• May 27, 2023

Did Washington and Jefferson believe Jesus was a myth?

Okay – be prepared to have your socks knocked off! I hope you feel better, smarter and freer after reading this newest article of mine.  It’s very long – I trimmed some fat, but I just couldn’t hold back all this juicy mental nutrition!

Did Washington and Jefferson Believe Jesus was a Myth?

Remember – you will not find this information in this manner anywhere else.  Accept no imitations!

I hope you enjoy this mindblowing information as much as I did.  It gives me a whole new perspective on reality – and it explains much about my lifelong fondness for these individuals.

Amazing what “they” have managed to hide from us!

3 thoughts on “Did Washington and Jefferson believe Jesus was a myth?

  1. B) it has been my experience that most great polies of the past were god bashing tricksters ! ofcourse they knew religion to be their tool of trade no ? they were all atheists ; but on the wrong side…that is to say anti-cellular ! :side: criminally insane .that is why america never sided with morality, when it came to smaller dictatorial nations !only money and power are US agenders ; same as all the rest no ? governments are corrupt all over …big or small no ? ruthless and cruel when cornered .

  2. Since I’m not an American, I don’t really care, what was T. Jefferson’s (to be honest, in high school, we only mentioned him once) religious views.
    But there is one thing, I would like to ask you about him. In one of his books (I think, it was a French one) he underlined a word: Carantania. This was a country in the dark ages (in the 9th century was conquered by the Franks). I’ve done some research and noticed, this country had an early form of “democracy”, we could even say it was the first democratic country in the world, ever (The Greek polis, were just individual cities-not really countries and not to mention they had slaves).
    Carantania was different, it was a real, proper county and they were all free people. And What would I like to know is just how much of the American constitution is based on “the Ducal Inauguration” and even more so, why the general public knows nothing about this.

    I know this is a bit off subject, but I can’t find answers anywhere, and who would be a better person to ask, than you.


  3. Out of the enlightenment closet
    Hi Acharya, great article. The fantastic thing about the US Founding Fathers is that they were men of enlightenment. That is a main reason why the US is still such a rich and free nation. Being men of enlightenment means they considered evidence rather than authority as the basis of their opinions. You have done a superb job of showing that Washington and Jefferson were closet mythicists. Anyone who studies Christian origins scientifically will conclude that Jesus Christ is a myth, so no surprise that the most enlightened US Presidents were so receptive to the Christ myth theory.

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