Children of the Sun trailer

Awesome! My Croat friends have finally released a trailer for their film “Children of the Sun,” which all about solar mythology! Look for me at 1:58. The first part is in Croat, but from my part onward most of it’s in English. If you have any Croat friends, be sure to alert them to this documentary – they are lucky!


  1. Croatia
    🙂 Very nice. Great scenes! Did you go to Croatia for the scene? Great music too! A good movie to see!

  2. Seems like quite an interesting documentary. 🙂

  3. Fascinating
    😀 It seems more and more people are getting interested in studying the origins of world religions. There are a lot of great documentaries about the subject as well like Zeitgeist:The Movie by Peter Joseph and Great Minds of Our Time by Scott Burdick.

    Upon my analysis and observation almost all of the world religions evolved from the appreciation and worship of nature. In fact, here in the Philippines there are a lot of pre-christian beliefs that can be traced as sun myth. Unfortunately, only a few artifacts and temples for these pagan gods remained because in 1521, the Spaniards used the Jewish myth “Christianity” and infiltrated temples, destroyed artifacts for they believed that pagan cults are the works of the devil. What was intriguing is that Filipino people during that time embraced Christian faith without any hesitation.

    I’m now collecting materials and primary sources for the proofs I’m gonna use to demonstrate similarities of Philippine mythology to Christianity.

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