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Here’s some info about my latest project, which hopefully will be out sometime in 2011. It’s called The Christ Myth Anthology, and I started working on it last year. I published a tentative cover for it in my “Origins of Christianity” article, which I uploaded a year ago.

The Christ Myth Anthology is a collection of essays specifically about Jesus Mythicism. Although it’s not exactly an update per se of my first published book, The Christ Conspiracy, CMA does update the original article from which that book was written, “The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus.” The updated parts also include chapters from my book Suns of God, as found on my websites, such as in my “Christ Conspiracy Articles” section but with additional quotes and edited citations to include the best modern scholarship on this subject.

I have included some brand-new chapters as well, which contain much fascinating information, including the significant trade between India and Rome just centuries before and into the common era. This information vital to Christ-myth studies is well documented and appears in scholarly books but is largely unknown to the public at large. In fact, this crucial and interesting cultural exchange is hardly given a mention in mainstream education. How many people are aware of the substantial commerce between the Mediterranean and India during the first centuries BCE and AD/CE?

CMA comes to a very interesting conclusion concerning the origins of much Krishnaism and Buddhism as well: Believe it or not, these three general mythoi of Krishna, Buddha and Christ were concretized in significant part at largely the same time! Evidently there was a concerted effort from a multinational priesthood at Alexandria to unify the various religions not only of the Roman Empire but also of India. In other words, an archetypical mythos was adapted to individual cultures.


  1. I can’t wait to read it. When do you think you’ll have it finished and published?

    1. Thanks, Mriana, for your ongoing enthusiasm and interest.

      I was aiming for an end-of-the-year release in 2010, but there’s just too much work to be done, including gathering together as many relevant images as I can find. Also, as I say, I will be updating the information included in my previous books, which will require weeks of researching to find just the right sources.

      So, I’m hopeful for a spring 2011 release, but…

      1. Well, spring 2011 isn’t that far away. We just have to get through one winter or 4 to 5 moons. lol

  2. not surprising
    not exactly a shock, since christ quotes from both. he also quotes osiris-so any idea if there’s a tie-in there?

    1. Thanks, Terri.

      Yes, the link is that these are all mythical characters based on astrotheology and older religious motifs. Hence, the title “The Christ [b]MYTH [/b]Anthology.”

      These “quotes” are sayings that have been passed along by many. They were simply used in the creation of the MYTHICAL Christ figure.

      For more on the subject, see my other books as well, and here are some online articles of interest:

      Christ Conspiracy Articles ([url][/url])

  3. No rush. Take your time second guessing & remembering all sorts of other stuff you wanted to add. No need to be too concise here. This particular nook of the subject isn’t addressed much by anyone else. Nice cover too.

  4. I really like ‘The Christ Conspiracy’, which I purchased through Amazon Kindle on my iPhone. I wish more of your works were available in download format so I could purchase them from my iPhone/iPad.

  5. Unravelling the Bible Code
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  6. digital version
    Dear Acharya, hope this book will also be available in digital version? iTunes?

  7. Acharya S.
    Thank you for the great “Where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Mythicists?” article you wrote on the Truth Be Known site.

    You provide a valuable service to those of us freethinkers that would love to join you in this research but find ourselves tied up in our day jobs with little free time to dig as deeply into the areas you explore. You insights are as enjoyable to me as another might feel opening a Christmas present.

    Merry Christmas ! May your coming days be longer and sunnier!

    1. Thank you, my dear. I am happy to be able to do this kind of work and distill it down so that good folks like you may benefit from it.

    I believe that every person wants to know what is the truth.I live in malta which is a country dominated by catholicism.Politicians and all forms of media are tuned to serve the catholic church.If anybody tries to share another kind of thought he will be rediculed and much more.
    So one can uderstand how difficuld it is for the Maltese citizens to quest for knowledge.The internet paved way for open minded individuals to explore and learn more from unlimited knowledge shared by open minded individuals.
    Thats evolution and no one can stop it!Still its a long way to go and Braiwashing even of persons with Phd or more is still a great challenge to this age of reason.
    I do research by scientific proof of life after death and i am convnced that life goes on when we cross over.The only thing that worries me is that persons who die will encounter HUGE problems when they find out that what they believed are only MYTHS!Warrior

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