Child sex slavery is a shame on humanity worldwide

Why call it “marriage?” That’s a softening of the fact that this is CHILD SEX SLAVERY, as well as domestic slavery in general. These children have no say in their own lives but are born purely for use as sex toys, baby-making machines and household servants. This practice is vile and disgraceful, and no justification, religious or otherwise, will make it moral. On the contrary, if there were a God of any worth, “he” would be completely against such evil “traditions.”

The word “pedophilia” is also too soft, in that it means “child love.” This heinous practice is not “child love.” It is CHILD RAPE and CHILD ABUSE.


  1. Chimp with Lipstick

    Do Atheists have morals?

    She thinks not!

    1. Taking the opportunity of children being raped to air your anti-atheist agenda is in itself immoral.

      1. Morals are made by mankind. We can make laws as a society whether something is lawful or unlawful for our own country, but we cannot run the whole world on the ideas of Our Morals. Morals are basically religious thoughts about what various gods say about life in general, and religious thoughts are different everywhere. Forcing our morals on all others is an act of war. Discussions and reasonings may affect an other country, but morals are still their choice. True Love, Armand L. Archambeault.

        1. Obviously we cannot impose our morals on others. That’s true within a country, and across national borders. But we can and must uphold human rights, which are more important and more useful than any moral code. This video depicts clear and disgusting violations of the rights of individuals, which must not be tolerated no matter what cultural or moral allowances might exist.

          1. I agree with what you’ve said here, except that we can, do and should impose our morals on others, so long as they are morals. Raping children is completely immoral, and the moral people of the world need to stop it.

    2. Atheists are probably more moral than you are.

  2. I’m not sure if some people have really thought through what they have posted. Yes it is true every religion has it’s own set of beliefs nd every country is different, but child rape is certainly ALWAYS immoral. How people can justifiably say it is moral to some cultures or religions is beyond me when having sex with these children is permanently damaging them physically and mentally. If the act of having sex with a child can and will permanently damage them to the point they cannot have children in the future, it is indisputably IMMORAL! People wake up and get with the times, it used to be moral to decapitate people in public; society grew and realise that is not right. Clearly these countries need some pushing along to get with the times because it is never ever right to take away a child’s innocence.

    1. Muslims still decapitate people in public. Therefore, it’s not completely an atrocity of the past.

      I’ve read enough psychology and have been friends with enough therapists to know that child rape affects a child very adversely, regardless of societal “norms” and or “acceptance” and or some sham “marriage”, sometimes to the point of psychosis and or death and everything south of that. It is wrong, period, regardless of whether “Big Think” puts it out as a topic of discussion along with whether necrophilia is wrong. There are reasons for societal taboos and some make good sense.

  3. The depths of child exploitation worldwide are a devastating cancer, to of first sought to ‘sanctify’ such perversions via marriage bonds reveals the mental disease that arises from attempts to justify ‘moral wrong thinking’. Mk Ultra, Monarch mind control techniques used the term ‘ritual abuse programming’ for child rape, it is akin to the ‘slaughtering of the mind and body’ the sexual control of innocence is malevolent with violence and terrorism, the act of an insane and despotic mind to butcher love and reason from the hearts and minds of children, and condoned by allowing sanctuary through marriage…

  4. those people are sick and the try to make it legal by marriage, and this is not allowed at any religion Christian, Jewish or Islam, they keep lie just to do what they want:(

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