Devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan predicted?

While watching the disturbing live news footage of the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent damage as the tsunami rolled across the Japanese countryside, I was reminded of a prediction by the late Native American prophet Sun Bear, in his book Black Day, Bright Dawn, first published in the early 1990s. After discussing the coming “earth changes” (now evidently here), as well as providing a scientific analysis of trends in countries around the globe, Sun Bear provides a set of predictions about what various regions worldwide will suffer because of the earth being out of balance.

Regarding Japan, Sun Bear said:

For Japan I see many more earthquakes, some volcanic eruptions, and severe flooding. These, combined with industrial pollution and the damage that will follow earthquakes, will make the area a very difficult place in which to survive.

All of this will plunge Japan into economic chaos. Ultimately, I see Japan as a much smaller land area with very little evidence of its former development.

When I first read this book almost 20 years ago, I felt Sun Bear had really done an outstanding job in providing a short and general but logical and comprehensible analysis of numerous trends worldwide. As certain events have unfolded over the past two decades, I have thought of this book often. I believe it might be worthwhile to heed the warnings contained in Sun Bear’s book. In fact, I was so impressed those many years ago that I gave out at least a half a dozen copies of it. Obviously, Sun Bear is not the only person who has predicted that an earthquake and tsunami would eventually destroy Japan, but he was insistent that all of these calamities would occur basically in this generation. His book is certainly worth a look, which you can do both on Google Books and Amazon.

To reiterate, I point out this observation because, as I say above, I was impressed by Sun Bear’s logical analysis of not only what will become of Japan within our lifetime but also what he has said about many other places worldwide. Nobody’s claiming he had any supernatural powers. On the contrary, Sun Bear traveled to many places and studied their TRENDS, both natural and manmade, including such things as medical waste and so on. I blogged it because others may wish to read what he has to say about other places in the world, logical conclusions based on these trends. I should also mention that almost 20 years ago I met and talked with Sun Bear, during which time he stated definitively, “The earth changes are coming.” (As I understand it, there was some unpleasant controversy about Sun Bear, aka Vincent LaDuke, who died in 1992, but there’s nothing remotely untoward in this book of his, which remains valuable for the reasons stated above. His daughter, by the way, is famed Native American activist and Green party vice-presidential candidate Winona LaDuke.)

In the meantime, the cost to Japan and surrounding environs will be staggering, and we as compassionate members of the same human family must help them, which will also suffer their losses and strain our resources. Our goodwill goes out to the Japanese people and anyone else affected by this earthquake and the tsunami.

Tsunami swamps Japan after powerful quake

Large areas of Japan’s northern Pacific coast have been swamped by a devastating tsunami, engulfing entire towns following a major 8.9 offshore quake.

The meteorological agency issued its top-level evacuation alerts for the entire Japanese coast, warning of a tsunami of up to six metres.

Towns and farms around Sendai city in northern Japan are being engulfed by a tsunami, and a four-metre wave has swamped parts of Kamaishi on the Pacific coast.

Residents have been ordered to rush to high ground and stay away from the coast as tsunami can strike in several waves….


  1. Thanks Acharya!
    That’s really interesting, Acharya. Thanks for the book info. I’ll be sure to look at that. When the tsunami hit, Ron reminded me that Japan is where they are tearing mountains down to create islands in the ocean (for airports, etc.) I think tinkering with Mother Nature that way isn’t such a great idea. I watched a program about how man-made dams can cause earthquakes, and I imagine that messing around with any part of the ground or the water on such a large scale is bound to cause major problems like this. It’s a tragedy, for sure, and I expect we’ll see many more like it in the future. Maybe it’s all for the best though. Humans really do act like they are a virus on the planet. Perhaps it would be best if there weren’t so many of us.

  2. Resonance at 571hz 7500hz 10000hz 33000hz comin at
    So many things are dis-missed as fanciful but it really comes down to genetic memory. Especially for those older species, who still have the human anagram gene’s. The other “new man” species have yet to accept this fact for reality, and make superstitions up, and of course there are those who know about and use it for greed and control of them. These idiots think they can keep the whole ruse going but nature always can change the order of events and life itself. B) 😛 Nothing will go according to what has been done before also expect more of such resonant change to occur until the reeses pieces stop breeding!

    But you still ignore the harmonic resonance of the earth and the other higher forms of life that well, do not like being subjected to non-human creatures! Know I sure don’t! 🙁

  3. it’s a pity
    Too bad every time disaster strikes, we take this book and look at the
    map. In Iran we have already seen several earthquakes.

    For Australia, eartquake and tidal wave. Less accurate so far, the quake struch New zealand and the flooding was not a tidal wave.

    Lets not bother about right or wrong predictions but let s get to do something useful with Sun Bear’s action plan.

  4. Nature vs. “The System”
    I agree with the other comments, and offer that there is much to glean from Nature and going with the flow. When we seek to construct closed systems of “order” where the flow does not happen, they eventually age and self-destruct. Energy–and elements–must flow in order to provide a stable environment, since it is All connected. Once we seek to change natural structures to suit our egoic purposes and no longer consider ourselves as integrated with Nature, we will get subtle (and not so subtle!) reminders from time to time.

    Predictions are helpful, but honest common sense and action is really effective–provided we are paying attention to it all. Maybe Mother Nature is poking the planet and asking…are we listening yet? I think she’s only begun to speak. 😉 Blessings!

  5. I fear that greed has just cost the whole world for more generations than can be counted! Remember the song from the ending those cheesy godzilla movies? The arrogance of man his greed and wastefulness create his own destruction, um did not anyone listen? We should be shutting down our own reactors and shut down all mining op’s for such things as we cannot control there destructive power much less our own!

    The poo has just hit the fan, and thanks to “nukier phsysist” and Mr. peanut heads and the rest of the idiot brigade. Just what kind of world are they building? Actually they don’t build anything they just destroy everything! Seems to me the people who live in nature get along just fine without all the trappings of technology, until we force it upon them destroying what they were and are.

    The Lord has told me these things. He calls the Statue of Liberty the Statue of Decadence;topic=315.0
    Look up Rmartel many prophecies.. He is not connected to the Harlot Church.
    Lets see on the Richter scale 9/11 Mar 2011. Check out H.A.A.R.P. That is there day 11 month the 11 day( Rememberance Day) 9/11 the statue of liberty 111 ft high from head to toe. (/11 111 days to year end. New York the towers signify 11 New york state is the 11th state.
    J.F.K. assassination 11 month 22 day on the 33 parrallel. Check out Ben Fulford warning 2009 about Japan Earthquake. Wake up people! Rothchild and Bilderberg Group.

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