• February 26, 2024

Danish scholar speaks on the Christ myth

Exposing the falsehood that there are no professional scholars with PhDs in relevant fields who are Jesus mythicists, Dr. Christian Lindtner gives a lecture and engages in a debate in Denmark concerning the Christ myth.

I have featured Lindtner’s work on the Buddhist influence on Christianity in my writings, including my ebook about Dr. Michael Lockwood’s Buddhism’s Relation to Christianity.

Lindtner’s story here explains why Jesus mythicism is kept in the closet: Incompetence in and ignorance of the pertinent subject matters by those who are in power.

As part of this grassroots movement, Dr. Lindnter’s son had a letter to the editor published in a Danish newspaper (translated from Danish):

Need a good church
Niels Jørgen Lindtner

I just want to say that there has not lived any man who has been able to walk on water, whose mother was a virgin, who could perform miracles and resurrected from the dead, etc. When Søren Krarup, Moses Hansen, Peter Skov-Jakobsen and other Lutherans say there was, they must venture further out into the countryside, for I do not buy it.

Nowadays it’s not so rare that just the church’s men are in possession of conservative inclinations. But it surely cannot be our Lord’s meaning that we Danes must preserve a faith throughout their generations based on an incredible story – as it is now written in the New Testament – which is contrary to common sense and human experience?

For me, Danes have a strong need for a church, for if no one ever took the words “soul” and “spirit” in the mouths, it could probably be that one day we completely forget what those words basically meant, and I think that we would be badly off: For he who has no soul and spirit will soon enough be in others violence.

Despite the fact that the church today stands for many good values ​​- I am thinking of the beautiful churches, concerts, etc. – the Church needs to look at its own foundations and past. When one has made ​​a misdeed – broken his word, for example – he must make amends. Likewise, theologians and pastors, churchmen have to rectify the myth that in the last 2000 years has been emanating from their church.

Let us find something else rather than him, Jesus, we can believe in; something that our senses do not have to feel embarrassed to believe in. On the whole, I do not think that we should believe in something of which we do not have certainty of belief….

4 thoughts on “Danish scholar speaks on the Christ myth

  1. Two people talking at same time so difficult to follow though I already believe Jesus is a myth.

  2. “They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.” ― Gerald Massey

    “Christianity, along with all other related theologies, is an historical fraud. These religions now serve to detach the species from the natural world and likewise each other. They support blind submission to authority. They reduce human responsibility to the effect that “God” controls everything, and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the name of a Divine Pursuit. And most critically, it empowers the political establishment, who have been using the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created, and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.” – Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist The Movie Part 1: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

    I think many people including experts are “closeted mythicists”. They are just afraid to lose their jobs especially when the economy is going bad.

  3. Did Dr. Lindtner really think that the bishop would agree with his assertions ? I wouldn’t have to even attempt to do as he did to know he would get that response. You have to remember people doing research and formulating their own opinion based on sound academic research is fairly uncommon in today’s world. Not only is it uncommon it’s fairly providing the last two thousand years of censorship and religious suppression of free thought. This is the dawn of a new era. Your Lindtner’s, Acharya’s, freethinkers are laying the foundation for this new era we’re going into, an era where people can judge information soundly based of sound academic research, with probability, and deductive reasoning as oppose to I’ve been told so there fore it is. Remember it is a lot easier for most ppl to accept religious dogma as reality then to research it and formulate one’s own ideas. This is what separates freethinkers from believers. On the other hand I wouldn’t encourage anyone to take anything on face value. I would encourage ppl to look at both sides and determine what sounds rational from what doesn’t. In a grand jury you have the plantiff and the defense, then you have the judge, in this case the plantiff would mythicism (or vice versa) and the defense would be orthodoxy, the individual would have to judge for themselves whether orthodoxy is guilty or innocent. Depending on how you ask it’s a hung jury, like in the bishops case. What happens if you draw conclusions without looking at both arguments you fall into the category of bias, and I simply don’t care for bias no matter where it comes from, religious bias has brought us to where we are today there fore mythicist bias would be no better then religious bias, bias is bias no matter what angle it comes from, and bias in my eyes is unfair, it’s Okay to formulate an opinion in opposition or in favor of, the important thing to remember is to give both arguments a chance to present it’s evidence and to formulate an opinion based on the evidence presented.

  4. Acharya, it’s the time of the year again when the sun/son of God is reborn to gain it’s strength. I would like to ask if you’re going to make another Winter Solstice Song? The last one is in 2011 and it was a nice way to poke little bit of fun to some Christian fundies especially when I’m playing it through a loudspeaker. I just hope they’re not thinking of incarcerating me for blasphemy which is a very benign tumor in our revised penal code.

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