Most Brits say: ‘Islam is divisive’

anjem choudary islam great britain nigel howardUPDATE: Islam4Uk has been banned!

The majority of Brits evidently believe that Islam is divisive, and  would protest a mosque being built in their neighborhoods.

When one considers that Islam in Britain is often represented by the scoundrels pictured here – who really are angry, hateful-looking and very dour individuals – one can completely understand the British “Islamosensibility.” There is nothing “irrational” about not wanting this brand of Islam – classical Islam, not “extremist” or “radical” – in their neighborhoods or even homelands. When this classical version of Islam traditionally grows in strength, it launches an endless assault on all those different around it, with an eye towards complete and utter domination, i.e., enslavement under its proponents’ rule. This Islam represents a desire by a slew of angry, violent-minded men to dominate and enslave humanity. In other ages and cultures when religion has not been so strongly utilized for the engagement of endless criminality and atrocitity, these types of thugs would be locked away in quarrantine from civilized society.

In Great Britain, however, the would-be world-dominating brutes are given free reign and even put on the public dole so they can continue their conquest of the native peoples!

And that is why the Brits are very concerned about Islam.

Islam divides us, say the majority of Britons

More than half the population believe Britain is deeply divided along religious lines, according to an official survey.

A majority would also strongly oppose the development of a mosque in their neighbourhood, the research into social attitudes found.

Almost half – 45 per cent – say they do not believe that diversity has brought benefits to the country and that religious diversity has had a negative impact….

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  1. Most Brits say:”Islam is divisive”
    Islam is getting enough of its Islamophobic backlash world over because
    of their crude methods; as compared to Brits. Brits are cunning and clever people, astute and sophisticated. The modern civilisation as they call it, is their generation and they (West) control it ingeniously through their modern technological means. The Islamic radicals are brute and barbaric, easily noticed by the onlookers. They are easily exposed by the
    western controlled media.

    Islam is paying back their own coin back what the Brits did to their colonials. Their history of alien rules in the colonies is a stark reality. I am myself a victim of their use and throw manners. I am discovering the
    other side of Britain after a long time on coming back home. They are no Saints to be worshipped. But as the practice goes,”Might is right”. I always say, “A King is a licensed looter, while a Goon is in “Waiting” for
    its license for…”

    Having said that we can not accept the lawlessness in the pretext of any individual sectarian ideology by mass imposition of a barbaric cult, the vast majority can not put up with. The Islam overall needs to rediscover itself to make it compatible. Darwin’s theory of the survival is
    equally applicable to the religious cult too. It is also the law of nature, anything that goes up faster, also comes down eqally fast, as per the Law of Inertia or Motion (Newton).

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. Fortunately, this nutjob’s organization, ‘Islam4UK’, is going to be banned this week under the UK terror laws.


  3. Glad UK waking up!
    About time brits wake up and understand they are under attack from
    with in and STOP muslim immagation

  4. Islam’s presence in Britain would be much easier if they had clear division of church and state. It doesn’t make problems go away, but it does make them solvable. Britain’s tendency to bend over back wards to try to satisfy everyone winds up causing more problems and solving none.

  5. “classical Islam”
    “classical Islam”

    Thank you for reminding us that this current trend in Islam [i]is the correct and classical form of Islam[/i] and not a radicalized version or it. The so-called “fundamentalist” are interpreting the Koran in the proper manner it was intended.


  6. Acharya S gets all of her stories of Islam in th UK from a paper known for its right wing views, anti immigration racism and Islamophobic scare mongering. Most of its stories are distortions of the truth at best and most of the time down right fabrications.

    This, like every other story the Daily ‘Hate’ Mail prints is drivel.

    1. “Acharya S gets all of her stories of Islam in th UK from a paper known for its right wing views”

      That would be an utterly false statement, but it is characteristic of your inaccurate remarks elsewhere.

      I have linked to the Daily Mail on this blog probably a total of ONE time or a few times at most. Most of my knowledge of Islam comes from Islam itself, including the Koran, hadiths and the writings of ex-Muslims.

      We who debate the subject of Islam are well aware of the tactics Muslim apologists use ([url][/url]), including absurd inaccuracies such as you are attempting to foist upon us here. Regardless of all the fallacies you have been trained to use, the facts will remain the same: Islam is a totalitarian system that respects no individual and dictates oppression of non-Muslims and women.

      Defending Islam also obviously causes individuals who may otherwise by nice, decent people to become inaccurate and dishonest.

  7. Ah, my favorite person …
    Toejam Choudary …

    Steven, Islam is not a race. But, this story is 2.5 years old, so you’ve probably converted to Islam by now.

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