Cannabis and cancer

This documentary discusses more than cancer relief, but the information regarding cancer is worth highlighting.

Dr. Donald Tashkin, a professor of Pulmonary Medicine at UCLA, discusses the results of various studies:

The THC actually has an anti-tumor effect. And these are studies that are done, both in experimental animals and in cell culture systems, and for different kinds of cancer, for lung cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer..and brain cancer – the growth of the tumor is suppressed by THC, and metastasis is also suppressed.

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    If you have not seen RUN FROM THE CURE you can see how to make the oil for yourself.

    In 2003, Rick Simpson invented his Cancer Cure Hemp Oil. In 2007, the World Health Organization reported worldwide Cancer caused 21,643 deaths per day (7.9 Million per year).

    Dr. Melamede has some good videos too

    Not only does cannabis cure cancer, cannabis provides biodegradable non-toxic fuel that yields 6-10 times more than corn ethanol.

    “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” – George Washington

    Peace, spread abundance.


  2. just the facts

  3. Marijuana has been a mainstay herb of choice for the human race over tens of thousands of years, possibly millions of years.
    Cannabis contains over 1500 different alkaloids, many of which have never been fully researched against the many diseases that plague humans, in and effort to realize any and all beneficial effects to be found. Unfortunately with the introduction of and alien culture over the last 110 years, the use of such a beneficial plant has been virtually outlawed globally to such an extent that in some countries anyone found to possess marijuana can receive the death penalty.

    It is truly time to stop the madness of the drug war along with the act of waging war on other people and begin and era of peace and self activation through total legalization of any and all herbal remedies that have and continue to benefit humankind in our new found age of high technology and revision of how clean we want our planet to become, for not only ourselves but for our children and their children, forever!

  4. drugs for dopes
    l am aware of the medicinal advantage of grass,however there remains the spiritual damaged that is done to the etherical body.Thousands of years ago it was changed from a good drug into an evil one by dark energies that changed its root system.The continual use of the drug will tear rips in your aura,that are very difficult to repair if not at all.And you leave yourself open to dark forces that can enter and effect your mind and your life.lf you smoke,give it up if you can,life will be much better for you in the long run and because of a clearer mind you will be a lot happier.Have a pipe once a week after church and relax,and you will remain healthy,good luck.

    1. After church? Some might argue that churchgoing rips open your aura.

      Hemp is a “god-given” plant that has many purposes, including as a medicine.

    2. Learned things the hard way

      our body adapts, requiring more for a similar high
      because it’s illegal, I have often put myself at great risk and met some unsavoury characters in order to get my bud.
      We now have legal smoke from plant matter sprayed with a synthetic thc
      this cost s 20 bucks a gram, as opposed to 25 bucks for hydro.

      The other problem is the way our body adapts, requiring more for a similar high. Chasing the rush ends up with you being unable to achieve the sensation as your tissues are saturated with thc.
      Spend more money, with less tO show.

      The craving for a stone, is the only motivation that works to actually. Produce movement. 😉 once you are hooked.

      On the other hand, in moderation tis fine.

      1. Catherine Sloan-Rhys

        I am on board with the moderate approach. As with many things…”less is more”!

    3. To much LSD for you !
      Instead of trying to put your own twisted theory of aura’s, perhaps you should due the research on the medical benefits scientifically proven to work! My wife has MS and greatly benefits from not taking vicodin, perks, or morphine. I hope you never require this type of medical treatment, or maybe I do, so you better understand that aura’s really have nothing to do with this subject!

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  6. Benefits of cannabis
    The benefits of cannabis are huge, not only to cancer patients but for a wide variety of other health issue. You can also make use of the health properties of the Cannabis Seed ([url][/url])

  7. Missouri cannabis law in process
    Missourians are working on a pretty good cannabis freedom law, maybe the best in the US if enacted. Text provided in the link below, I just found out about this a few days ago, being the man-in-the-know that I am!~

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  12. My Mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer about a one year ago, she has had an extremely difficult journey. She has had two rounds of chemotheraphy, one round or Y90 Radiation and now is experiencing liver failure. Jaundice, a weak appetite and depression are a few of her symptoms. I’m wondered what other treatment options she has (such as a liver transplant or a clinical trial) and also how long she has to live. My mother is my best friend and hero, she endures so much as your loved ones do too.but a cousin of mine came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from a foundation in UK,and so far the medication has proved my mother can do things she never could do before,i am so happy so i decided to use this medium to alert all cancer patient that with a good hemp oil,you can definitely beat cancer.if you happen to be in need of this medication Dr. Rick Simpson a man who knows about the cannabis hemp oil to cure cancer around the world, this cannabis is been made by Marijuana, not that common to get in most of the countries in the world, am attending to those who is suffering from any type of cancer, Cannabis oil is here to help you fight this illness at once,you can contact the foundation with this

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  16. Dear Dr. Oscar,
    may I ask where you are from?
    I think it might be better to talk in english so you do not have to translate my German.
    Is that fine for you?
    The oil is for my friends dad, who suffers from pancreas cancer and metastatic spread in the lung.
    The diagnosis is about one and a half year ago and he receives morphium now, because of the pain and chemotherapy is not given anymore.
    Greets from Vienna

  17. Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil Medicine: Natural Cure For Cancer Using Concentrated Cannabis Oil

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