1. 😀 I like how you showed Lucifer. I assume that is Lucifer at least. I like this picture. It’s great.

    1. Thank you, M. I aim to please!

  2. Christ Myth
    :woohoo: Like to Jesus name in place of Christ ( as an added )

  3. Guerrilla warfare
    I think it is time we started infiltrating the religious websites. However much it turns your stomach I think we need to do this. Get your facts straight, don’t get derailed by the onslought of claims that they pass off as evidence. Post the facts about Krishna, the Buddhas, Mithra, Attis, Joseph, Apollo, Adonis…guerrilla warfare. Strike, back out then strike again.

    Remember that the argument against organized religion is completely separate from the argument about a creator.

  4. 😮 no no no no no it isn’t ! organised religion is what ? and who made a creator ? ORGANISED RELIGION you pillok !your gorrilla is smarter than you !this is why we never get anywhere…..too brainwashed !you have no idea the amount of personal power there is in knowing we actually evolved ! evolved in the sense of micro to macro . its not just the brain that thinks , but the whole cellular being ! religion deadens the sensitivity of the unit…to varying degrees ,depending on how much you use god as a crutch !by connecting with your self ..you can revive that sensitivity emotionally and physically ..and heal yourself of all your ailments including relationships !

  5. This article may be a bit off topic, but it was how I got rid of the religious Brainwashing. Freedom came to me after I let go of all the Religious scripture. You will find freedom at the church door but on the way out of it.

    Ask and you shall receive

    Blending Into The Dimensions

    For the last twenty years I have been exploring into areas that there is not much discussion. During the last five years I studied and didn’t really use any book or writing to justify my thoughts. For this to happen it meant that I had to shelve my previous religions and listen to my inner voice.

    It was very fortunate for me to have an OBE (Out of body experience). This OBE happened about fifteen years ago. During this experience there was a lot of information given to me.. It was information that I was seeking for many years.

    The OBE’s that I have had in the past were of little value other than letting me know that my spirit can move about anywhere but still have a connection to the body.

    This last OBE was a very powerful experience. I felt my spirit enter my body with a big snap. This woke me up and my head down to the center of my bach was tingling.

    Yes I was afraid. I was afraid to look at myself in a mirror because I thought my hair had turned white like some of the old prophets.I was afraid of those things that were shown me while in the heaven of the earth and then into some other dimension or plane.

    This obe started while I was sleeping. Two Angels or some heavenly beings that looked just like humans were right beside me. They said you have many questions and are seeking answers. We are here to show you the answers.

    They said travelling in the spirit is very easy but we will hold on to you just so you will feel safe Each Angel took hold of my arms and they said to travel in spirit all that is necessary is to see where you want to go. This answered the question about Angels having wings. They don’t have them because they don’t need them.

    We are going to show you something Wayne so hold on tight. There was a sensation of motion yet I didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Everythind was dark, but when we approached this place we could see the terrain of dessert like places.

    What do you see Wayne? I said I saw desert sand and in the distance there were many small pyramids. Look closely they said and tell us what you see. I squinted my eyes and the pyramids seemed to be much closer. I see hundreds of pyramids.

    Can you describe then to us? They are about a hundres feet high and half way up the sidw there is a mantle stickijg out of the side. Do you see anything else? I walked a bit closer and saw onder the mantle a plaque. Describe what you see Wayne. It looks like a square sheet of brass that is highjly polished or it may be a gold plaque. Look closer they said and they were smiling and I could hear their chuckling. I walked right up close and there was some strange writing on the plaque. Can you tell us what it says they asked?
    Well I say the strange engraving on the plaque but it didn’t really mean anything to me. They both laughed and they said that I wouldn’t understand these words in that language. We are going to change it so you can see what is written. At that moment the plaque took on a light so bright it was hard on my eyes to see it. I told them “I see writing and it says Wayne, Son of God. My eyes were watering and tears were falling. I was elated. They said that every person that walked on this earth has a plaque in this land. We all are sons and daughters of God. This confirmed what I thought at the time and I was relived of any guilt from the past.

    The two Angels showed happiness because they were chosen to bring these answers to me. I was very happy also. So much that I was near tears. Again the Angels said “there is more for you to see” and they took me arm in arm and in an instant I was floating in the dark velvet sky which was adorned with plantes and many bright stars and suns. At this time I knew that more of my lifelong questions would be answered.

    Then this voice of God spoke these words. Wayne, when you want to know which direction to take or what you should do in certain circumstances, Listen to me. My voice at first will be weak but it will continue to grow amidst all the other voices. It will increase and grow beyond any doubt that you are hearing my voice. My voice is from within this is where you find me. Look within and I will respond to you and tell you what is necessary to do our will.

    This left me standing in the center of the universe startled by this tremendous voice. When the voice spoke it echoed from all the planets, moons and stars. It sounded like a symphony orchestra that was playing just for my ears.

    There is more to see Wayne the angels said. Again we travelled arm in arm through a tunnel at such a fast speed that I was alittle frightened, but the Angels hold on me assured me that I was safe. In an instant were over a small cluster of buildings. They were all small buildings cabable of holding no more that twenty five or thirty people. The tops of these buildings became translucent so it was easy to see into these rooms.

    There were doors and windows on these buildings much the same as anywhere else. From inside we could see that the view through their windows was out to a grassy lawn and flower gardens with a miltude of flowers there was elaborate walkways with small streams alongside and beautiful bridges to walk over. There were many places for a person to sit and see the gardens and have a rest alone or with friends. The sunshine filtered down through the trees making it a most beautiful site.
    I asked the Angels, what does all of this mean? They then took me to another place similar and we glided right over one of the buildings. They said to look closely and observe.

    Then I was able to get real close to these people and I saw a few of them that I recognized. Two of them were teachers that I had while in gradeschool. One of them was a Brother that taught me. He was reading a prayerbook and he has a rosary in his hands also. He was just as he was when I remember him from years ago. He was praying and reading this prayerbook and mumbling the words like he remembered them from years ago.

    Another woman teacher we kneeling before a statue of Mary and Jesus. She was praying with the rosary and other prayers much like a robot as she did also many years ago. Across from her was a Nun she had a very long rosary it seemed like the one she had with her when she was out walking. I remember it was almost toughing the sidewalk when she walked. These were people I knew wnen I was about nine or ten years old. They were all dead now and were living within these gloomy walls. I wondered why?

    The angels said, Wayne these people were teachers you had while you were in school. They were very devout to the Catholic Religion and this is what they do day in and day out for years it has been like this.

    Why don’t they go outside into the sunlight and sit in the garden I asked? They said that they are free to do this any time they want but they have to leave their old beliefs behind.

    I thought then is thereany thathave ever lseft these places? Knowing my thoughts they said that there are some leave every few days that have choesn to see the brighter side of the heavens. Is this Heaven I asked, looking at me they said yes this is one of the heavens it is called the lower heavens and sits right above the earth. Occasionally one will venture back to the earth and these are called Ghosts or Spirits.

    Then the Angels took me arm in arm and said hold on Wayne you will learn much at next stop. The feeling was as if I was speeding very fast through the night sky. I thought that I should be feelind the wind and I should be feeling cold.

    We stopped and stood on a transparent floor that we could see through . It was the most beautiful site to see the universe from the center with all its untold beauty. The Angels said Wayne you have always been told to seek from within. Yes I said , I thought this was like meditation. Something like that but you are listening when you seek knowledge from within.
    The Angels said, here is something that will open your eyes. At that same moment this voice which was louder than any voice I ever heard, spole to me. It said “Wayne when you want to hear my voice this is what you should do.” This voice neither male or female was so loud that it echoed from the whole universe and bounced from all the planets and stars with moons. It was a display of sound that has never been heard before by me.

    My voice will be with all the voices that people have when they are wondering what they should do. It will mingle unnoticed with all the voices. When you are weighing the reason of the various voices with their knowledge, you will find that one voice will become louder than all the others. When concentrating on this loud voice, it will continue to grow louder and louder.

    It will be ringing in your ears and mind so loud that you will have absolutely no doubt that it it my voice. You will follow the instructions that are given to you and you will now know my voice. It comes up from within and grows and sets your path to solve your problems. No longer are you bound to bibles and religious scripture to find the voice of God.

    The writings of the ancient prophets wrote only what they could and that was their own ideas which set mankind into a pathway of half truths. My voice was with them in those days. Now in this present time you have been given freedom and are able to learn that which has never been learned before. You were given true freedom. You chose to set aside the old bibles which did nothing much but restrict your freedom and hold you under a man made law.

    All that there is and all that there ever will be is my composition. This existence depends on each other. Within you is divine-light and within everything that there is has divine light I am one with you and there is no division of me. Do not settle for anything less that being divine and a part of the universal energy. The Gods from the past were the handiwork of men. Man made them and remade them and the earth overflowed with false gods.

    That time of past Gods was a necessity as man had not evolved sufficient to understand that there is no god but the combined visible and invisible elements working together as a Universal Power. The evolution today is new and good for learning some are leading in the rate of evolution and are using the new found freedom. Many yet will not accept this and will revert back to scriptures thus causing a backward movement to mankind. You have chosen that the time of good and evil is now over. The old days of judging our fellow mortals now becomes accepting reality, whether theirs or mine.

    Planes dimensions and mediums

    A plane is a medium that spirits can use to bring messages. Some examples are a window, a mirror, a wall. A window casing without even glass is a plane the same with doors.

    This is why a real crystal ball can be used to receive messages. A crystal ball has many planes some of which can only be detected when a messenger uses one of the planes to communicate. The quartz crystal will have visible planes and some planes that will only show when we use it to seek information.

    Some other planes are static from a TV that is off the channel. A steady monotone sound from any source is also a good medium to bring talking spirits into your conscious mind.

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