Buraq Obama

Buraq Obama Burqa

Obviously, this is art, a humorous commentary, a play on words: Barack => Buraq => Burqa. This image reflects Obama’s obsequious and largely fallacious or exaggerated remarks regarding Islam’s contributions to the world, which is a very perilous position to take, encouraging fanatical followers of one of the most dangerous and murderous ideologies ever devised by the human mind.

This image also reflects this event:

Obama bows to the king of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, one of the worst violators of human rights – including and especially women’s rights – in history.

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  1. What about ‘deep state’ (shadow gvmt) ?
    What about 911 ? …Well actually yes : what does Acharya think about it ?
    What about telepathy, that so many of us experienced directly ?
    And what about love ?
    No, wait : it is all about misguided religious behaviours.
    Xs Acharya. For finally offering the ultimate key to mankind

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