Brave Jordanian queen tries to end savagery

beautiful queen rania jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan

The barbarism and brutality in the world never ceases to appall. This time we hear of yet another savage dis-honor murder in a Muslim country: Jordan, where a courageous and beautiful queen is attempting to drag her nation into the Age of Enlightenment, after yet another vicious murder by knuckledragging cavemen.

The victim of this hideously evil crime was a 37-year-old mother of eight was set upon by a vile gang of thugs, who beat her on the head and stabbed her death for the terrible transgression of leaving the house in the middle of the night with her 16-month-old baby.

How anyone can justify this ugly culture is beyond comprehension.

Queen Rania of Jordan takes on hardliners over honour killings

But it was in Amman’s outskirts that Abu Ishmael and his three brothers recently picked up their sister after a call from her husband, took her home, and stabbed her to death.

The squalour surrounding her home in al-Baq’a, where third-generation Palestinian refugee families live in slum-like conditions and where drug-taking and other social problems are rife, is a breeding ground for domestic violence. Pressure to conform to traditional customs is also strong.

When Abu Ishmael and his brothers arrived at their sister’s house, they were greeted by catcalls from her relatives, goading them to carry out the killing. “Are you men?” they shouted. “Show us you are men.”

The brothers knew what they were expected to do. They bundled their sister into the back of their van, and drove her home in silence.

Within half an hour, she was dead. When her body was handed over to the police, it had 28 stab wounds, including a fatal blow to her heart….

The “dishonour” involved was not just committing adultery, or having a secret boyfriend. Women have been attacked for talking to a stranger; in January, a 13-year-old girl was killed by her 17-year-old brother because she had been given a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

In the most seemingly outrageous cases, women who have been raped by relatives – cousins, or in one case a brother – are killed by the family, while the rapist is left unharmed, since the dishonour is felt to be attached to the woman. Most recently, in August, a 16-year-old girl who became pregnant after being raped by her cousin was allegedly killed by the cousin’s father….

“Show us you are men?!”  These savages are anything but men.


  1. “The barbarism and brutality in the world never ceases to appall. This time we hear of yet another savage dis-honor murder in a Muslim country: Jordan, where a courageous and beautiful queen is attempting to drag her nation into the Age of Enlightenment, after yet another vicious murder by knuckledragging cavemen”

    Please don’t demean knuckledragging cavemen like that. Many of them are honest, hardworking arrowhead makers & Geiko salesmen.

    Notice a theme here? Yet another woman stepping up to condemn Islamic savagery in a country dominated & ruined by Islamic male (not men) bullies. What gives?

    Either the males are so fanatically hateful & dehumanized that this doesn’t bother them or they’re much less courageous than the women they’re allowing to be abused.

    “”Show us you are men?!” These savages are anything but men.”

    They are cowardly, murderous trash & scum not worthy of the breath of life their mothers suffered to give them.

    1. This is indeed a very sad tale Jeff. But I am wondering about the brutality of some Muslim sects and where it might end. We must consider that [i]overt [/i]control as demonstrated in the above is always doomed to challenge and failure. It is the [i]covert[/i] control such as we experience more in the West that is so much harder to define and therefore overturn.

      Could it be that Islam will implode as the exposure of certain abuses become more widely known? Just a thought.

      1. I hope so. They’ve been at it for over a millennium now so I’m not brimming with much hope that they’ll stop overnight. My sincere hope is that over time, modern humanistic values will appeal to what is best in them & gradually elbow out these ossified ideologies in the marketplace of ideas. It’s sadly ironic how we allow ourselves to be enslaved & degraded by our own intellectual creations.

  2. I absolutely love Queen Rania. Her YouTube videos have inspired me since she first started posting: ([url][/url])


  3. Islam: Religion or Politics
    I am getting everyday wary about the Islam as a religion. Public beatings, public beheading, tit for tat punishment, no honour for females, non-muslim killings hailed as act of Allah, no respect for other
    religions, honour killings, politics being advanced from the altars of religion, volatility and intolerance are some of such practices that has made the world, rightly go ditzy about Islam in general.

    When a girl is raped, she is expected to produce [b]”four male”[/b] eye witnesses to her rape. How audacious and laughable does it sound? But that is Sharia law. Then the boy who commits the dastardly act has full immunity. I gather that more than half of female prisoners in Pakistani Jails are victims of such male inflicted barbaric and ghastly crimes. You can also imagine their sad plight inside the jail. Perhaps they will be the most welcome prey by the inmates there for slaking their thirst of sexual lust for the rest of her life. This is Islam and its Sharia Law.

    Other thing about them is, they can go to any low level to advance their nefarious designs; is highly unpredictable and makes this whole race dangerous to the survival of this planet. We know that the whole world history is besmirched and besmeared with human blood shed mercilessly and brutally. Yet there were some laws and sense of civility observed. But these fellows have crossed all barriers of decency and dignity.

    There is a saying,”You can not drive away a lion with a stick.” He will only understand one language, the language he understands….” Jordan’s Queen Raina may try, but at her dire peril. She must first take enough guard and precaution for her own life, lest she becomes herself a prey to the (dis-)honour killing. I doubt very much if the Islamic hardliners will be prepared to buy her soft hypothesis in the midst of what the jihadis feel their core of heartland. She will perhaps be their another target for honour killing.

    If someone has doubt, he only needs to look at the present position of Af/Pak – the land with a factory of world terrorism. Some blame the West for using that bed. Fine. I say to you to jump off a five story roof and you jump. You have to blame your own indiscrimination first before pointing gun at me. We try to blame others for our own misdeeds. This has become their constant policy. Commit the crime then blame the neighbours. The world must wake up to these Islamic dubious designs.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  4. Why defend an adulterer?
    Now before anyone attacks me for the title of my response, read my post!

    I ask you why defend an adulterer? Even in hard line Islamic countries, a woman can petition a court for divorce. now I no that most will never make it to court as many are locked up during the day, or killed for trying! But I hardly know any men who would want any woman whom did not want them ! Of coarse most males are not men they are ignorant and/or petty, but in the same breath so are women! When women were in charge some of the most savage wars were waged! But the union between a man and woman has been distorted made a farce, the sacred act of creation brought to self pleasure and, sold as entertainment, as marriage has become business contract woman owned as property, or woman selling herself for comfort(usually finding none). But then When in a matriarch society men were property as well! So why defend an adulterer? She had a choice if she did not love or want the man she should have left, but then we did not get the particulars of this sad event did we? I just do not like what we have become, what more can be said!?! So why promote that the sacred act of creation be entertainment or a way of self expression? Why share ones own power/energy(genetics) without love and compassion? All you do is make more filth and human disease, the teachings of the Christ are truth cast not your seed into the belly of a whore, and woman let not an UN-righteous man take you! We have lost our conscience and with it our souls! No I am not a Christian,Jew or follower of any other cult, just a man aspiring to become Human!

    Sorry for the rant Acharya, I know you mean well but so do most of us! We are born if in a union of love and compassion with a conscience knowing right from wrong!

    1. Why defend vicious, brutal murderers of helpless women & girls? You’re badly missing the point here. Does adultery really bother you more than woman being beaten, stabbed, & murdered? I really hope not.

      Notice that the muslim world can’t seem to get outraged over these disgusting atrocities but manage to riot, threaten, & kill worldwide over a cartoon. Kinda’ brings Islam’s values into focus for us, doesn’t it?

  5. What is adultery?
    If I read that story correctly, this particular victim was not guilty of “adultery” but had merely left the house in the middle of the night with her baby.

    In any event, what is “adultery?” Who defines it? Whether or not one commits “adultery” is usually based on a religious definition – a supposed “morality” that many here reject.

    Over the millennia, cultures have differed in their marital or non-marital habits. In Tibet, for example, polyandry has been widely practiced – one woman marrying many men, usually all the males of the same household, if I understand it correctly. This custom was based on the lack of arable land in Tibet, such that it was a means of keeping the population down. A woman can only have so many children, while her many husbands can have their sexual and emotional needs met. This practice is viewed by many women as highly exploitative, obviously, but it was apparently necessary for cultural survival. All the Tibetan women who have been compelled to engage in polyandry would be condemned in other cultures as “adulterers,” but they are not.

    Ditto with polygyny – many wives – which in non-Islamic countries makes all men involved into “adulterers.”

    Today there are many people who engage in “conscious polygamy” or “polyamory,” which means they love many people at once – and all parties know about it and are agreed upon it. Who cares? It’s nobody’s business.

    As I say, “adultery” is in the eye of the beholder. As such, I personally could not care less about it. To murder someone because of such cultural artifacts is absolutely despicable.

    1. Good questions and points.
      As I said there were no particulars on this, we will never have all the facts of any of this sad event that happens even in Tibetan society or as in Hindu culture when a man dies his wife is burned alive although not widely practiced today at least we hear less of it, than Islamic brutality. Now I do not like even the thought of hurting another but self defense. It is a self evident individual right but murder is another subject all together! As well these barbaric religious practices even the new agers are violence spewing asses! Instead of promoting proper education they promote dangerous acts to children have you heard of the “FISTGATE” scandal taking flight? Disgusting people just disgusting! Do you want some sick freak teaching this to your child?

      Yes it is up to the individuals perception and feeling/emotion. As for your descriptions of polygamy, or promiscuity in any age historic or today are not safe much less loving relationships from my view. But as you say who cares well yeah I can say that as well but we have to share this world and disease spreading and mentally unstable people are the majority, especially those in power positions, does affect us all in the end of the day!

      My way of seeing it (adultery) is when one says convincingly to another, I love you and only you. Then goes around and does not at least have the decency to say, hey you are not enough for me, at least then one would be able to set free themselves and their partner from a damaging relationship! Now we need only look to our animal brothers and sisters although most do not mate for life or at least till death of their mate do practice monogamy. But it is all up to the individual, we have free will to do and think freely!

      Whats right for some is not right for all! But to be more healthy and stable we should practice caution,and moderation by thinking or we become knuckle dragging apes bashing each other to death and raping-OH wait already do that don’t we! Just make sure you are free and do not oppress others, then we can have fellowship and companionship in freedom forever!

      Just my point of view, but then I do not hold Socialist ideologies, and rarely do I find others that do and have conversed with, worthy of my time. In saying this I think this horse is dead time to bury it! You may of course have the last word I am a man, I did enjoy the debate though.

      Thank you,

      1. Gene:Goods questions and points-a comment

        Just a point tohighlight from your comment:

        “…or as in Hindu culture when a man dies his wife is burned alive although not widely practiced today at least we hear less of it, than Islamic brutality.”

        It is a long story but to summarise it, the costom was called ‘Sattee Prathaa’. You are right to observe that you don’t hear it nowadays, than Imslamic brutality. I agree with you but disagree partly on that it was forcefully done. No. It was a willful act carried out initially by the brides of the Royal families. But as the time went, it took an onsocial turn and publicised by the British to create notions for denouncing the native costoms and cultures. It also included the Muslims too.

        It was a part of their ‘Divide and Rule’ strategy. But the difference, with respect, is that the Hindus has been clever enough as compared to Muslims, who have refined themselves. But the Muslims seem to be going the other way, I am afraid.

        With regards,

        Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  6. Did I defend her murderer(s)!?! Or pose a moral (s
    I say that because being adulterer is destroying yourself as well another heart much less the children if any. But no her death was meaningless any such deaths would be meaningless. Living in dishonor is a better way of dealing with such interpersonal atrocities but an adulterer will claim no fault in their actions. Lack of decency for themselves or any one else, but as I said we did not get the particulars.
    But it is not for us to judge either! No one has the right to take a life unless in self defense. At any rate the man is at fault as well! Even the husband is guilty not only of calling upon or at least being complacent in her death! He had to do something to turn her from him in the first place (adulterer himself?) I find it hard to think any father could kill the mother of his children but then I do not have such immoral religious beliefs, nor any religious beliefs at all. And yes adultery is not good it leads to very bad things (too many to mention) least of all death of the self. How about this, what about the children and women being murdered in all of the middle east by U.S./U.N.(ISRAELI) troops?

    Thanks for the attack(?) feels good to have such moral people in my world! How ever no one is perfect nor are any of us Human but we have, the potential to be!

    By the way no I missed no points, no points at all you misread my post! Use your critical thinking I know on such topics it is hard to remain non emotional, but then emotion is how we express ourselves, but this needs critical thinking first, before emotions get involved they tend to run away or amok!

  7. I agree that adultery is wrong. Noone defended it. The article was condemning the brutalization & murder of women in general, whether it’s adultery ,being raped, or whatever. The victim of the adultery can divorce too.

    “How about this, what about the children and women being murdered in all of the middle east by U.S./U.N.(ISRAELI) troops?”

    What about that? How do Israel’s crimes justify Islam’s millenium-old habit of enslaving, beating, & murdering women?

    “Use your critical thinking I know on such topics it is hard to remain non emotional, but then emotion is how we express ourselves, but this needs critical thinking first, before emotions get involved they tend to run away or amok! “

    I agree. I just noticed that you made more of an issue of adultery than murder & pointed that out. I think life is more sacred than marriage. That’s all.

  8. Regardless of the actual specific issue, people should be allowed to be adulterers anyway. It’s a basic civil right.

  9. 😮 Adultery?! Is that still around? Those who do the fun thing of adultery are just ‘chicken shit’ to communicate like conscious humans…simple.
    Any two people ‘locked in a commitment’ need to have agreements and to communicate openly about them. Men need to take to lead. Simple! It’s as easy as ABC’s. Not uncommon for people to want to hug or f**k someone else but, getting a partners ok makes sense. Duh!! :silly: :silly:

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