Daily Show bit on Swiss minaret ban

I usually enjoy the Daily Show with Jon Stewart but this one made me cringe.  I did not appreciate this one, and I doubt most of the people in Switzerland would either.  Maybe Jon should go to a Muslim country to see if they would find his show amusing?  Wonder how long he would last in Saudi Arabia?

Oliver’s Travels – Switzerland
Aired: 12/3/09

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P.S. read the comments at the above link below the video


Maziar Bahari
Aired: 11/30/09

In this episode Jon admits at the top of the show that Maziar Bahari was “imprisonment in an Iranian prison” largely due to a Daily Show clip.

See also Acharya’s comments below.

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  1. Jon Stewart and the Left’s hypocrisy
    I agree that was disturbing. 🙁

    Jon Stewart ridicules the Swiss, even though the previous week he had a guest who was tortured by the Islamic Regime in Iranian – evidently specifically because of his appearance on Jon’s show!

    To review:

    In his show of 12/3, Jon Stewart ridiculed the Swiss for their recent uproar-causing ban on minarets. Stewart naively calls minarets “beautiful” and “nice,” although admitting that they change the skyline. He and the audience think it’s hilarious that there are only four minarets in Switzerland. He says, “I don’t get it.” No, he obviously doesn’t. He then uses a series of absurd images with birds and sheep, as if they are comparable. He insinuates the Swiss are “racist,” although Islam is not a race. He then associates this move with “ethnic cleansing” and puts up an image of Hitler, although the Swiss had nothing to do with Hitler.

    He then compares the Muslim call to prayer with the Swiss “Ricola” yodel. He uses this self-preserving move to make fun of the Swiss as known for “not taking a stand on anything,” being “neutral.” The neutrality, however, has much to do with the mountainous terrain of Switzerland, as they have been able to keep themselves physically out of the conflicts around them beginning centuries ago.

    [b]So long as Switzerland is preserved, the Swiss are neutral[/b] – it is that simple. And they have every right to preserve their own culture. It is a small country with no real armed forces, so they could not participate in a World War. The comedian had to invoke the Hitler card, of course, because that is the smear always used. Never mind the fact that the Swiss had nothing to do with Hitler, Stewart basically says he came from that region. Yes, like the Swiss Hitler was a speaker of a Germanic language, but that’s such a ridiculous generalization – it’s like saying that Yiddish people were responsible for Hitler, because their language is also Germanic in part.

    In any event, the Swiss have thus never been invaded, and any cultures they have allowed in have assimilated. They have the absolute right as a sovereign people to protect and preserve their culture.

    Stewart seems oblivious to the fact that he himself would not survive long in a Muslim country, unless he became a Muslim. And it seems he is not far off from that position.

    With this one ridiculous stunt, I have lost most respect for Jon Stewart and his appeasing crew.

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and secularist going way back, but I have absolutely parted company with the imbeciles on the left who insist on coddling Islam and Muslim fanatics. These traitors are absolutely depraved. Their stupidity concerning Islam knows no bounds, as they are completely oblivious to the fact that, under Islamic domination and law, they would be some of the first oppressed, persecuted and executed.

    While these “lefties” are coddling and appeasing Islam, millions of women suffer horribly under Muslim rule. Gays are regularly executed, while secular intellectuals are persecuted and often murdered. These hypocritical idiots on the left have NO concern for any of these persecuted minorities. Their only concern, it seems, is to allow for these atrocities to continue, by defending Islam and Muslims fanatics.

    1. Really?
      I love your work and I thank you for intruducing me to the historicized nature of religions and their common origins. I have since gone on to read AB Kuhn, Campbell, and others. I must say, I find your rants re Islam to be a bit disturbing and your criticism of Stewart somewhat unfounded. I find his humor to be very clever and challenging as it points out the absurdities of those who control our world. Whereas I may agree that the religion of Islam is not something I would want to be a part of, I find your suggestion that “lefties are coddling and appeasing Islam” to be mildly offensive. I have read some of your work and I know that you, as I, don’t hold Christianity in high regard either. But I don’t hear the same sort of panic or disgust when the discussion turns to the Western system of religious control. I find that puzzling as both systems seem to have very similar goals.

      1. Thank you for your kind regards.

        As concerns Islam, you yourself have just “mildly” defended it by dismissing my neck-risking analyses as “disturbing rants,” so it’s difficult to see why you take offense at my criticism of lefty liberals defending Islam. (Note that I put the word “lefties” in quotation marks as well, and I was certainly not addressing you personally.)

        If you don’t hear the same sort of disgust and “panic” concerning religious fanaticism in the West, you haven’t really studied my work, as I have spent decades criticizing all religious pathology, West to East.

        If the following characteristics of a Muslim nation under sharia law do not disgust you, we certainly aren’t on the same page. And if you aren’t concerned with them making inroads into the West, you haven’t been reading the news.

        As a woman, I want nothing to do with this manmade misogynistic cult, and I am indeed completely disgusted by ALL those who would defend it in any way, shape or form, including Jon Stewart.

        Limb amputations
        Women enslavement
        Sex slavery and rape
        Child marriage and rape
        Genital mutilation
        Etc., ad nauseam

        For more information regarding Islam and its designs on and encroachments into the West, see the following links:

        Islam Reality Videos ([url]http://islamreality.wordpress.com[/url])
        Quotes from the Quran ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url])
        The Religion of Peace ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com[/url])
        270 Million Murdered by Islam ([url]http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad[/url])
        Faith Freedom ([url]http://www.faithfreedom.org[/url])
        Islam Watch ([url]http://www.islam-watch.org[/url])
        Jihad Watch ([url]http://www.jihadwatch.org[/url])
        Amil Imani ([url]http://www.amilimani.com[/url])
        Prophet of Doom ([url]http://www.prophetofdoom.net[/url])
        Islamic Crusades ([url]http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2008/11/islamic-crusades.html[/url])
        Women’s Rights in Islaml ([url]https://freethoughtnation.com/womens-rights-in-islam.html[/url])

    2. no we are not all like this
      see sir
      we are not all like this Muslims not like Iran
      i am Muslim
      and the Regime in Iran is not Islamic Regime at all
      but at the same time we have the right to build Mosques and pray
      and i watch his show about the Islamic Regime and i was just shocked 😯
      no way we don’t act like this
      ya when you cheat on ur wife or she cheat on you in our religion the punishment is death cause when we marry a women me and here swear to be loyal

      but they must be 4 witness at least and she have the right to defined here self and evidence must be given
      and she had the right to protect herself from him not to be touched or hit by him in the street like Iranian do they just not us
      we hate killing we hate there dictator he is just a murder to me
      and to my people

  2. Absolutely reprehensible!

    If the Daily Show were going to play the Hitler card they could’ve at least made the effort to be accurate about it. Adolph Hitler met with Arab Muslim Grand Mufti Amin Al Hus and we have it on video as well as documented transcriptions of what went on in those meetings. Here’s a video

    Adolph Hitler met with Arab Muslim Grand Mufti ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3pq1KIUZb4[/url])

    What the Daily Show did was extremely irresponsible.

  3. Daily Show on Swiss
    Jon Stewart is Jewish. Without Jewish money Switzerland’s snow on the mountains would melt or, would it be an ‘ice age’ in Switzerland.
    Jon was being sarcastic.
    How many minarettes (missle radio blare phallic symbols) do other European countries have and, was there pressure from some of them to
    egg Switzerland on? Stewart is a comedian provoker of ‘thinking’.

  4. Jon Stewart, his Daily Show, and the Swiss.
    What I call Jon Stewart’s Ministry of Propaganda – also known as his Daily Show – is, in this particular show, I believe, designed to break down what’s left of any resistance to the Middle Easternization of Europe.

    The Daily Show’s efforts are presented in the form of comedy. Why comedy? Because comedy can make even the most disagreeable opinions sound accepable to the listener. A good comical line, no matter how disagreeable the opinion contained within the line is to the listener, can, at least temporarily, break down resistance to the unconventional opinion contained within the comical line. Stewart’s Ministry of Propaganda is very professional at that.

    I’m wondering if the the laughter heard on his show is canned laughter or live laughter.

    If Jon Stewart is Jewish, then his Jewishness makes his defense of the multiplication of minarets in Europe – in this case, Switzerland – difficult to understand. This particular Daily Show rekindles a thought of a theory that the conflict between the Islamic practicioners and the Jewish people is phony; it’s staged; it’s controlled and conducted by the oligarchs of these sects. It is controlled and staged conflict. Why? Because it coerces Europeans, in both America and Europe, to financially coddle the sufferer. In the case of the Middle East, the oligarchs make sure that both sides continue to suffer, somewhat. A threat from the others must always exist. If the conflict and suffering stops, so stops the financial coddling. We’re talking billions. With that kind of dough rolling in, why would you want to stop the conflict?

    So, if Jon Stewart is Jewish, why would he promote the spread of Islamic culture in Europe – in this case, Switzerland? Why? Because, I’ve heard the theory discussed, the Middle Eastern oligarchs want not only the Middle East; they also want Europe. They’ve pretty much got the USA.

    Unfortunately, most of the European Americans who watch Jon Stewart’s Daily Show are sheeple who laugh at, and, therefore, are influenced to agree with whatever opinions he presents.

    In a similar fashion, over the last 2000 years, Europeans were coerced to bow down to, kneel before, and worship the Middle Eastern god, called Jesus Christ, that really never existed.

    Novels, science fiction and fantasy have always been popular amongst the European people.

    A book was once published. It was called “The Masters of Deceit.” Maybe this book could be referred to as Comedy Central starring Jon Stewart as one of the Masters.

    President Clinton, the liberal, once said that in a few decades the non-whites will be the minority in the USA. Probably in Europe too. Why? Because Europeans have always liked novels, science fiction, and fantasy.

    Jon Smetana

  5. Who are “you guys?” Lumping a bunch of people together and then calling them names – isn’t that in itself fascism?

    Moreover, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali so eloquently points out in her article, “Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion” ([url]http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2009/1205/p09s01-coop.html[/url]), it is [i]Islam[/i] itself that is fascistic, so banning it would be anti-fascist. Of course, the Swiss haven’t gone so far as to ban Islam. nor has anyone here called for the banning of Islam or any other religion, so your remarks constitute a straw man logical fallacy, as well as malicious libel.

    Nice try, though. Are you just going around the net looking for arguments that aren’t there so you can lash out? I believe that’s called “trolling.”

  6. As an Iranian that now lives in Canada:
    You guys make me sick! I’m an atheist but the most stupid way to deal with religion is to put a ban on it!
    It is supposed to be a free country and a couple of Menarets won’t change the skyline. come up with a better fu**ing excuse to be a fascist.
    Religion is ridiculous, either Islam, Christianity, etc.. but you can’t solve the problem just by erasing it!

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