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Barbara G. Walker is an independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology, as well as women’s spirituality. Her books are used in college course around the United States, including her latest work, Man Made God, published by Stellar House Publishing.
Barbara is best known in the academic world for her bestselling book The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. However, she is also famous for her books about knitting, which have been selling since the 1960s. A real Renaissance woman, Barbara also is a marvelous artist, who created her own tarot deck full of sumptuous imagery.

Believing the unbelievable

Excerpted from the essay/ebook: “Believing the Unbelievable” by Barbara G. Walker Why are human beings so frequently prone to believing the unbelievable, trusting the improbable, being convinced by the very eccentricity of the impossible? As a species, we seem to want marvels and miracles more than facts. This might account for the almost assured success […]

Bible morality or depravity?

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(Following are biblical verses compiled by independent comparative religion scholar and Freethought Nation guestwriter Barbara G. Walker, concerning the supposed “morality” of the Bible. The paraphrases and commentary are Barbara’s, while the original verses are linked. For more of Barbara’s Bible investigations, see MAN MADE GOD, especially the section on Bible Studies.) BIBLE MORALITY (King […]

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