Does Mitt Romney believe this?

“Mormonism teaches that trillions of planets scattered throughout the cosmos are ruled by countless gods who once were humans like us. They say that long ago on one of these planets, to an unidentified god and one of his goddess wives a spirit child named Elohim was conceived. This spirit child was later born to human parents, who gave him a physical body.

“Through obedience to Mormon teaching in [sic] death and resurrection, he proved himself worthy and was elevated to godhood, as his father before him. Mormons believe that Elohim is their heavenly father, and he lives with his many goddess wives on a planet near a mysterious star  called Kolob. Here the god of Mormonism and his wives, through endless celestial sex, produced billions of spirit children…”

Making the rounds – don’t look! Just blindly accept what your authorities tell you…

Dear Ann Romney:

Being a true Mormon but now former, you and I both know who will dictate policy to your husband. He is the Patriarch of your family and dictates to your family. The LDS President is his Patriarch. It is the way it works and won’t be any different at the White House or nation.

I recall in the Elders meetings and the talk about the LDS taking over the US Government in the latter days to wait for the return of our CREATOR. This is taught doctrine!

Why not for once tell the masses what the LDS promotes regarding the other evil churches and policies of the President of the LDS. Why not while you are at it, tell the masses that GOD visits the LDS President on a regular bases.

Now I know why I was brought back from death twice in 1997.  Sending this I know that some of my long time friends will no longer be my friends, their choice. FREE AGENCY is also taught but not practiced by the First President in Salt Lake, City. Look up my bio in the LDS records.

Ronald Wayne Wheeler
Redmond, Oregon

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  1. Yes …
    And that’s why they have that glazed doughnut look in their eyes …

  2. Mormonism sure is racist (as it claims blacks are descendants of less good spirit alien whatevers than the whites). Of course the fact that, had he existed, Jesus would have been a brown-skinned Semite is completely overlooked.

    Also, Elohim must have been quite a busy one, having enough sex to produce those billions of kids.

  3. Messed up doctrine
    When I was a Mormon for almost 3 decades, I firmly believed that one day in eternity I would become a god and my wife or wives (since the belief allows for a strong possibility of polygyny in the next life),

    would be a goddess or goddesses with me producing those billions of spirit children, so yes if Romney is a true believing Mormon, he believes the same. That’s what one of the current Mormon scriptures (Doctrine & Covenants 132) teaches. I found that many Mormon women are uncomfortable when discussing this highly bigoted doctrine, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  4. Messed up doctrine part 2
    There are 5 corrections to my previous post that I wanted to point out: 1) There is no doctrine indicating whether god the father came from polygamist celestial parents, though he did come from divine parents. 2) The portrayal of a whole lot of wives in the next world is over emphasized because it isn’t taught like that, though like I said before, polygyny is a true afterlife principle that would be encouraged only in eternity but not mandatory. 3) There is no doctrine on Jesus having taken a wife or partner, but neither is it denied. 4) Smith is viewed as having done more for mankind than any other man except for Jesus. 5) Though the general membership viewed central African descendants as having been neutral in the war in heaven and therefore denied the priesthood (only men can have it) & higher temple privileges, it was not a doctrine per se. Things did change after the June 1978 revelation when prophet Kimball lifted the barring from the priesthood & temple ordinances, but the racist attitudes are still being worked on with slow but steady improvement.

    Still the rest is pretty accurate.

    1. What …
      difference does it make whether it’s accurate or not? Religion is all bullsh*t. Some are especially loony tunes like Mormonism, Scientology, Islam, Krishna Consciousness, Moonie-ism, Olympic Judging, etc. Maybe I’m just accustomed to the others.

      1. Expose a religious trap with its details
        I disagree. You don’t expose religion by hiding its facts especially a trap like Mormonism. You might not care for the details, but other people do; the same as this website does when it exposes Christianity.

        1. Mighty, it’s like …
          arguing over the “facts” of fairy tales. It’s part of the con game of religion to get you caught up in “pickin’ the fly sh*t out of the pepper”. Once they get you caught in the game, they can argue with you about the “finer points” of the “facts” until the sun explodes. Simply getting you caught up in the game is a big or the biggest part of their scam. Either way, we waste our lives wondering how many angels can REALLY dance on the head of a pin or did I REALLY have sex with that girl when I did nothing more than lust after her, when it’s all bullsh*t to begin with. So, in my opinion, why bother? But, hey, whatever.

          1. Think people think.
            Yes, I agree; to me all religions are man made or if you prefer fairytales. But most freethinkers would concur with me that it was because somebody cared enough to expose an ample accurate picture of religion, or Christianity in general, or a particular flavor of it like Mormonism that got us out of its B.S. Most people must use their brain, examine evidence, and think in order to get out of their fantasy. Just telling them or the audience that it is bullsh*t won’t work. In fact, they will probably entrench themselves more in their delusion. Otherwise, why are you visiting this website that champions to expose Christianity, and its enormous deceptions in minute detail? I don’t get it.

  5. Scientology the beta version
    Mormonism is crazy even for a religion – sometimes I think L. Ron Hubbard went back in time and taught Joe Smith how to create a religion that would make Scientology look comparitively sane.

  6. This tripe is
    Way too tame of an expression of the roots and current belief of different sects. Learn some history from a dumb redneck; the Morman church once tried to take over the united states, had the us army dispatched against them in Missouri and other places, believed in blood sacrifices to attone for sins despite their said belief in Jesus , they believe in a secret rite of temple worship that goes against the bible they say they believe in, the Morman bible goes from contemporary too old king James dialect like a jumping bean, and finally you shall now know the god they serve is not Elohim but lucifer . Read a book called” the God makers” .This video is for the masses not included in the secret of the temple, many books and investigative journalist have written papers and books about the secrets held in Mormonism . Native Americans, god’s children of israel ?, and the Morman video states that Jesus try to establish kingdom like in Palestine and immediately shows bloody battles, this is NOT what Jesus did EVER! This pattern shows lucifer’s bid too force the people to follow or die.and you thought the mormons were just such nice folks, well, they are! At least most of them , but I wonder why they don’t read about their own history and their own liturgy and see for themselves what they’ve been duped into.Oh snapple! I just seen it ! Why believe anything else ?,,, I was born white and destined to be god and have soooo much sex with blonde hotties all day , and I get too have racist views towards my fellow occupants of this lonely island called earth, and yet still believe in a day of reckoning where Joseph smith will judge my soul, thank god it’s an American ! Who believes in killing and murder too abtain power, I’m totally off the hook !?Lol!! I love to hate Mormonism , not Mormons just that whole stink about all of it! Please don’t take my comments too offense please . I rant . But if you can’t forgive me , know this, a day of reckoning is coming for us All! What is to be reckoned with on that day is still up for grabs, either truth or lies . We all face death one day. Why go out of your way to be miserable, stand up to stupidity and hate and mabye the day of reckoning will have been decided for you. No matter what you believe ! – peace

    1. History
      Amusing. The Mormons don’t know a thing about their own history for the same reason Christians know next to nothing about their own history – or for that matter what’s written in their Bible. They’re too lazy and uneducated to care. Those who adhere to mythology have room temperature IQs. They depend on others to do their thinking. That’s why Christian politicians can get away with such egregious anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-rights laws in this country. Their constituents have the same sort of mentality.

      1. Totaly,
        It’s difficult to see beyond ones culture and upbringing , especialy in a fishbowl . But the universe is one big ocean and most become instituionalized by doctrine that teaches breaking doctrine of fools? Teaching big ocean philosophy in a fishbowl . Peat and repeat. Till the entire fishbowl belongs ! Or else,And ,, then,,,Lol . World I mean fishbowl domination! Nothing comes in ,nothing leaves , one hot stinky mess of entropy. Philosophy and spirituality turned deadly, sad- peace

        1. Dude, lay off the bud [or Bud].

          1. Please,
            Forgive me , did say something to offend? Please do not read too much into what I post here I am still learning,- peace

  7. Been listening to a lot of Robert M. Price’s Bible Geek episodes lately. He touches on certain things (people becoming gods, baptism for the dead) and points out that there is that stuff in the Bible if you look at the right places… different sects emphasise different parts of the Bible. So really, where their doctrines are based on biblical Scripture they’re no loonier than anyone else.

    The sh*t Smith made up is totally wack.

  8. Strange religion (like all the others)
    The cartoon is funny and somewhat Jack Chickish. Even so, I agree with some of the others here – Mormonism is no more bizarre than other mainstream religions. Society tends to give a free pass to any religious faith that is deemed ancient and time tested.

    Knowing many modern day Mormons personally, I see them as nice folks and good citizens. The Mormon Church has made lots of changes to its original doctrines to fit into the mainstream of U.S., not unlike other religions that have a history of change to catch up with societal norms.

  9. Salt Lake City
    I went to Salt Lake City when I was 14 on a family vacation. I remember that we were given or purchased a Book of Mormon. I tried to read it, but, as some of you know, it was nothing more than a garbled version of the KJB with an extra measure or two of utter bullsh*t thrown in. I felt quite capable, at 14, of writing a better story than Joseph Smith had concocted. I just laughed, thought “good grief”, shut it and never looked at it again. Peace.

    1. I would like to see that actually. The Book of Mormon wouldn’t be so widely accepted if it didn’t resonate in some way with people. I doubt very much that you can craft a book that even 1 million people insist is full of divine truth. Set aside whether or not you believe these things, several million people do. Even if they are mislead, they are devoted because it satisfies a need or a desire. I don’t credit Joseph Smith with that success, because that’s not something that a mortal is capable of in my understanding.

  10. The final destination
    All religions, more or less, scare the heck out of you for the purpose of preparing you for the final destination–death and then what is on the other side. As long as you have an open mind, sooner or later you will know what is right and what is wrong. The truth is that most of us don’t realize that what is taking place on Earth is just a cycle that never stops when we die, and continues to be repeated almost forever! We come back to this planet over and over because we must learn new things and also because we miss the good times that we experience when we are young, healthy and full of sexy cravings.

    Reincarnation in one way or the other is the only true event that takes place in our soul, ego and physical body almost forever–we come and go until we reach some level where we have no need to return any longer to this planet. We all remember our youthful days and that is one thing that attracts us to this earth of fleshy desires, although we also remember the pain that we might have suffered during other stages of our former lives. Earth is the only place where we have a chance to grow mentally and eventually reach the highest spiritual levels. It can be tough at times but we really have no choice!

    Now for those who might want to know in a nutshell more about the subject, here is a book that should be read by everyone who really wants to know what to expect when the physical clock stops ticking!

    Handbook of the Afterlife by P.Heath and J. Klimo (Library number: 133.9013H)

    One thing about this book–there is no religion involved but there is the eternal light that points to a final destination that remains a final secret.

    1. Wow …
      I feel better already. Show me the evidence and I’ll feel even better.

      Oh, btw, I used to believe all that crap too. It’s OK, it’s just a stage you’re going through. 😀

  11. I’m just thinking …
    That if the Mormons win, maybe they can usurp the Muslims as the biggest crazies in the country. So, it might not be all bad. :Pinch:

    1. Which country and how are they crazy? Most of them I have ever seen just go about their affairs without hassle.

      1. You’re kidding, right?
        What? You haven’t been paying attention even to this week alone, full of violent Muslim crazies? 😡

  12. The Book of Mormon is only “widely accepted” because it’s had over a century to take root, with thousand of Mormon males impregnating girls and women to produce millions of babies who are all indoctrinated with the book. That’s not so difficult – it’s a simple process of reproducing physical and mental clones.

    These memetic clones then go out on missions globally to let people know all about the book, making it even more “widely accepted.” Mormons have also built up quite a stockpile of money, which they use to put up TV ads in countries all over the world.

    This process is not mysterious or miraculous, nor does it reflect how great the book is. It’s not.

  13. Wannano
    🙂 So much discussion about unimportant trivia!! Wish we all could be united on how to save our nation, ourselves, and our kin. A short time from the present nothing really matters anymore, so we should all try to focus on that rather than the stupidities of the present. 🙁
    Good health and happiness to one and all. :cheer:

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