• February 26, 2024

Cancer is a ‘judgment from God?’

Some demented Christians are claiming, of course, that my cancer is “God’s judgment.” Unfortunately for these utter idiots, most cancer cases in the United States are occurring in CHRISTIANS, so are they also being judged by God? But thanks for demonstrating once again what a horrible and unloving “god” you follow! Torturing those who don’t believe in him – yep, that’s really enlightened. [/sarc]

In the meantime, below is a very devout CHRISTIAN woman who had a terrible bout with inflammatory breast cancer. She is one of those who survived despite the brutal treatment and its complications. Her book is full of discussions of Jesus and God – according to these foolish fanatics, she must have done something terrible to Jesus and God in order to be “punished” in this manner.

Again, what a despicable God – thanks for reminding me of why I would never believe in such a monstrosity. You have simply confirmed my work.

I Have Cancer. I Want to Live


And for those who are not insensate and evil-minded religious fanatics, my disease is one of TOXICITY, as we are surrounded by some 75,000 cancer-causing substances, including in our water, food and drugs. For example, the carcinogenic product Roundup is regularly being found in breast tissue – and that’s just one source of cancer. Others include BPA, PCBs, phtalates, etc., ad nauseam.

* Added edit by NW Barker: Acharya S/DM Murdock passed away due to cancer on December 25th, 2015. I feel sorry for Christians who attempt to use her death from cancer as proof for their god. If he existed he could’ve proven his existence to her then, healed her and created a new ally in the fight for souls to be saved. I’m positive her young son would’ve greatly appreciated it too, but no, it didn’t happen because your god does not exist. If Jesus existed he would be ashamed of you.

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30 thoughts on “Cancer is a ‘judgment from God?’

  1. If Cancer is god’s punishment, why can’t he give it to those terrorists rampaging in Middle East as a punishment for violating one of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not kill and Thou Shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour?

    1. If they say that they clearly are just Christians that claim to be so and not actual believers of their own belief system..I pray for your speedy recovery.

    2. Or how about the soulless CEOs of corporations such as Monsanto who adulterate the food supply with GMO, pardon my word choice crap, not to mention Big Pharma, if there really IS a CURE FOR CANCER and they knowingly suppressed such cures because they had a vested interest in making everyone rely on their “treatments.”

  2. From my research I have found that cancer is one of the greatest scams of all times, right up there with religion. Other than environmental toxicity it is the result of malnutrition as there is nothing about the human body that indicates an animal muscle based diet. Please go to this youtube channel to look into the subject:
    You do not have to hurt to heal. You can heal yourself with proper nutrition and of course avoiding toxicity.

  3. I hope your cancer will go away, because my aunt who’s in her 70s has breast cancer and now she’s cancer free, and I hope that it will be the same as you. peace and blessings.

  4. It is judgment. And here is why, God does not target specific individuals he will target entire groups. Why? because women have a responsibility to speak up and oppose abortion and demand the defunding of planned parenthood and the reversal of roe v wade. Until that happens cancer will take many women. By the way anyone can call themselves a “Christian”, unless you are truly born again you are a phony.

    1. My great grandma was a devout Christian, grew up in a time when abortion was illegal, she died from lung cancer. What was your evil minded God annoyed about then?

    2. What about the women who DID NOT have abortions and ended up getting BREAST CANCER anyway and the women who HAD abortions and didn’t get breast cancer????????????????????????????????????????

  5. My everlasting love for Acharya is infinite. I frankly believe that God Almighty has not punish her for writing her views. I am a follower of the Christ, and all the suffering we have in our planet have been created by humans. Pharmaceutical fraud, food contamination, diseases. Nobody has absolutely any rights to pass any judgment against her, she is a scholar, a writer, she is not an evil woman. Muslims commit terrorism, Hinduists rape young girls, but human dualism will be in existence forever. I pray to God Almighty for his merciful compassionate support and heal Acharya. I feel devastated with her illness, I saw her in the hospital bed, and I felt so sad. I can’t express how I feel about her situation. One day, I will end too, and if there is a Heaven above, Acharya will be there, because she is not an evil woman. Please God Almighty don’t let her to go, heal her. AMEN.

    1. Your prayers, however well intentioned, had no effect. What do you say to that? Perhaps your automatic response will be that your god wanted her with him, or something ridiculous like that? You are another simple minded idiot. You know not what you speak of.

  6. Seeing as she died dec 25 it does appear HER cancer was a judgemeny from. Now she is in hell for her blasphemies.

    1. Karl, you only prove her blog correct. What a nasty hateful person you are and you wonder why people are leaving Christianity in droves.

    2. Funny that you bring up December 25th. You do know that is a pre-Christian, Pagan holiday don’t you? Whoever Yeshua was, if he existed, wasn’t born on that day. It’s the height of hypocrisy when Christians will condemn others and dismiss their own pagan beliefs.

    3. You are a disgusting person. Furthermore your ignorance is astonishing. December 25 isn’t even a Christian date anyway. They stole it from the pagans in the mid 1800’s because they didn’t like pagans having a special holiday when they didn’t. The tree and the date are both pagan symbols celebrating the winter solstice. Many of the stories of Jesus were stolen from previous gods including pagan gods. Before the mid 1800s there was no Christmas holiday. So your God decided to punish the woman by killing her of cancer on the pagan winter solstice? What an idiot. Jesus’s birthday wasn’t Dec 25 either. There’s isn’t any evidence the man ever lived.

    4. Karl , seriously you cannot be that daft? The minute I heard she died from cancer I knew the crazies would come out of the woodwork. Religious nut jobs, someday we will evolve past this thought process. RIP DM

  7. Whoever speaks poorly of the dead is a jerk. It saddens me to hear she died (we don’t see eye to eye but I do respect her enough). I hope it truly ends when we die because that would be easy. Unfortunately, I am Gnostic and truly believe Acharya lives on in the cosmos.

  8. Acharya S’s death truly IS a tragedy. Her work has been and will continue to be the Light of Reason on an otherwise dark world of religious violence and intolerance. Just as certain people are brought into this world in order to create vaccines and cure diseases of the body, so Acharya came here in order to help cure our diseased minds. Look deeply into her words and try to recognize and understand what she was really trying to say — we are truly greater than the sum of our parts, and the power that we have hidden within ourselves is far greater than anything that religious authority and dogma can suppress. Shame on all of those individuals who view her demise as a “Judgment from God.” Her research is the very salvation we need to prevent the destruction of ourselves by ourselves.

  9. For all the self hypnotized nutcase unthinking believers who comment here, I have one bit of proof from a good ole boy Tennessee hillbilly – ain’t never seen no sich a thang!

  10. I’m just discovering DM now. I am saddened that she is gone from this world, but glad that her words live.

  11. In Islam it says that some of the minor signs of day of judgment is when fornication and adultry is widespread God will send desieses that was not known amongst their forefathers . AIDS is the testimony of that

  12. Sam … Grow Up … I know I used to a Christian. You are merely parroting what some idiot taught you to say without thinking or PROOF!

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