusing children – raping them, for heaven’s sake – for decades has something to do with Jews? Ooooh, the Jews made these priests pull down their pants! 🙁

      How ridiculous. Get a new line. This scapegoating of Jews ([url][/url]) is getting very old.

    2. bigot
      Your comments could not be more bigoted. Do us all a favor, dig your bunker and hide.

  30. Does the Catholic Church foster pedophila?
    Of course it does. Like all patriarchal religions it is a preditor of women and children. And like all patriarchal religions, there is an obsession with virginal purity and anti sex attitudes. This is the source of pedophila, NOT homosexuality. However, sexually repressed gay men obsessed with purity could easliy become a pedo.

    It really is just common sense!

    If someone was posting an article about drunk driving and how it kills so many, no one would be running to the defence of drunk drivers. Why is it that so many run to the defence of power drunken religions? It has done way more damage! It is responsible for millions of deaths and destroyed millions of peoples mental well being.
    Whatever happened to that idea I hear so many mothers against drunk driving spouting? “Even if only one child is harmed, that is too many!!!”

    As long as there are male dominated religions, that women support and hand their children over to, there will always be victims of sexual and many other forms of abuse.

    The male powers that be, is not capable of knowing what is best for our children!! They do NOT have the biological make up for it!! STOP HANDING YOUR KIDS OVER TO MEN THAT THINK THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM!! THEY DO NOT!!

    1. religions are like cars
      priests are like drivers. does reason dictate that we destroy all cars? or just the ability to operate them ignorantly?

  31. Abuse of Deaf Children
    Fact is that disabled children in general, deaf children in particular, are especially vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse. Obviously, this has been a problem with the recent publicity with the Catholic Clergy, but it’s not limited to that area. I have worked with deaf people for 35 years and it’s my humble opinion that it is the rare deaf child that has not been abused.

    It’s right and proper that we hold persons in proprietary position accountable for any abuse that they have visited upon persons in their charge, or abuse of which they were aware and did not do something about it. But it’s not only the clergy: it’s also teachers, scout leaders, sports coaches, etc.

    The focus of attention currently is on the Catholic priests and the context of their abuse of deaf children (there are stories of alter boys and choir girls that have circulated as well,) and it’s easy to focus on their violation of religious and other principles. It’s proper that we should attend to that context and hold not only the persons but the institutions accountable for the acts and the cover-up. But I wonder if there is something more basic about the predatory nature of the human condition that also needs attention. This is not unique to the Catholic Church or clergy … it’s reported among most major religions.

    I am curious how this behavior would be analyzed on the context of Richard Dawkins “The Selfish Gene.”

    Our challenge is to construct and maintain civil social institutions that respect personal dignity, protection of the vulnerable, and equality of rights among people. Most of our social institutions, not only the religious institutions, are outgrowths of ancient momentums that contain superstitions, falsehoods and myths as part of the fabric of their current daily operation. How do we purge the ancient superstitions, apply empirical methods of understand, and transform our institutions into more civil, responsive, humane and just instruments of society. Not an easy job!

    It’s not difficult to sit in an arm chair and throw rocks at Christianity in its various forms. I’ve done some of that myself. But I’m reminded that, “To criticize is easy. The point is to change things.” So, if we don’t like what we see and we can criticize it, then how do we take steps to change, improve or replace it? This is not a theoretical consideration alone, but a practical one. The question is not only what to change (if fact, that’s the easy part,) but HOW? Want a challenge? There it is.

  32. Tatiana Covington

    It’s time
    It’s time to destroy the catholic church. In fact, it’s time to rid ourselves of all religion, islam and judaism included.

    1. That’s an ambitious goal, Tatiana … how would you do it? Not just theoretically, but practically. Where would you start? 🙂

    2. its time to destroy all religion? so what do we use, hydrogen bombs or white phosphorous? give me a break. a religion is nothing but a collection of people. to destroy it means to destroy people’s lives, ie kill them. this is why we need guidance, otherwise ignorance reigns.

      or maybe you don’t want to actually kill them . . . maybe just wipe all that infantile superstition out of their hearts and minds by strapping them down and forcing them to watch richard dawkins videos. even apes aren’t capable of such cruelty.

    3. not sure how many people tat covington thinks we should destroy, but if we take her advice to destroy all religions – it might easily be thousands of millions. is this accurate acharya?

      i mean, they are fools after all – so maybe its ok we destroy them. those monkey grandparents of ours are pretty stupid too – they can’t even drive cars – and one of them ripped that poor woman’s face off! maybe we should destroy all of the apes too. and since we’re all descended from apes, we should destroy all old people too – they are more closely related to the monkeys, right? and its stupid monkey dumbness that causes so many dummies to believe in myths. you know, myths that every one is sacred and shouldn’t be molested infernally penetrated stolen from usurized killed enslaved eaten etc etc. lets just destroy it all, then we’ll be free!

      1. Jesse, the body count of religious people on this planet has to be at least four billion.

        As you may know,[url] I am not at all interested in destroying all religion[/url]. I simply critique what is bad about religion and focus on what is good.

        That being said, however, the Abrahamic cultus is surely the worst ideology overall ever to hit this planet, responsible for the deaths of at least half a billion human beings over the past 2,500 years or so. If we destroy that cultus, we will actually [i]save [/i]people’s lives – hundreds of millions of them, in fact.

        1. Agreed. The god known as Jehovah is most destructive, and is actually not a force for good at all. In analysis, he more closely fits the description given to “the slanderer” Satan. The blood sacrifices of the Abrahamic cults clearly benefit this malevolent entity (even if it only exists in their imagination). Surely self professed christians, muslims, and jews still possess a bloodlust that is clearly unholy. But on the other hand, many in those faiths have moved beyond such brutal practice and thought. This is a fantastic sign.

          True religion has four components: meditation, devotion, the guru, and chastity. Everything else is irrelevant.

          I’d say even an atheist would be hard pressed to find fault with these practices.

  33. The Last Pope
    I read that someone prophesied years ago the present pope would be the last pope. I always thought it would be due to the world coming to an end. I guess I had it wrong. Oh well, we’ll all have a little more money to spend on better things than giving up our tithe sitting in church getting lectured on our weak morals and how we are going to hell in a hand-basket. I’m sure we’ll get to heaven quite nicely supporting our families as best we can and listening carefully to the little voices of our empathetic consciences as we deal fairly with each other going through life.

  34. re:
    [quote name=”Gene”]The ratio of molestation is 50/50 between straight and gay clergy abusing young girls and boys so it is not a (homosexual only) issue. The best way to force the Catholic Church to deal with the horrible problem is hit them where it hurts, they need to be charged under RICO statutes here in the U.S. and have their tax exempt status revoked for a minimum of 10 years and the same goes for the Catholic Churches aiding and abetting millions of criminal illegal aliens entering this country![/quote]

    Exellent idea! I can’t think of another entity that would get away with this. The cover-ups & shuffling of pedophile priests to new districts do sound RICO-ish. The WW2 “rat line” deal with the Nazis should’ve got them hammered too.

    All the rest of the stuff aside, it’s just common sense that pedophiles are going to flock to these offices in droves.

    Swearing off women when you’re not attracted to them? No prob. Access to & authority over young boys…check. All bills paid? Check. Even some social respectability to top it off. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    [quote]The male powers that be, is not capable of knowing what is best for our children!! They do NOT have the biological make up for it!! STOP HANDING YOUR KIDS OVER TO MEN THAT THINK THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM!! THEY DO NOT!! [/quote]

    Amy, I have step-children & I resent that sexist statement. One horrible morning five years ago my own son never woke up & if you think that my biology has spared me a fraction of the hellish torment a woman would’ve felt you’re beyond delusional.

    1. Amy is clearly a feminist who feels she can take quite a bit of “creative latitude” with the truth. I’ve never seen credible statistics ANYWHERE that females are victimized by priests as often as males. Feminists can’t stand that they are not the ONLY victims so they make up statistics on the fly.

      Also she said, “The male powers that be, is not capable of knowing what is best for our children!!”

      Um, your English is atrocious, I am not capable of knowing what you mean when you write like that.

      And finally I know plenty of single fathers and I can tell you that they are better parents than any of the single mothers I’ve known, granted that’s a fairly small sample since I’ve known less than a dozen of either, but my experience is that the men can be every bit as sensitive and loving as the women, but they do not cave in when the kids act up and try to wear them down with complaining or misbehavior, as the women do. Amy is living in a fantasy world.

  35. The Catholic Church is nothing other than a secretive sodomite religion, waiting for the world the accept them openly. The homosexual and pedophile practices are (secretively) part of their religious worship to their gods. They are trying to convert as many children as possible to this worship by training (molesting) them into this homosexual/pedophilia religion. Homosexuality is not natural. It is taught or trained by these priests of god(s). Learn more of this in depth study from Yisrayl Hawkins, the Greatest Teacher of Peace in the world, at and
    You will be amazed at what you will learn about the catholic church!

    1. Your concept is totally wrong. You appear to consider homosexuality and pedophilia one and the same. They are not!

      Homosexuality is between two ADULTS! Adults have a choice!



      I say this as a practicing Catholic Christian because I love my Church and what the teachings of Christ truly stand for.

  36. Great points Acharya!
    I often argue that Jesus is responsible for fostering boy-a-philia because when we read of the naked boy touching Jesus, or the disciples, Jesus should have explained the significance of this situation if it was symbolic. If his minds eye could see into the future he would have seen how some used the imagery of Jesus close to a naked boy as sanctioning rape, or how the Secret Gospel of Mark was also used by Catholic priests.

    He also urges higher initiates to make themselves eunuchs, and to let us know that he meant it literally, although the sick comedy is missing in modern translations, the earliest Greek has Jesus ending his recommendation for castration with the words “Who is able to, MAKE ROOM, or SPACE”-OUCH, 😡

    Also noted is that the phrasing is gender neutral and in light of the Gnostic texts and their Buddhist originals it becomes clear that Buddha, later known as Jesus, was asexual. But we find in the Buddhist texts mentioning of sex change just as we do in the Gnostic texts. Mary can make herself into a man just as Sagara the girl in the Lotus sutra who becomes a male Buddha.

    ALso, to confirm that Jesus’ command was taken literally we read of many early Christians cutting off their penis, which given the circumstances doesn’t seem like a bad command for the Catholic priests. Whatever the case way they must ‘cut it out’! Besides many Americans jumped on Sadam Husain for having a protected class, again where is our mighty constitution which demands equality of law for all men and later women?

    Dan Hopkins

  37. The Catholic Church is an abomination
    I don’t believe Christ ever wanted sheep followers, in spite of bible quotes used to state the contrary. The church truly has sheep followers, if any other organized group abused boys this way they’d be imprisoned, if they lived that long. But it’s the “holy” priests who “speak for god” who are doing it so it’s okay to let them off the hook with an apology. Christians REALLY ARE SHEEP. What a bunch of creepy weirdos, their priests are child molestors, child rapists, child brainwashers who screw with their victims heads convincing them to never tell, and what do the parents do? “Um, oh well, the statue of limitation has expired… etc. etc. nothing.” Why is there even a statute of limitations on sexual abuse or rape? Did the catholics get that law passed? DO NOT TRUST YOUR CHILDREN WITH ANY PERSON WHO SAYS THEY ARE CELIBATE.

  38. Jeff,

    I was referring to the church, which is a patriarchal institution that tells women that they must raise their children under the authority of the church. Women make up the majority of church going believers and it is because the male powers that be/the church has told women, from the time they were barely reading, that 1) they are an after thought 2) they are gullible and easlily tempted and 3)they are the cause of man’s fall, the cause of all his problems.

    The chuch is constantly telling women that they are weak minded and need a man to tell them how to raise their children. The church and all the other branches of patriarchal religions are constantly blaming women, especially single mothers for the all the worlds depravity. And you are telling me that I am sexest because I point out a biological fact? That fact that women have the bilogical make-up and instincts to raise their children without “the male powers that be”, is not sexest.

    I applaud you for helping your wife raise another mans child. My own husband has done the same and he has NEVER treated my son any different than his own. And I am one of the first women to say that men are NOT born to be a**holes they are made to be and that men are more than capable of being loving and nurturing hands on fathers. In a more natural world men and women live in equality, but you are never going to get past the biological fact that it is women that carry their children in their own bodies for 10 months, give birth to, nurish, and nurture them for the first and most important years of a childs life. If stating facts is being sexest???? Sobeit.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know there are women out there that are horrible mothers and should have never been allowed to breed, but that is common in a patriarchal society. Patriarchal women who have been told all their lives, that they are weaker and inferior to men, will no doubt suffer from patriarchal psychosis and be completely severed from her own instincts. You see, that is how patriarchy works. It breaks women down so that the “male powers that be” can take complete control of their children, so they can pass their psychosis on.

    If people really wanted to stop all the insanity, there is away, but I might get called sexest for that too. lol
    [url] [/url]

  39. Where is your proof for your assumptions?
    I feel it is NAIVE TO ASSUME massive epidemics of child molestation happened in the monasteries of the Middle Ages or before SIMPLY because you ASSUME it was covered up and cannot be found. Would it be fair to assume you killed 50 people buried them in a shed simply because you couldn’t find any evidence for that???
    Don’t you have to find the bodies and their burial place before you begin making assumptions and then PROVING THEM?

    With all of the vast researching being done on the internet by scholars all over the world on the Bible, all things related to the Bible, all things previously covered up by governments, ruling bodies, religious groups, countries, kings, movements, Nazis, illluminati, secret societies, ect. why haven’t historical records been found showing your [b][i]assumptions [/i][/b] about the monks in the monasteries to be true?? Why hasn’t it come out that this disgusting child molesting has been rampant for centuries as YOU imply? Print your evidence.
    Why do you make disgusting assumptions and then pass off as proof that it happened during the Holy Roman Empire? What does the Roman Empire have to do with it? Speak up and show what proof you have.
    Sheeple don’t have any proof. What people like you have is your own prejudice that you want others to believe, for whatever motives of your own.
    How big or how small was the abuse of children you claim went on in the monasteries of old according to your (nonexistent so far) proof? And supposedly this happened because the monks were celibate. 😀 Did you do a survey of celibate people and see how many were child molesters?
    How many a married spouse is going through the Criminal Courts right now because he/she is a child molester?
    Do you become a child molester if you are celibate during the time of the monasteries, or if you are celibate in our culture, awash in sexual advertisements for selling every conceivable product on the planet? Or is there a third factor operating here? Or all three factors are necessary to become a child molester?
    I am beginning to think this current mania to attack with the label of child molester in order to bring that person(s)/organization down
    is an attempt to bring down spiritual beliefs and churches of all kinds eventually. It appears to be an attempt to strike at what is seen as their weak point, celibacy. Of course, this would be seen as a weakness in this sex-soaked society, something brainwashed sheeple could rally around instantly.
    Why aren’t the newspapers running stories of how multi-billion dollar lawsuits are being won all across the country against massive corporations that poison our food and water (with pesticides, ect.) and adulterate our beef? This damages all 300 million people in this country. You can only live for so long without food, you don’t need sex to live.
    But what fun $$$ it is to bring down people, one way or another, who decide to give up sex (for whatever reasons), isn’t it Mr. Sheeple?

  40. Catholic Church Attracts Pedophiles to the Clergy
    The Pope issued an edict in 2001 that established a secret internal reporting system, and that prohibited the clergy from reporting these crimes to local authorities for investigation.

    This deliberately circumvented the laws that every state in the union has on its books, requiring those in positions of authority to report these crimes when they are even suspected, let alone discovered.

    The Church has created a haven for these criminals and the edict put the official imprimatur of the Pope on that relationship. They are guaranteed room, board, employment, the deference of the populace, the implicit trust of the faithful, regular contact with children and now the support of a powerful global political organization when they are discovered.

    I believe that the Catholic Church is so thoroughly infested with this criminal element, it is incapable of resolving the issue on its own volition.

    Taxpayers in the US subsidize the Catholic Church in many ways but most notably through their tax exempt status. I would ask that you consider taking action to challenge that status, writing to your representatives in the Congress and asking that they seek to suspend it until they can demonstrate they are no longer acting in a fashion that aids and abets criminal activity to the detriment of our most vulnerable citizens.

    1. It makes me sick to think of all these sweet, innocent souls coming into this world as trusting little babes, only to be thrown to the wolves, all in the name of God.

      What kind of horrible impression they must hold of the world in general and God in specific.

      And we wonder why there are so many messed up people on this planet?

      Leave the children alone to be innocent! Love them – [i]platonically [/i]- and give them affection – [i]platonically [/i]- and nurturing. Treat them with respect and dignity. Don’t tell them they are born-in-sin pieces of garbage or that their bodies are sinful.

      We might just see a far less pathological world if those steps were implemented by as many as possible.

      1. Acharya, if only everyone were a little more like you. What a different story we would have to tell. A little more reason, a little more thought, a bit more compassion, a modicum of understanding. You would think we were asking for the world.

        But just scroll up to the discussion above and you will see many reasons why things are the way they are. We come into the world, we are force fed a system of belief and then we spend the rest of our lives defending these beliefs no matter how silly, how irrational, how indefensible. I’m a Christian, you’re a Jew…I hate you! You’re a Muslim, I’m a Hindu…I want to kill you. No thought at all given to the fact that that other person may be, in most respects, just like me.

        There is a small stratum of elites upon the earth who have derived enormous wealth and power by forcing upon a gullible populace the idea that it is God’s will that they remain poor while the elite own everything. And we accept it because we are raised from birth to accept it. What a pity, and yet we are our own jailers.

        I salute you for trying to free minds at great cost to your own.

  41. Amy, I was referring to this:

    [quote]The male powers that be, is not capable of knowing what is best for our children!! They do NOT have the biological make up for it!! STOP HANDING YOUR KIDS OVER TO MEN THAT THINK THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM!! THEY DO NOT!! [/quote]

    Saying that men don’t have the biological makeup to properly care for children offends me. You should’ve made your reference to the Church more explicit instead of hitting half of the human population with that broad brush.

    My biology is directly responsible for the sort of father I am & I don’t appreciate being typecast as some biologically programmed danger to children on account of my sex.

    Aside from all that garbage, I agree with you on the Church. It’s almost like it’s set up to attract pedophiles. This is a horrible, disgusting tragedy. Granted. But there is a silver lining here. I can’t think of anything better than the largest pedophile scandal in history to illustrate that these cretins are NOT God’s representatives.

    This sick, bloody institution lost it’s right to be respected even before it was completely formed. It was born bloody & has done everything it could to retard human progress for over 1500 years while parasitically living off of their bodies, money, & fear. We simply don’t have coals hot enough to rake them over.

  42. Pope should revoke threat of excommunication
    It is my position that the Catholic Church is not sincere about eliminating pedophiles and ephebophiles until the Pope states that all previous threats of excommunication for going public are revoked. Until then, people like myself will have to carry the burden of silence for fear unending darkness for themselves and their love ones. Until then, I will have to wait one year and day after my mother passes away to go public. I know longer believe in the theology of the Catholic Church or heaven (I do believe in hell for I have been there). However, my parents do/did, and I do believe in keeping one’s word.

  43. It’s odd how the Catholic Church expects its priests to be celibate and unmarried, yet the man they believe to be their very first Pope, St. Peter, was married. Proof? Matthew 8:14—“And when Jesus entered Peter’s house, he saw his [b]mother-in-law[/b]lying sick with a fever.” (ESV) Hmmmm…..

  44. Jeff,

    Let me start out with apologizing for my bad spelling. It was early and I still hadn’t had breakfast, just coffee.

    First off, if you want to think I am sexist, I’m OK with that. I still stand firm in my understanding of biology, psychology, nuerology.
    And again I will agree with you that men are more than capable of being nurturing, loving, hands on fathers. However, I will add that you and my husband are the exception to the rule in a society that is based on male dominance ideology. It would be very easy for me to ignore the great imbalance in the power structure, because I have a wonderful husband that worships the ground I walk on. But, lets be honest, you and I both know the majority of men do not treat women well and their children even worse and it extends past the church and into all aspects of life. I have countless friends, family and to include myself, that have had men(husband, father, brother, uncles, boyfriends) in our lives dump all over us and most of them leaving us women to raise children all on our own. And the ones that do stick around like so many of my friends husbands who leave them to do all the work while they ignore the children and many are VERY harsh in their punishments and have little to no patience.

    Do I think this is normal behavior for men? No, I do not! This kind of behavior only occures in patriarchal societies that are based on male dominance(which all patriarchal societies are based on). Societies that devalue motherhood and the mother/infant bonds. Which is what I’m affraid you are doing, although not meaning to. You see, the origins of morality stems from the mother/infant bonds. Study after study shows the less attentive the mother the more likely that child will develope personality disorders and anti-social behaviors. And I’m sorry but, men can NOT carry a baby in their bodies, nor can they produce milk. Breast feeding isn’t only about feeding! There is a LOT more going on in the process. There are hormones being produced that reinforce the mother/infant bonds. Every wonder why the church for many years deemed breastfeeding sinful and why so many still throw a fit when a woman tries to nurse in public? Because it is a male dominated institution that has to breakdown the mother/infant bond to validate itself.

    Dr. James DeMeo talks about this in his book

    And Dr. Patriacia Smith Churchland explains the origins of morality on her website
    or you can look her up on youtube.

    Again, I will say that men are more that capable of being nurturing, loving, hands on fathers and that it is more natural for them. BUT, where did they come from?

    There was a study about orphaned male elephants whoes mothers were killed by poultures and well meaning people turned them loose in the national park. Well, without the important lessons from their mothers, they went on a rhino and hippo killing spree.
    To solve the problem they sent in adult male elephants that were raised to adulthood by their mothers to teach the young bulls elephant edicate. And it worked.

    So, if men are taught to be loving and nurturing by their mothers, they will be loving and nurturing themselves and the cycle will continue.

  45. Pedophila is practiced by priests to engender fear in those they dominate. The “Church” gave up Christ when it was co-opted by the Roman Empire.

  46. common sense please
    At what point do you all equate homosexuality with pedophilia? It is well known to any one with common sense enough to read it that the vast majority (97% to be precise) of pedophiles are heterosexual. You are creating a mob mentality that will destroy yourselves and innocent others just like the object(s) of your misguided criticism.

    1. To whom are you talking? It’s “misguided” to criticize grown men pretending to represent God raping small children? So, [i]we [/i]are “mob” for complaining about such vile behavior.

      I am not interested in such amoral nonsense.

    2. 👿 Phil Donahue interviewed six priests that weere dying of AIDS and said 40% of the priesthood was homosexual. Homosexuals are just like any other molestor, they lie to cover up their depraviy. Not all of them do it but protect some of the ones that commit those acts. I had a former homosexual tell me that they do indeed rape children.

    3. Homosexuality is not the issue here! It affects adults! Adults can defend themselves.

      BUT MY PROBLEM WITH THE CHURCH IS THE PROBLEM IS PEDOPHILIA – ADULTS WITH CHILDREN! PEDOPHILIA AFFECTS CHILDREN! For the church to hide PEDOPHILIA angers me. Children are not always able to defend themselves…

  47. I am not about to defend any religions as I strongly oppose then, but let face it. Any men or woman lock up with some sex will go “highwire” sooner or latter. It is against human nature to not have sex. Some find “relief” in some sex and some in opposite sex ( as supposed to be).
    I grow up in catholic family and did observe behavior of priests and nuns. Since in USA there are not many nuns as in mostly catholic country, the child’s`abuse is not reported. Buddhists monks were known to sexually abuse young men and female, but was barely reported. You do not hear of many pastors`s child abuse as they do not live in celibacy, but – to my observation -christians are worst that catholics toward non-christians. Life in celibacy it is a religious problem.

  48. Abrahamic Religions
    Pedophilia is a problem in the culture of all Abrahamic religions. Budhist priests do not have this problem. It is NOT celbacy. Protestant churches have this problem, institutions have this problem, schools have this problem. It is not celebacy and it is not homosexuality. It is something else.

    1. While I agree that the Abrahamic cultis is particularly perverse, it is absolutely untrue that Buddhism is devoid of such corruption. Indeed, according to Dr. James DeMeo, some Buddhist monasteries have rooms where their acolytes must sit on pegs, one larger than another, so that they can become accustomed to being buggered.

      You seem to be possessed of a very simplistic and naive interpretation of celibacy. The fact will remain that for humanity at large, celibacy is not natural and that such unnatural practices have caused perversion, no matter what the ideology.

  49. Hiya Acharya,
    The history of the Shakers is quite sketchy in my book, but history has painted them as a celebate utopian. Shaker history is a part of the early American women’s history curriculum, because the movement was started by a woman, Mother Ann Lee. Blah….blah..blah, if anyone is interested in them look them up. Their history is a VERY short read.

    Anyway, I have the hardest time believing that all those years of celebate living, and puritanical ideologies, and adopting orphans, that children were not molested. Note to self…DON”T EVER SAY THAT to the professor teaching!! lol

    I also had the hardest time believing that there were no pregnancy cover ups, and that got me into hot water my fist go around in women’s history. Even before reading DeMeo’s book. It just doesn’t add up. The history of celebacy never works out well for women and children.

    What do you think?

    1. I think you could be right. The idea of an entire community being successfully celibate seems a bit far-fetched. Unless, of course, they are old, like me. :s

  50. Thnx!
    I feel a little more sane in an insane world. 😀

    No, they weren’t all old and adopted a lot of orphans with good intentions, but in a society that views sex as the original sin, and as something that is for animals, not rightous humans, is hard to believe that it was a perfect utopia.

    We once believed the Amish were a utopian society, but all the dogs rescued out of their barbaric puppy mills told us otherwise.

    And I would hardly call you old, if we aren’t around the same age, I’m not that far behind you. My son will be graduating college next year and I’m still working on it. I’m just hoping to get my degree before my grandchildren get theirs and they aren’t even a thought yet. 😆


  51. Let God Judge
    Revelation 17
    1. And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
    2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
    3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
    4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
    6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
    7. And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
    8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
    9 And here [is] the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
    10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
    11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
    12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
    13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
    14. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him [are] called, and chosen, and faithful.
    15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
    16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
    17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
    18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

  52. The Vatican and all its holding should be sold off
    The catholic church is the most hypocrytical religious pediophile organization that exists today. The VATICAN is the heart of pedophiles and openly endorses this kind of behaviour amongst its laymen, bishops, cardinals and I wouldn’t be surprise if some orgies are held in the inner sanctum amongst the upper most clergy including the dunce wearing cap man himself. The Catholic church is just a cover for money craving, power hungry sexual deviate pedophiles……

  53. God is Love – they don’t know love so they corrupt
    The Catholic pedophiles will answer to the One True God for their sins. The corrupt bastards do not understand the meaning of love and therefore need to fulfill their debauched lives with evil and corruption. They use their so-called church and the multitude of gods (& saints) they pray to, to corrupt our children.

    I was in Rome recently and witnessed the suffering of beggars lining the paths to the Sistine Chapel. They had afflictions that would in many countries warrant immediate hospitalization. The TV adverts for the Catholic church praised their work for the poor and needy and sought donations – yet they did not give to those poor souls & I expect any donations went to buying yet more material treasures of man.

    The plethora of lavish monuments to Popes was appalling. The house of death, the Colosseum, is dedicated to a Pope – a fitting epitaph. The richest organisation in the world, the Catholic Church (& the most corrupt) not only cannot find mercy and kindness for the poor and sick, they decorate themselves with gold, jewels and lavish buildings, as well as owning Hotel chains, Banks and Global businesses.

    Their “Church” was founded 300 or so years after the death of Christ, by the same Romans who murdered Him. Their poor parishiners accept that men (Priests), the same that are pedophiles, can forgive them in confession. This can only encourage sinners to sin, then go to church and seek redemption – which they will never receive from priests or the pope, who are mere men.

    It’s a pity these poor corrupt souls do not understand that we will all be judged by our lives and deeds – mere men cannot forgive in the name of God.

    As the greatest of prophets once said “May God Forgive Them As They Know Not What They Do”.

  54. I’m starting to wonder…
    I am starting to wonder if the Catholic church is simply an institutionalized haven for pedophilia. What parent in their right mind would send their child to any Catholic program without demanding criminal record checks, etc. with the plethora of proven allegations and proven deception by those in highest authority when it comes to pedophilia. I work in children’s programs at an evangelical church and we adhere to extremely strict rules when it comes to adults working with children. We require training, criminal record checks, interviews, references, and have – strict policies because we value children!!! I don’t understand in this day and age why parents would accept anything less when it comes to their precious children!

  55. The jesus described in the bible never even existed, the entire story is all hearsay. There is no contemporary historical record of this jesus. Life began as microscopic organisms in the primordial seas. Only the most simple-minded of individuals can honestly believe that a magical superbeing said “abracadabra” and “poof’ all life appeared. Before we can even consider a god exists, christian or otherwise, do we not have to first establish that this “supernatural realm” exists at all?

  56. You can’t blame Jesus (not his real name) for the atrocities of the church. He himself labelled them for what they really are (vipers and thieves of their father the devil) If you knew anything about the life of the messiah, then you would know that he was forever condemning and quarrelling with the religious leaders of his day and nothing about them has changed (everything is as it has always been). Revelation 17 describes the great harlot, the whore Babylon and just because she’s changed her robes from crimson and scarlet to white she is still the same whore that she has always been.

    Christ never associated with the religious or the political and in his proceedings, he never uttered a word and yet while the magistrate could find no charge against him, the religious still had him crucified.

    Don’t worry, they will pay their dues (many will come from the East and the West and sit at the feast in the kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and then the children of the kingdom (christians) will be cast into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth).

    Don’t worry about the hypocrites and the pedophiles worry about your own soul. (my people die for a lack of knowledge)

  57. Agree totally!

    Abstinence I believe was to protect our Clergy from VD. in the early days.

    I believe the cumlitive effect of abstinence, displaced God’s design of Man and Woman, thus creating an envioment of exceptance of behavior that has it’s roots in self pesivation.

    I’m sure there are/were plenty of babies/children born by Nuns, which were covered up or killed, thus redirecting human /sexuall relationship towards being that would not give birth, homosexuality.

    No wonder the Clergy in the Catholic religion is dwendling. As a matter of fact any relgious sec who exersiced this policy suffer the same fate.

    Is it time to modernize our church? Yea I think it’s time to move towards a more realistic Chruch.

  58. Catholics & vatican fostered Jewish Holocaust & he
    Catholic …..i can’t call it a church because it is not…..well church of Satan only. They are monsters & the vatican uses it’s ill gotten money by lying to parishoners for tithes, to lobby USA congress not to pass law eliminating statute of limitations so that those most evil monsters could be prosecuted in USA for child rapes in untold numbers. John Geghan a robed monster in USA was exposed before limitations expired & was imprisoned where he met his just fate of having been murdered in prison. So what he was just human trash of the very most vile depraved monstrous sort hiding behind the name of Jesus Christ. All the popes past that are already at the right side of satan in hell await their living monster colleagues because it is virtually guaranteed that their place in hell is already numbered. Legitimate govts. should strike down the false so called church & anihilate their elders by execution & or life without parole for everything from tax exempt status fraud to child rape. Hopefully in the upcoming war this world menace can be anihilated.

  59. You should really research all the good the Catholic church does for the entire world.

  60. Of course, enforced priestly celibacy is to blame. Celibacy is not for everyone. The apostle Paul said it was better to marry than burn with lust.

    I find the whole Roman Catholic religion to be despicable.

  61. Moron
    GOOD, what good, are you living on another planet!!!! The church, Christians and Catholics have been shown and proven to be a bunch of Peadoes, no more hiding from your crimes you disgusting bottom dwelling sh*t eaters.

  62. (my people die for a lack of knowledge)
    Then educate yourself you bunch of morons, BOO f**kin HOO

  63. YEEHHA
    Right on. There it is plain & simple. Bring it on.

  64. EVIL
    RELIGION, or so called religions are the ROOT of all EVILS and need to be destroyed for life to begin. We are all equal and should live & share as equals, with of ALL evil and the ‘excuse’ for all the wars. Lets grow up and become one, a true multicultural society without bigotry. Or I am just DREAMING of the way it SHOULD be or could have been without religion??

  65. Right on
    Read it and weep PEDOS. Your religion is just an excuse to molest children. If I could just get my hands on you AAARRRGGGHH.

  66. Religion
    religion has always been the root of all evil, and the Catholic Church should be banned.. if i started a Religion now that let paedophilia happen within it we would all be in court, but noooo not the Vatican like Royalty they are above the law, And yes i mention Royalty what happened when pictures were found of princess margaret molesting a child Nothing thats what they are all Tarred with the same brush….

  67. The catholic church along with its many sects are called Babylon the Great (false religion) if you look into your Bible you will see that God is not the ruler of this world Satan the Devil is. He uses false religion to bring ppl against God, God will soon bring an end this this system and peace will reign forever. Read your Bibles the info is there & if you need help or are just curious go to it helped me understand. Hey you can take it or leave it but at least you’ll have a better understanding on what’s truely going on.

  68. I believe the cult of pedophilia within the Catholic Church extends from Roman times when boys were regularly sodomised. the only way this will ever be routed out of the church is if we have 1. Married priests 2. Female priests. What are those celibate males hiding ?

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