1. begging the question
    this is like cartoon aficionados arguing which mouse is their hero. Jesus is a hoax, a combination of the Jewish Cargo cult messiah and the popular savior gods of the Greeks. Meanwhile the Koran written 800 ad is copy editing the Jesus of the Gnostics. Thus neither side has a real point

    1. I agree that Jesus mythicism ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/mythicist.html[/url]) makes such exercises look like arguments over a cartoon character.

      In order to debate apologists with mythicist information, however, one needs to study the subject in depth.

      Meanwhile, some of the arguments countering Christian apologetics represent first steps away from biblical literalism, so they remain helpful.

      I also admire Farhan for taking on one of the more clever and erudite apologists. Wood himself is very good in debating Muslims, which I believe is how the two met.

  2. there is no physical, historical or archeological evidence of the existence of Jesus. based on mythology, a delusional akin to Santa clause.

  3. Yes,
    Every morning.

  4. David makes assertion after assertion without any proof other than those who agree with his assertion. Scholars do NOT agree that jesus existed, most say, including many ‘christian theologians’ do not say jesus was real. history does not back up mr. wood’s claims and his quoting an agnostic selling books who says jesus existed but does not accept his claims is just ignorant (erhman)

    claims that naturalism will fade is hilarious as christianity becomes less and less relevant in society today as it crumbles under scrutiny on every front. he makes more assertions with out any evidence time after time much like wlc does.

    his history is wrong, his assertions about naturalism NOT explaining the origins of the universe and fine-tuning and other wlc claims are void of any evidence. he keeps claiming he has facts, but does not offer any other than referencing historians that don’t agree with him nor with his interpretations of the documents, which were NOT 1st century, but second century in origin, so he is not even correct in his own references.

    as has been stated many times, the internet is a place where religions come to die! and christianity is quickly dying under PROOF that the complete and utter destruction of all of it’s claims one at a time!! god, all of them, are man-made, created in our image and reflective of the time-period they were conceived in.

    jesus, like all the other mythical gods, is destined for the history books along with thor and zeus as science shows there is no room for god in the universe, nor any need.

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