Congressman Allen West rips CAIR a new one

Newly elected Congressman and Lt. Colonel Allen West (Ret.) from Florida is confronted by a member of the sleazy, terrorist-supporting Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about West’s critical remarks regarding Islam. West’s response is informed – and amusing, as he tells the guy, “I’ve been on the battlefield, my friend. Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt….”

Allen West is great when it comes to Islam, but before we get too excited, he’s also a fervent Conservative who believes the U.S. is a great “Judeo-Christian nation,” has pledged his undying support of Israel (based on the Bible, apparently) and stumps for the “unborn.” On a petty note, his constant lip-licking is annoying to me, although I think he’s a good-looking man. 🙂


  1. It might seem that there is this unexpected, disquieting alliance between conservatives and non-believers/agnostics/atheists (who more often than not are politically liberal) on this issue of Islamaphobia. But the apparent alliance is just that – apparent. While all freedom loving people abhor every aspect of Sharia law, the vast majority of conservatives are opposed to Islam mainly because they think Christianity to be the cornerstone of their belief in American exceptionalism, while the atheists and agnostics oppose it because we don’t wish to see yet another religion even more repressive and regressive than Christianity get a toe-hold in this country and grow like the fungus that it is. Liberals meanwhile are behaving in typical liberal fashion and speaking out for freedom of religion just because it’s the “liberal” thing to do.

    I am an unabashed liberal, and while I might applaud (with one hand) this Allen West for telling it like it is about Islam, that is the extent of any core values I might possibly share with this ego-maniacal right-wing extremist. He is so repressively right wing he makes Reagan look liberal! He is a staunch anti-abortionist, has called for armed revolution if our government becomes tyrannical (and by tyrannical he means too liberal for his liking), and he is always making reference to his military career as though his lifetime service in the Army somehow makes him superior to anyone who has not served. This_man_is_creepy. And if his charisma (he does have that “it” factor going for him) manages to propel him to the presidency in the near future, watch out. His deeply entrenched Judeo-Christian/militaristic/misogynistic way of viewing America would be, not Sharia-law-bad maybe, but frighteningly, oppressively bad nonetheless.

  2. Fraud
    The CAIR agent is not a representative for Islam. Medi Op for Allen West. If you know about Islam then you will understand the flaw here.

  3. Please feel free to go tell CAIR that they don’t represent the “real” Islam, the one you’ve made up in your own mind. I’m sure they will be very happy to hear your interpretation and criticism of them.

    As it should be clear by now from my responses to your comments on other posts, it’s [i]you [/i]who do not know Islam at all, so please stop trying to promote it here. I am not interested in a misogynistic warrior cult responsible for the deaths of some 270 million people ([url][/url]), founded by a child rapist ([url][/url]).

    If you study the following websites, you will have a much clearer picture of Islam: ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url]) ([url][/url])

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