Burkha Barbie and Infidel Ken

burka barbie burkha burqaHere’s a WTF? story about PC and multiculturalism run amok. After they are done raping or throwing acid in the faces of uncovered women, perhaps the anti-woman fanatics will enjoy presenting their little girls with these lovely Barbie dolls covered in burlap sacks.

Will we have an Infidel Ken doll to go along that we can behead after he dares to lift Barbie’s veil?  And how about little stones we can then pelt Barbie with for her dishonorable behavior in allowing Ken to stick his  nose beneath her tent?

It’s Barbie in a burkha: World-famous doll gets a makeover to go under the hammer for 50th anniversary

One of the world’s most famous children’s toys, Barbie, has been given a makeover  – wearing a burkha.

Wearing the traditional Islamic dress, the iconic doll is going undercover for a charity auction in connection with Sotheby’s for Save The Children….

Save the children, indeed, from this hideous oppression.

To quote Brigitte Gabriel:

The burkha is a symbol of women’s oppression. It tells a woman that “you are irrelevant,” that “you are invisible,” that “you should cover your shame.” At least, this is how it is looked at in the Islamic world…


  1. I can’t believe this.

    I suppose they’ll need a father & brother Muslim in order to teach Muslim children how to perform an “[i]Honor Killing[/i]” too.

    I hope she is circumcised.

    1. God
      You shoud now it’s your Riligion and you are of the nation of fu**ing islam

  2. I recommend Acharya regarding her fight against the threat of Islam.Read her at faithfreedom.org by Ali Sina, an ex-Muslim I am a Christian and do not agree with her that Jesus didn’t exist but agree with her that Mohammed was not a holy man.

    For goodness sake, he had sex, according to seemingly relaible MUSLIM sources, with a girl of 9 years of age (really 8 according to our calender, not the Muslim lunar calender). If Muslims want to believe he was a saint in spite of that, then we sure can not, even if we want to.

    For 2 great Christian anti-Islam websites go to:

    answeringmuslims.com(with ex-Muslim NABEEL QURESHI and ex-atheist DAVID WOOD)


  3. This….is quite simply the worst thing ever created by humans.

  4. Women are 3rd class. Men, less

  5. Time to boycott Matel
    Barbie and a burka? How sad. Matel seemed to have made great strides over the years at having Barbie emerge as a positive role model. She went from being the doll with the big boobs who did little more than flirt with Ken, to being a doctor, vet, teacher etc. Now, they once again turn back the hands of time and present her in a way that is demeaning to women. Why? Why not present her as a modern Muslim woman without the Burka? What the heck was Matel thinking? I think everyone should contact Matel and boycott their products until this version of the doll is out of production.

  6. Oh great, soon they can have an entire Muslim family of dolls & can turn the original Barbie and Ken into dhimmi’s, infidels and kafirs, making them 2nd class citizens i.e. Islamic slaves who get to the pay their jizyah (tax on non-Muslims).

  7. Burqua Barbie
    It really gives me the creeps, I can just see little kids instead of being open about their bodies and accepting it as normal, having to be ashamed and covert about sex. This is where abnormal things happen, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen the west but surely it encourages unsavoury behaviour.

    As I said before until women stand up for themselves and their daughters nothing will change, education is the answer.

    It’s the men who encourage this I have a feeling they are a little titillated by their wives and other women swanning around in this gear, isn’t it the unseen that’s always more sexy.
    They’re a weird mob.

  8. I agree with your basic assumptions Acharya but think you are missing the biggest point – Barbie and Ken are horrid stereotypes of women and men in the Western world and an affront to cultural diversity. Do we as Westeners aspire to look like, dress like and perform as the infamous Barbie? Well, some may I suppose, but most do not I would suggest. Let’s get that straight first and then comment on the burkha issue afterwards.

    In peace, Nancy

  9. For any who are interested,if they want to see the powerpoint presentation of Nidal, the Muslim psychiatrist who killed 14 people at Fort Hood(one of them was a PREGNANT woman)go to answeringmuslims.com.

    Holy Crap, there you see he practically told the army AHEAD of time what he had in mind, yet since people do not take Muslim threats seriously he was ignored.

  10. SEx
    Come on show the sex 👿 :kiss: .

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